Episode 50: Is Canon holding a couple items in the 1Dx3? & More….

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In this episode, is Canon holding back a couple of items that will be in the 1Dx3?

What surprises does Canon still have in store for the EOS-1D X Mark III?

Refurbished EOS R and 5D4 deals

Canon Participates in Coral Reef Restoration

Canon Participates in the University of Miami’s Coral Reef Restoration Project

Venus Optics Laowa 15mm F/2 Zero-D for Nikon Z mount, Sony FE Mount and Canon RF

Venus Optics Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D mirrorless lenses for Nikon Z-mount sample photos

New Sony CFExpress Type B TOUGH cards coming next week!

Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony E $300 off at B&H and Adorama!

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Greetings everybody. You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 50 I want to take a moment and thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes, Google play, Stitcher, Spotify, and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show, which now does include Pandora and radio.com I also want to remind you to check out the Leon photography podcasts Facebook group and share out both the Facebook group and the show with friends and family on social media and elsewhere and ask them to give the show a listen and a rate and review if they would be so kind. The first item up I have in this December 19th, 2019 episode of the Liam photography podcast. As the world knows, Canon has announced the development of the EOS one DX Mark three DSLR. While some good information was given by Canon about the upcoming flagship DSLR.

Not everything about the camera has been made public. I have been told multiple soar by multiple sources that there are at least two major features that are unannounced at this time. The first one and probably expected is that the EOS one, DX Mark three we’ll shoot four K video without a crop and with dual pixel autofocus, which would be great news for a lot of people out there that want to use the one day X Mark three four, fourK video and have the ability to have the highly accurate dual pixel autofocus system. It does work amazingly well. I had the 60 Mark two which I’ve since parted with and the EOS are and both have dual pixel auto focus and it is absolutely amazing, especially if you’re somebody that wants to do blogging and you’re going to hold the camera at arm’s length as you record your video.

It’s great to have the dual pixel autofocus feature. One source also claimed that 5.9 Tay external raw recording has also been tested in the one DX Mark three prototypes, but that a decision has not been made at this time. Uh, at this time in the testing whether or not to include it and was told a few moment, uh, months ago the sixK was a possibility for the one Dex Mark three but again it is not a certainty at this point. Also, I miss has not yet been confirmed by any sources, but I believe it’s still a possibility. Cannon does have to save some surprises for the announcement in early 2020 and they typically do withhold a couple of things for their official press release and told in the past that the resolution of the sensor would be 20.1 20.1 megapixels and that will second source has made the same claim.

No, I haven’t been able to confirm it with known sources at this time. Now that does sound a little bit unusual to me. I mean it’s possible they may stick with the 20.1 megapixel sensor, but I would think they would bump it up at least a little bit, maybe bump it up to 22 or 24 megapixels, but then again, maybe not, maybe they’re going to stick with a lower megapixel count to try to give better low light performance. All we can do is wait and see on that. But I would definitely like to see him bump up the megapixel count on the sensor at least a little bit on this next and probably last flagship DSLR that can, will ever can and will ever release. Cause I highly doubt that at some 0.3 years down the road, they’re going to announce a one DX marked for, uh, by then I imagine they’ll probably released their first flagship mirrorless camera.

Um, there’ll be a sport shooting machine. Next Canon store refurbish sale. The EOS, our body for $1,214 and the five D Mark four for $1,619. So Canon USA is having a 10% off sale on refurbished gear until December 31st, 2019 simply use the coupon code holiday 19 during checkout. The following Canon refurbish deals are currently available EOS our body only for 1214 the EOS are with a 24 to one Oh five F for L I S USM lens as a kit for 1934 the Canon EOS one DX Mark to body only for 43 19 again an EOS five D Mark for body only for 1619 again an EOS 60 Mark to body only for nine 72 they can an EOS 77 D body only for five 35 and the Canon EOS M 50 body only for four 22 another great deal is their new speed light. The four 70 X AI for one 79 the coupon code is confirmed as working right now for lenses and accessories and you can check out what’s in stock at the Kennedy’s store and I will include the link to that in the show notes for this episode with these refurbished price deals that it looks like now would be a great time to pick up one of these bodies or a lens or a speed light for the photographer in your life to make a great Christmas present.

I know it’s a little bit last minute getting into the tail end of the Christmas shopping season, but you do still have a few days left and I’m sure if you were to go ahead and hop on over to the site and make your purchase within the next couple of days, they would still easily be able to get get it to you in time for Christmas, but I can’t guarantee that next up cannon participates in the university of Miami’s coral reef restoration project.

Canon solutions America announced Canon solutions participation in a coral reef restoration project spearheaded by the university of Miami’s Rosenstiel school of Marine and atmospheric science. The environmental sustainability initiative launched on November 20th with university scientists, students and cannon team members embarking on a collaborative expedition to plant the commemorative reef. The steep decline of coral reefs has resulted in sizable loss of Keystone coral species, several of which are now listed as threatened under the endangered species act. Additionally, one third of all coral species risk extinction and three fourths of the coral reef population are considered highly threatened. Active reef reef restoration such as this program can help to recover these deteriorated coral populations to kick off the program, students attended a half day outing providing hands on experience implementing coral restoration efforts led by university of Miami Rosenstiel school choral researchers. The 20 person voyage included a snorkeling and scuba excursion to our coral nursery together, coral fragments that were then planted on an existing roof in key Biscayne, Florida. The process of planting that Canon reef included, collecting small fragments of coral from coral colonies growing within an underwater nursery, preparing the corals to create additional colonies and then out planting

result in colonies on the preselected site. I apologize. This university of Miami program educates participants on the critical role coral reefs play in the environment and economy and the threats that they face. In addition, it offers an opportunity to learn of the tools available for reef conservation and restoration while conducting coral research grow. This coral reef restoration project is vitally important to our research efforts. Said Dalton Hess Lee senior research associate at the university of Miami’s Rosenstiel school. Our lab has worked a relentlessly to understand the factors influencing coral growth and survivorship and this initiative allows us to take even more significant steps in this endeavor and quote, the environmental project offers Canon USA inc and Canon solutions America inc a platform to further build on their corporate commitment of sustainability. Canon’s to conservation and the environment is reflected in its management structure and corporate culture. Quote, Canon’s contribution to the world community is founded on creating a better future.

For the next generations said she EG Yoshida, executive vice president. I apologize if I butcher your name sir and general manager. Canon USA inc. our association with the university of Miami’s Rosenstiel school of Marine and atmospheric science allows us to help improve the sustainability and preservation of invaluable ecosystems. Canon solutions America is excited by opportunities to work with our customers and our parent company to provide artist support and environmental and sustainability efforts. Said Peter called walls look, president of Canon solutions America. The quote, this project project exemplifies the notion of KOC, the Canon corporate philosophy founded on the belief of all people regardless of race, religion, or culture, harmoniously living and working together towards the common good. We’re incredibly proud of our work with the university of Miami Rosenstiel school and its core restoration and shark conservation pursuits.

The university of Miami is one of the largest private research institutions in the Southeastern United States. The university’s mission is to provide quality education, attract and retain outstanding students, support the faculty in their research and build an endowment for university initiatives. Founded in 1943 the Rosenstiel school of Marine and atmospheric science has grown into one of the world’s premier Marine and atmosphere atmospheric research institutions offering dynamic interactive Interdev disciplinary, excuse me, academics. The Rosenstiel school is dedicated to helping communities to better understand the planet, participating in the establishment of environmental policies and aiding and the improvement of society and the quality of life. For more information, you can visit www dot R S M a S. dot miami.edu and their Twitter handle is at U Miami R S M a S and I will include a link to their website in the show notes for this episode. Now when I read this story, it didn’t really surprise me because Canon has been known for many years for being involved and anything that has to do with conservation and environmental issues as a pertaining store oceans. As I’m sure many of my listeners are aware, Canon is generally the GoTo manufacturer for cameras that are used by undersea photographers, whether it’s national geographic or private, uh, private freelance photographers that specialize in underwater photography of Marine mammals and, and other types of oceanic wildlife. So I wasn’t really shocked to hear that Canon was getting behind this conservation effort and I think it’s a really fantastic thing. Another good one, another good feather in the cap for Canon as a company.

Next up, Venus optics allow a 15 millimeterF to zero D mirrorless lenses for Nikon Z Mount with sample images. DP review published a gallery of some sample photos from the new Lao of 15 millimeterF point R F two zero D mirrorless lens for the Nikon zoom out and it was being used with the Nikon Z seven camera for a limited time during the holidays. The Lao, a 15 millimeter [inaudible] lens is $100 off at Adorama, BNH photo and Amazon. The following are the specifications for the lens, the description 15 millimeterF to a zero D Vogel length of course is 15 millimeters. Maximum aperture is F 2.0 angle. A view is 110 degrees. Format compatibility is full frame. Minimum focusing distance is 15 centimeters or 5.9 inches. Optical structure, 12 elements in nine groups. Number of aperture blades is five. The focusing is a manual focus only lens.

That filter thread is 72 millimeters on the front. Dimensions are 66 by 82 millimeters. Weight is 500 grams or 1.1 pounds and the lens is available in Sony, email, Nikon Z and cannon art F. now, I don’t personally have all of the details as far as how good a lens this one is, but I do want to interject that as many of my listeners are aware, I recently acquired the Venus optics, Lao, a 17 millimeter, uh, F for a zero D for my new GFX 50 our medium format Fuji camera, and I must say thus far I’ve been extremely impressed with the lens. It captures amazing images. I get super high quality with that lens. I am very, very happy with that lens that I bought from my GFX. Now when the current a hundred dollar off rebate, you can actually get that lens for any of those three miles for $749 which is a really good deal for a nice wide 15 millimeter lens that you definitely, I imagine you can’t go wrong buying that particular lens. As I said, mine is an amazing lens. I really like it a lot and I shoot with it all the time. It is fantastic.

next up, the new Sony CF express type B tough memory cards. We’ll start shipping next week. This was published on Wednesday, December. The latest Nikon Z six slash Z seven CFX express firmware update supports only the new Sony CF express type be tough memory cards with read and write speeds of up to 1700 megabits a second and 1,480 megabits a second. A quick check with entendre online retailers shows that the Sony CF express type be tough. Memory cards are expected to start shipping next week on December 25th pre-orders are now open at Adorama and BNH photo. Now just to let my listeners know, the 128 gigabytes CF express model will be 219 99 and the 512 gigabyte model will be six 49 the two 56 will be for 29 99 so there’s a right after Christmas gift you could hit up family and friends to get for you. Additionally, the new Sony MRW dash G one CF express card reader is also available.

Additional information as I mentioned before, it can be found at Adorama and BNH. The CF express specifications for the 512 gigabyte is card type CFS X or CF expressing I apologize. Storage capacity of 512 gigs. Bus type is PCI express three.zero data transfer read speeds. 1700 megabits a second maximum burst, right speed, 1480 megabits a second maximum burst durability, shockproof, temperature extremes, UV light resistance and x-ray proof operating temperature from minus 13 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 25 to 70 degrees Celsius. Storage temperature minus 40 to one 85 Fahrenheit and minus 40 to 85 Celsius with error correction, yes, and wireless capabilities. None. So those are just some of the technicals, uh, specs for this new B type tough memory card from Sony.

One other rumor I wanted to touch on this week from the, so Sony alpha rumors.com. Uh, apparently the owner of Sony alpha rumors was duped recently, uh, with some leech photos of an [inaudible]S three that turned out to be completely fake. Uh, but on a positive note, he did find out from one of his reliable Sony rumor sources that the a seven S three is definitely coming during the first half of 2020 and he says that that is a site or a source that he trusts as they have been accurate many times before. So hopefully the Sony shooters out there, there’ve been clamoring for an a seven S three will have their dreams come true in the beginning of 2020. We’ll have to wait and see now a double deal for a European union. Customers save 60 euros on the Sam yang, 35 millimeterF , 1.4 F E and 80 euros on the same yang, 45 millimeter F 1.8 F E. both of those lenses are currently on sale at Amazon Germany, so if you’re living in the European union and you want to snag up those two fantastic lenses at a great discount, you might want to get on over there before that sale ends.

No indication of how long it’s going to last. The last item I have and Sony news for this week today only December 19th, 2019 so we’re getting down the last few hours of the day. Save $300 on the Sigma one 35 millimeterF , 1.8 DG HSM art F E lens. Today only you can save $300 on this lens sold by BNH photo. I’ll include a link to the BNH site with this lens in the show notes for this episode. There are some additional deals you can save some money on SD cards sold at BNH photo that offer ends in 24 hours. You get 15% reward on Sony cameras and 10% reward and Sam yang, Effie lenses and Amazon us. I’ll include that link as well. You have to use Amazon prime rewards or an Amazon store card to get the reward. You have two weeks to save 25% on all Topaz products, which I did mention as one of the Christmas items in last week’s episode, so you still have two weeks left to get the 25% off on all Topez studio software products for your photography.

All right. We have a little bit of a shorter episode this week but I’m going to go ahead and wrap it up. This episode 50 of the Liam photography podcast. I want to thank all of my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes, Google play and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show and to remind you once again to stop by the Liam photography podcast Facebook group. It is a free group to join. It is a private group, so you do have to submit a request to join and in turn answer one question and that is the name of the host of the show, which is myself, Liam, or you can put Liam Douglas, either one will get you in and I do that to keep down the bots and spammers because everybody knows they totally ruined the fun that you can have any good Facebook group.

Once you’re a member of the group, you’re welcome to upload your own original photos. Please do not share other people’s work. Only your own a original images are allowed. Also, if you would like to call and leave a voicemail or text the show, you can us at (470) 294-8191 you can feel free to leave a call R a sorry, a voicemail or a text with any comments, feedback, suggestions for items you’d like to see or have covered in an upcoming episode of the show. And you can also email Liam at Liam photography, podcast.com that is it, and I will see you again. And another seven days for episode 51

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