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Episode 199: Skip Cohen and I Talk About How to Grow Your Photography Business

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Greetings, you’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast, I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is Episode 199. So today as promised and requested I am talking to Skip Cohen from Skip Cohen University and we are talking about how to grow your photography business.

Skip Cohen has been in the photographic industry his entire adult life, or at least the time he was supposed to act like an adult! He’s President and founder of SCU, founder of Marketing Essentials International and past president of Rangefinder Publishing and WPPI. He’s been an active participant in the professional side of photography since joining Hasselblad USA in 1987 as president.  He has co-authored six books on photography and actively supports dozens of projects each year involving photographic education. In addition to his daily blog posts on SCU he’s a regular contributor to Shutter Magazine and is a speaker at a variety of conferences/conventions around the country including WPPI, ShutterFest and Clickcon.

As mentioned, one of the first things a photographer needs to do it work on perfecting their Skillset by being a second shooter for another photographer for 1-2 years so you can get a better understanding of how to work as a professional photographer.

Skip also recommends spending time giving back to your community. You don’t have to do volunteer work that is photography related, you can fill ketchup and mustard bottles for the local Booster Club at a local Friday night football game. You could give your photography time to a worthy cause such as Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep or Hearts Apart. Now I lay Me Down to Sleep is a non-profit that uses volunteer photographers to photography newborns that are

terminally ill or have already passed so that their family can have a keepsake to remind them of a new member of the family that they have lost. Heart to Heart is a non-profit that does family photos for Service men and women before they ship out. These photos are printed on a virtually indestructible material so that they can be safely carried into combat so they have a family photo of their spouse and kids.

Skip talked about a lot of ways a photographer can grow their business and in a future episode we’ll be talking to Skip about Blogging and Cleaning up your photography site to that it draws more customers in.


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Hearts Apart

You can find Skip on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/skipcohen

On Twitter https://twitter.com/SkipCohen

His website at http://SkipCohenUniversity.com

Skip also works with PlatyPod, makers of a fantastic compact tripod that I highly recommend (I own two of them!)


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