Episoded 49: 2019 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life

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In this episode, 2019 Holiday Gift ideas for the Photographer in your life!

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Greetings everybody. You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 49 I want to take a moment right now to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing in iTunes, Stitcher, Pandora, Spotify, radio.com and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show. And please go ahead and subscribe now if you haven’t already done that and feel free to share the show out on social media and elsewhere with all of your family and friends and ask them to give it a listen and if they would be so kind to also give a rate and review. So this week I’m going to do something a little bit different for this episode since we are coming up on the Christmas holiday 2019 I thought it was fitting to do an episode that contained holiday gift ideas for the photographer in your life.

Now it doesn’t matter if it’s your son, daughter, wife, husband, grandson, granddaughter, cousin, aunt, uncle, whatever the case may be. I’m going to give you some holiday gift ideas, both hardware and software for that photographer in your life and we will go from reasonably inexpensive, do a bit more on the expensive side. So I wanted to make sure we included a little bit of something for everybody. So the first item on this season’s shopping list would be great thing for any photographer to have is a gray card white balance card with 18% gray and it’s an exposure photography card set that allows you to custom calibrate your white balance on your camera. Now if you’ve ever noticed, if you’ve gone into the settings on any of your cameras, whether they be DSLRs or mirrorless doesn’t matter, you not only have the option to choose from some pre-configured white balance modes, whether it be for tungsten, cloudy day, sunny days for us and lights, whatever the case may be.

But you’re noticed on most every camera there’s also an option to do a custom white balance and you can use this card set to do your custom white balance. Now the set is only $7 and 99 cents on Amazon prime. It comes with an 18% gray card, a pure white card, and a pure black card. So it’s an item that’s fairly inexpensive. This is an Amazon’s choice item and it has a four and a half star rate. Now I do have one of these myself. They are extremely handy. The only other item I could think of that would maybe be a little bit handier than the gray card set and the three come together on a little lanyard, key fob type thing. You can hook it to your belt or wear it around your neck or just sticking your camera bag, whatever the case may be.

Now the only item I found that’s every bit as handy as this one and fairly inexpensive are the custom white balance and lens caps and these are third party lens caps and you can buy them in the different millimeter sizes depending on what the lens cap sizes that your lens takes, whether it’s 52 millimeters or 67 or 72 or whatever the case may be. And it will have a white dome in the center of the lens cap that you can use to create your custom white balance. Now I did not include those on this list because I didn’t know if that would be something people would be interested in as much. The white balance lens cap where the custom white balance cards that I’m recommending and I’m going to share. I actually created a 2019 Amazon holiday shopping list that I put all these items into today as far as items you could buy on Amazon.

And I’m going to share that list out with the show notes for this episode. So this is convenient cause like I said, it’s eight bucks. You can just throw it in your camera bag, whatever the case may be. And these are an absolute must for any and all photographers. So our first item is really inexpensive and it’s a great item to get as a stocking stuffer for that photographer in your life. Okay. The next item I want to talk about on this shopping list, this is the best tick camera lens coffee mug. Now this is actually a travel mug. It’s insulated for hot and cold drinks. It comes in a 12 ounce size and it is a mock replica of the cannon E F 24 to one Oh five F for L I S U S M lens. Now I’ve received a couple of these in the past for Christmas gifts.

The two I have are completely different designs. They’re by different companies. They’re based on the same actual lens, but the one I have on the list here is like the second one I got where when the lid is on it and you actually see like a, a spherical glass element on the top of the lid. So it looks more like an actual lens. And these things are really cool and it’s a reasonably expensive gift that you can get for the photographer in your life. Now this particular mock lens coffee cup travel cup is currently on sale. Amazon prime, it’s marked down from $19 to $10 and 32 cents with free one day shipping and free returns. So this would be a great holiday gift for the photographer in your life. And it makes for an awesome travel mug. I use mine on occasion to carry a coffee in the car and I thoroughly enjoy them.

I even one time filled the lens, the, the travel mug with coffee, took a picture of it and posted it on one of my Facebook groups and said, help. I’ve got coffee in my lands and I don’t know how to get it out. Everybody in the group got a good chuckle out of it. So I know it sounds stupid, but Hey, what do you expect? Okay, so the next item I’m going to recommend, and I recommend this item for photographers because it’s a well known name brand. They’ve been around for many, many years and they make high quality items and these are actually fairly inexpensive and that is the SanDisk extreme pro 32 gigabyte UHS one S D card. Now this particular SD card is only $12. It’s marked down from 2299 for the 32 gigabyte size. And you can get them in 1632 64 128 to 56 or five 12 and it shows they are not available in the one terabyte size, which would be probably ridiculously expensive anyways.

But the base one I have in my list is 32 gigabyte. I figured it was a decent happy medium. I know some people buy 16 gigabyte memory cards, but I’m like for 12 bucks if you can get a 32 why not just get a 32 so that is the size I’m recommending. The SanDisk extreme pro reads and writes at 95 megabits a second. It is UHS one. So it would be compatible with pretty much all cameras on the market today. Not to be confused with the newer UHS too, which is much faster and more expensive. And I’ll get to that a little bit later on in this list. So if you have a photographer in your life and you want to get them something that they can always use, trust me. Photographers can always use extra memory cards. Just make sure in the camera they have takes an SD card because there are other types.

You have the, you have the sea fast that cannon uses in some of their models, mostly their higher end model cameras. You also have compact flash, which is an older technology but still used and a lot of the dual memory card cameras from Canon and Nikon. And then of course you have the SD cards and there’s also CF express which is more in the, I think in the Nikons if I remember correctly. I currently have the EOS are, as I mentioned before, Meryl is full frame from cannon. It has a single card slot and it is SD and it is rated for UHS too. So you could use either this one or the UHS to either one in that camera. And the same with my medium format. Fujifilm GFX 50 are, it has dual card slots and they are both S D U H S too. So I can use either UHS one or UHS, two cards in both my camera bodies.

Now, I’m not saying that if you have a camera that does not support UHS, two memory cards that you can’t buy UHS too. If you had say the Canon six D Mark one or Mark two, they are both only capable of UHS. Well you can buy UHS two cards for them, but why spend the extra money if your camera doesn’t support the faster speeds for reading and writing. Now some people will say, well yeah, but you could still buy the UHS two cards even though they’re more expensive and your fruit future-proofing yourself. Plus if you get a UHS to card reader, you can transfer the photos faster off the memory card onto your desktop for editing, which is of course true. But generally, especially for the holidays, for Christmas shopping, I’m not going to recommend you buy the more expensive UHS two card, just a future proof for, but you’re buying it for cause you don’t know what they’re going to do.

They may totally change to a different camera system that uses totally different memory and then you’ve wasted that money on the more expensive UHF car to card when it wasn’t necessary. So just food for thought folks. And like I said, you really can’t go wrong with SanDisk extreme pro memory cards. They’re super high quality and you can’t go wrong with them. There are other good manufacturers out there as well. But SanDisk is one of the best ones, the best bang for your buck money-wise. So those are the ones I’m going to recommend for this gift idea episode. All right, the next item I have on the shopping list is a funny photographer, coffee mug Christmas gift and is a standard ceramic coffee mug that has a picture of a camera. As a matter of fact, it’s the same clip art that I used for the logo for this podcast and it says I shoot people and sometimes cut off their heads.

And I’ve always loved that saying for photographers, I think it’s great and it’s an inexpensive gift idea. It’s $12 with Amazon prime free, one day delivery. And it is another Amazon’s choice item with four and a half stars. This is a great inexpensive gift that you can get for a photographer in your life that also loves a good cup of coffee, which I myself, I love lots of coffee. All right, this coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s printed on both sides. And as I said, its ceramic construction. It’s a hundred percent pure white ceramic and it’s a really nice looking coffee mug and there’s lots of pictures included with the listing. And like I said, this list will be shopping list, will be shared out in the show notes for this episode so you can check it out for yourself. Now I’m going to circle back for just a second there for those of you, cause I don’t want to get hate mail for those of you that are ticked because I’ve mentioned the fake Canon 24 to one Oh five lens coffee cup travel cup.

They do make Nikon knockoff ones as well. And I do have here a 24 to 70 Nikon knock off travel mug. But this one is 25 99. Now they don’t, I don’t know why they don’t offer the Nikon simulated one and the 24 to one Oh five focal length, which is the less expensive model. I know it’s kind of weird, but for some reason the 24 to 70 even in the coffee mug, it’s more expensive than the 24 to one Oh five. So I I guess you’ll have just have to deal with it. If you’re an icon fan boy or fan girl and you want this travel mug gift idea for the photographer in your life that shoots Nikon, you’re going to have to pony up a little more dope as that travel mug is 25 99. I did add it to the shopping list for this episode just now.

Okay. Another reasonably inexpensive item is the capture life bracelet for photographers. This is a gift camera charm bracelet and it says capture to life and it has a little term that’s a camera. It looks really cute. This would be probably more for, you know, like the female photographer in your life. It is a really cute little bracelet and like I said, it says capture life. It has a little camera charm. It is 1399 and again has four plus star rating on Amazon and it is another Amazon prime item. So this is another cool item that you could get for that female photographer in your life, whether it’s a daughter or Y for aunt or mom or whatever the case may be. That happens to be a photographer. You could get in this cute little photographer charm bracelet and you don’t have to spend a ton of money, especially if you’re, you know, if you’re buying it for like your mom or something, you’re still a kid in school yourself. You might not have a lot of money to spend on Christmas gifts. This would be a fantastic gift that I can pretty much guarantee would bring a smile to mom’s face on Christmas morning when she opens it up, especially if she’s a shutter bug like I am.

The next item I have on the list for 2019 gift ideas is the photo Dayaks 40 by 60 inch, five in one oval reflector pro. Now this is a premium grade collapsed collapsible disc has soft silver, gold, black and white and it’s a diffuser. Now I was recently listening to one of the other photography podcasts that I listened to on a regular basis and I can’t remember which one it was. I think it might’ve been the master of photography podcast and they were talking about a, it was a portraiture episode and the guest that was on that episode was talking about reflectors specifically and they recommended to get they, they felt that the perfect size reflector to get for diffusing light when you’re doing portraits, especially if you’re by yourself, you don’t have an assistant that can hold reflectors for you is to get the 40 by 60 inch because being it’s oval shape, you can hold it with one hand while you’re holding your camera with the other and you can use it to soften light and it’ll stay out of the frame of your shot at the same time.

Now the reflectors I currently have are circular, but I am going to pick up one of these Opal sets after that recommendation because it did make a lot of sense. Now I don’t do a ton of portraiture work but I do on occasion and it would be much handier to have the oval shape one that I can hold out with one hand and soften the sunlight if I’m doing portraits outdoors and natural daylight to create a better portrait effect. And like I said, being, it’s an oval shape and it’s 40 by 60. You can more conveniently hold it by one end in your hand and you can keep it up out of the frame and soften the light at the same time. Now this item is 36 51. It’s also Amazon prime and is again four and a half star item with lots of reviews and 27 answered questions.

So there is another great photography gift for this holiday season. Another item next up on the list is the original lens ball pro 80 millimeter canine crystal ball with microfiber pouch. Now this is a photography assessory. They do make the original lens ball in both a 60 and an 80 millimeter. I chose the 80 millimeter to add to the list even though it’s a few dollars more expensive because it’s also 20 millimeters bigger. And that’s generally the 80 millimeters in size most photographers want to go with. Now the idea behind this little item is it’s an item you can use that you can set in front of something and then shoot that subject through the crystal ball to create a fantasy type of effect. And there are some sample or while there’s information on how they Nate the lens ball. And then there’s also sample images that shows the kind of photos and creative things that you can do using this with you’re photography.

And the images look amazing. And there are some cool little ideas. And again, this is just something you can use to kind of not get stuck in a creative rut. You can play around with stuff like this or another item I’m going to recommend this year as well that you can use to kind of get your creative juices flowing. So this is a great little gift idea. The 80 millimeter model is $47. You can get the 30 the 60 millimeter for $38 and either one of them is a great way to kind of keep your creative juices flowing. So you might want to check them out.

Continuing on our list, the next item up is the SanDisk extreme pro S D 32 gigabyte memory card in the UHS to model now the UHS to model as speeds of up to 300 million bytes a second or 2000 times. These are extremely fast. They’re great for shooting full HD video or even better yet four K video. You definitely want the faster cards for fourK video. It’s just going to save you a lot of aggravation and headaches. Again, this is the SanDisk SanDisk extreme pro. It is an Amazon choice with four and a half stars and this card is on sale for $99 down to 52 10 so you’re saving $47 and 89 cents and you can’t go wrong. Again with SanDisk memory cards, they are fantastic. They’re very reliable and like I said earlier when I mentioned the UHS one model, you can never go wrong with getting a photographer additional memory cards cause they always have need for spare memory cards. Memory cards only lasts for a certain amount of time. They only have a certain shelf life reading rights and all that good stuff, just like a hard drive so it never hurts to make sure that photographer in your life has spare memory cards so they don’t go out on a shoot whether it’s a page shoot or something, they’re just shooting for themselves and they have occurred failure and they don’t have any extra cards with them. You can help prevent that from happening. I’d giving them the gift of an extra SD card.

Okay. The next item on the list and we’re progressively getting a little bit more expensive. The next item on the list. Now this is a companion item so I don’t recommend you get this for the photographer in your life unless they have the other components to go with it. And the item I’m referring to is the goat docs, X pro dash C T T O wireless flash trigger. Now this one, it says as for Canon, but it’s been my experience, they’ll work with most any and all cameras. I had Canon speed lights that I can use on my Fuji and I can use my GoTalk speeds lights on both my Fuji and my cannon. No issues. The hot shoes are generally non-proprietary. Now as I said, this is a companion component, so you only want to get this item for the photographer in your life if you know they’re using go docs, speed lights, and I do have one I can recommend coming up on the list, but this is a great wireless trigger.

It has a lot of buttons, a lot of configuration options. You can use it for both the go docks, regular speed lights as well as their motto lights or their studio lights. So it’s extremely handy and it is a fantastic item. Go docs makes unbelievably great quality, speed, light and speed, light accessories. And this is one of those items. Now I have recently started switching from Canon speed lights to go DOCSIS on the recommendation of photography, friends and other podcasts that really, really loved them. I must say I currently have the a go docs and I think it’s the be eight 60 or six 83 Mark three eight 60 Mark three dash C flash that I bought. I use that for my daily real estate work. It is fantastic and it actually gives me a bit more light than my Canon five 80 X two did.

So I was very impressed with that and that’s one of the reasons why I started partying with my Canon speed lights and switching to go docs. So this has a large screen that’s illuminated. It’s got a slanted design so it’s easier to read and reach the buttons on it and everything. It’s more convenient than they like the cannon speed light trigger is completely flat on the top. So it was kind of a pain to be able to read it and hit the buttons and all that stuff. Where go docs thought to make theirs at an angle the read out. So that was easier to see and easier to reach the buttons you have dedicated group buttons and 11 customizable functions on this speed light wireless trigger. And again it is a great gift idea for this holiday season at $69 it’s not going to break the bank.

The next item on my 2019 shopping list is the Ben Rowe aluminum three series flip lock monopod with three articulating a three foot articulating base. Now this is the a three eight FDI PR. I have the a four eight FD, which is a little bit bigger and a little bit more expensive. But Ben Rowe makes fantastic tripods and monopods so I can definitely highly recommend this item for my listeners. Now they do offer the series three and the series four. As I said, I have the series four. I like the flip blocks just cause they’re a little more convenient than the twist locks. My ghetto tripod carbon fiber tripod has the twist locks and they’re okay. But I kind of like the flip blocks better cause they’re a little bit faster to work with. Now the only thing I don’t like about the monopods that have the three feet that you could spread out and make it, you know, stand by itself.

Which is convenient. The one thing I don’t like is everybody seems to make their motto ponds that have feet have articulating bases. And I have no idea why. I don’t want the base to articulate. I want it to stay fixed. And it’s one of the things that drives me nuts. I love my monopod like this one, my series for the 48 ft because it’s a great motto pod. The thing I hate is I’ll frequently hit the feet with my shoe and I’ll knock the articulating baseless and then it starts spanning and all this other garbage and then I got to spin it to tighten it back up. And it’s got this red wing, not collar that you’re supposed to be able to use to tighten it down, but it never stays totally tight. And one of the other monopods I have with beat, which is carbon fiber, has a ball on the bottom for the articulating joint in the feet.

And I absolutely hate that one because of the fact that no matter how tight you turn the knob to lock that ball joint, it never is truly locked. You could easily bump it and knock it out of whack anyways as you can with most all ball heads, especially if you don’t buy the higher quality ones like Manfrotto or some of the other better quality ones on the market. But this is a fantastic monopod. I love that it has three feet to flip down so it can stabilize itself and it has the flip blocks for raising and lowering it to get more height or to shorten it, pack it back up. It comes with a limited three year warranty. You can extend it to five years automatically with online registration. So if you register it online versus mailing in the registration card, you get an extra two years of warranty absolutely free and Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’ll take an extra two years of warranty, especially if it doesn’t cost me anything extra.

All right. It’s a four section. Eliminate aluminum tubes. They extend to a maximum height or 61 inches, and it only weighs 2.1 pounds, but it can support 39.7 pounds. Now, please, if you’re going to put that cow weight on a monopod, number one, never take your hand off it. I don’t care if it has three feet, it could still fall over, especially if you have an extremely heavy lens on it. And the other thing is make sure if you’re going to put a heavier lens camera, body combo on there, make sure the head you buy for this monopod can handle the weight. Because just because the monopod can doesn’t mean that the head you’re using cans. So you need to make sure you check on that. Now this is for just a monopod by itself. You could order the series three or series for it.

Like I mentioned, you can get him with flip lock or twist lock and you could also pay extra to get the series three with the [inaudible] video head. That raises the price to one 54 95 from the $82 for just the monopod itself. And the same with the 82 95 is the monopod series three by itself. The series four by itself is 94 95 and the series four with the S four video head is one 39. So for some reason the S or video head is actually cheaper. The, for the series four with the series four video head is actually cheaper than the series three with the series three video had the standard video had. And there is also the series four where the S six video head, which is a combined total of $200. But just to give you some ideas and some flexibility and you can see these different options.

When you pull up the item from the link in the show notes on the shopping list, you can choose the flip lock, twist lock series three series four whether without the head you can do all of that with just a couple of mouse clicks once you have the Ben Rowe monopod itself pulled up on Amazon. Okay. The next item is again, we’re getting a little more expensive. This is the go docs, the eight 60 Oh I’m sorry, Mark to not Mark three dash C pioneering 2.4 gigahertz wireless E T T L two lithium ion camera, flash speed light compatible with the cannons and as I said, it does also work with other camera companies besides cannon. I don’t know why they listed that way because I have this one because I had all Canon bodies. Now I’ve got both Canon and Fuji and I’ve tested the speed light with both and it works perfectly fine with both bodies, so no issues there.

Now, the one thing that I really love about go docs and I’m really shocked that none of the camera manufacturers have done this with their speed lights. One of the things I love about the GoTalk speed lights is they actually come with a lithium ion rechargeable battery pack and I have no idea why Canon and Nikon and all these other camera manufacturers still sell their speed lights and they require AA batteries. To me that’s just crazy and I have tons of any loop rechargeable AA batteries and several of the chargers just to power all of my speed lights over the years and now I don’t need them for speed lights anymore because I’m transitioning to all go docs. I’m going to have probably when it’s all said and done, three of these V eight 60 Mark twos and like I said, they come with their own lithium ion rechargeable battery pack and the charge reports, you can charge it on your desk and I’ve already bought one spare battery packs.

So what I would have to, for the first one that I bought, just like I said, I shoot real estate all day, every day and I didn’t want to be out in the field and not have a spare battery. So I made sure I picked up a spare with the first one of these that I bought. And it is a cool combo kit. It comes with a carrying case, it comes with some different color gels as well as a soft diffuser and it has all the carrying accoutrements for it, the carrying pouch and all of that. And like I said, these go doc speed lights are just fantastic. Now it shows in the images that you can get it with either red or greenish blue, a readout. I didn’t see any option for that to choose that when I bought mine and the option to choose that here.

But the, in the pictures, they’re both the V eight 60 Mark to see, but it shows one with the orange red screen and one with a green screen. Mine has the green screen and it doesn’t even give you an option to say, Hey, I want the one with the red led instead of the groom. So I don’t know if you could actually get that or if it’s just something they had there for giggles. Maybe they have red and green cause they’re considered Christmas colors. I don’t know. But at this speed light is $179 Amazon prime, like I said, we’re getting a little more expensive than the list is an Amazon’s choice item with four star ratings and trust me, I use this particular speed light. I can tell you it is an awesome, awesome speed. Light is [inaudible] has a TTL support auto flash, manual flash.

It can do one 8000th of a second high speed sync, flash exposure, compensation, flash exposure, luck, second curtain sync modeling, flash and etc. This is a great speed light and as I said, you can get them for Canon night, you can buy, like I said, I bought the one who specifically says it’s for cannon, it’s all BS cause I can put it on my Fuji and it works perfectly fine on my food G as well. But just to let you know, you can get up for Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, whatever the case may be. They’re just fantastic speed lights and if you know anything about speed lights one 79 is actually fairly inexpensive because the Canon five 80 X two and now the 600 RT, if you don’t think about those speed lights, they’re like 600 bucks a piece. So one 79 is a really good bargain and it puts out more light power than the five 80 X two does. I can tell you that for a fact because I had both at the same time.

Again, getting into the little last couple of items on the list and we’re going a little bit more expensive, but this one isn’t too terribly bad. Another great gift idea for the photographer in your life is the lens baby soul 45 now, if you’re not familiar with lens, baby is a company that makes unique mechanical lenses. They’re all manual and you can create some really cool depth of field and blur effects with their lenses and all you do is either twist them or you squeeze them to create the depth of field and border effect that you’re looking for. And again, this isn’t another way that you can keep your creative juices flowing by going out and shooting just for yourself with a lens baby. Now on the list I have that lens, baby soul 45 for the Nikon F Mount, it is available for the Canon EF Mount as well as a Sony.

And I believe it’s also available for Fujifilm X Mount. I can’t swear to that, but I believe it is, although it is not available for the Fuji film GFX Mount, so I can’t get one for my GFX 50 AR. Which isn’t surprising because there aren’t too many companies that make the GFX Mount lenses because it’s a newer amount and it’s medium format. Now I do have this exact lens for F now, which I can, I was able to use on my Kennedy DSLRs and I can use it on my EOS are using the F to RF adapter and it’s just something fun that you can play around with and go out and get some new and interesting types of photographs with some really cool blurring effects. It can create some really cool stuff. I have some friends that really love to play around with their lens babies and they have a pretty large following on social media.

The lens baby company as well as lens baby shooters too. So that’s a great item. You can get for one 99 95 on Amazon and it does have a four star rate. The last item I have on the Amazon shopping list for this holiday season is the Tamron as P 35 millimeterF 1.8 D I V C USD lens for Canon map. Now don’t flame me because when you pull it up from the list, it offers Canon Mount by default by, you’ll see little boxes underneath where you can choose Nikon or Sony mouth and it’s pretty much the same price under either of those three mounts. I’m not sure why it shows. The Canon one is five 98 98 and the Nikon and Sony are five 99 even, so I’m not sure if you’re really saving all that much and there’s only a two penny difference in price, but tamarin is a company that makes some fantastic third party glass for all the major camera manufacturers.

You’re talking a very fast F 1.8 aperture minimum focusing distance is 0.2 meters or 7.9 inches. A maximum magnification ratio is one to 2.5 and it has the vibranium, a vibration compensation system. In other words, the you know, the I S or whatever you want to call, like Nikon calls, there’s VR vibration reduction. Canon calls there is [inaudible] image stabilization, tamarind calls, there’s vibration compensation. It does have a foreign coding on front elements to repel water and fingerprints and it does have the high speed autofocus capability with the tamarin ultrasonic drive system, which these lenses do acquire focus lock very, very fast and they do not make a lot of noise. I can highly recommend this lens for the photographer in your life if you’re looking to spend a little bit more money on them. If it’s a a child or a spouse, it’s really into photography and you want to get them a really fantastic gift.

You cannot go wrong with tamarind lenses. They are really fantastic and winding down this episode. The last items I want to talk about our software, so right now Topaz labs, if you’re not familiar with them, they offer video or a photo editing software. They have a creator bundle where you can get all of their software. You can buy individual items from them depending on what you want or route a JPEG and their sharpener, you know, for sharpening images, the mask AI, the adjust AI. Do you know Isaiah adds all kinds of software. You can buy a bundle where you get all of the software together and right now they’re offering all of their software at 25% off for the Christmas holiday season. And you really can’t go wrong with this if you want to buy this gift for the photographer in your life because Topez studio is really, really fantastic software.

You can use just a quick Google search and you can find plenty of pros that rave about their software. So there is some great holiday software savings that you can get. The sale is on from this point. It is carrying on for the next 15 days, eight hours, 58 minutes and 10 seconds. So you’ve got plenty of time to buy this particular gift for the photographer in your life. And I will share a link to their holiday sale in the show notes. And the last gift idea, also software based for this holiday season is the brand new Luminar four by Skylon software. If you were a member just a few weeks ago, I gave away a fully licensed copy of lumen. Three four had not been released at the time. So the good folks at Skylum software provided me with a copy of Luminar three to give away to a lucky listener and that that was given out in the early part of November.

The drawing was on the 10th of November and we had a winter and the winter absolutely loves the soft order as far as I know he hasn’t said anything negative about it. And he was really excited to get it. So I will also include the link in the show notes to where you can go to purchase Luminar four from Skylon software and you can give that as a gift. You can buy it as a gift for the photographer in your life. You can go on the website, you can buy the license, they’ll send you the activation code and on Christmas day you just give them the activation code in the download link or Luminar for. Okay. I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this special holiday gift giving idea episode of the Liam photography podcast, also known as episode 49 I want to, once again thank all of my subscribers or all my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes, Pandora radio.com and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show.

Also remember to join the lamb photography podcast Facebook group. It is a group that’s free to join. It is a private group, but in order to join you just have to answer one question and that is the name of the host of the show, which is myself. You can put Liam or Liam Douglas, either one will get you in and I do that mostly to keep out the spammers and the bots and all of that garbage cause nobody likes those in Facebook groups. You can also feel free to text or leave a voicemail for the show. You can reach me at (470) 294-8191 you can leave a comment or a question or maybe a suggestion for something you’d like to hear covered on an upcoming episode of the show, and you can also reach out via email at Liam, at Liam photography podcast.com. I want to say happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all of my listeners and I will see you again next week for episode 50.

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