Episode 41: Camera Maker News, ON1 Photo RAW 2020 & The show is on Pandora!

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In this episode, new news and rumors from Canon. Tokina releases a new Ultra Wide Zoom. New Sony lenses and lens covers coming. ON 1 Photo RAW 2020 is now available. Nikon is having a Fire Sale!

Images and Specs on new Canon RF lenses

Images and specifications for the upcoming RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM, RF 85mm f/1.2L USM DS & DM-E100

Canon EOS 5D Mark V rumors

The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

Tokina ATX-i 11-16mm F/2.8 for Nikon F mount

Tokina ATX-i 11-16mm f/2.8 CF lens for Nikon F-mount officially announced

Nikon KeyMission 170 camera fire sale.

The Nikon KeyMission 170 camera fire sale has started

New LifeGuard lens covers for Sony!

New Life+Guard protection skin for the Sony 200-600mm and 35mm f/1.8 FE lenses

Imaging Resource is shutting down their site.

The end of an era? Review site Imaging Resource nearing its end

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 is out!

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 – Photography Your Way – Now Available

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Greetings everybody and welcome to episode 41 of the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas. This week we have Canada news, some Nikon news and Sony news as well as news about new photo editing software from on one new rumors and don’t forget we are still holding the Luminor three free giveaway contest. There’s 23 days left in which you can win a free copy of Luminar three which is $118 value. More details on the contest later on in the show, so this week, images and specifications for the upcoming cannon RF, 70 to 200 F 2.8 L I S USM the RF 85 millimeter F 1.2 L USM DS and DM-E 100

Now the specifications and the images have leaked out for the soon to be announced. RF lenses and microphone. The Canon RF 70 to 200 F 2.8 L I S USM specifications are rumored to be as follows, 17 elements in 13 groups minimum focusing distance of 0.7 meters maximum. Shooting magnification point 23 times. Filter diameter is 77 millimeters which I was expecting. Sizes 89.9 millimeters by 146 millimeters. Weight is 1070 grams. The RF 85 F 1.2 L USM D S specs are rumored to be as followed, follows 13 elements in nine groups minimum focusing distance of 0.85 meters maximum shooting, magnification of 0.12 times number of diaphragm blades nine filter diameter 82 millimeters. Size one Oh 3.2 millimeters by 117.3 millimeters and the weight a whopping 1,195 grams. Now there are also images that leak as I mentioned and with this story and I’ll post a link to this article in the show notes that you can check it out for yourself and it also includes images of the upcoming D M dash E 100 microphone. Now there are no prices for these items mentioned yet. These are just leaked specifications and images so we’ll have to wait a little while yet to see if these do come true. If they are accurate specifications or if they’re totally off the Mark. A lot of times they’re right on the money or they’re really close so it’ll be exciting to wait and see how this shakes out when they are officially announced by cannon. Hopefully. Uh, in the next few weeks.

Is it the end of an era review site imaging resource is nearing its end. Imaging resources been one of the best and most comprehensive camera review sites for 22 years. Sadly, the end may be near for the site image resources released the following statement about why they’re closing down. Quote, we’re probably closing early next year and here’s why they say all good things must come to an end though and tantalizingly close to a quarter century from when I first had the idea for it. I’m sorry to say that imaging resource two will likely be winding down early next year. The reasons for that decision are many fold. For one thing, the camera industry itself has been contracting for contracting for quite a few years now. That’s due in part to the arrival on scene of high quality camera phones, which especially for many more casual photographers negated the need to carry a separate device on which to capture their memories and you can read the rest of the full statement.

I’ll include the link to the full statement in the show notes for this episode. Reviews take a level of work that shocked me during my half-assed attempt at doing them. There was no way I could do what great sites like imaging resources are doing. Gannon rumors is pretty much a one man show, which makes the challenges of feeding multiple people with declining revenue streams. Less of an issue for me, but I am actively looking at new ways to grow the site while keeping costs from going up. I do hope imaging resource finds a way of making things work in the future. I love their reviews, but I may love their interviews with the camera companies even more and that is a quote forum. Canon rumors.com next, the Canon EOS five D Mark four is rumored to be in the works.

we’d been told that cannons still has plans to update its most popular professional full frame camera. The EOS five D Mark four EOS five D Mark five apparently appeared on an internal roadmap along with an EOS R Mark to the source could not provide the timeline of the roadmap. We think it makes a lot of sense to see another iteration of the EOS five D DSLR along with this. Similarly spec EOS are too with all of the new camera’s expect in 2020 from Canon. I don’t see either the five D Mark for or the ESR replacement coming out before 2020 a Q four of 2020 now I don’t agree with that. I think there’s a good possibility that the five D Mark five in the EOS R Mark two might be out by the end of quarter two of 2020. And the reason why I say that is because from everything I’m hearing from my sources at Gannon, Gannon is really stomping the gas on getting their mirrorless stuff out to market and improving it and advancing it and releasing new models as quickly as they can so they can better compete with the likes of Sony who’s been doing mirrorless full frames for a good five years now.

So I believe that there is a strong probability that can and will release the EOS are Mark too, if that’s what they decide to call it. Um, by the end of the second quarter of 2020 now is the EOS. R is the next EOS are going to be called the Mark two. I’m not sure. Um, it’s possible that it may be on an internal company roadmap, but I’m not sure if that’s the final designation there they’re going to go with um, given the fact that the big rumors lately have been the fact that Cannon’s going to release an EOS are, that’s going to be the replay directory replacement for the five D S and the five D S R and that this new iOS R will be a professional body with two memory cards and it’s also going to have a 75 plus megapixels sensor. So whether or not there’s going to be an EOS are Mark two, I don’t know.

Possibly. I don’t think there will be, I think maybe that’s a placeholder name until they finally decide what they’re going to call the iOS are that replaces the five DS and five DSR. But we’ll have to wait and see. It is exciting to know that Canon’s actively working on new full frame model mirrorless models for 2020. You know, I had a feeling they were going to start cranking them out like crazy and it looks like that’s true. Now if Tannen is going to release an EOS five D Mark five which am a bit on the fence on that, I don’t know if are going to go ahead and release another five D a version even though it’s their most popular camera professional full frame camera. I just don’t know if they’re going to release one more model of that line when they’re already into the mirrorless full-frame world with the iOS are and the RP now, cannon has already said that the one DX Mark three is coming out early next year in time for the Tokyo games, but I’m pretty sure and the hints of Ben from Canon that that will be their last flagship DSLR, that the next camera that comes out in the one D lineup will be a full frame muralist, pro sports body.

So we’ll have to wait and see how all of this works out, but whether or not they’re going to do a five D Mark five I don’t know. I’m really, really on the fence about that. I don’t believe they’re gonna release one, but maybe I’m wrong. We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe that’s going to be their last um, uh, standard full frame professional body and a one DX Mark three is going to be their last flagship sports, uh, DSLR body. We’ll we’ll find out. Only time will tell now for a bit of Nikon news that toe kina ATX dash I 11 to 16 millimeter F 2.8 CF lens for Nikon F now has been officially announced as of yesterday. The previously rumored lens for Nikon F Mt is now officially Unal shipping. We’ll start on November eight woo. My birthday for U S pricing you can check Adorama and B and H and Amazon not available at this time.

At the time of the post update preorders are now open at BNH photos so my bad, I should’ve gotten to the update first. A MTF charts, lens design, technical specifications and sample photos. 17.6 to 25.6 millimeter is 35 millimeter equivalent. The aperture range is F 2.8 to F 22 two a spherical elements to S D low dispersion elements, multi coated elements, one-touch focus, clutch mechanism, internal focusing design and nine blade diaphragm. Now there is a great little video, uh, demonstrating this lens and action. There is also some breakaway grass showing the internals of the blends. You know the lens elements that are inside and the technical specifications on that. A focal length of course is 11 to 16 millimeters. Maximum aperture F 2.8 minimum F 22 like I said a moment ago, 13 elements and 11 groups. The angle of view is 104 to 82 degrees. Filter size will be 77 millimeters.

The weight is 1.2 pounds. Minimum Woking D focusing distance is 11.8 inches. Zoom mode is rotary. The aperture blades contained inside total nine magnification of one to 11.6 focusing type is a F auto focus. Lens length is 84 millimeters. Lens width is 91.7 millimeters for Canon and 89.2 for Nikon, so apparently the lens is going to be made for Canon as well. Us warrantee exclusive three year us warranty. It comes with the lens hood lens hood, B H dash 77 B and the OneTouch focus clutch has been improved with a brand new design. So that is definitely exciting, especially for the Nikon shooters. I have quite a few friends that shoot Nikon and love to have the wide angle lenses for their landscapes and stuff like that. So that is absolutely exciting. Now of course this is an APS see lens, so you couldn’t use it in the Canon world unless you were going to use a get the Canon model and then use it on the EOS, our RP with the F slash EFS to ourF adapter.

Then you could use it. Uh, it’s too bad they didn’t make this as a full frame lens. I would definitely snatch one up. Uh, I currently shoot most of my real estate with a 14 millimeter prime and then I do also have the 12 to 24 Sigma, uh, art lens, which is a fantastic lens, just super heavy. It would be really nice to be able to get, you know, a little bit wider to 11 millimeters with an F 2.8 lens for my real estate work. That would be really awesome. It’s too bad they’re only making an APS C model.

Now the next bit of a Nikon news, the Nikon key mission one 70 camera fire sale has started the Nikon key mission digital cam quarter with a 1.5 inch LCD. Our GBC MAs as drops from its list price of 396 95 to 138 29 you can grab them at Amazon. They range between one 47 and one 78 renewed eBay. You can get them for between one 40 and one 50 new egg one 39 and record 10 for one 38. The regular price of the key mission is still three 96 95 and add a Rama and H. so it looks like a Nikon is going to call it quits. With this, a waterproof shockproof camera, there’s, and they’re just going to burn out, blow out the inventory, uh, at a drastically reduced price to get rid of them and get out of that, uh, the world of the, uh, waterproof sports cameras, you know, the likes of, uh, the GoPro and stuff like that.

So now’s a good time to snatch one up. If you’ve been thinking about buying one with, with the current price being a little less than half the original retail price, it would absolutely be a great time to pick one up if you’ve been eyeballing one and you’re an icon fan. Okay. So now for the world of Sony rumor, the new tamarind 70 to one 80 millimeter, 20 millimeter 24 millimeter and 35 millimeter F 2.8 F E lenses are expected to be announced next week on October 24th, the four new F V a at V Lau Lau lenses will be announced on the 24th. Um, they are the 70 to one 80 F 2.8 will ship in 2020. The 20 millimeter F 2.8 will ship in 2020. But the 24 and 35 millimeterF 2.8 we’ll both be shipping and during the last quarter of 2019 so that’s some exciting news. If you’re a Sony shooter and you’ve been wanting to get a 24 or 35 millimeter, 2.8 with the epi Mount, it looks like they’re flying like coming.

Now we’re on minder. Sony has their precedent on October 23rd but we’re not sure if they’re going to announce the new lenses at that time or not. So 24th could be a little bit off because they do have a scheduled press event on the 23rd now, whether or not they’re going to talk about these lenses at that event, we don’t know yet. We will have to wait and see, but it’s definitely exciting that those lenses are coming for our Sony fan. Boys and fan girls. Just kidding. All right. New life plus guard protection skin for the Sony 200 to 600 millimeter and the 35 millimeter or 1.8 FTE lenses are now available. Lifeless guard has announced new customizable protection scans for the 200 to 600 F E the skin is pictured here. And now, uh, I’ll post a link to this article in the show notes and the 35 millimeter 1.8 FB lens, which is posted below. You can find all skins for all Sony lenses on the page. lifeguard-design.com/categories/sony lens skin.

Now these lens gins do look really cool. I’m not sure I’m going to have to go to life plus guard site or, or maybe just pronounced lifeguard and the plus in the middle of you’re supposed to ignore and see if they have these skins for the Canon lenses as well cause they are really cool looking and I would love to get these skins for some of my Canon lenses, like especially my 100 to 400 and my 70 to 200. They do look really cool, they have great textures to their design, um, which makes it easier to hold onto the lens, makes them less slippery, less prone to dropping and stuff like that. So that would definitely be really cool. And they do have an awesome video.


Oh on the same page. Oh actually the article is for a printing cube, the world’s smallest mobile color printer. That’s interesting. Must be this is being uh, put out by the same company and that is currently on sale at Indiegogo. So that’s pretty cool. But getting back to the, the lifeguard skins, I mean these things look fantastic. Uh, the one in the picture for the 200 to six on her kind of looks like a, a subdued, a monochrome camouflage, which I really like and I guess it’d be look closer at the one for the 35 millimeter that looks like a um, all black camouflage pattern design, which I absolutely love. I definitely got to find out if they make these things for my Canon lenses and how expensive they are. Cause it would be awesome to put those on my, on my Canon L glass. That would be cool.

So there you go. You got the new, a lifeguard protection protect your skin’s coming out for those two Sony lenses for all the Sony shooters. So that’s something else that they can uh, jump at. Do you uh, get to protect their beloved Sony glass? All right. The next item I want to talk about on one photo raw 2020 is now available. The new on one 2020 has been released. The press text says quote on one photo rock 2020 photography your way is now available. New AI features, new filters, SmugMug sharing X write integration, improved processing on Fujifilm raw files and much, much more. Part of the all new on one ecosystem for photographers. The Portland, Oregon based company announced the availability of the new online photo RA 2020. This new version is a first release in a new line of creative products announced back in August.

This professional grade photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor and effects app is available today as an all in one photo workflow solution. Photography your way. The on one difference on one gives you control of your photography and what matters to you most. It’s photography your way on one is an open system giving you control over photo organization, storage, editing, creative style and how you purchase with most mainstream software solutions. Restrict your organization and editing and close systems on one gives you an open system for complete control over your storage organization. Editing and method a purchase on one will also never be a subscription only model quote. Customers will immediately notice the speed and quality improvements we’ve made under the hood. A lot of great feedback came in from our beta users and we are. We’re able to deliver on their requests in this version says Craig cuderol, president and CEO, what’s new and photoreal 2020 new AI match match how your raw photos look to what you saw on the back of the camera.

This automatically detects when you shoot in black and white or custom film looks in your camera. That’s really cool. New AI auto tone. The new algorithm does a much better job on all types of photos. Also controls the amount of auto when you want. By analyzing thousands of photos. The algorithm has learned how to do an even better job, especially on tough images, new speed and performance updates. Opening Raul files and edit is up to two times faster and brushing is smoother. Even on integrated graphics cards, we have the enhanced raw processing for Fujifilm. Uh, the extra ends raw file has been improved to reduce scalloping and other artifacts. New hottest and trending presets over 100 new looks and styles curated from today’s hottest photographic trends. We also added tons of new skies, backgrounds and textures for your masking pleasure. The new version of their software is also fully integrated.

With SmugMug, you can select photos and videos and then publish them to any of your SmugMug galleries. Even create new galleries and control the size of the photos you upload. New custom camera profiles. Get predictive natural color results by creating custom profiles for your camera and lights. We have partnered with X, right, the leader in color management to make this easy photograph and X right target with your camera. Then imported into on one photo raw and send it to the X right camera profile software to build a custom camera profile. The new version has much better noise reduction. The new state of art noise reduction algorithm can reduce noise, both color and luminance independently, while maintaining detail. Even with today’s ultra high ISO cameras and as a new color balanced filter, remove across color cast from the shadows or highlights or create unique dual tone.

Do tone or tri tone tense by adjusting the color and brightness of the highlights. Made tones or shadows with the new weather photo filter a weather filter in effects. You can add snow, rain, fog to your photos or create a realistic atmosphere for a precise black and white conversions. Channel. Swaps for infrared or shift entire color ranges with the new color mixer, the new sun flare filter. Add realistic sunspots lens flare and Boca doll. Your shots all powered by real photographs from renowned photographer and educator Matt claws Lau, uh, clause Koski. Excuse me, I hope I got that right Matt. If I didn’t, don’t send me hate mail. A new print module. Print contact sheets, a wall portrait or tile, multiple photos into packaged prints. The improved print dialog can handle it all easily. Print individual images. Also print multiple photos on one piece of paper to create packages like two, five by sevens or four, four by fives.

You can add your watermarks and sharpen before you print new timeline albums. Exploring your photos by date has never been easier. The new automatic timeline album organizers your photos by year, month and day. Now that is fantastic. I love the idea of having that. I do have on one photo raw 2019 I believe I have played with their software off and on for a couple of years. And these new enhancements, I just may pull the trigger on picking up a copy of this to try out these new enhancements, especially the automatic timeline albums. That would be great. And it’s too bad. Light room and some of the other software out there like Luminar doesn’t do that yet, but maybe Luminar we’ll have that in lumen are for, I don’t know, I don’t know everything they’re going to have and leaving an R for yet. Um, but if not, maybe they’ll do it.

In version five. We’ll have to wait and see a new map view view where your photos were taken on that. Explore photo locations and add location metadata to photos that don’t have GPS metadata. Even search by location address to find photos quickly without having to add additional metadata. It has a new focus mask overlay. Now you can view what’s in focus in your RFO in your photos easily. The new focus mask overlay marks the areas of best focus with green so you can compare similar photos and pick out the sharpest photo quickly. That is freaking fantastic. That is going to say a lot of photographers time especially you know when you’re the kind of photographer that shoots a lot of frames when you’re in an event or a wedding or whatever the case may be and to be able to sort through all of them quickly and find the one that has the best tax sharp focus.

Having the software do that for you is a game changer. That is going to be freaking amazing. More language support on one photo. RA is now localized into 11 languages, giving many more photographers access to the best photo editor out there. It currently supports English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. New enhancements before and after. Image preview splitter control preset opacity from the preset browser windows installer now gives the option to install on a drive other than C UNC paths on windows lossy. Canon CR three support. Visualize brush strokes with a red overlay and new camera and lens support has been added. This sounds really fricking exciting. Um, it’s going to be awesome and they’re also offering a, um, uh, photo mobile integration, which is going to be really cool. They have an on one photo mobile 2020 app.

Um, it’s available now from the looks of it. Supported raw file formats on one photo. Raul 2020 supports raw files for over 800 cameras. Supported file formats also include JPEG, TIF PSD, PSB P, and G and D and G. photo Raul 2020 also continues to work seamlessly within current photography workflows. Version 2020 can be used as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom. Classic CC, Photoshop and Apple photos without purchasing a new plugin version on one photo. Raul 2020 is also perfect for those looking for a standalone photo editing workflow solution. Now as far as pricing and availability on one photo, Raul 2020 was available as of yesterday, October 16th available for download from the [inaudible] website. I’ll include a link in the show notes. Previous owners of any version of on one a photo. Raul can order the upgrade for just 79 99 and those who don’t own earlier versions can order the full version for 99 99 for a limited time on one photo.

Rob 2020 is bundled with launch bonuses that include an additional 100 pack of presets covering some of the hottest looks and trends. A single purchase of on one photo. Raul 2020 works with both Mac and windows and is a perpetual license which means you own it forever for activation on up to five computers. A free 30 day trial with no watermarking and no credit card required is also available from the on one website. So that news is absolutely exciting. They have done a ton of improvements and feature upgrades to the item on one photo. Raw software. I’m definitely gonna have to check out the 2020 version. Like I’ve said in previous episodes, I work with several different photo editing programs. I like Luminar, I still use light room, you know sometimes, and I do like on one photo rah and I also like capture one. I haven’t really settled on a single editing a software yet.

I use different ones for different things. I do need to kind of break it down and figure out which one I want to use on a permanent basis going forward. But it’s just a really tough decision because so many of these great programs are great at different things. You know, they’re all great photo editors, but you know, this one does this better than this one does and so on and so forth. He just gets to be a big hot mess when you’re trying to make the decision of which one you’re going to settle on on a permanent basis. But I’m definitely going to be checking out a on one photo raw 2020. I love the timeline album capability and I’ve always loved the fact that their software will integrate with light room and Apple photos and stuff like that without you having to buy a separate plugin.

The full version will work as a plug in for those programs. You know, including Photoshop, which is great. I always liked, um, cause you’re getting a little more bang for your buck when you can use it with your preexisting workflow software. Um, but I happen to pay an extra charge so that’s great. Now another item I want to talk about this week as I wrap up this episode. Don’t forget the contest to get a free copy of bloomin’ R three is still ongoing. There’s 23 days left in the contest. It’s easy to enter the contest. All you have to do is go to the Liam photography podcast, Facebook group, request the joy. And you do have to answer a question to join the group because it is a closed group, but that question is named the host of the show. You can put either Liam or Liam Douglas, either one.

We’ll get you in and the question and the fact that it’s a closed group is to keep out the bots and spammers, which nobody likes on Facebook, so that’s why I do that. Now once you’re a member of the Facebook group, all you have to do is go to the official contest post and it is marked as an announcement, so it would be easy to find and just post a comment in that thread. SHA, upload a screenshot showing that you’re subscribed to the show on whichever podcatcher you’re using, whether it’s iTunes, Google play, Spotify, Stitcher, whatever the case may be. Just post a screenshot showing that you’re subscribed and you are entered to win. Now, as I mentioned before, this is a free copy of Luminar three. It’s not a restricted copy, it’s the full blown licensed software. And I want to thank the wonderful folks at skyline software for sponsoring this contest and providing this free copy of Luminar three to the lucky winner that is in Hunter $118 value.

So one lucky person is going to get a free copy. It’d be a random draw, so you absolutely want to make sure you subscribe to the show and post that screenshot in the official contest thread post in the Facebook group. Luminar is fantastic software. They’re going to be releasing lumen are four in the near future, which is going to have a lot of new enhancements similar to a on one photo. Raul. Um, so it’s going to be exciting with all the new AI improvements and Luminor. It’s really, really exciting and I can’t wait to see Luminar three is fantastic. I love it. They added the library’s feature in Luminar three. So now you can have, you have a library module just like in Lightroom. It’s super, super handy. And again, I want to thank the wonderful folks at skyline software for sponsoring our first contest.

Now the last bit of news I want to talk about before I close out this episode, and this is something I’m really excited about. Um, I waited a long time for this. As of October 11th, 2019 the Liam photography podcast is officially on Pandora. Whew. Finally got in and I’m like, took like four months awaiting a tell you a Pandora is by far the hardest audio system on audio library system to get your podcast into a, you go and you submit the information for your podcast. They want to know approximately how many listeners you have, blah, blah, whether or not you have ads in it, yada, yada, yada. And then you submit it and they don’t tell you anything. They just leave you hanging until one day. Hopefully like me, you finally get an email that says, Hey, we added your podcast to our library. So that’s really exciting.

I’m really happy. The big clowning, he added us to Pandora’s or an all of the big systems. We’re an iTunes, Google play, Stitcher, Spotify, Pandora. And so on and so forth. You should pretty much be able to find the show no matter what your favorite podcast app is or platform, whatever you want to call it. So that is really exciting. We got into radio.com a month or so ago and now we are officially in Pandora. So the show is definitely getting bigger and moving forward. And I’m hoping down the road that we’ll start getting enough sponsors, regular sponsors. That future contest can be, you know, contest where the show will be given away, a camera lands or someday a camera body. That would be super exciting. Um, I’m really hoping that’ll happen at some point down the road. All I can do is work on this show each week and hope that we eventually get big enough that we will start getting some serious sponsors.

That would be absolutely fantastic. Now. I also wanted to remind everybody before I close out, episode 41 of the Liam photography podcast, you can contact the show, uh, in either leave a text message, you can send a text message or you can call the voice voicemail area code (470) 294-8191. You can leave a comment, you can leave a question, it doesn’t matter. You can even post in the Facebook group. Ask a question there. Now, once you’re in the Facebook group, I forgot to mention, you’re free to post five photos every 24 hours. You can break them up throughout the day or you can post all five at once and let Facebook do the little photo slideshow thing for you. If you would like to have your work creatively critiqued, you can just post the photos with the comments or the tech CC please and myself or one of the other photographers in the group. We’ll be happy to look at your work and give you some positive pointers on how you can up your game. But as I mentioned before, if you would like to text with a comment or a question or a subject you’d like to be discussed on a future episode or leave a for the same reason, it’s (470) 294-8191 I want to thank you all again for listening to this episode 41 of the Liam photography podcast, and I will see you again in seven days for episode 42

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