Episode 48: Nikon D6 to release in Feb 2020, EOS R Firmware 1.6.0 & More

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In this episode, Nikon D6 rumored to release in mid-February 2020. Canon has released EOS R Firmware version 1.6.0 but not on U.S. site for some weird reason. Nikon D610 and D810 are now discontinued. A new SuperMacro lens for Nikon F mount.

Nikon D6 to release in February 2020

Nikon D6 Coming February with IBIS, Dual CFExpress, 4K/60p Video, and More: Report

More rumored specs for the EOS Rs

Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

Canon EOS R Firmware version 1.6.0 released

Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.6.0

New ZY Optics Mitakon 85mm f/2.8 1-5X Super Macro lens for Nikon F-mount (with extended working distances)

New ZY Optics Mitakon 85mm f/2.8 1-5X Super Macro lens for Nikon F-mount (with extended working distances)

Nikon D610 & D810 are now discontinued

The Nikon D610 and D810 DSLR cameras are now officially discontinued

Nikon Nikkor AF-S 120-300mm

Nikon Nikkor AF-S 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR lens size comparison overlays

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You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast.

Greetings everybody. You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 48 I want to thank all of my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes, Pandora, radio.com Spotify and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show. We thank you all so much and we really appreciate you supporting the show and we’d love to have you subscribe if you haven’t already, so go ahead and do it now please. We’d greatly appreciate it. Now the first thing I want to talk about before I get into the gear news for this week, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my previous episodes. So if you remember back on June 13th I released episode 24 and in that episode I mentioned a do it yourself tripod head. Now this tripod head is a really cool pan and tilt tripod head made by a company called Edelkrone and you can buy the tripod head directly from Edel Cron for $150 which I know for some of you is probably a lot of money for a single tripod ed, especially if you’re only a hobbyist or maybe you’re a student.

While if you remember in that episode I mentioned that they now offer that tripod head as a do it yourself head. Now what I mean by that, if you haven’t gone back and listened to episode 24 or you didn’t listen to it when it was originally posted back in June of this year is endocrine will allow you to buy the machined aluminum parts for the tripod head from them for $30 and then on the same section of their website where they have the aluminum parts kit that you can buy, there’s also a link to download the STL file so that you can print the plastic components for the tripod, head yourself at home, and then assemble the tripod head at home. Of course once you have all the pieces printed and the aluminum kit of part has arrived from them. Now I understand not everybody has a three dimensional printer.

Maybe you can’t afford one. You might be a student or you don’t make a lot of money, but you’d really love to have one of these tripod heads. Well I just finished today printing out the last components for mine. Now I didn’t order the aluminum parts kit yet. I’m going to in the next day or two I’ll probably order a couple of them cause I always like to have two of each tripod head. If it’s one that I really liked. That way I can leave one on a monopod and I can use another one of the same head on a tripod and leave the same plate on the, you know, whatever camera body I’m using and I can easily switch between the monopod and the tripod. So I am going to update you next week on my thoughts on the Edelkrone. Do it yourself version of the tripod head.

I think it’s going to go fairly well. Um, they give you detailed instructions with the aluminum components that they C and C machine and like I said, you print out the plastic components. Now the cool thing about being able to print the plastic components yourself at home on a three D printer or your local college or library, if they happen to have a threeD printer and they’ll let you use it for a small fee or whatever the case may be. But the cool thing is is being you print the plastic components yourself. You could make the tripod head any color you want. Now the standard color that they sell them in is yellow and black. But again, since you’re printing the plastic parts yourself at home, you could do red and black. You could do black and black, green and black, purple and white, whatever color filaments you can buy.

And there’s a lot of colors that you can buy for the three D printer filaments on Amazon and they’re not really expensive. Now again, I’m not rubbing it in for the folks that can’t afford a threeD printer, but if you’d still like to get one of these hundred and $50 tripod heads for a massive savings amount and you don’t have a threeD printer, I’m actually reaching out to Edel Cron and seeing if I can set up some sort of partnership with them where I can either sell the CNC machine components from them, um, on my website and I would also offer you the preprinted plastic components. I would allow you to pick what color you want when you place your order. I would print all the components out for you and then if you would like, I could either ship everything to you and you can assemble it yourself or you could have me assemble it for you for you know, a few dollar extra fee.

Now what I was thinking is if at all, Cron will agree to let me partner with them on this. I’m not going to charge anything more than they do for the aluminum CNC parts. They’re doing the work there. I won’t profit on that. I will only make a few bucks off the plastic components. Now I haven’t decided if they will agree to let me do this, what I will charge for the plastic components, but it’s going to be a fairly reasonable amount. I’m thinking maybe probably 20 or 30 bucks for all the plastic components. Um, and that way you, you know, if you don’t have a threeD printer, if you can’t afford one, you could still get one of these $150 tripod heads for 50, 60 bucks. So you’re still saving 90 to a hundred dollars over buying one that’s pre manufactured. Now like I said, whether or not it’ll chronol will go for this idea or not, I do not know, but I am planning to talk to them about that and see what they have to say.

Don’t get your hopes up. We’ll see how it goes. But I will be letting my listeners know next week once I have mindfully assembled and I’ve had a few days to test it out. I’ll give you my thoughts on this tripod head. Now, I do have one that’s similar to theirs that I bought a couple three years ago before I’d ever even heard of them. And it was reasonably inexpensive. I bought it on Amazon, I don’t remember who it was made by and it’s a pretty decent tripod head. It’s really heavy. Um, but it is a good tripod head, but it’s a little bit of a pain in the butt to adjust when you want to tilt and stuff like that because it’s basically like a scissor lift for your, for your camera. If you’re familiar with scissor lifts and the adjustments on the one I bought on Amazon aren’t that great.

You have to tighten and loosen the, you know, the adjustment joints with Allen wrenches, which isn’t really convenient now from what I can see on Edelkrone site and from printing out the parts myself, they give you a plastic dial that you can use to tighten and loosen the joints to raise and lower until the tripod had an all that good stuff. So again, I’m really excited to try mine out once I finished getting it assembled and I will let you know my thoughts on it next week, whether good or bad, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a really awesome tripod head and then I’m going to really enjoy it a lot. All right. The next thing I want to talk about this week, the Nikon D six is rumored to be coming in February with IBUs dual CF express four K 60 P video and more.

Canon isn’t the only camera maker who wants to make a splash in February. It seems the flagship Nikon D six which Nikon announced as in-development a couple of months ago will arrive in mid February and rumored specs look very promising. Nikon didn’t reveal much in the September 3rd announcement other than to say that the [inaudible] would be the company’s most advanced DSLR ever, and that’s in quotes, which is kind of like when Apple says the new iPhone is their best ever. We sure hope so. Few tech companies aspire to go backwards, but while Nikon didn’t reveal much, Nikon rumors has managed to get their hands on some updated specs and a tentative release timeframe. According to the reliable rumor site, the Nikon [inaudible] will officially be unveiled specs and all in mid February, 2020 but the exact date has not yet been confirmed, but they’re kicking around February 12th as a potential announcement day. As for specs, the [inaudible] will allegedly feature a 24 megapixel image sensor with improved dynamic range in body image stabilization that has somehow improved over the IBUs found in the Z six and Z seven mirrorless cameras, dual CF express memory cards for K 60 B video recording raw video capability, possibly external only a 3.2 million dot.

Touchscreen LCD built in wifi, more advanced video shooting features and improve silent mode. Nikon rumors is also clarifying that this will not be a hybrid camera, but a DSLR with some mirrorless features.

Things will probably quiet down on the rumor mill as we approach the end of the year, but expect leaks to ramp up starting in January and especially once we hit February. It sounds like 2020 is going to get off to a very promising start for both Canon and Nikon photographers. Now I must say this is really exciting news. Again, I’m not an icon shooter myself, but a lot of my friends are that are professional photographers and even hobbyist photographers. So this is extremely exciting and I’m not really surprised at the timeframe for when the camera is rumored to be released because as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes, both Canon and Nikon are going to want to have their flagship DSLRs on the market before the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics. So if both of them are releasing their new flagship DSLRs in mid February, that makes a lot of sense. It gives them plenty of time to get them in the hands of working pros that will be covering the Olympics, like shooters from Getty and Reuters and all these other outlets.

And they take, you know, those groups tend to take nothing but the highest end DSLRs they can get their hands on because the high end DSLRs are proven technology. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing anybody that makes mirrorless cameras. As we all know, Sony has fantastic capabilities with the [inaudible] and now the a nine Mark to 20 to 30 frames a second speed shooting and you know, continuous shooting is nothing to sneeze at and it is exciting. The Nikon is definitely going to go with dual CF express cards in their new flagship body. Uh, it is rumored that Canon might be doing the same thing and the one DX Mark three, but I’m not a hundred percent certain on that as nobody is at this time. This is all rumor and conjecture, so we’ll have to wait and see when both these bodies are released. But that is absolutely exciting news for the high end sports Nikon shooters out there. They’re going to be drooling, waiting anticipation for the [inaudible] to drop, which again will hopefully be around February 12th of 2020

All right. The next item I wanted to talk about in this week’s episode rumored Canon EOS R S specification, so Canon rumors.com as posted an article this week. As a matter of fact, they posted it yesterday and they are saying they have received another set of specifications for the upcoming high megapixel EOS. Our body that they and myself have dubbed the EOS R S for now and the reason why I’ve dubbed it that and so have they is because we’re both spec speculating that the first high megapixel iOS, our body will be the replacement for the five DS and S are which cannon had already announced earlier this year. They were discontinuing that line. They were not going to release some Mark too because they wanted to move up to mirrorless with that basic design. You know, a high megapixel sensor and a dual card slots in the EOS are now Gannon may call it something else.

The source claims to have shot with a prototype recently and that the plan is to announce the new camera camera in February of 2020 the rumor is specifications for the EOS RS so far are a 75 megapixel full frame CMOs sensor. This would beat out Sony’s new high megapixel sensor in the [inaudible], which is 67 megapixels I believe, if I remember correctly, a sensor focused on dynamic range frames per second sounds similar to the EOS are so it’s not going to be a speed speech here, but neither are the five DS and sr. It’ll have the digit nine processor dual card slots joystick the same as the EOS one DX Mark three a larger and higher resolution EBF than the iOS are a fully articulating LCD screen. It’ll be weather sealed and similar ergonomics as the iOS are, but with no touch bar, which I’m sure will make a lot of people happy because a lot of people weren’t really impressed with the touch bar on the iOS are.

I personally like it, but I know a lot of people don’t. Now we think there will be more leaking about this camera in the coming weeks as we get closer to the planned February announcement, so it looks like as I predicted in February of 2020 Canon will not only be officially announcing the release of the one DX Mark three but they will also probably be announcing their replacement high megapixel replacement for the five D S an S R and as I stated earlier, we don’t know this for sure, but both myself and Canon rumors had been calling this potential camera, the EOS R S which is because it’s a replacement for the five DS and the five D S are, we’ll have to wait and see if this actually does come true or if it ends up just being a lot of bunk. We’ll know once we get a little bit closer to February. Okay.

Another item in cannon news for this week, Shannon has released firmware version one.six.zero four the EOS are as previously recorded, cannon has released a firmware update for the EOS. Our, it turned it out, the terms out. It was released at the end of November, but hasn’t yet been posted by Canon USA for some strange reason. Firmware version one.six.zero incorporates the following enhancements and fixes support for the RF 85 millimeter F 1.2 L U S M D S lens has been added, corrects a phenomenon in which the function or setting value assigned to the control ring may change when the control ring is operated in eco mode corrects a phenomenon in which the camera may stop operating properly during auto transfer when using camera connect with a wifi connection and also corrects a phenomenon in which high speed secretization with use of an external flash may not operate properly depending on the camera setting for C function to set shutter speed range.

Now, as I mentioned a moment ago, for some odd reason, even though this firmware has been out for a little while now, Canon USA site has not posted it and I can confirm that myself. I went on the Canon USA site this morning when I first found out about the a one.six.zero from an EOS, our group I’m in on Facebook, and of course a the American site is still only showing one.four.zero so I hopped on over to the Canon EOS, our French site, and downloaded the firmware update from there and installed it on my camera with absolutely no issues. Now, just to give you peace of mind, the firmer is the same no matter what website you download it from. So if you use the French version, it’s not going to change all of your language settings in the camera to for all say just because you downloaded it from the French site. I can verify that I did install the copy from the French site this morning and my EOS R is still showing everything in English, so no need to worry about that.

Now. The next thing I want to talk about in this week’s episode, the newZ Y optics might Aecon 85 millimeter F 2.8125 times super macro lens for Nikon F. now with extended working distances is looking to be released soon. XE why optics released a new, Oh actually they did release it already. The new mitochondria, 85 millimeter F 2.8 with one to five times super macro lens for Canon F mal, R Nikon,F , Mt. I’m sorry with extended working distance, a super long working distance of one times at 230 millimeters five times at 95 millimeters. Super low chromatic aberration, APO design near hella centric performance, free tripod collar and led light. The price for this new lens is four 99 pre-orders are open now. Mitoka lenses are sold also at BNH and Amazon and I will include the link to this article in the show notes. Now this is coming from Nikon rumors.

This lens does look like it does some amazing macro work. I do have quite a few friends that like to shoot macro photography. And if you’re a Nikon shooter, this looks like it would be a serious piece of gear to have in your arsenal. There are some sample images with the story that you can check out that are pretty amazing. Uh, the images are posted on flicker, uh, probably by photographers that were beta testing the lens before release and it does give fantastic details. Um, the first image that comes up in the article looks like it might be of a, I’m not sure if that’s a regular fly or a dragon fly, but anyways, it’s pretty amazing. The detail, the level of detail and the magnification is just mind blowing. This looks like this super macro lens is just going to be fantastic for Nikon shooters that really enjoy doing macro photography.

So you might want to check it out and if you’re into macro photography, pick it up because four 99 is not a bad deal. The lens looks to be very well constructed. And, uh, the enclosure of the lenses made of metal does strengthen its durability. Now according to the information from the manufacturer, the lens will also be available in Kennan F, Sony, F E Sony, alpha, Pentax K, a micro for a third and Fuji X mounts will be available as well. And as I mentioned a moment ago, it comes with a free tripod collar and led ring light are both included in the package for four 99. So that’s a really good deal. I mean for 500 bucks you’re getting a fantastic macro lens. F 2.8 with one to five times Mac magnification. Basically a super macro lens. It weighs 1.65 pounds, a little bit heavy, but not super, super bad.

I mean I could lug it around without much trouble. Plus you’re getting a free tripod collar and led ring light for that reasonable price. So it’s definitely an exciting lens. I wish they offered it in an RF mouth for the EOS R um, I could buy the F one and use it with the F two RF adapter. Um, but I don’t know if I’d want to. I’m thinking I might wait and see if the company is planning an RF version so I can have one that’s native. As I mentioned previously on, uh, one of my episodes, I think it was last week or the week before, I got rid of all my candy SLRs and upgraded to a Fujifilm GFX 50, our medium format mirrorless body and a couple of lenses. So I do still have all the rest of my eff glass that I didn’t part with.

I did part with my F 24 to one Oh five, uh, F four L I S Mark two. I also parted with my, uh, Sam yang 14 millimeter F 2.8 eff Mount lens and a 60 millimeter macro I had laying around that was never being used. Uh, so I shipped them off along with some other stuff to add a Rama. And uh, I, like I said, I’ve gone to the GFX 50 yard now. I didn’t leave Canon. I’m still a Canon shooter primarily, but now I’ve, you know, I’ve cut my inventory of bodies down to two for the time being and they’re both mirrorless body, so I’m using the same technology in both cameras. The only differences, one is the full frame EOS are and the other one’s the medium format 50 AR, so both of my cameras have are in the model nine model name. Interesting. All right. I’ll include a link to this article in the show notes so you can check out this lens for yourself and you can, you’ll be able to also click the links to buy it on BNH and Amazon or at least preorder it maybe.

Okay. The next thing I wanted to talk about this week, the Nikon D six 10 and D eight 10 DSLR cameras are now a Fischli discontinued and I had gone [inaudible] 10 and da 10 are officially listed as discontinued on the Nikon Japan website and I got a D six 10 fire sale is still on it, Adorama and B and H. the Nikon D eight camera is now out of stock in the U S but refurbished versions are still available for sale at Adorama and BNH. I’ll include a link to this article in the show notes if you’d like to check it out for yourself. If you do have a D six 10 or eight 10 with it being discontinued, I’m not sure how much longer you would still be able to send it into Nikon for repair or servicing after discontinuing it as a this month or the beginning of December. Then there’s a good possibility that are going to no longer do service and repair works on it if you ship it to them after the end of this month.

Now, I could be wrong, maybe knock on those things a little bit differently, but I do know when Canon discontinues a body and then they’re going to no longer offer service and repairs for it, they cut all that off at the end of December. You know, in any given year that they’re discontinuing a body. And I know that from when I had the five, three of the five D classics, um, I found out that I got mindset and for service under the mirror. Recall on one of them, one of the models I had had the defective mirror and I got it in for repair just a couple of months before Shannon made it end of life and was no longer going to offer service or repairs for that particular model. So you will want to keep that in mind. Being the six 10 and eight 10 have now been officially discontinued by Nikon. There’s a good possibility that if you have one of those bodies and it needs servicing or repairs, you may want to get it in fast because chances are they will no longer service or repair those two models after December 31st of this year.

Okay. The last bit of news I have for this week. Then I had the new Nikon, a F S Nicor one 20 to 300 F 2.8 E F L E D S AR VR lens is soon to be released. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Nikon, really, can you shove any more letters of the alphabet into the name of this bloody lens? Good God almighty. All right. The new night gone a 100 or one 20 to 300 F 2.8 that when it’s announced in September, we’ll be officially introduced soon, quote unquote soon, most likely this month, December or possibly an early January. We do not have an exact date at this time, but we’re being told that is coming very soon. The one 20 to 300 F 2.8 we’ll have 25 elements including a newS R element that is used for reducing chromatic aberration. The full NIC or ones glossary can be found here. And there’s a link to this, a link to that article in the show notes or in this article, which I’ll include in the show notes for this episode so that you can read up on their lens glossary if you’re so inclined.

Now, this new lens does look absolutely amazing and I’m sure it will have fantastic performance. Nikon, it makes pretty good glass. Um, especially when they get into their fancier ones with all these uh, alphabetic designations. Uh, but it does look like a really nice lens. It looks to be weather sealed and it just looks like a beast of a lens. So I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be snatching that up to like to do wildlife photography especially cause it’s got some decent reach. I mean you’re talking one 20 to 300, that’s nothing to sneeze at. That’s a pretty good reach for a lens for wildlife photography. I’m on the Canyon side. I have the 100 to 400, which gives me more reach and a little bit narrower on the low end than this particular lens. But this does look like a fantastic lens and I’m sure any Nikon shooters that decide to pick it up for the wildlife photography are going to be quite happy with it.

Um, I’m not going to bash Nikon, I try not to bash camera manufacturers. Uh, and this does look like an amazing lens. Now. I did want to mention one other thing in this week’s episode and I know I’ll probably get flamed by people for this. I don’t care. This is just my thoughts at the moment. As I said, I have not stopped being a Canon shooter. However, I’ve been getting a little bit frustrated lately with Canon not coming out fast enough with their mirrorless full frame bodies. Now I know they’re knocking, they’re cranking out glass left and right, so you know there are, they’re definitely going into all Meryls at some point, but I’m really, I’m holding back. They’re waiting to see if this uh, dual memory card, high megapixel EOS are as does really drop in the beginning of 2020. If it does, I will probably pick one up.

Since I no longer have five DSR, I would like to have a replacement for it and having a mirror was replaced. We would do a card slots and hopefully I miss would be awesome. I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I’m debating going back and forth, especially after some of the articles I’ve covered lately in third party lenses and stuff. And I’m seriously contemplating possibly switching to Sony now. I know, I know like I said, I’ll probably get flamed by all the Canon users cause I have shotgun and for a long time. But Canon is not where I started. I actually started out when I was very young with Kodak and I shot a lot of Fujifilm point and shoot bodies when I was younger. And then I switched again. And when I went to, you know, the SLRs and later DSLRs, I had stuck with Canon for quite a few years now.

But I had been contemplating the possibility of switching to Sony only because right now Sony is ahead of the game when it comes to mirrorless full frame camera technology there I detect autofocus a stole better. Uh, they’re a nine with the 20 to 30 frames per second as amazing. Now I don’t need anything that fast, so I would probably never buy the 89, uh, either the 89 or the 89 Mark two. But I have been contemplating the possibility of getting the a seven [inaudible]. It is a fantastic camera and it’s just something I’ve been thinking about. And especially, you know, like I said, after I cover things like I talked about a couple of weeks ago where Tamron was coming out with some fantastic, really fast why to aperture prime lenses for the Sony Effie Mount. You know, there are 20, what was the 24 millimeter, 35 millimeter and a 20 millimeter or something like that.

And all of those lenses are incredibly inexpensive. Now I know that Sony has a lot of G master glass and it’s, it’s the signal ass. It’s not the best glass in the world. Canon still kicks their butt as far as glass quality and Zeiss kicks everybody’s butt still. Um, but the, the big, my big, uh, thing against Sunni’s G master glasses, it’s not only not as good, is my Canon L glass that I have now, but it’s also more expensive than, again, an El class until you get into the cannon RFL glass, which is even more expensive. But with the fact that Tamron make some really fantastic prime lenses that are inexpensive, high quality and weather sealed for the Sony E Mount makes me seriously wonder if it might be time to switch to Sony. Now even if I do this, I’m not going to switch 100%.

What I’ll end up doing is I’ll buy a Sony and I’ll have a Sony Fuji and a Canon marital is all three. Uh, I probably still will not get rid of all of my Canon gear just because I’ve been with Canon for a long time and I really love their gear, especially their glass. And like I said, most every piece of glass I have in Canon EF Mount is Ella glass. I only have a couple of them that aren’t, so we’ll have to wait and see. Those are my thoughts anyways and you’re welcome to, uh, to post in the Facebook group and leave your comments or questions about that. Um, and about my kicking around. The idea of going with a Sony a seven, uh, are for our, you can leave a voicemail or you can text the show at (470) 294-8191. Leave your comments there in a voicemail or in a text message order. If you have any questions, photography related or something you’d like me to cover on an upcoming episode, you can also use the phone number for that. You can also send an email to liam@liamphotographypodcast.com and I’m going to wrap up episode 48 for this week. Again, I want to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, radio.com and anywhere else you might be listening to this show and I will see you again in seven days for episode 49

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