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Episode 249: Want to Get Better with Your Camera? Get Out and Shoot!

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So this week I wanted to reiterate that the best way to improve your skills as a photographer is to get out there and shoot more. The more you work with your camera, the better you will become. Don’t worry if you go out and shoot 1,000 images on a weekend and only have 50 or 100 keepers, the reason for this getting out and shooting it improving your technique. I have a list here in the show notes that you can check out for yourself.

1.) Walk around your home or home area and shoot wildlife
2.) Drive back roads and look for interesting items you can shoot
3.) Go to a local botanical garden
4.) Go to a museum of any type
5.) Attend a local event
6.) Go to a zoo or other animal park
7.) Shoot at an amusement park
8.) Go hiking and shoot landscape
9.) Take your camera with you on vacation
10.) Practice your portrait shooting at your local church or school

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