Episode 45: New RF Patents from Canon for Primes, Photojournalist gets $345K & More…

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In this episode, new Patents for Canon RF Primes, What’s Next for Canon? Nikon D750 Refurbs on Adorama, New Tokina lenses for both Nikon and Canon mounts. Service Advisory for Sony 16-35mm F/2.8 GM. Dallas Photojournalist awarded $345K and the Winner of the Contest is ZenscapePhotos!!!

Canon RF Prime Patents

Patent: Some crazy fast RF mount prime lenses, including an RF 18mm f/1.0L

What’s next from Canon?

What’s next from Canon?

Refurbished D750 on sale at Adorama.com

Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D750 camera now $899 at Adorama

New Tokina 100mm Macro Lens for Nikon F mount and Canon EF mount

New Tokina ATX-i 100mm f/2.8 FF Macro lens for Nikon F-mount to be announced soon

First rumored specs for the D750 replacement.

First set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D750 camera replacement (D760?)

Photographer awarded $345K for Unlawful Arrest

Photographer Wins $345K Settlement Over Unlawful Arrest While Taking Pictures

Service Advisory for some Sony 16-35mm F/2.8 GM lenses

Advisory: Some Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Lenses are Causing Cameras to Malfunction

Congrats to ZenscapePhotos for winning the Contest!!!

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You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast.

Greetings everybody. You’re listening to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 45 I want to take a moment to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes and anywhere else that you might listen to the show, which does as of recently include radio.com as well as Pandora. So I want to thank you all again and remind you to please share the show out with all your friends and family on social media and elsewhere and ask them to give it a listen and subscribe and give it a rating review if they are so inclined. So first up this week, it looks like according to some patents, there are some crazy fast RF Mount prime lenses coming including an RF 18 millimeter F 1.0 so back in August it was mentioned that Canada was working on a whole line of F 1.2 El prime lenses for the new RF.

Mt for the EOS are in RP. So far. We have the RF 50 millimeter 1.2 L U S M and the RF 85 millimeter 1.2 L U S. M. that there are more clues that include some 1.2 L lenses that are in the pipeline. Ken news has uncovered the following optical designs for the RF mountain and RF, 18 millimeter F 1.2 L USM vocal length is 18 point 51 millimeters. The F number is 1.24 it’s a half angle of view degree, 49.45 degrees. Image height, 21.64 millimeters. Total lens length, 129 millimeters and a BF of 16 dot four zero millimeters. Then we have the cannon RF 24 millimeter F 1.2 L USM focal length 24 point 59 millimeters. EF number one dot two four half angle in degrees of 41 dot 35 image height, 21 dot 64 millimeters. Total lens length 129.01 millimeters and a BF of 13.57 millimeters. Next. We have the Canon RF 16 millimeter F 1.4 L USM focal length of 16.42 millimetersF number of one dot four three half angle of view degrees is 52.8 image high-dose 2164 millimeters lens total length 133.46 millimeters and a BF of 13.55 also included in this latent latest patent filing is a crazy fast, wide angle.

Prime lens design with an RF 18 millimeter F 1.0 L USM vocal length 18.5 millimeters F number one.zero three half angle or view degrees 49.47 image height, 21.64 lens total. Langs one 50.0 millimeters and BF of four dot nine nine millimeters. So it sounds like if this information is accurate, Canon is coming up with some really awesome, fantastic prime lenses for the new RF map and I’m sure none of them are going to be cheap. That’s for sure. Especially when the 50 millimeter 1.2 L is over a thousand dollars more expensive than its EMF counterpart. So I can imagine probably every one of these lenses is going to be $2,000 plus. Probably most of them will probably be closer to 25, 2,600 but we’ll have to wait and see for sure. But it’s definitely exciting, especially for those that prefer to shoot with prime lenses, which I do anytime I’m able to, uh, not that I don’t have some good zoom lenses, but primes are just so much better.

You get better Boca, you get much better image quality because there’s fewer lens elements involved, so on and so forth. So this is definitely exciting. We’ll have to wait and see how many of these lenses actually become reality and uh, we’ll take it from there. I’m assuming probably most of these lenses will be released in 2020 or 2021 uh, it’s possible we might see all of them in 2020 it just depends on how far and how fast cannon wants to push their new RF Mount glass. We’ll have to wait and see as time goes on. Now some of you may be wondering what’s next from Ken, so obviously over the last few weeks we’ve heard about some things coming from cannon. Obviously the EOS one, DX Mark three is coming soon. I’ve been told that shipping will begin in late February or early March of 2020 after an official announcement in late January of 2020 and as I predicted before, they’d want to get it to market and time for the Tokyo summer Olympics.

There will also be [inaudible] EOS are a series camera announced in early February. It will be a high megapixel replacement for the five DS slash S. R. since that model line is being retired, it will be equipped with Kennan’s next generation sensors, digit processors, and a new form factor that will include the smart controller we first saw on the EOS one DX Mark three. This will not be the pro body that people are clamoring for, but it will be upmarket for the EOS R. now I disagree on that. I think this is going to be one of Canada’s first pro EOC, our bodies, because Canon has already hinted that they’re not only doing a high megapixel replacement for the five DS and ES are, but if they’re going to do that, both of those cameras have dual card slots. They both have one SD card slot and a compact flash card slot.

So I highly Dell Canon’s gonna release a replacement for those two models that it’s retiring and the new one is only gonna have a single car slot. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. So I’m pretty sure this is definitely going to be a pro body and the EOS are family. It might be the first one actually. We’ll have to wait and see and will announce another four to six RF lenses in the first half of 2020. There’s going to be a total of eight new lenses coming next year that we’ve been told about so far. Now I have no further information on new DSLRs in the first half of 2020 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new rebel because they’re consumer cameras. I think they’re still going to make the DSLRs for a little bit longer, but I believe they’re going to phase out the DSLRs in the pro market almost immediately.

Um, after the one DX Mark three it comes out. I have a feeling that’s going to be Canon’s last flagship sports DSLR and probably I’m thinking the five D Mark four could be the last pro DSLR. Now they may release a Mark five in the five D line, but I don’t know. I don’t think they’re going to, I don’t think they want to spread their themselves a little bit, you know, with too thin so to speak. You know, cause it’s kind of redundant if you’re going to do a high megapixel replacement for the five D S and S are, that’s an EOS are mirrorless model. And why would you bother make a five D Mark five? It just doesn’t make any sense to have both of them on the market. Now Canon did release the five D Mark four, but then the EOS R came later on the five D Mark forward been out for what?

Over a year when the EOS R was released and announced. Um, but I don’t think they’re going to do a five D Mark five I could be wrong. Maybe they will, but I don’t think they will. I think they’re going to retire the five D line. Um, when the five D Mark four they’re already retiring the five DS and five DSR. We know that for a fact they’ve already made that reality. So the next EOS are, is more than likely going to be a dual card slot, high megapixel beast. They’ll replace the five DS and sr. and I don’t think Canon is going to release supply D Mark five I could be wrong. They might, but I don’t think they’re going to. All right. The next thing I want to talk at about this in this week’s episode, today’s deal of the day refurbished Nikon D seven 50 camera body only now eight 99 it Adorama. Now the refurbished Nikon, some 50 cameras are on sale for eight 99 add Rama regular price 1,197 the price of the regular D seven 50 the non refurbished loans is expected to drop to nine 99 for black Friday.


Just another indication that the D 50 replacement will become an soon. Now, whether or not it’s called the seven 60 we’ll have to wait and see, but that’s what most people are figuring.


Also, the Tokina a T dash X one 16 pro DX to 11 to 16 millimeterF 2.8 lens is $250 off for today only, so you’re going to want to jump on that ASAP scenes. It’s the tail end of the day on the 14th of November, 2019 now next in the Nikon world, a new Tokina ATX dash I 100 millimeter F 2.8 full frame macro lens for Nikon F Mt to be announced soon. Now this is from yesterday till keynote will soon announce a new ATX 100 millimeter F 2.8 full frame macro lens for an icon F now and Canon EF Mount as well. The new version will replace the current Tolkien and 100 millimeter F 2.8 80 dash X M 100 AMF pro D macro lens and we’ll have the new upper design which is a newer styling that Tokina is going with now. The information I have as of right now, the lens will start shipping on December six with a price of around $500 and there are the first set of leaked images and I will share this article with my listeners in the show notes so that you can check it out for yourself.

Now $500 for an F 2.8 macro lens for full frame is a fan Hastick deal because the Canon and the Nikon a hundred millimeter of 2.8 macros that cost you a heck of a lot more cabbage than that. Nikon has been neglecting their macro lenses. Micro Nicor as they’re known for a while. They never released the promise Nikon one macro lens and they’re very good, but old Nikon, a F dash S V R micro Nicor, 105 millimeterF 2.8 G I F dash E D lens. Never got a refresh, a new macro lens for an icon F Mt. Has been rumored for a while but never materialized. Nikon has two new macro lenses on the latest Nightcore Z lens roadmap, which is the 60 millimeter micro prime lens and the 105 millimeter micro S lens, but so far nothing else for the ethnic

So it looks like Tokina is gonna fill the gap for Nikon shooters. Now it is estimated that the cost of this new macro lens, like I said, it will be four 29 to 500 nothing substantial yet as far as a locked in price, but they are taking preorders as of tomorrow and the Tokina USA retailer sites you can preorder starting tomorrow. Um, and like I said, estimated USA street price of four 29 but there has been talked at, it might be four 99 we’ll have to wait until tomorrow when the official free orders start to get a locked in price for certain. But definitely something to look at when you want to compare the cost of what a Canon or Nikon, a hundred millimeter F 2.8 macro will set you back. All right, so now we had the first set of rumored specifications for the icon D seven 50 camera replacement.

Will it be called the D seven 60 we’re not absolutely certain yet, but here are the rumors we have thus far. The Nikon D seven 50 replacement will not be called the [inaudible] 60 it will have a higher model number between seven 60 and 800 maybe seven 70 or seven 90 is a possibility. It will be a merge of the D 700 series and the D 800 series. Not sure what that means. Maybe in terms of functionality, it’s rumored it will have a 24 megapixel BSI sensor, fourK video support. No 4k 60 frames per second, but it will have 10 80 P one 20 built in wifi and low energy Bluetooth. No built in flash, higher ISO better than the D eight 52 UHS to SD memory card slots. It’ll have between 51 and 153 AAF points. One number that was given out was at 105 so we’ll have to wait and see it. We’ll have a touchscreen and updated interface like the Z series cameras, slightly smaller and lighter body than the current D SevenFifty and is expected to be released in 2020 it could be as early as January or February, but the dad is not confirmed. It could be later on in the year as you did all the first early set of rumored specifications may not be 100% accurate. Once we get closer to the official announcement, we’ll be able to get more details from the more reputable rumor sources and rumors sites.

An icon D seven 50 was announced in September of 2014 the price for the D SevenFifty is expected to drop to 909 for black Friday, as I mentioned before, down from it’s current price of $1,197 now, the next item I want to talk about this week and photography related news, a photographer, a $345,000 settlement over unlawful arrest while taking photos.

The Dallas area rapid transit system or dart is agreed to pay blogger and photojournalist ABI Edelman, $345,000 to settle a lawsuit in which Edelman alleged that he was illegally arrested for taking photos of someone being treated for an overdose. The incident in question took place over three years ago. In February of 2016 when Edelman rushed to the scene of an overdose that was taking place on dark property, Edelman was documenting the victim as he was being treated by paramedics. When a dart officer approached him and demanded that he stopped taking pictures and leave after refusing to stop and leave the scene. Several times, officers Stephanie Branch arrested him for criminal trespass, I. E. not having a transit pass. The entire interaction was captured by the officers Sony recorder. The charge was dropped a week later and officer branch was disciplined for the arrest by Edelman chose to Sue both dark and branch for infringing on his first fourth and 14th amendment right. Okay. Despite both defendants trying to get the case thrown out multiple times, arguing in part that branch believe Adelman was violating HIPAA medical privacy laws by photographing the victim while getting treatment. A federal judge in Dallas and the fifth circuit court of appeals both sided with Idleman

allowing the civil case to go forward. All of this back and forth. Finally ended this week when the dart board of directors decided to pay Edelman. The request is settlement of 345,000 by a vote of 14 to one

Edelman, a member of the national press photographers association, and the society of professional journalists consider this a major win for photo journalists everywhere. Quote, I was arrested and spent a day in jail on a bogus thrown down charge of criminal trespass for one reason only to stop me from taking photographs of paramedics, treating a patient in public view on public property, which is a lawful activity and not a HIPAA violation at all. Adelmann said in a press release published earlier this week, quote, the subjective personal opinions of Leo personnel should never be allowed to interfere with lawful and protected first amendment activities and light of this settlement. He will be donating 2,500 to the NPPA [inaudible] advocacy efforts, another 2,500 to the freedom of information foundation of Texas and his promise to work with and support first amendment advocacy groups to make sure arrests like this never happen again. And to defend the photographer vigorously when it does happen.

Finally last his three year long case, this key three year long case between Edelman and a law enforcement officer give anybody the impression is anti-police. He also wanted to make clear that the majority of officers he has interacted with have allowed him to do his job unencumbered quote. 90% of the officers I encounter at policings just ignore the camera or cell phones. 5% are asking, can you Photoshop my gut to a better size? Says that’ll men. The last 5% are just pure blank. And sadly, I keep running into those guys and I’m assuming he’s saying just pure jackasses. Uh, but it is blanked out so we won’t know for sure, but good for him. I’m glad that he won this. Um, I did have an incident in downtown Atlanta a number of years back. Uh, when I worked in downtown Atlanta for one of the companies I used to do it work for, I would always take one of my cameras with me because I love doing street photography and I would often photograph just people going about their day on the busy streets of downtown Atlanta.

And one day I was, I was walking up to the MLK federal building to catch my bus back home. I was just carrying my camera. I wasn’t even actually snapping pictures of the time. And apparently some lady at the, uh, Sam Nunn federal building down the street from the building where I caught my bus, saw me with my camera and thought I was a terrorist or a potential terrorist. So she called the department of Homeland security on me. So as I stood there waiting for my bus, I had federal agents roll up on me and a couple of black Tahoe units with government plates and they jumped out and came over and talked to me and I told them, I said, look, I wasn’t photographing the federal building and it’s not illegal to photograph and federal building anyways. They agreed with me on that and I explained to him, cause at the time I was still a student, that I was just taking street photography shots for one of my assignments and I readily showed them that I didn’t take any pictures of any of the buildings.

I was strictly shooting people as they went about their day on the streets of Atlanta. And then of course the next day I had an FBI agent call me and he wanted to come by the office to talk to me in person, yada yada, yada. But like I said, nothing came of it because I hadn’t broken the law. I didn’t do anything wrong. So good for this guy that he won this uh, case against dart and the officer that arrested him. You got to remember, folks always know your rights when it comes to your photography because there are people out there that’ll push the limit and fringe on your constitutional rights as a photographer. And especially as a photo journalist. Now I’m not saying get mouthy and belligerent with the police far from it, but don’t let them bully you either. Especially if you know your constitutional rights as a photographer or photojournalist and there are plenty organizations out there that’ll give you support should you need it.

If you were unlawfully arrested like this gentleman was. Okay. The last item I want to talk about this week as far as photography news goes, there’s is an advisory, some Sony 16 to 35 millimeter F 2.8 go. A GM lenses are causing cameras to malfunction. Sony Japan has issued a service advisory for a limited number of 16 to 35 F 2.8 G master lenses which are apparently causing cameras to malfunction when attached, if your lens is affected so only will inspect and repair it free of charge. The advisory which has only appeared in Japan thus far warns that certain Sony Effie 16 to 35 F 2.8 GM lenses, cars your camera to malfunction when attached to a full frame mirrorless Sony Elfa system camera the issue identified by the advisory and translate it by Google translate. Our camera does not accept operation when this lens attached or camera does not display properly.

When this lens is attached. Serial numbers are between 1,800,502 and 1,823,192 is the effected serial number range. If your lenses serial number falls into that range. The advisory page includes a forum where you can input your serial and see if you’re specific 16 to 35 is affected by this recall if it is Sony is offering to inspect and repair it free of charge anytime between now and March 31st, 2023 so you’ve got plenty of time to get it fixed. If yours is one of the ones that is affected. It’s worth noting once again that this particular product advisory as only been posted to the Sony Japan website and does not appear on the English language support page for the 16 to 35 F 2.8 GM. Now Sony has been contacted to find out this issue is limited to lenses sold only in Japan but thus far they have not gotten back so we will have to update you once we get a response.

All right. That is all the photography news I have for you this week and episode 45 I did want to also let everyone know that the winner was selected on Sunday the 10th of our first photography related giveaway and a congratulations to Zen scape photo who is the winner of the contest. He received a fully licensed free copy of Luminar three courtesy of the good folks at Skylon software and I did contact him via private message on Facebook and send him the details of his prize and I also made a post in the announcement section for anybody else to see. He was only one of the few people that entered the contest and when I put in the total number of participants in the random software item, randomizer random number generator is number was the one that came up so he ended up winning the prize.

Now don’t be discouraged, we will be having more contests as the show progresses along over time. I am hoping to have maybe a lens giveaway next time we’ll have to wait and see or possibly a tripod or monopod giveaway. We’ll see how things flesh out as far as that goes. I’m communicating with some companies right now about sponsorships so we will see how that goes. All right. That wraps it up for episode 45 or the Liam photography podcast. I want to thank all of my subscriber, our listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes, Google play, Pandora radio.com and anywhere else that you might listen to the show and ask you once again to share the show out on social media and elsewhere with family and friends and ask them to give it a listen and they can also subscribe and write a review. You can also contact this show at our telephone number if you would like to send a text message or leave a voicemail with any questions, comments, feedback, any suggestions for future episodes, something you’d like to see covered on the show. You can feel free to reach out to the show at (470) 294-8191 with either a call or a text message. You could also send an email to Liam that Liam photography, podcast.com I want to thank everybody again for listening to the show, and I will see you again in seven days for episode 46

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