Episode 43: New Canon patents, Nikkor Z 58mm F/.095 Noct Ships and 7 days left in Contest!!!

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In this episode, new Canon patents for a lens that SUCKS, a new Hybrid Speedlite with LED and Cooling system. The first Nikkor Z 58mm F/0.95 Noct lenses arrive in Europe with a fancy case.

Canon sensor cleaning lens

Canon Designed a Lens That Sucks

I prefer the Sensor Gel Stick, get the REAL ones here.

New Canon patent for a Hybrid Speedlite with LEDs and Cooling.

Canon Patent: Hybrid Speedlite with active cooling

More talk of an EOS R PRO body with IBIS and Dual Card Slots!

Canon again mentions a Pro EOS R body, with IBIS and dual card slots

EOS RP Firmware 1.4.0 is released

Firmware: Canon EOS RP v1.4.0 now available

More on the 1Dx Mark 3

More information on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III [CR2]

First Nikon Nikkor Z 58mm ?f.095 Noct arrive in Europe

The first Nikon Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lens already received in Europe

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Greetings everybody. You’re listening to the land photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 43 I want to take a moment to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes, Pandora and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show, which also includes radio.com and I want to also ask you to please share out the show on social media and elsewhere and ask all your family and friends to give it a listen, subscribe, and if they’d be so kind to give it a review, that would be fantastic. Now, as some of you should be aware of by now or everybody should be aware by now, we’re in the last seven days of our first photography related giveaway, so you’ve got seven days left in which to enter this free contest. I’ll give you more details about it at the tail end of the show.

So first up this week, cannon engineers have designed a lens that quite literally and intentionally sucks the lens, pulls in air, swirls that across the image sensor in the camera body and then pushes it out in order in order to get rid of internal dust that causes nasty dark spots on your photos and the newly published patent filing over in Japan 2019 dash 19 one four three two first reported on by cannon watch. Canon describes a clever solution it came up with for removing sensor dust. It describes the invention as, and this is translated an air in date channel for sucking air from outside into the interior. The imaging device by the pressure difference generated by the airflow generation means what the company came up with is a new lens that sucks in outside air through channels around the outer rim. At the front is air is channeled back into the mirror box of the DSLR.

While the mirror is up and the sensor exposed the air stirred up is then channeled through the internal areas of the lens until it is expelled out of the front of the lens through channels surrounding the front element. The patent describes as Ken’s effort to provide a dust ring moving device capable of easily removing Dustin adhering to an imaging element inside a camera body while confirming an actual influence degree, quote and outer housing. Having an engaging part for engaging with a lens mouth detachable. He holding an imaging lens and an inner side of the outer housing, a communication unit for electronically connecting an inner housing and an imaging device to be arranged. A one passage penetrating into the body of the imaging device form between their outer housing and the inner housing. A two passage penetrating into the body of the imaging device formed inside the inner case and an engaging portion.

Now I know a lot of that doesn’t sound like it makes a whole heck of a lot of sense, but basically what they’re doing is they’ve invented this lens that’s basically a cleaning tool, so it is designed to be mounted on the front of your DSLR and then you work the billows that are built into this lens to take in air. It’s filtered. Presumably it’ll circulate it through the mirror box assembly with a mirror up and out of the way and the sensor exposed. And with any luck, remove any dust particles that have gathered on your sensor. Now I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work. I’ve personally, for about five or six years now, I’ve been using something called a sensor cleaning gel stick, uh, or the sensor gel stick and it works fantastic. It was a onetime, I think it was 54 99 to buy one.

You gotta get the genuine one though. Don’t fall for the counterfeits. The Chinese knock offs on Amazon because they can actually damage your sensor. But the sensor gel stick that I use, I’ve been using for like I said, five or six years now it works fantastic. It always gets my sensors beautifully clean, works like a charm. I’ve had no issues or complaints with that whatsoever. And I can share a link to the website where you can order one in the show notes for this episode if you would like to check it out and possibly order one for yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, this does lay his, sounded like a cool idea. If cannon can actually get it to work the way they’re saying it will in their patent right up. And they’ve even got diagrams where it shows, you know, before and after and the dust particles had been removed from the sensor.

Like I said, how well it works is yet to be seen. It’d be really cool if it does work and especially if it’s something that’s, you know, reasonably inexpensive, you know, cause people aren’t gonna want to pay hundreds of dollars for basically a dummy lens that’s designed to clean dust off their sensor when there’s other less expensive ways you can do it. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this becomes reality and if it does, what kind of money they’re going to charge for it. Now the sensor cleaning features found in many modern cameras these days generally vibrate or shake the sensor in order to get the dust to fall off the surface. Gannon’s idea would go a step further by getting dust out of the mirror box and the camera body altogether. As with all unusual patents of this sword as this tells us is that Canon has brainstormed this idea internally.

There’s a good chance we may never see this invention trope in real world camera or lens is you know something that may be something they kicked around internally but it doesn’t end up actually come into fruition. We’ll have to wait and see, but it is definitely a unique and interesting, although a little bit on North detoxed idea, but if it gets the job done and it’s sold for a reasonable price, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that will buy it. Now, another bit of Canon news, a Canon news discovered yet another patent. This one discussing what appears to be a high powered flash. That also includes continuous led lighting as Canon news notes quote, the mechanical design of the speed light is quite developed in the patent application leading us to believe that the development is quite far along for this particular flash model. This speed life is a hybrid speed light that contains an led portion for continuous lighting from the patent application.

We can tell that the patent is about keeping the flash cooler and thus protecting the flash discharge too and also led longevity and object of the present invention is to provide a lighting deployed device capable of protecting a member related to light emission from heat associated with light emission. A light source, a first optical member that transmits light emitted from the light source and a light source that transmit light emitted from the light source are disposed between the light source and the first optical member. The second optical member in the air sucked from the first space, which is the inner space including the light source on the light source side of the second optical member and the first optical member. Again, really confusing lingo. I’m not sure if this is stuff that’s dreams may be translated from Japanese or something like that, but it’s confusing as heck.

But basically what it boils down to, and there’s images here and I’ll share a link to this story in the show notes for this episode. So basically Canon has apparently filed a patent for a new hybrid speed light that will not only have LEDs for continuous lighting but this be light. We’ll also have a fan with an air circulation system, whether the exhaust ports that would allow the speed light to cool more efficiently and thus extend the life of the flash tube unit as well as any led lights that are in the continuous portion as well. It does look like an extremely interesting design. It might be something that I would be interested in and probably a lot of other photographers as well. The one thing that’s really surprised me by, uh, with Canon and their speed lights is I’m really shocked that they haven’t gone the route of some of the other companies like go docs for example and given us speed lights that have a lithium ion rechargeable battery pack a, they’re still going with the double a batteries, which seems kind of odd to me and kind of old fashioned, I mean, yeah, for my Canon speed lights, I have a slew of the uh, any lube rechargeable AA batteries and those things do work fantastically.

But I recently bought one of the go docks speed lights and it was not only considerably less expensive than my cannon speed lights are, but I do like the fact that the GoTalk speed lights comb with a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and you can buy additional battery packs for a fairly reasonable price. I got mine on Amazon and I’ve had absolutely no issues with it thus far. I actually like it. It seems to be a pretty cool speed. Lights seems to do a great job and how it ends up working out long term, I’m still waiting to see. But so far I’ve been fairly happy with. The one thing I will say that doesn’t impress me is the fact that it uses um, a twist lock mechanism. You know, in other words, you have to screw it several times in order to get it to lock on the top of your camera’s hot shoe assembly.

I don’t really like that. And I don’t know, maybe it’s, it’s me being lazy. I don’t know. I mean that’s a possibility I guess. But I, I, I’ve kind of really gotten used to the fact that the Canon speed lights and even my young new speed lights that I have, they have the flip block. In other words, you, you know, you, you slide the hot shoe into the, or the speed light into the hot shoe Mount and then you just have a little flip switch that you basically flipped from left to right. And that locks it into the hot shoe. Nice and tight. Well, theoretically nice and tight. And that’s something I did want to touch on. Um, I do like the speed of use when it comes to the design of the flip lock on the Canon speed lights and on the the young new speed lights.

But I noticed they don’t seem to really get the speed light, all that tight in the hot shoe Mount. Even when it’s locked down. I mean if you just move the camera body a little bit, you can feel the speed like jiggle and you can visually see it jiggle, you know on the top of the hot shoe on the, on the top of the camera body. And I never liked that idea because it just seems to me like, Oh that’s just an opportunity where it’s some point that’s going to break. Now if you guys may remember I mentioned in last week’s episode, I actually had an incident a three Sunday, a three you three weeks ago tomorrow where I fell when I was out shooting real estate. I had to speed light mounted on top of my ears are and when it, when the camera and speed light a, you know the combined set up hit the ground, the go doc speed light did break the hot shoe plate in half.

Now I did just get the camera body back from cannon earlier this week. Uh, it arrived on Tuesday nights and fixed a, it wasn’t too expensive. I had read online that another gentleman had broken his in a similar fashion and I’m not sure it might’ve been back at the beginning of this year when the ESR was fairly new to the market cause he said he was quoted a price of $755 to fix his because the only way to fix it was to replace the upper body panel on the EOS are now, I sent mine in, I do get 20% off for being a CPS gold member, but I got mine fixed and they did replace the entire upper body plate to get me a new hot shoe plate assembly and it only cost me 287 20. That’s with my discount. It would’ve been more like closer to 400 bucks without the CPS discount, but still a lot cheaper than what that guy was talking about in the article I read where he had talked about it.

Now if you’re curious about the GoTalk speed light that I bought recently, it’s to go to oxygen V eight 60 Mark two dash C and it’s an E dash T T,L , H, S, S and it’s capable of one 8000th of a second, has built into port 2.4 G wireless and into like I said, it does come with its own lithium ion battery. You can get it as a bundle where you get some colored gels with it, you get a softbox with it as well as a USB flashlight. Um, that looked kind of goofy but it really does work pretty cool. So, um, I can share a link to that in the show notes, uh, for anybody that might be interested in that. It is a great, um, speed light. And one of the reasons why I decided to give go docs a try is a lot of my friends had been using them lightly and had been really impressed with them so I figured I would give him a try.

Myself. I know Jeff Harmon and some of the other folks on the master of photography podcast, a lot of those folks use to go doc speed lights, different models and they seem to really like them. And so far I’ve been fairly impressed with mine. It actually does seem like when I compare it, um, whether it was on my 60 Mark two or my EOS are, it does seem like it gives a little more light, a little bit more light than my five 80 X two from Canon does. So it does seem like the GoTalk speed light that I bought is a bit more powerful or what it’s worth might be something you want to look into.

All right. The next thing I want to touch on is also cannon related. This week cannon again mentions pro EOS, our body with Ibis and dual card slots. Now. This is, this story is from about a week ago. Um, but it’s safe to say we can put the rest of the idea that IBUs will be coming in. A Canon DSLR does not look like the EOS one DX Mark three will be equipped with Ibis and that eye. This will more than likely be reserved for the iOS. Our system at least for now, Nikon, apparently we’ll be putting IBUs in their upcoming D six flagship and sources may have figured out what Canada was going to do too, especially after an IBUs Patton showing a DSLR drawing appeared back in July of this year. Gannon executives are now telling folks in the media that they’re considering quote considering a high end iOS, our body would dual slots and IVUS.

A representative with Canon told digital camera world with careful wording that a cannon that Canon is considering making a high end EOS. Our camera quote, there is a high end, EOS are in consideration said Cannon’s UK product intelligence consultant David Perry. We are so we are considering bringing a high end EOS are to the market in the near future and quote a but I think it’s safe to say they are well past the point of considering making such a camera and that one is in advanced development. A timeline is unknown but I wouldn’t be shocked to see it come after the EOS one. DX Mark three is officially announced and shipping which will be early in 2020 and have you been listening to this show? You know, I’ve been talking about this for quite a few months now. Back since even the beginning of this year. I’ve been saying over and over again that more than likely Canon is already working on a dual card slot with Ibis EOS are pro body and it’s more than likely going to be their successor for the five DS and the five D S our Canon has already confirmed that they’re not going to make a Mark to have those models.

So the logical jump would be that they’re going to replace those cameras, which have been hugely popular with an EOS are variant, high megapixel, possibly 75 megapixels or higher sensor, dual card slots, possibly dual SD card slots or maybe dual PC express. There’s already rumors that they’re doing dual PC express in the one DX Mark three so it could be possible that they would do it. And an EOS are probiotic although it’s probably more than likely that they’ll go with UHS to uh, SD card slots and hopefully two of them much as Sony did. And the a seven are four which made a lot of folks happy with that. And another item I wanted to touch on this week on the Canon front firmware 1.4 0.0 is now available for the EOS R P the new firmware added full HD at 23.98 frames added support for the F 85 millimeter F 1.2 L U S M D S lens. And I will include the link in the show notes where you can download from where one.four.zero from Canon USA. So that you can update the firmware on your iOS RP. Now we do also have a little bit more information on the one DX Mark three

okay, so we know from the rumors we talked about last week’s episode that the new Mark three is going to be even faster than the one DX Mark two with upwards of 20 frames a second plus and be built like a tank and we’ll even shoot raw video. You can probably use it to prop up your car instead of a jacket and an emergency. It’s very likely to be Cannon’s best one series DSLR, hopefully not the last of its kind, but I’m pretty sure it will be. Now what is being mentioned by a source. Now the battery life is nothing short of amazing, far better than it is on the one DX Mark two which I never had a complaint with battery life on my one DX Mark to the silent shutter mode and live view is absolutely silent. It makes no noise whatsoever. The IAF works incredibly well and that of course we’re assuming is via live view because of course if you’re using the optical view finder you wouldn’t have IAF.

The AAF on trackpad is so innovative, it works fast and is extremely precise in the sources words. It’s a real revolution. Nobody will be using the old style joystick or be missing it. We still don’t have some of the details that some of us would like to know such as the megapixel Canada, the sensor according to the source, it was impossible to find out at the time can and may be testing different resolutions as of right now. Now according to rumors, they one DX Mark three will be released in early 2020 as I mentioned before in time for the Tokyo summer games. So definitely be looking for that to be announced at the beginning of 2020 I would say probably in January or February at the latest. Um, so that they can get plenty of them to market and in the hands of pros that are going to be shooting the Tokyo games.

Okay. The next item I want to talk about or mentioned here in this week’s episode. The first Nikon Nightcore is Z 58 millimeter F zero nine five as knock lens arrived or as already been received in Europe and it as is as of yesterday, the new Nicor Z 58 millimeterF zero nine five S Knox is now shipping and the first lens was already received by photo Han’s. Uh, together with the additional Nikon CT one-on-one trunk case. It is eight 99 at B and H and eight 50 at, at a Rama. And there are images included in this article. I will share this article in the show notes. It does look like an extremely impressive lens. I’ll bet it’s heavy as heck though at a zero nine five and it does come with an looking case. So you may want to check out the images.

Um, and like I said, I’ll include the link for this in the show notes of this episode so that you can check it out for yourself. Now you may want to hurry the night guard. Z 50F 1.8 S lens is almost half price at Amazon UK and Amazon Germany is another one of those weird Amazon price drops. The Nikon Nicor, Z 50 millimeter F 1.8 S mirrorless lens is now almost half priced to Amazon UK, 45% off and Amazon Germany 49% off. But I guarantee it won’t last long and it may have already ended. We’ll have to be looking a but supposedly it’s showing up on all of the Amazon Europe sites. Um, as well as in [inaudible], uh, Germany, WEX and park camera. So you may want to jump on that if you’ve been looking to pick up that lens while you can get that incredible, incredible pricing.

All right, that’s all I wanted to talk about in this episode as far as camera and lens news. Now I did want to remind my listeners once again, you’re in the last week of our first photography related giveaway contest. We are giving away one free, fully licensed copy of lumen are three photo editing software. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Skylon software for providing the prize and sponsoring this contest. All you have to do to enter the contest is subscribed to the podcast with your favorite podcasting app. Take a screenshot showing that you’re subscribed. Join the land photography podcast Facebook group. You can search it out on Facebook. It is a closed group, but you can request to join. You just have to answer one security question they get in and that is what is the name of the host of the show that is myself. You can put either Liam or Liam Douglas, either one will work.

Once you are accepted into the group, just look for the official contest post. It is Mark as an announcement so it will be easy to find. Upload your screenshot showing that you’re subscribed to the podcast and that is it. You are then entered for a chance to win. Now the contest will end next Saturday, November 9th at 1201 or 12 midnight 1201 going into the tents next Sunday and the winner will be drawn sometime during the day of November 10th and they will be contacted either directly via Facebook or email if they prefer and they will be told how they can claim their prize. So you do still have one week yet in which to enter the contest. I will mention it one last time in next week’s episode, which hopefully I’ll be able to do do on time on Thursday as I usually do. That way I can let you know when you’re down to the last 48 hours of the contest.

Now I do want to apologize to my listeners for being a couple of days late with this week’s episode. Uh, my day job where I shoot real estate photography and my company needed me to provide coverage in Memphis, Tennessee. Yet again, I went up there for a few days back in may to cover a large batch of orders from one of our clients. And they had this, they had an issue in the last couple of weeks where they were getting a lot of rain up there and the couple of photographers that they have are only available for one or two days a week cause they uh, they have other full time gigs and uh, with all the rain they’d been getting in Memphis, they got behind on the scheduling because of the bad weather. So my co the company asked me if I could go up and help get them caught back up, which I was more than happy to do.

I like these road trips and I do apologize. It took me away from doing the show on time, but I hope that you guys will forgive me for that and continue to listen and don’t forget to enter that contest. All right. With that, I am going to go ahead and wrap up episode 43 of the Liam photography podcast. I want to thank everyone again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes, Google play, Stitcher, Spotify, radio.com Pandora. Anywhere else that you might be listening to this show, and I will see you again next week for episode 44

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