Episode 44: Getty Images goes Royalty Free, Adobe adds Live Streaming to Apps & More…

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In this episode Getty Images goes Royalty Free, Adobe to add Live Streaming to Apps, two 16 year olds will be prosecuted as adults in murder of photographer. Firmware for Canon Super Telephoto lenses, Leica announces SL2. Canon deal on 70-200mm F/2.8 MK3, Black Friday deals.

Getty Images goes Royalty Free

Getty Images is Going All Royalty Free, and That Sucks for Photographers

Adobe to add Live Streaming to Apps

Adobe is Adding Livestreaming to Its Apps So You Can Stream Your Photo Editing Sessions

Two teens that killed Cleveland Photographer to be Charged as Adults

New firmware for Canon EF 400mm and EF 600mm Prime Lenses

Firmware: Updates for the EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III and EF 600mm f/4L IS III are available

Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS USM MK3 Refurbs on sale

Deal: Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM $1519 (Reg $1899)

Leica Announces SL2

Industry News: Leica announces the Leica SL2

Nikkor 58mm F/0.95 S Noct lens nows ships in U.S.

Nikon NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lens now shipping in the US

Nikon Black Friday Deals at Best Buy

For Black Friday – Nikon D750: $999

Nikon Z 50 now Shipping and In Stock in U.S.

Nikon Z50 now shipping, currently in stock

Only 24 hours left to enter the Luminar 3 Give-A-Way

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You’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast

you’re listening to the Lam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 44 so I want to take a moment to thank all my subscribers for listening, subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes and anywhere else you might be listening to the show, which also now includes Pandora and radio.com and we’d really appreciate it if you’d share the show with all your friends on social media and elsewhere and ask them to give it a listen and subscribe and give a review if they’re so inclined, we’d really appreciate it. Now I want everybody to keep in mind, we’re coming down to the tail end of our first photography related giveaway. You have a little bit more than 24 hours left to get your name and for the random drawing and I’ll give you more details about it at the tail end of the show. So this week, the first news article I want to talk about is the fact that Getty images is going all royalty free and that of course sucks for photographers.

Getty images has announced that it will be transitioning all of its creative stock photography offerings to a royalty free licensing model and ditching rights managed licensing entirely a move that will be more convenient for customers but worse for photographers. The news was announced via email and from a business perspective it makes sense. Yeti claims that its seen a steady year over year decline in creative RM Allah cart licenses over the last five years with declines accelerating over time. While the company doesn’t share any data to back up this claim, I believe in it is almost the same with all of the newer paid and free stock photography platforms on the market. All of them have embraced the one size fits all royalty free licensing model go over the years customers needs have changed reads the announcement email. Complicated licensing models create friction and customers demand simplicity. They want the most simple and most flexible access to relevant authentic imagery and quote.

But while Getty goes to great lengths to point out how this great, how great this move is or buyers and customers, the announcement all but ignores the other major player in this trio, which is the photographer beyond telling photographers when their rights manage images will disappear from the single use image search by the end of January, 2020 by the way, and explaining how they’ll be allowed to use or those images once they’d been removed. Getty only mentions the interest of photographers once in the entire email quote. This will benefit customers rights Getty again and provide an opportunity to grow overall licensing volume and revenue for both Getty images and our contributors and quote, while the volume of licenses purchased may indeed increase the fact remains that contributed as well contributors and we’ll lose control over how their licensed images are used. If you want to sell a stock photograph through Getty, the largest player in the game, you will no longer be able to dictate pricing based on use case and the option for exclusivity disappears from the page entirely.

The only options available will be sizing and there are some screenshots in this article that I will share with you. This is via a pixel.com unfortunately, this move was more or less inevitable and probably won’t change much for the photographers who are already selling their stock photography through Getty images and I stock royalty free is already the default filter used when searching for images on Getty and as the announcement point points out it all. It’s also the preferred in dominant licensing model for our customers due to the simplicity, value and quality available. It’s just one more way that photographers are being asked to trade control for exposure to the largest possible audience of potential buyers. To learn more about this transition, you can read the full announcement and email here and I’ll include the link in the show notes for this episode. According to this, the RM model should be completely retired by November, 2020 and RM images will be removed from the single image licensing by the end of January, 2020 this change applies to creative image licensing only and will not impact rights.

Managed editorial still stills licensing offered by Getty. So again, you know, it’s bad for photographers, but to be honest, this is the way things have been going for the last few years as far as the licensing for photography. You know, customers want more and more simplicity and they also want to get cheaper and cheaper so they no longer want to pay for exclusivity and rights use and stuff like that. And it’s just the nature of the beast and it sucks. I know it sucks. Believe me, I know firsthand. Um, I had one of my photographs purchased by national geographic to be on the cover of their big cats textbook and 2015 I had the image in the market on 500 px.com and I was really a, I mean I was excited that I got my first sale on that platform. Um, you know what, I made some money, not fantastic money, but not totally crap money either.

But I was a one day doing a random Google image search of that lion photo and it popped up in two places. One was a Russian business. I sent a cease and desist to and they did take the image down and it also showed up on national geographic and I send a cease and desist to them. And they informed me that they had actually purchased the license for the photograph to use on the cover of their book through 500 PX. And of course, as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes, the one thing I don’t like about sites like 500 PX or Getty images as they sell your photo, but they won’t tell you who they sell it to. Um, which kind of sucks. And I think that’s kinda stupid, you know, photographer, you know, I understand if you’re, if you’re not going to do the, uh, if you’re going to do the royalty free licensing model, that’s fine.

I mean, if that’s the nature of the beast, if that’s the word in the world market is going for photography and photographs, that’s fine. But at the same token, why the heck aren’t we entitled to know who buys our images and who is using them? I mean, it looks great on our poor, our, you know, our photography website, you know, under the section where we list clients that our work has been used by. It’d be nice to know all of the people that bought your images. You could put that in your list of, you know, who you sold, your images to, who you’re growing and growth clients are. So, uh, you know, that happened to me and when I found out it was national geographic and they used the image for a book club or I was kind of pissed that 500 PX didn’t push them to buy an exclusive license, which would have netted me a lot more money.

Um, but Nat geo wasn’t willing to go with an exclusive license and that was why, of course they wanted to use it on the cover of a book and they didn’t want to have to pay me a crap ton of money to use it on this book cover. So I kind of got shafted. But at least I can say I have a national geographic cover to my name, which is more than a lot of people can say, all right, I don’t want to beat on that subject too much being on that dead horse. Um, the next item I want to talk about at Adobe is adding live streaming to its apps so you can stream your photo editing sessions. I thought this was really interesting. Adobe showed off a lot of intriguing Adobe sensei powered tools and tricks during their annual sneaks presentation, but one feature that’s a bit more official didn’t get a preview built in live streaming according to the verge who got to see the features and action at Adobe max.

In essence, it’s will act as an extension of Adobe live, the live streams, Adobe broadcast through be hands and YouTube by baking live streaming tools right into creative cloud applications themselves. The feature is being beta tested by a small number of white listed users of the Adobe Frisco painting app and it works exactly as you might imagine. You’ve simply press a button to go live, which generates a link that anyone can follow to watch and comment on your stream as you go. Scott Belsky, the chief product officer for creative cloud has high hopes for the feature as a powerful educational tool that could make our products go viral for now. The feature is still in its early stages, but given the popularity of streaming platforms like Twitch making live streaming features right into Photoshop or Lightroom would make it that much easier for photographers to turn their photo editing sessions into an opportunity to connect with their followers, build their brand, and maybe even generate a new form of income.

So I do think this is really cool and as the article says, everything is going live streaming nowadays. I mean you’ve got an on Facebook, you’ve got on an Instagram, you got it on Twitch, you’ve got it almost everywhere these days. I’m really surprised Twitter as I’ve jumped into the live streaming bandwagon yet, but I figured it’s probably only a matter of time before they do. So I think this is definitely really cool. And as the article mentions, it’d be a great way for photographers to connect with their followers, build up their brand and possibly, you know, earn a few bucks, you know, generate a new form of income by a streaming, their photo editing sessions on YouTube, you know, or you know, once they get to the point where they get enough subscribers and, and viewership and all that stuff, they can start earning Google AdSense revenue from the YouTube platforms.

So yeah, that could be a really great thing. I might even have to give this a try down the road, see how it goes. Not that I have a lot of time for that kind of stuff. Right now. My day job keeps me pretty busy now, although we are getting into the later part of the year where we have fewer and fewer daylight hours and fewer hours to do real estate work. So maybe I can play around with this during the winter months, once it’s available. We’ll have to wait and see. But it is a really cool idea and I think Adobe is really trying to be on the leading edge of this kind of stuff. I, you know, I mean, like I said, the live streaming’s been around for a little while now, but they’re still trying to be one of the first editing platforms to allow their customers to livestream their photo editing. And that is really, really cool.

Okay, so the next item I want to talk about, and this one’s really sad, I had not heard about this story originally and I caught it today on F stoppers and I had to share it with my listeners. So two teens that killed Cleveland photographer face life imprisonment to be tried as adults. So apparently this is the latest update in the shocking story they saw a photographer killed his, she shot senior portraits, the two 16 year olds responsible or due to be tried as adults. The pair are charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter, slaughter, felonious assault and reckless homicide. After they pushed a large log over a cliff while the photographer was taking pictures below. The decision was made by a judge in Ohio where the two boys are due to be tried at the court of common pleas. As per NBC four I if convicted, they could be imprisoned for life.

Photographer Victoria Shaffer was just 44 years old and in the middle of a, in the middle of taking portraits of Hocking Hills state park, or excuse me, at Hocking Hills state park two months ago when she was killed, the pair responsible had been named as 16 year old Jaden churchy churches and Jordan Buckley. Their involvement came to light after one text, a friend to say he did something serious, quote officer’s later role. The falling tree was not the result of nature and Ohio. Crimestoppers offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who could provide information leading to an arrest. Upon being taken into custody, the boys had admitted forcing a 74 pound log off a cliff, which fell more than 75 feet before hitting Schaefer. They had been issued a bond of $100,000 each. Now, this just makes me sick. I mean, this is, this is what this world is coming to that these teens thought it would be chuckles to just shove a log off a cliff onto somebody and they didn’t really stop and think about the consequences.

I mean, this is an example of brain dead. I’m sorry, but it is, and we’re seeing more and more of this in this world today. I mean, it’s just so sad that so many people are that selfish, careless and reckless for their fellow human beings. I mean, it’s disgusting. I personally think their bond should have been said a heck of a lot higher than $100,000 each. I don’t care if they are 16 years old. You’re going to try him as adults set their fricking bond and $1 million. They don’t deserve to be out of jail period. And I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them after they did something that heinous and stupid and uh, to ruin a woman’s life over something S some stupid stunt like this. It’s just seconding. It’s totally sickening. All right. I don’t want to stay on that too long and I’m not trying to politicize my podcast or anything like that.

So I apologize to my listeners. It just really made me mad when I read that story that these teenagers had no thought whatsoever for the poor woman down below that was just takings senior portraits at a state park and they, you know, they, they killed her in the prime of her life. I mean it’s just sickening. But anyways, let me [inaudible] let me get onto the, let me get on to more of the photography related stuff here. So new firmware updates for the eff, 400 millimeter F 2.88 L I S three and the F 600 millimeter F for I S three are now available. Canon has released new firmware for its latest super telephoto lenses, the [inaudible] 400 millimeter and the eff 600 millimeter firmware version one.one dot two incorporates the following enhancements number increases the manual focus speed. When the manual focus speed switch is set to one or two, the speed when the switch is set to three, the slowest speed will be unchanged to improves the image stabilization effect during handheld shooting with a slow shutter speed when used with the EOS five D Mark for the iOS 60, I’m assuming that 60 Mark two, it just says 60, but I’m pretty sure that’s probably a typo.

Or the EOS R, uh, enables a fulltime manual focus function during servo AAF when used with the EOS one DX Mark to the lens most be sent to the factory service center in order for this function to be enabled. If the lens firmer is already version one.one. Dot. Two, it is not necessary to update the firmware. The lens from our version can be checked from the camera’s menu and you can download the firmware updates at the lengths, which I will include in the show notes for this episode, which is really cool that cannon has added these new functionality features for the focusing on these two super telephoto lenses. Now again, it’s only for these three specific model cameras, but at least there’s some updating there with this new firmware. You can also check out these lenses for purchase@adorama.com and those links will also be included in the show notes with this article.

Now a little bit of a deal we have going for you, the Canon EOF 70 to 200 millimeter F 2.8 L I S Mark three USM is $1,519 down for a rig from irregular 1899 now the catch is these are for the refurbished versions of this lens, but Canon USA store currently has a stock of them, so if you want to get this lens for a good deal, you might want to head on over and buy one ASAP before the inventory runs out. Because believe me at this price, the refurbished stock will not last long and you’ll be able to find the link for that in the show notes for this episode. Now for industry news, Leica announces the like a S L too. Now it’s interesting to like, I has a new mirrorless camera. They’re calling the SL too. I wonder if cannon could Sue them because Canon already has an SL to on the market, but of course it’s a DSLR.

Uh, they’ve had it on the market for a couple of years. They’ve actually just released the SL three. But anyways, I digress. All right, so as of November six 2019 building on the foundation established in 2015 with the visionary like a S L system, like a camera probably introduces the Leica S L to the story brands new icon and next evolutionary step towards building a perfect all purpose camera. I listening closely to the valued feedback of photographers and existing SL owners like a made many efforts to push the envelope of technolog technological innovation and performance while respecting its heritage of design and legacy. In addition to a technical Marvel, a pure performance unmatched build quality. The Leica SL too is also a joyous experience to use with improved ergonomics and more comfortable grip married to the well established simplified three button control layout. Further unifying the like a design language across multiple product lines while cutting edge new features such as in body image stabilization unlocks, new found potential from leg is legendary.

Leica M lenses is simultaneously augments to the growing selection of SL lunges which are some of the finest optics like a has ever produced. A Leica SL two is the natural evolution of the innovative like a SL serving as a groundbreaking embrace of the future of digital photography and videography while paying homage to its respected history and lineage. The unprecedented resolution of the SLT CMOs image sensor and full frame format results in an unparalleled level of detailed rendition in image quality. Enormous dynamic range, a colored depth of 14 bits for RBG channel and a sensitivity of up to ISO 50,000 and able outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions. Even when combined with like a T L lenses which are designed for the smaller sensor format, the like a TL two and cl, the SLT sensor still delivers an excellent image resolution of over 20 megapixels and a major evolution of the SL, the like the SLT features a suspended sensor which adjust its position in order to quickly and efficiently compensate for camera shake.

This in-camera method even makes image stabilization available to lenses that are not not equipped with their own. Additionally and multi shoot mode, the tripod MADEC camera can record up to eight consecutive frames whereby the sensor is shifted and have pixel increments in between every exposure. This key feature results in images with an incredible quadrupled resolution of around 187 theoretical megapixels leading to an extreme increase in detailed resolution. Despite significant technical improvements, the Leica SLT is neither larger nor heavier than its predecessor and feels particularly compact to handle. This is due to the fully redesigned camera body of hand grip and the edges had been subtly refined for easily easier handling. Improved body design paired with increased durability, make the SLT the perfect companion for all forms of shooting. The SLTs IP 54 certification ensures an elevated weather sealing for more rugged situations. While a new option to turn off noise reduction during long exposures allows for more hands free, shooting less worry about the weather and environmental situations means photographers can focus more on getting the shot over all.

The design of the SLT recalls more of the iconic like identity and traditional design DNA elements that the brand has has become known and loved for the Leica SL to offers an innovative user interface whose efficient design allows photographers to focus their attention on the creative process. The design alignment of the existing M and Q systems makes the adjustment even easier for existing like a photographer’s. The name recording parameters can be viewed on the rear display and adjusted quickly and easily. With a simple finger tap, a click wheel, a joystick, and three strategically placed individually configurable buttons also contribute to a straightforward operation thanks to two dedicated status menus for stills and video recording. The parameters for either shooting mode can be adjusted entirely separately from one another, which is something that’s really cool about these, like a cameras is the ability that you can set custom configuration options for these buttons and depending on whether you are in photo motor, video mode, those same three buttons can be configured to do different things in each shooting mode, which is extremely flexible and handy.

And one of the reasons why I like a shooters love those cameras so much featuring and Elle ban at lens Mount the like SLT was Natalie compatible with the ever-growing portfolio of SL system lenses, but also with the lenses of the TLC system and with the legendary lenses of like us M S and our systems via adapter providing more than 170 like a lens options guarantee do offer the right fit for any photographic scenario. As a member of the L nod Alliance expands its scope of the possibilities even further by giving SL two photographers access to L Mt compatible lenses from both Sigma and Panasonic. The new Maestro three processor facilitates a superior operating speed that shines in many aspects of the SLTs performance. The autofocus is significantly faster and allows for a virtually lag free shutter release in editing any shooting situation, which is further complimented by the new smart AAF mode, which autonomously switches between focus, priority and shovel released priority.

Full resolution recordings of consecutive images are possible at 10 frames per second with the focal plane shutter and 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter thanks to two UHS, two compatible SD card slots. Raw files can be saved simultaneously in DNG and JPEG format. Now I have always liked the idea that like is one of the few camera manufacturers that does support a dope Adobe’s DNG raw file format, which is non-proprietary and I really, really wish that can in a nightgown and many of the other camera builders would embrace DNG because the files are smaller. You don’t lose any of your original raw imaging quality, the dynamic range or anything, but they take up less space on your drives and memory cards and it would be nice to just have one raw file format that’s universal that everybody uses and everybody works with would make things so much easier.

The camera’s electronic viewfinder now both the resolution of 5.7676 megapixels allowing for a large entirely natural looking view finder image. Simultaneously the experience as further enhanced when using the touch screen, which has increased in size to a 3.2 inch diagonal and now offers a significantly higher resolution of 2.1 megapixel. In addition to it’s great appeal for photographers, the Leica SL two speaks the language of cinematographers as the camera is able to record up to 60 frames per second in sin four K mode and up to 120 frames per second in full HD mode. Activating sin mode transforms the SLT into a manually controlled sin camera. As ISO becomes ASA, the shutter speed is marked in degrees on the rotary disc shutter and the f-stops indicating the Abbott. Your ratio are replaced by key stops, which measured the actual amount of light transmitted through the lens. Connecting audio equipment to the Leica SL to no longer requires the use of adapters as the camera now features a built in headphone Jack and Mike.

Jack complimented by a fully fledged HTMI connector for external monitors. The like the SLT is available in like a Storz and Leica boutiques beginning November, 2120 19 at a recommended retail price of $5,995 which to me is expensive for this camera, but, but again, it’s a lichen. You know, a lot of people, a lot of photographers would really love to own a Leica, but they just can’t see, they can’t justify the cost of one is what I guess isn’t too terribly expensive. Especially being that it is full frame and it is mirrorless, I believe as well for six, $6,000 yeah, it’s a lot more expensive than a Sony, you know, a seminar for, or the EOS are, or the Nikon Z bodies, but it’s also a Leica. So you’re paying a premium for that premium name. Now, whether or not the name justifies the additional cause, I couldn’t tell you myself firsthand because I’ve never touched a like a camera in my life, but I know a lot of people drool over them.

And like I said, there’s a lot of photographers out there that would love to have one someday or they just can’t currently justify the cost. Now with this article, there are some really awesome images of this new, like a camera that look absolutely stunning and the electronic, uh, or I mean not the electronic viewfinder, and pardon me, but the, uh, the LCD on the top of it looks exactly like the black and white LCD on the top of the EOS R, which I do find interesting. And it’s a cool design. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it when Canon went that route on the EOS R and I think it was smart of Leica to use the same kind of design on their top LCD. It’s just beautiful and elegant that designed to me just, it’s beautiful and elegant. What more can you say? All right, so the next thing I wanted to bring up is some Nikon news and Nicor, Z 58 millimeter F zero dot nine five S not lens is now shipping in the United States.

If you remember, I mentioned last week that the first of these lenses had arrived in Europe. Well now it is officially shipping to the United States, the Nikon Nicor, Z 58 millimeter zero nine five S knocked lenses now shipping in the U S from Amazon. And there’s a screenshot I show a PO order placed on Thursday, October 10th originally had an estimated delivery date of Friday, November 29th through Thursday, January 16th of 2020 but now the updated estimated delivery date is Saturday, November 9th, 2019 two Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 so if you want to jump on this lens and it is a beast of a lens and you’re a U S Nikon shooter with either of the Z bodies, now you can go ahead and get this lens and it’ll be delivered a lot sooner than January of 2020 so you might want to go ahead and place your order on Amazon. To get that unbelievably wide aperture lens.

Another bit of Nikon news for black Friday, the Nikon D seven 50 will be nine 99 best buy posted online. Their Breck black Friday deals. Here are the Nikon listings, the Nikon D seven 50 for nine 99 it’s currently $1,197 the Nikon D 3,500 with 18 to 55 and 70 to 300 kit lenses for three 97 available now our ready and then I got D 7,500 with 18 to 55 and 70 to 300 lenses for eight 99 it’s currently nine 99 but it will be dropped to eight 99 for black Friday. Hopefully there’ll be more offers from Nikon for black Friday. We’ll have to wait and see. The current Nikon rebates will expire on November 27 so it looks like a best buy is going to have some great Nikon black Friday sales for Nikon shooters. So you might want to bookmark best Buy’s website or remember to stop and your local best buy store on black Friday.

Although I wouldn’t recommend it, I’d say you’re better off ordering it@homeonbestbuy.com and having it shipped so you can avoid the Christmas shopping crowds and they are insane on black Friday. Okay. The last item I wanted to talk about and this week’s episode as far as news and information, the Nikon Z 50 now shipping and is currently in stock. The Nikon Z 50 is now shipping currently in stock at focus camera B and H and Amazon U S and photo Han’s in the Netherlands. Today, Mike Nikon published a newsy 50 product product video, which will be in the link for the show notes. There is also a new Nikon Z 50 digit or videos and there are several of the videos here on this new mirrorless APSC camera. You can check the night Z 50 availability at Adorama, B an H Amazon park camera in the UK, WEX photo in the UK, Kalamazoo in Germany, camera pro Australia and camera Canada and Canada and the U S you can get $150 off on the Nikon Z 52 lens kit.

It ad around a, B and H and Amazon. I will include the notes to this article or the link to this article in the show notes for this episode. All right, so now we are wrapping up episode 44 and I wanted to go ahead and make the final reminder mentioned on our first photography related giveaway. We are down to about 26 hours left for your chance to enter to win a fully licensed free copy of lumen, our three photo editing software, which is $818 value. Now if you’re wondering how you can enter the contest and you didn’t go back and listen to the last few episodes, episode 40 it was where I first asked the contest. All you gotta do is subscribe to the land photography podcast. Once you’re subscribed, which ever with whatever podcasting software are used to listen to the show, take a screenshot showing your subscribed head on over to Facebook and search for the Liam photography podcast Facebook group.

You can request to join the group. It is a private group and you do have to answer one question that join and that is what is the name of the host of this show? It is myself, Liam. Or you can put Liam, either one will work and you will be in the group. Once you’re in, you can look for the official contest post and upload their screenshot showing that you’re subscribed to the show and you are entered to win. That’s all you have to do and the winner will be randomly chosen sometime this Sunday, November 10th the contest officially closes at 11:59 PM on Saturday the ninth and the winner will be contacted via email or Facebook, whichever they prefer to be informed that they’ve won and how to collect their prize. So you’ve got only 26 hours left, folks, you better get out there and get your entries submitted.

Now additionally, once you’re in the photography podcast, Facebook group, you’re welcomed to upload five photographs every 24 hours. They must be your own original work. Please just share other photographers work in the group, even if you have their permission, that will get you banned. Now you can upload a photo every few hours throughout the day if you want, or you can upload all five at once and let Facebook make it a little slideshow thing. You can also request creative criticism by tagging your posting with CC. Please, and myself or one of the other photographer photographers that are a member of the group would be happy to give you some creative criticism and pointers on how you can up your photographic game. All right. I want to thank everybody again for subscribing and listening and reviewing the Liam photography podcast. Facebook are, play him fag, RV vibe podcast show. Excuse me, and I will see you all again next week. In episode 45

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