Episode 38: Canon Announces new Firmware and a new Camera & More…

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In this episode Canon announces new firmware for both the EOS R and RP as well as a new camera. Nikon registers new cameras and also some savings on Z lenses, refurbished, as well as another $500 off on the D5.

Hasselblad from Monroe shoot going up for auction and a bear crashes a wedding in Tennessee.

EOS R Firmware 1.4.0

Canon EOS R firmware 1.4.0 now available for download

EOS RP Firmware 1.3.0

Canon has released firmware version 1.3.0 for the EOS RP

EOS M 200

Canon officially announces the EOS M200

Nikon D5 Price drop, again.

The price the Nikon D5 will drop by another $500 this weekend

Nikon registered, but not announced cameras.

Updated list of registered but not yet officially announced Nikon cameras

Nikkor Refurbished lenses

Refurbished Nikkor Z mirrorless lenses now available with savings up to $120

Hasselblad from Marilyn Monroe shoot to be auctioned.

Hasselblad from Iconic Marilyn Monroe Shoot Expected to Sell for $300,000

Black bear crashes wedding shoot

Bear Crashes Wedding Shoot, Photo Bombs Bride and Groom

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Canon releases new firmware as well as a new camera. The price of the Nikon D5 will drop. Again. There’s an updated list of registered but not yet official Nikon cameras and some price savings on refurbish NYCoRE, Z mirrorless lenses. All of this on episode 38 of the Liam photography podcast.

you’re listening to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 38 I want to take a moment to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might be listening to the show, which now includes radio.com I want to again thank the good folks@radio.com for adding this show to their library.

so this week cannon has released firmware one.four.zero for the Canon EOS are mirrorless full frame camera. It was released on the 25th via Canon Mexico site and is expected to hit other global Cannes sites on Friday, which would be today. The firmware 1.4 0.0 incorporates the following enhancements, enhances eye detection, auto focus for improved face and eye recognition at greater distances. Improved AAF performance, helps the camera to focus on and track smaller subjects, reduces this lag time between the actual auto-focus and the AAF frame display for images in the view finder or on the LTD fixes a phenomenon in which the AFF frame size cannot be changed in servo AAF setting and also fixes PTP communication vulnerability. Now as of today, I see that the link via Canon rumors.com article is up on Canon USA website where you can go over there and download it on the Canon USA site for the listeners of the show that are in the United States.

All right, we’ll go ahead and post a link to that in the show notes. I’m really excited about this. Um, Dan had announced a little while ago that they were making a major, some major enhancements to the, I detect auto focus to make it more on par with Sony’s. I detect auto focus and it looks like the way it is. Finally over. I had just recently updated to the one.three.zero I had gotten a little bit behind on updating my firmware and now I’m going to have to go ahead and update it again because I haven’t had a chance to do it in the last couple of days just because I’ve been extremely busy. Now the next firmware announcement from Canada is the release of one.three.zero for the EOS R P. this was announced yesterday alongside the new iOS. Our firmware Canon has also released a major update for the iOS RP. Version one does three.zero includes the following enhancements and fixes.

Similar to the EOS are one.four.zero enhances autofocus eye detection to improve face and eye recognition at greater distances. Improved AAF performance allows the camera to focus and track smaller subjects, reduces the response time between the actual AAF and they have frame display to display the image in their view, find or on the LCD monitor. Correct some phenomenon in which the main dial icon is not displayed when pressing the zoom and out button while the image is playing and also correct PTP communication and vulnerability. That candidate iOS RP firmer one.three.zero is officially available now and I will include a link to that firmware as well in the release notes for this episode.

The third announcement from Canon for this week is the release of the iOS M 200 camera. Now whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or rental and documenting everyday moments, memory should be captured and easily shared. Offering social media enthusiast high image quality. Cannon USA, a leader in digital imaging solutions introduces the iOS and 200 camera great for those with wanderlust in their hearts. This camera ushers in a variety of new features such as vertical video. For those looking to step up from smartphone photography and enter the realm of interchangeable lens cameras. The M 200 is available now for preorder, but I will go into a little bit more of the details. Um, you can be pre-ordered now from Adorama and I’m sure BNH as well. Alan include a link in the show notes, the standout attributes, the EOS and 200 camera designed to capture life’s special moments and vibrant color and clarity.

The EOS M 200 camera is built with quality and connectivity at its core. Key components include digit eight image processor four K UHD full HD up to 60 frames per second. Vertical video support, dual pixel C Moss, a F I detection, auto-focus, convenient wifi and Bluetooth technology. Capable of sharing photos and videos to SOTA social media platforms. Directly compact, lightweight design and compatible extensive line of EOS, M cannon, F and E F S. lenses. Of course the eff and the Fs lenses are only compatible when using the cannon adapter. Thanks to an impressive 24.1 megapixel. C Moss HPSC sensor. The EOS M 200 camera is capable of rendering detailed images of your travel escapades or your family milestones. That tilting LCD with touch screen allows for artistic expression when shooting subjects from a variety of angles including selfies, understanding the importance of sharing photos and videos. This camera is capable of transferring files directly to compatible smart devices using the Canon camera connect app.

Images can then be seamlessly shared on social media platforms and web services or printed directly two compatible wireless Canon printers. Now for pricing and availability. The iOS and 200 camera has an estimated retail price of five 99 99 and is currently expected to be available sometime in October of 2019 for more information and the full list of product specifications, you can visit shop.usa.canon.com and I will also include that link in the show notes for this episode. Now next up and the world of Nikon, the price of the Nikon D five will drop by another $500 this weekend, which means starting today or possibly a little bit later on this weekend, uh, many of the current icon rebates or sector expire this weekend and some new offers will be introduced. The price and the Nikon D five will drop by another $500. The new price will be $5,496 and 95 cents and you can expect to see the new pricing at Adorama BNH in Amazon this Sunday, September 29th at 12:01 AM Eastern time.

Nikon has also already announced the development of the next Nikon, a D six DSLR flagship camera, which I mentioned in an earlier episode and most people and analysts are speculating that the D six will be Nikon’s final flagship DSLR, much like most are expecting the one DX Mark three which cannon has already announced to be Ken spinal flagship DSLR. More than likely within a year, probably around 2021 it’s the latest Gannon an icon, are both expected to introduce flagship mirrorless full frame cameras for sports shooters and I don’t see that not happening. I’m pretty sure that’s the way they’re going to go. They’re going to want to pick up the pace, both companies fairly quickly so they can start making up for lost ground to Sony over the last five years. Now. Additionally, the price of the Nikon D seven 50 will drop to 1296 this weekend, which is a nother $100 off and it’s also confirmed that there is a 200 price drop on the Nikon Z six $600 off on an icon Z seven and $300 off the Nikon D eight 50 also coming this weekend.

There is additionally a $100 price drop on the Sigma 100 to 400 millimeterF five to 6.3 D G O S H S N contemporary lens that is expected to start this weekend as well and the next bit of Nikon news. We have an updated list of registered but not yet officially announced Nikon cameras. This list has come out officially today. The list includes the N 1722 which is an interchangeable lens camera with wifi with I triple E eight Oh two dot 11 a B G N a C and Bluetooth. The battery will be the E N dash E L 15 B. The charger will be the MH dash 25 B USB cable, which will be included with the camera, the UC dash E 20 for a microphone, M E dash one and remote code MC dash D C two next we have the N 1834 which is a digital camera wifi with I triple E eight Oh two 11 BG and N Bluetooth 4.1 will be included.

Next we have the N 1845 all we know about that is it’ll be a digital camera. Same with the 1847 and 49 and 50 then N 1912 is possibly the rumored Nikon Z 50 which will be Nikon’s mirrorless HPSC body. This is rumored to be an interchangeable lens camera with wifi I triple E eight Oh two 11 [inaudible] a B G N a C as well as Bluetooth. The battery will be the N dash E L 25 7.6 bowl and 1,120 mil amp hour battery. The charger will be the MH dash 32 now the source for these is no casita and photo rumors, so those are the two sites that have this list of cameras that had been registered but not yet officially announced by cannon.

Next we have some good news for anyone who owns a Nikon Z six or Z seven mirrorless camera. Refurbish Nightcore Z mirrorless lenses. Now all available with savings up to $120 the Nicor Z 50 millimeter F 1.8 S refurbished by Nikon USA. Regular retail price is five 96 95 you will receive an instant savings of $100 you pay four 96 95 and that is a limited time offer. Additionally, the Nicor Z 35 millimeter F 1.8 S lens refurbished by Nikon USA. Regular prices, eight 46 95 instant savings of $120 you pay seven 26 95 this is also a limited time offer. I will include the links to both lenses in the show notes. If you want to go ahead and pick one up and that would be a good time to do so. Now all refurbished Nikon Z products can be found both at Nikon’s website and more re Nikon refurbished gear can be found in Adorama, BNH, Amazon, eBay and buy dig.

Now none of those companies are sponsors of the show. I just thought I would share the information with my listeners. So it’s definitely some exciting news and like I mentioned a moment ago, if you’re an owner of an icon, Z six or Z seven camera might not be a bad idea to pick up one of these two lenses, especially if you’ve been waiting. Um, to get a little bit of savings. The 35 millimeter is a fantastic lens for street photography. It is the focal length that I prefer for street photography, even though I shoot with Canon. Um, I generally recommend if you’re going to do street photography, stick with 35 millimeter. I know some folks you’ll like to use the 50. Um, but I just think the 35 millimeter gives a more distinctive, a professional look and that makes for some great images, especially when you convert them to black and white.

So just my 2 cents worse. Now, uh, one other item I wanted to discuss in this episode are actually a couple of items, um, that have come to me from Pedit pixels site. The Hassell Vlad from the iconic Marilyn Monroe shoe is expected to sell for $300,000 auction house. Christie’s is preparing to auction off the camera used by photographer Douglas Kirkland to shoot some of the most recognizable images of Marilyn Monroe and honor of this impressive lot. They put together a retrospective that takes you behind the scenes of this iconic and intimate photo shoo quote. It was really Marilyn Monroe and this Hasselblad that started my career. Kirkland says in the video, he was just 27 years old at the time, but had already started to make his name by photographing Hollywood stars. He had been a staff photographer for look magazine for only 18 months when they asked him to capture a sizzling portrait of Monroe.

For the magazine’s 25th anniversary issue. That’s how he found himself. One evening in November, 1961 staring through his ground glass view her at one of the most iconic actresses of our time. Then at the height of her stardom, the evening the evening Maryland and Roman Douglas Kirkland spent together was intimate, sexually charged and extraordinary as he recalls rights. Christie’s in the full retrospective and the chemistry between them resulted in some of the most famous photographs of one of the 20th century’s greatest icons. Monroe died less than a year later. That camera that captured these images, Kirkland’s 1959 Hassell, Vlad 500 C a serial number 36 nine eight zero is going up for auction on October 29th bundled together with two magazine backs, two curls ice, the 50 millimeter and the hundred and 50 millimeter and two limited edition archival pigment prints from the photo shoot. And if that’s not enough, whoever wins the camera will also have the opportunity to host Douglas and France law Kirkland for dinner and to have Douglas shoot his or her portrait with the Hasselblad.

The lot is expected to fetch a staggering 200 to $300,000 but given the camera’s history, the lenses, the prints, and the opportunity to meet and be photographed by the great Douglas Kirkland were not surprised. To learn more about this auction, head over to Christie’s website where you can find the full retrospective sign up to bid on the Hassell Vlad 500 see lot and check out the other items that we’ll be going up on the auction block on October 29th if as part of Christie’s exceptional sale. Now this story originally came from the photo blogger. This is definitely pretty exciting, especially if you’re somebody that’s into, uh, photographing celebrities or would like to get into that line of work. Uh, connect. Can’t imagine something, it’s easy to get into. Or if you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe and then this might be something you might want to bid on on Kristi side, that is if you have the two to $300,000 to spare.

Now, I don’t know about anybody else, but for me personally, if I had the two to $300,000 to spend, I would probably spend it on one of the new Hasselblad digital systems. Um, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on, uh, on a hassle bled for doing landscapes as well as commercial shooting. And if I had that kind of money to burn, that’s where it would be going. Um, nothing against Douglas. Kirk Glen needs a great photographer and he definitely captured some iconic images of Marilyn Monroe at the height of her stardom. But like I said, if I have that kind of money to spend, I’d probably just grew up drop a hundred grand of it and get the latest, uh, I think it’s the H six C 100 D digital Hasselblad, medium format camera and a couple of lenses to go with it. And I would be a happy camper. So, but if you’re one of those, uh, folks that are really into Marilyn Monroe and you’ve got the money to burn, it might be something you want to jump on. I’ll include a link to the auction site in the show notes for this episode.

Now the next little bit of news, a bear crashes, a wedding shoot. Photo bombs, bride and groom, and Knoxville, Tennessee based wedding photographer to leave and McCannon Edmondson of gypsy soul photography had to deal with an unexpected photo bomber at a recent photo shoot in Gatlinburg while taking portraits of the newlyweds. A large black bear strolled into the background or shot before taking a walk down the aisle. Edmundson tells Pedit pixel that the furry wedding crasher showed up after the ceremony was over. Thankfully vote after the ceremony, I did my normal ritual, a family group, pictures and bridal party pictures then dismissed everyone to go on up the Hill to the reception building to start eating says Edmondson. I had the bride and groom with me starting to shoot when we all noticed this bear

do immediately led the bride and groom to another area so they could keep shooting, which is when the bear started walking down the aisle. Being scared didn’t cross my mind. I just wanted a shot. However, when I, when I stood up, he made a huffing sound and started towards me. Recalls Edmonson at this point I am beyond scared, eject my heart, heart rate up the Jesus. Fortunately nobody bear included was hurt and the creature eventually went on his way but not before making this photo. This a photo shoot to remember it was probably the most adventurous photo session I have done. Edmonson tells pet a pixel even more than the one time I shot a family and their pet possum. Okay. We’re going to need to see some pictures of that one too to see more of Edmondson’s work. Visit the gypsy soul photography on Facebook and Instagram.

And this story originally comes from the Huffington post. So that would definitely be an interesting situation to have a bear crash, a wedding photo shoot. Uh, not exactly sure of, that’s something I’d want to have happened but I would also as she did use the opportunity to get some great wildlife images of the bear himself or herself and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to do that. Uh, I wouldn’t be afraid of the Baird Lissa like charge me or anything cause I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and blackberries are fairly common there. Uh, did get the daylights scared out of me one time when I was younger when my brother and I were with my dad and my uncle in the woods and we’d been cutting wood for wintertime and we got surprised by a black bear as it was getting dark. Um, but that ended up being a uh, pretty mild experience you had. The bear was uh, wasn’t aggressive at all but it also didn’t want to get off the trail so we can get back to the car. I guess it was determined it was going to lay there and sleep no matter what.

Um, well that I am going to go ahead and wrap up episode 38 of the Liam photography podcast. I want to thank my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might be listening to the show. Also be sure to check out the way in photography podcast, Facebook group. You can join the group. It is a closed group, but you merely have to answer a one question in order to join the group. And that is the name of the host of the show, which is myself. You can put Liam or Liam Douglas, either one of those answers will get you in. And once you’re in, you are allowed to upload five photos every 24 hours. They must be your own original work. Please do not share other photographers work even with their permission. That will lead to you being banned.

You can either upload a the images one every few hours or you can do all five at once and let face back, turn them into the little photo slideshow. Um, either one is perfectly fine. And if you would like to have a creative critique or creative criticism of your work, be sure to include in the posts. CC please and myself or one of the other photographers and we’d be happy to give you some positive pointers on what you can do to up your game with your photography. Also remember, if you have any, uh, one text or call and leave a voicemail, you can reach the show at (470) 294-8191 and as I said, you can feel free to text or call and leave a voicemail. Um, if you have a question or you want to leave a comment, or if you want to make a suggestion for something you would like to hear covered in an upcoming episode, feel free to do so. You could also email me liam@liamphotographypodcastdotcom oryou can use the contact us form on the lampphotographypodcast.com website under the contact us tab. I want to thank everybody again for listening and I will see you again next week. In episode 39

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