Episode 89: Is Canon Preparing to Drop a 90 Megapixel EOS R5s????

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In this episode I explore the possibility that Canon might be getting ready to drop an EOS R5s 90 Megapixel Mirrorless Full Frame camera in 2021.

You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast, I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is Episode 89. I want to take a moment right now to thank my listeners for Subscribing, Rating and Reviewing in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or anywhere else you might be getting your podcasts and to remind you to check out the Liam Photography podcast Facebook group which I’ll talk more about at the tail end of this episode.

So this week it seems the rumors of a super high Megapixel Canon Mirrorless Full frame camera have popped up once again. FStoppers has posted an article about this in the last 24 hours about this possibility and it’s a subject I have touched upon a number of times in past episodes.

As many of you may or may not know, Canon has for the most part always been the leader in high Megapixel cameras and the world was taken by surprise when Sony announced their A7R4 with it’s massive 61 Megapixels, upping their limit by 19 and putting Canon on notice that they were being left behind. Canon had previously had the record with their EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds/R at 50 Megapixels. Fuji jumped in with their 51.4 Megapixel GFX 50S and then their 51.4 Megapixel GFX 50R and then piled on even more with their GFX 100 with 100 Megapixels.

Now Fuji of course wasn’t “technically” competing with Canon as the Fujis are Medium Format Mirrorless camera bodies, but I am sure it was still a bit of a slap in the face to Canon. Not wanting to be outdone, this new rumor reports that a handful of Pros are beta testing a new EOS R5s with an impressive 90 Megapixel sensor! If you remember I talked in earlier episodes about how just a few years ago Canon was experimenting with a 100 Megapixel camera sensor but I never figured it would end up in a consumer camera, but most likely in a high end cinema camera instead.

But Canon Rumors is insisting that there are Canon Pros testing this new 90 Megapixel beast, so will there be another Canon R body soon? Well it’s too early to tell just yet, and the other questions abounding would be what are the other specs? What will the FPS be like on a beast like this rumored camera? Could we see 10 fps or more and everyone is assuming that it will of course have Canon’s newest EyeAF system which now rivals Sonys and some shooters such as Jared Polin have said is actually better than Sony’s.

I believe it’s safe to say that any video specs won’t be a topic for discussion as this is meant to be a high end stills body so people will be more interested in the Dynamic Range of the sensor and it’s low light capabilities. Hopefully Canon will have a way to address any possible diffraction issues and it would be awesome to see just how high in resolution the new RF glass can go.

For their part Fuji’s Senior Manager of Marketing for their Optical division has stated that Fuji’s goal with their GFX line is to keep the standard 50+ Megapixel bodies priced between $3,000 and $5,000 in hopes of luring away some full frame shooters and they are impressive bodies with high quality weather sealing and very durable construction. As my listeners know, I have the GFX 50R and even run the largest 50R group on Facebook and I love this camera! I have NOT walked away from Canon as Canon’s EOS R and RP are fantastic bodies and I LOVE the R glass as well. I have already stated that I am planning to buy the EOS R6 this holiday season to add to my current line up, which will put me back at four camera bodies again.

Currently, I use my EOS RP for my full time real estate work as it’s the perfect size and resolution for that work. My EOS R I use for other specific shoot types, and then I use my GFX 50R for my landscapes and the work on my Forgotten Pieces of Georgia project and book series. I have kicked around the idea of some day getting the GFX 100 for the 100 Megapixel sensor, but at $10,000 that might not ever happen, we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, if Canon is looking to release a 90 Megapixel full frame mirrorless body, then of course I have to weigh that as well. Right now, I can get impressive results with the EOS R’s 30.3 Megapixel sensor with my Rokinon 14mm F/2.8 AF landscape lens, but again, I get really impressive results with much more resolution with the GFX 50R and my Laowa 17mm F/4 Zero-D. It is not perfect, but still makes AMAZING, HIGH-RESLUTION landscapes with impressive detail and of course is why I use it for both my landscape work as well as my Project.

And for those curious on my Project, the first book will go on sale November 9th, 2020 and I will be doing book signings and interviews when that time comes and I’ll be able to provide for information at that point. For now, what are your thoughts on this possible new 90 Megapixel camera? Is it something you are excited about? What are the specs you are hoping for in an impressive camera like this? Let me know in the comments in the Facebook group. It is a private group and you must answer the security question to get in, which is name the host of the show, which is myself, Liam. You can also give the name of any of the guests that have appeared on the show such as Reuben Najaa, Jill Mott, John Harvel, Jeff Harmon, Brent Bergram, ElleyCat or her partner in Adventure Dan.

Also remember that the summer give-a-way is still going with a prize of a carbon fiber tripod/monopod combination. If you want to call or text the show you can do so @ 470-294-8191 and leave a question, comment or request for a topic or guest for an upcoming episode. You can also reach the show by email @ liam@liamphotographypodcast.com.

I will see you all again in another 7 days for Episode 90!

You can find my work @ https://www.liamphotography.net on and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @liamphotoatl. If you like abandoned buildings and history, you can find my project @ http://www.forgottenpiecesofgeorgia.com.

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