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Episode 258: Shooting Fujifilm X Series – Four Months Later

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Greetings, you’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast, I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is Episode 258. For today’s episode I am telling you about my experience with Fujifilm X Series after four months of shooting with this new system.

So as most of my listeners know, I started working on a Secret project for a major International Studio back in October 2021 and over the last few weeks I shot my next part of that project up in New York State. And since I switched from Canon to Fujifilm back in February of this year it was time to put the Fujifilm X-T4 to the test and I must say they worked perfectly! I had forgotten that the sensor on the X-T4 is larger resolution wise so my memory cards filled up even faster but I managed to get 24,000 shots which totaled 500GB of data.

In addition, the client needed me to shoot some 4K video as well so my GoPro Hero 9 Black cameras got a work out as well! I was a bit pressed as I needed to shoot video from the outside of my vehicle and I was trying to “rig” something up using a high strength heart magnet but it wasn’t working as I had hoped so I made a trip to a local Walmart to see what I might be able to find in the way of GoPro accessories. Low and behold, I was lucky enough to come upon the new GoPro suction cup mount for $39, which I felt was a bargain so I snatched one up and it worked perfectly. It is an official GoPro product and on the box it claims it can handle being mounted on the outside of a vehicle at 150+ mph, but I am not certain I would want to put that to the test and I doubt the police would like it either.

I did manage, however to field test the mount at 65 mph and it worked like a charm! I was also lucky enough that the team I have been shooting for has liked my work so much they recommended me to another team at the studio and that team now wants me to shoot for their project as well which is more video centric, so I ended up going back to the same store and buying the other two GoPro mounts that they had so I have three of the suction cup mounts now to use for that project.

I was originally bummed that I cannot list this studio as a client on my website until their project releases in 2023, but since they were nice enough to recommend me to another team in their studio that worked out well and I am very happy and honored to help them. I will also share my video tests with the GoPro mounts on my Youtube channel with the video links in the show notes so you can check them out yourself.

But, getting back to the main topic of this episode, I put my new Fujifilm X-T4’s to the test and had no issues whatsoever, other than going through batteries and memory cards quicker than last time, but I did at least have one battery grip for one body so I was able to run triple batteries for the main body I was using, which was a huge help! I have another shoot for the first team coming up later this month and I am planning to have larger cards and my second battery grip for the second body as well.

I spent close to a week between both culling and uploading over 300GB of the 500GB I shot to the client’s FTP server and I must say I was extremely please with the results I got with the X Series camera system. The images were beautiful, well exposed and I used the Velvia film simulation and the colors just “popped” really nicely. I have not gotten feedback from the client yet but I know that will take some time given there are so many images to go through, but I am confident based on culling them that they will be quite happy and again, they got 4 megapixels more resolution this time around, which should help with what they are doing with the content.

So, in conclusion, I am extremely happy with my decision to switch to the X Series system from Canon RF, not that Canon ever let me down over the years and as I have said before I have shot both Canon and Fujifilm over 30 plus years of shooting and love both systems. This again was a matter of needing a smaller, lighter system than I had been using and I figured if I was going to go back to APS-C that I might as well go with the “King” of APS-C, which is of course Fujifilm. I will, of course be putting the X Series more to the test going forward this year and from now on, but after an initial test of 24,000 images on this project, there is no doubt I will have no issues.

I know this is a bit of a short episode after our return from our trip and I did not get out a Sunday episode, but we ended up staying longer due to a death in Tina’s family so we did not drive back to North Carolina until Monday, July 4th.

Now if you remember, I mentioned before the trip in Episode 257 that I was thinking of changing up the format of the Sunday episodes and that will start this coming Sunday where I will pick 6-8 of the top stories of the week and talk about them and any opinions on them as well.

Night time Field Test with GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Field Test at Watkins International Raceway

Field Test on Route 14 in NY/PA @ 65mph

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