Episode 42: Canon Announces 1Dx3 Development and Fall Savings & More

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In this episode, Canon announces development on the 1Dx3 & Canon RF lens preorders. Samyang announces an AF version of their 14mm F/2.8 for RF mount. Nikon is having a fall sale & Sigma lenses are on sale at Adorama. The Contest has 16 days left before the winner is chosen.

My EOS R gets damaged and I am giving up ALL 3 of my Canon DSLRs to go to Fuji GFX 50R Mirrorless Medium Format.

Canon Announces 1Dx3 Development

Canon officially announces the development of the EOS-1D X Mark III

Pre-order newest Canon RF lenses at Adorama

Preorder all of the new Canon gear now!

Samyang to release AF version of their 14mm F/2.8 RF lens

Samyang to release an AF 14mm f/2.8 for the RF mount

Adorama gift cards for Sony GM lens buyers in U.S.

Nikon’s Fall Savings

New Nikon instant savings in the US: “Fall Sales Event” ends in 4 days

Sigma lens sale at Adorama

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Greetings everybody. You’re listening to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 42 so in this week’s episode we have some Canon news, some Nikon news, some news from Sam yang, some news from the Sony world and we have some sales on nigh coun and Sigma art lenses, all of this in episode 42 now I want to take a moment to thank all of my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might be listening to the show, which now now includes radio.com as well as Pandora as of a couple of weeks ago. So we want to thank the folks@radio.com and at Pandora for adding this show to their library. Now I’m going to also give you the details once again on the ongoing software giveaway contest that we have going, uh, where you can win a free copy of our three from Skylon software.

I will talk about that a little bit later on in this show. Now, the first thing I want to get into this week is cannon officially announced it as the development of the EOS one D X Mark three Melville, New York, October 24th, 2019 Canon USA is divided, announces that it’s developing the highly anticipated Canon EOS oneD X Mark three camera. This is a successor to the world renowned and award-winning EOS one DX Mark to this gamma is ideal for sports and wildlife. The flagship Dios DSLR is being engineered and designed using feedback from the worldwide community of EOS, one DX and one DX Mark to photographers continuing Canon’s rich heritage of creating first rate optical products. The EOS one DX Mark three offers and enhanced auto focus system with dramatically improved still and video image quality and communication. When using this camera, professionals will have the confidence they will get this shot and quotes and can deliver it at a competitive speed faster than ever before.

Ideal for the increasingly fast paced industry quote the innovations put forth by the new EOS one D X Mark three will set the new standard for professional DSLR cameras and further cement. Canon’s commitment to its professional photographers said cause Judah Oh God. Ogawa president and chief operating officer, Canon USA inc grow and developing the new camera cannon. Listen to extensive user feedback from professionals out in the field. The result is a camera that has evolved from its predecessor and maintain the overall quality that professional photographers have come to expect from the Canon EOS one D series that Canon EOS one D X Mark three will be blisteringly fast offering exceptional precision reliability, high-performance auto-focus and subject tracking. Providing photographers with a tool that will hope to capture the shot they are chasing the camera’s new auto-focus algorithm will well improve stability and tracking when using both the optical view finder and in live view shooting modes using deep learning technology and adapting to help facilitate accurate focus tracking for every shot.

When using the optical view finder, the camera will use a new autofocusing. Sir with approximately 28 times the resolution in the center of the EOS one DX Mark to offering the ability to auto focus and even brighter and darker situations than before and with greater precision, the camera will have a range of auto focus capabilities which will enable the photographer to get their shot in live view mode. Users will be able to make use of 525 AAF areas using the dual pixel C Moss AAF system. We’ll cover approximately 90 times 100% of the image sensor. The camera will support significantly faster frame rates with full a F a, N, I. E using either the optical view finder up to approximately 16 frames per second mechanical shutter or live view up to approximately 20 frames per second mechanical or electronic shutter. Additionally, the camera’s dual CF express card slots will enable more than five times the raw burst debt of its predecessor.

Now that just blew me away. They’re actually going to go with dual CF express card slots. And I know my friend Jared Polin it fro knows photo’s gotta be going crazy over this because he’s been clamoring for professional cameras that had dual CF express card slots. So I bet he loves the idea of that being in the iOS one DX Mark three and it’s great to see somebody other than Sony using two of the same memory slots in a professional body. I always thought it was silly, uh, for Canon to do C fast in the one DX Mark two for one slot. And then the other one was compact flash. I mean it just didn’t make any sense to me. Give us to see fast slots so we can get much better performance, especially if you’re writing to both cards at the same time. Now the development of the EOS one, DX Mark three is a clear example of Tannen’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovative imaging products featuring optically SU excellent technology.

The camera will support an all new Canon developed Seema sensor and digit processor that will deliver greater image quality and even higher ISOs with the ability to capture stills and 10 bit using HEIF high efficiency image file file format, AGI up produces wider dynamic range and greater color representation compared to JPEG. The power of four K resolution brings stories to life. Shoot four K videos including 4k at 60 P with 10 bit four two to Canon law internal recording. Now I do love the idea that they’re going to the HEIF file format in the one DX Mark three that’s something that Apple did starting with the, I think it was the iPhone 10 or maybe it was the 10 ass Apple started doing the exact same thing they got away from using the older JPEG file format. Now for professionals, content delivery is just as important as image capture.

EOS one DX Mark three will make it easy. Featuring built in wifi and Bluetooth low energy connectivity in addition to GPS technology to keep pace with ever shortening deadlines. That camera will transfer data and more than twice the speed of the EOS. One DX Mark too. When using the built in either net connection or the new optional wireless file transmitter the w F T dash E nine which is also compatible with Canon’s recently launched cinema EOS C 500 Mark two camera coupled with simpler networks set up, the camera will greatly enhance the professional’s workflow. Existing EOS one D series. Users will be familiar and comfortable handling the EOS one DX Mark three allowing seamless navigation with trusted ergonomics. Whilst the magnesium alloy body will offer the durability expected from Cannes EOS, one B cameras. Professional photographers can trust the same impressive build quality as the EOS one DX Mark two with phenomenal weather sealing, standing up to harsh conditions including wind, rain, and humidity with incredible low light shooting capabilities.

That camera will now feature select eliminated buttons that allow for precision operation in challenging, dark or dimly lit conditions. The camera will also offer a new additional control for selecting AAF points built into the AAF on button, allowing photographers to change AR points on the fly for the best composition. Further helping to simplify their work. In addition, dramatically improved battery life with the same LPE 19 battery will allow professionals to shoot for longer trades, a time without having to change batteries, helping to reduce the chance of missing the shot. Now all of this new stuff that is going to be in the EOS one, DX Mark three sounds fantastic. I’m really excited. However, I will not be upgrading from the EOS one DX Mark to do the Mark three and I will tell you why at the tail end of this episode, but I do love that cannon has been listening to their high end professional photographers that are out in the field that shoot all the time with the one DX and the one DX too to get feedback and ideas for new features they’re going to put into the EOS one DX Mark three the Mark three sounds like it’s going to be an amazing flagship DSLR and I guarantee you’re going to see tons of shooters carrying this camera at the Tokyo Olympics next summer.

So that’s definitely going to be exciting and it’s exciting for Canon to be announcing this new flagship DSLR. And I do like the fact that they also increased the frame per second capabilities for stills they’re trying to push back on Sony who kind of upped it a bit with 20 frames per second on the a nine. Now Cannon’s matching that with 20 frames a second themselves on the one DX Mark three which is impressive. So I know there’s going to be a lot of working pros that are going to be clamoring to get their hands on this latest iteration of the EOS one DX, these body line and uh, it’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be great for those people that are shooting professional sports that are out there on the sidelines of the football games or at the NASCAR races, soccer, tennis, whatever it might be. You’re going to see a lot of these cameras and a lot of professionals hands. I guarantee that.

Now. The next thing I wanted to talk about as deals on gear preorder all of the new Canon gear. Now you can officially preorder all of the new cannon gear from exclusive Phil affiliate partners like Adorama. You can now preorder the cannon RF 70 to 200F 2.8 L I S USM at 2,699 they can and RF 85 millimeter F one point to USM D S at 29 99 they Canon EOS 90 D video creator kit for 1449 the Canon Powershot GS are G seven X, I’m sorry, Mark three video creator good for eight 99 and the Canon EOS M 200 content creator kit for six 49 and I will include a link to the article on this sale in the show notes so that you can check it out for yourself. Maybe there’s something in there that you want to buy now. A new third party lens announcement, Sam yang to release in aF 14 millimeter F 2.8 for the R F Mount.

Now for me, this is exciting. I currently have the Sam yang 14 millimeter manual focus 2.8 for the E F now. And I also have their 14 millimeter manual focus lens for the RF Mount. They’re both fantastic lenses. The my only thing is I wished they had auto focus. Not that I absolutely need it. I shot for many, many years with manual only equipment. So not having auto focus isn’t a deal breaker for me. I got a great deal on each of the lenses and I even did an official review for Sam yang slash broken on on the RF model. And they even selected a number of my images to use in their official media on their website and on their Instagram account. But it is exciting to see that they’re actually gonna come out with an autofocus version of this 14 millimeter, 2.8 lens. The sooner the third party manufacturers get lenses out from the RF mouth, the better things will be for EOS are an RP shooters and for the manufacturers themselves.

So this is a win-win. Folks, if we can get more of the third party lens builders to start building native RF Mt glass and that’s a win win for everybody. It gives us more selection as photographers, weekend price shop, we can compare lenses from different manufacturers to see which ones we liked the best or again, you know, we can go to a third party vendor to get less expensive options than some of the cannon options. I’m not trying to bash Canon, but some of the pricing on their RF lenses is just astronomically high and totally blows my mind. But Canon does make fantastic quality glass, especially in their L line. And most professionals will agree that very few companies can compete with cannon. When it comes to cannons L glass, uh, probably one of the only ones that can, would be Zeiss. Uh, but Zeiss is also a lot more expensive than Canton L glass.

All right, the next thing I have this week is hot deal. In the USA, you get a free $200 Adorama gift card on these seven Sony G M lenses. Finally, a nice deal for us customers on all those GM lenses. You can get a 200 $200 Adorama gift card for free, a Sony 24 F 1.4 GM as a free $200 gift card at Adorama Sony 16 to 35 GM has it the 24 to 70 GM, the 70 to 200 GM, the Sony 85 F 1.4 GM, the Sony 100 to 400 GM and the Sony one 35 millimeter F 1.4 GM. Now I will include a link to all of these um, sale or gift card options in the show notes for this episode and the Sony 50 millimeter F 1.8 F he sells for $199 only and with additional free $50 gift card at best buy. So it looks like you can get a gift card from Adorama on a lot of these lenses and you can also get a $50 gift card from best buy if you’re buying the Sony 50 millimeter F 1.8 yeah E lens from best buy either in the store or online.

As I understand it. Now. I also want to make sure I give some love to the Nikon folks out there. So this next item is a new Nikon instant savings in the U S fall sales event, which ends on October 27th it started earlier today. The new Nikon rebates fall sales event are now live. The details you can be found at Adorama, BNH photo, and Amazon. All of these locations should have the new pricing, but they do not have a dedicated landing page. Most products come with free assessors like tripods, filters, XQD cards, et cetera. For more details. Check each listing the Nightcore Z lenses, 35 millimeter F 1.8 for six 97 the 50 millimeter 1.8 for four 97 the 14 to 34 for 1090 $7 and the 24 to 70 F 2.8 for $1,997 the Nikon Z six body only for 1697 would the 24 to 70 2297 the Nikon Z six filmmakers kit for 36 97 for the Nikon Z seven body only will be 29 67 and with the 24 to 70 millimeter lens, it’ll be 32 97 and icon be seven 50 body only will be 1197 and with the 24 to one 20 millimeter lens, it’ll be 1697 and I had gone to East 7,500 body only for seven 97 with the 18 to one 40 1097 with the 18 to 300 1427 with the 16 to 80 1397 and with the 18 to 55 and 70 to 300 combined for nine 97 Nicor EF lenses, the 50 millimeter 1.4 or is it three 77 the 51.8 is at one 77 the 58 millimeter F 1.4 for 1447 the 35 millimeter F 1.8 for one 67 that’s the DX, the 20 millimeter F 1.8 for seven seven 18 the 24 millimeter F 1.4 at 1797 the 24 millimeter F 1.8 is six 77 the 28 millimeter F 1.4 it’s $1,797 the 28 F 1.8 for six 27 the 35 millimeter 1.4 for 1547 or the 1.8 35 millimeter for four 77 and the 85 millimeter group, we have the F 1.4 at 1447 and the 1.884 27 for 105 millimeters.

The F 1.4 is 1897 while the 2.8 is eight Oh seven the attended 20 millimeter F four to a F 4.5 to 5.6 is two 77 the 16 to 35F four is nine 97 the 18 to 200F three five two five six is five 87 the 19 to 300F three five two six three is five 97 the 28 does 300 F three five to five six is eight 47 the 70 to 300F four or five to five six is five 47 the 80 to 400 millimeterF four five to five six is $22,097 the 200 to 500F 5.6 is 1197 the 70 to 200F 2.8 is 2147 the 24 to 70 F 2.8 is 1897 and then we have the 14 to 24 F 2.8 or 1597 the eight to 15 millimeterF three five to four or five at 1097 and the 10 to 24 millimeter at F three five two four or five for seven 97 now on the gray market world, you can get the Nikon Z six for 1289 or the Nikon Z seven for 2368 now those are some great deals on these lenses.

It as a fall event, it’s only on from the 24th which is today until the 27th and you can find these prices at Adorama, BNH and Amazon. Now I did want to also let my listeners know in other deals there is also a new Sigma lens rebate for us customers. If you head over to adorama.com you can get in on the Sigma art lens sale. Save up to $500 on art lens, including 200 on the 35 millimeter 1.4 art DG HSM lens. Now the following lenses from Sigma are currently going to be on sale. The Sigma 35 millimeter F 1.4 DG HSM art lens for candy SLRs regular price eight 99 instant rebate at $200 brings the price down to six 99 or as low as one 17 a month for six months. If you finance the Sigma 35 millimeter F 1.4 DG HSM art lens for Nikon DSLRs, same deal. Regular eight 99 incident rebate, a $200 price, six 99 the Sigma 35 millimeter F 1.4 D M art for Sony the exact same price as it is for the Nikon and Canon.

the Sigma 35 millimeter 1.4 D G H S M art lens for maximum and Sony alphas, same price as for the others and same for this lens in the Pantex Matt Pentax mouth, excuse me, and for the Sigma camera, Mount these 70 millimeterF 2.8 art DG macro lens. Now this lens is available for Canon cameras, Sony email, as well as Sigma cameras. The regular price is five 69 instant rebate of $100. You can get a best lens for four 69 for any of those three Mt types. Now the 10 to 20 millimeterF 3.5 X DC HSM lens. Now this lens is available and Canon Nikon alpha Maxim, Pentax and Sigma. Same as before, regular price, six 49 instant rebate of $320 you can get it right now for $329 for and any of those five Mt choices as 17 to 50 F 2.8 X DC O S HSM lens is available and Canon. Now this is the 2.8 of course it’s available and Canon Mount Nikon mouth, Sony, maximum out Sigma Mount, and on all of these regular price six 69 you get a $300 instant rebate. You can get this lens for three 69 for any of those previously mentioned. Mounts the 17 to 70 F 2.8 to four contemporary DC macro S HSN lens. Now this lens is available for Canon EOS, Nikon, Sony DSLRs, Pentax, as well as Sigma. And again, normal price for any of those mounts for this lens is four 99 the incident rebate is $160 you can pick it up for three 39 for any of those five mounts.

18 to 300 F three five two six three contemporary DC macro OS HSN lens. This lens is available for Canon DSLRs, Nikon DSLRs, pen packs, and Sigma regular price, five 79 instant rebate of $180 price, three 99 for any of those four mounts, the 100 to 400 F five to six three contemporary DJOs HSM lens. Now this is available and the cannon email, Nikon F Mount, as well as the Sigma DSLR cameras. Regular price for all three seven 99 instant rebate of $190 price at six Oh nine for that lens and any of these, those three Mount choices

Now we have the one 50 to 600F five to six three sports D, G O S HSM lens. This lens is available for Canon, Nikon, and Sigma cameras. Regular price, 1999 instant rebate, a $300 you can now get this lens for 1699 in any of those three mouths. The one 50 to 600F five to six three contemporary DG EOS HSN lens available again for Canon, Nikon and Sigma regular for ice, 1080 $9 instant rebate of $190 you can now get that lens in any of those three miles for $899

the one Oh five millimeterF 2.8 X D G O S HSN macro lens available in Canon, Nikon and Sigma mouth. Normal price nine 69 instant rebate of $500 you can now get that lens in any of those three miles for $469 now, there are some additional items that are part of the sale. I’m not going to go through all of the rest of them. I’ve gone through quite a few of them already, but I will include a link to this sale at Adorama in the show notes that you can check it out for yourself and save yourself some money, especially if you’ve been eyeballing any of these Sigma lenses.

All right. The next thing I want to talk about at the tail end of this episode is our ongoing photography contest. Now, as I said in episode 40 this is the first giveaway we’ve had on the Liam photography podcast and I want to once thanks guy alum software for sponsoring this contest. During this contest you are entering for a chance to win a fully licensed free copy of luminaire three which is sky alumns. Most recent photo editing software where they added a libraries module similar to what you would find in light room complete with film strip and everything else. This software is absolutely amazing. I do own the software myself. I use it quite a bit. I really like it. Now the contest is for women. Our three women are for is on the horizon and is due to be released on the 18th and November.

But since it wasn’t available when I wanted to hold this contest, I had to offer Luminar. Three is the price now Luminar three is $118 value and you’re, you can be the lucky winner to get a copy for free. Now once you have lumen RF three and then four drops with its new AI sky replacement capability, which is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been beta testing version four for Skylon and the AI sky replacement is just mind blowing. But anyways, once you, if you’re the lucky winner of lumen are three, you will be able to upgrade to four free seriously discounted price. I believe that discount price to upgrade is $59 so you’re saving $60, um, over what it would cost you to just buy Luminato for outright for 118 to 120 bucks. And as I mentioned before, I want to thank, once again, the wonderful folks at Skylon software for sponsoring this contest.

Now if you’re wondering how can you enter the contest for your chance to win and you didn’t go back and listen to episode 40 which I encourage you to do as well as episode 41 and all of the previous episodes of the show. All you have to do is subscribe to Liam photography podcast on your favorite pod catcher and grab a screenshot showing that you’re subscribed and then you have to go on over to Facebook to the Liam photography podcast Facebook group. If you’re not already a member there, you can request to join it as a closed group and you do have to answer a question to join and the question is who is the host of the show? You can put either Liam or Liam Douglas, either one works and that will get you into the Facebook group. Now once you’re in the Liam photography podcast Facebook group, all you have to do is upload your screenshot showing that you’re subscribed to the podcast, to the official contest post, which is marked as an announcement.

So it’s easy to find and you are automatically in the random draw to win a copy of luminaire three from Skylon software. Now there are 16 days left in the contest, so the contest is right about halfway over. So make sure you subscribe, get that screenshot, join the Facebook group and post your screenshot so that you can meet entered for your chance to win. The winner will be selected by random draw using software so that I have no control over it and everything is totally neutral, fair and above board. And the lucky winner will be contacted by myself either through Facebook or email if they prefer and informed that they won the contest and how they will receive their prize. And once, one more time. I want to thank the wonderful folks at Skylon software for sponsoring this contest. Now when I was talking about the iOS one, DX Mark three and I was talking about all the great things that Canon’s putting into this new model, I also mentioned that I would not be upgrading from the one DX Mark to do the one DX Mark three and I will now tell you why I’ve been doing some thinking for a while now and if you know anything about me, I’ve been wanting to go medium format muralists for a little while now and I’m finally gonna pull the trigger.

Now what I’m doing is I’m working with the wonderful folks at Adorama and I am getting rid of all of my DSLR bodies and getting the Fuji film GFX 50 R with a couple of lenses, one for landscapes and one for portraits and once I have completed this transaction in the next week or so, I will have only two camera bodies instead of four. They will both be mirrorless. One will be full frame, my EOS are and the other one will be medium format for my commercial work and some landscape work as well. I’m really excited about the idea. I wanted to go with a Hasselblad cause I’ve always wanted a Hasselblad. Um, and I could have worked the trade for uh, excellent condition used X one D 50 C but the X one D 50 C it had issues. It was an okay camera but it wasn’t as polished as it should have been.

And now the X one D 50 C marked two is out, which is vastly improved over the Mark one, but also considerably more expensive since you can only get it new for about $10,000 for the body only. So I didn’t go that route. And Fuji does make fantastic medium format bodies. They’re extremely popular, especially the GFX 50 R and 50 S. I decided to go with the art because I’m not going to really use my medium format a whole lot for video. I’ve got other cameras that I can use for video. I’ve got dedicated professional video cameras. I’ve also got cameras. I got my professional drone. I’ve got all that stuff for shooting video. So I wasn’t as concerned with the video aspect of it. Now, the reason why, and there’s going to be a little bit of a delay before I finally get the transition to my do GFX 50 R is because two weeks ago, Sunday I had an accident while I was shooting real estate and my iOS R was damaged.

Um, I tripped and hit the ground. Uh, EOS are had the speed light attached on the top and the lens was fine and the speed light was fine. The rest of the body was fine, but unfortunately it’s snapped the hot shoe plate in half on the top of the body. Now if you know anything about Canon cameras in the Canon DSLRs, the hot shoe plate is attached with four micro Phillips screws about the same size of the ones you’d find in a pair of eyeglasses. Well, unfortunately for me, when cannon designed, the EOS are in RP, they went with some sort of, almost like a micro popper of it to hold the hot shoe played on and may come up through the inside of the top body panel. So there’s no way to replace just the hot shoe plate. Unfortunately you have to replace the entire upper body panel.

Now I had read an article online where another person had damaged his in a similar fashion and he was quoted $800 to replace the top body panel to fix the hot shoe issue. Um, but I don’t remember how long ago he had his issue. I think he had his incident shortly after the iOS art came out. So it was about a year ago or so. And maybe that’s why it was 800 bucks. I don’t know for sure if it’s still that price or if it’s gotten cheaper. Now the good thing is I do have equipment insurance, but I do have a $250 deductible on that. Um, but I am also a CPS gold members, so I save 20% on repairs there. So I’m just waiting for the folks at can and to let me know what the damage is going to be. Hopefully they should be calling me either tomorrow or, uh, possibly Monday to let me know how bad the damages as far as the financial hit.

So until the EOS R gets back, I’m currently back to using the 60 Mark to to shoot my real estate work with everyday so I can’t exactly get rid of the Mark to the 60 Mark to when I currently don’t have the EOS are to shoot my daily real estate work with so until the EOCR gets back fixed, I can’t do anything with the 60 Mark too, so that puts my GFX acquisition on hold for a few extra days, but it’s not the end of the world. I am really excited about it. Like I said, I’ve read a lot of good things about the GFX 50 R I’ve talked to a lot of people that shoot with it and they all love the camera. They get fantastic results. I’ve seen some amazing images captured with the Fuji film GFX 50 R and I can’t wait to get my hands on mine, hopefully very soon.

All right. That is it for episode 42 of the Liam photography podcast. I want to once again, thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating, and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might listen to the show, which does now include radio.com and Pandora. We are on all of the big platforms. It’s so exciting and please spread the word about this show on social media and elsewhere and encourage your friends and family to give the show, listen, subscribe, and review it. If they would be so kind, and I will see you again next week in episode 43

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