Episode 36: iPhone 11 Pro, Profoto Smartphone Flash, Charlie Cole Dies….

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In this episode, Apple releases iPhone XI Pro, but does it matter? ProFoto to release a Smartphone Flash, Charlie Cole passes, Pocket Wizard firmware and GoPro Hero 8 Black new leaks.

iPhone XI Pro

ProFoto Smartphone Flash

Profoto to Release $300 Smartphone Flash Next Week: Report

New PocketWizard Firmware

$10 ‘E Release’ Firmware Doubles the Range of Your PocketWizard Triggers

GoPro Hero 8 Black Leaks with Possible Media Module

GoPro Hero8 Leak Reveals ‘Media Module’ for Advanced Accessories

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00:00 Apple announces the iPhone 11 pro, but does it really matter. ProFoto to release a smartphone flash next week, $10 firmware released more doubles the range of your pocket wizard triggers and iconic photographer Charlie Cole dies, all of this on episode 36 of the Liam photography podcast.

00:41 you’re listening to the land photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 36 I want to thank all my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else that you might be listening to the show, which also includes radio.com. We want to thank the folks@radio.com for adding this show to their library of podcast. Okay. You can also join the lane photography podcast Facebook group. I’ll give you more information on that at the tail end of the show.

01:12 so for anybody that might not know, this week was the fall keynote presentation by apple in Cupertino, California. They had their keynote event on Tuesday of this week at the Steve Jobs, uh, arena or a theater, I guess it’s called, uh, on their new campus. The spaceship, one campus in California, and one of the things they announced this week is the new iPhone 11 now they are making different versions of the iPhone 11 they’re making a standard iPhone 11 which is a two camera well, but the big announcement on the part of apple was the iPhone 11 pro, which is a new three camera model. Now the iPhone 11 pro will be available in gold space, gray, silver and midnight green. It’ll be available in both the iPhone 11 pro, uh, 5.7 inch screen and a 6.5 inch iPhone pro Max size

02:22 The available capacities for both model or s models are 64 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes. So if you really need a lot of storage capacity for photos, video and music, you might want to go with the 512 gigabyte model.

02:40 Now the size and weight for these phones, the regular iPhone 11 pro or the one that’s the same size as the current iPhone x s as a height at 5.67 inches of width of 2.81 inches and adept of 0.32 inches. Total weight is 6.63 ounces or 188 grams.

03:05 The iPhone pro, uh, 11 pro Max as a height of 6.22 inches of width of 3.06 inches and a depth of 0.32 inches. And a total weight of 7.97 ounces or 226 grams. Vinyl display size is 5.8 inches and 6.5 as I mentioned a moment ago now for the new iPhone 11, apple has created what they call a new super retina XDR display.

03:41 Uh, does HDR, it’s and all screen o led multitouch display on the regular iPhone 11 pro. It is 24 36 by 1125 Pixel resolution at 458 PPI. And on the 6.5 [inaudible]. It is 26 88 by 1242 pixel resolution at fi, uh, four 58 PPI. Both models offer true tone display wide color display, p three haptic touch 800 nits Max brightness. Typical 1200 nits Max brightness and HDR mode. They are fingerprint resistant, have a fingerprint resistant coding and support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously. They are both splash water and dust resistant rated IP 68 maximum delta four meters for up to 30 minutes under IEC Standard Six oh five two three nine. Now both models do come with Apple’s new [inaudible] bionic chip, which is a third generation neural engine. Now here’s where things get interesting on the cameras. So both phones have a triple 12 megapixel with a combination of ultra wide wide and telephoto cameras. The ultra wide is an f 2.4 aperture over the 120 degree field of view. The wide is f 1.8 aperture and the telephoto is f 2.0 aperture. You have a two times optical zoom in and a two times optical zoom out. And a digital zoom of up to 10 times. So this will be the first time on an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter that you will actually have the ability to have four x optical zoom between the two x zoom in and two eggs. Zoom out for the ultra wide

05:33 portrait mode with advanced Boca and depth control portrait lighting was six effects. Natural Studio Contour stage stage model and high key mano is the new one that apple is added. Dual optical image stabilization for widen telephoto five element Lens Ultra wide six element lens for the wide and telephoto. Brighter true tone flash with slow sync panorama up to 63 megapixels, 100% focus pixels wide night mode, which is a new mode that allows the iPhone to take photographs in extremely low light situations with reduced noise.

06:12 and they both have auto adjustments. Next Generation Smart HDR for photos wide color capture for photos and live photos. Advanced Red Eye correction. Photo geo-tagging auto image stabilization, burst mode and image for formats captured. H E I F and Jpeg. Now on the video recording side, you have four k video recording at 24 frames per second. 30 frames per second or 60 10 80 P HD video recording at 30 or 67 20 HD video recording at 30 extended dynamic range for video up to 60 frames per second. Optical image stabilization forbidding video for both the wide end telephoto cameras two times optical zoom in two times optical. Zoom out digital zoom up to six times. You have audio zoom, brighter, true tone flash quick take video was subject tracking slow mo video support for 10 ADP at 120 frames per second or 240 frames. Frames per second time lapse video was stabilization. Cinematic video stabilization for four k 10 ADP and seven 20 p continuous auto focus video. Take eight megapixels still photos while recording four k video playback zoom video formats recorded. H E B C and h. Dot. Two six four with stereo recording.

07:41 Now the true deaths camera is 12 mega mega pixel. Camera F 2.2 portrait mode with advanced Boca and depth control. The portrait lighting affects, uh, six effects that I mentioned earlier, a natural studio contour stage, stage motto and high key mono and Emoji and Mimo g capabilities. Now this is the front facing camera of course, a four k video recording at 24 or 30 or 60 frames, a second 10 80 p video recording at 30 or 60 slow-mo video support for 10 ADP and 120. Now this is the first time that an iPhone or any smartphone that I’m aware of gives you the ability to do slow motion video with the front facing camera so you can take slow motions, selfies, and apple did display. Uh, they did run a little video ad, uh, demonstrating it, which did look pretty cool.

08:30 And now they, uh, extended diet mat and dynamic range for video at 30 frames per second. Next Generation Smart HDR for photos. Cinematic video stabilization for four k 10 80 and seven 20 p wide color capture for photos and live photos, retina flash auto image stabilization and burst mode. The face ID is enabled by true debt’s camera for facial recognition. The new camera on this new iPhone 11 pro will allow you to do face id recognition from greater angles and stuff like that and make it easier and faster to unlock your device. And of course both phones, uh, are compatible with the apple pay system and the new apple credit card, uh, that apple has started recently and the carriers are at t and t, sprint, t-mobile and Verizon in the u s now for the location capabilities built in gps and GNSS Digital Compass Wifi, cellular Ibeacon, my micro location video calling has facetime video calling over Wifi or cellular audio calling is facetime audio voice over LTE or Vole LTE and Wifi calling.

09:46 Now these phones are interesting. I do like the looks of them in a way and some ways they look kind of, I don’t know, kind of Clunky to me, I’m really not a big fan of the three camera design on the back. I understand that it has its purposes and apple is always trying to push the envelope with new technology and new features and capabilities for their customers. And I applaud them for that. But to be honest, after watching the keynote and looking over their videos and the specs for these phones, I’m gonna, I’m going to do a hard pass on not interested in upgrading to the iPhone 11 pro. Uh, I got the iPhone x s last year when it came out. I love that phone. I’ve got two lines on it, which is great. I had my personal line on line one. I had my Liam photography business line online too.

10:39 And then I also have an iPhone x r, which has two lines on it, which have the phone numbers for my two podcast shows and I’m perfectly happy with what I have, so I’m gonna stick with it. Now the big thing with apple with adding the third camera to the iPhone 11 pro and pro Max is they’re claiming that now they’re getting closer to giving you professional photography capabilities, um, on your smart phone. And I say bs on this. Don’t get me wrong, the cameras do work nice. The video capabilities are really cool. I could see the iPhone 11 pro and pro Max being used by a lot of youtubers for shooting youtube videos, especially with the time lapse capabilities and the slow motion and all that good stuff. They do record in fourK , which is great, uh, without any kind of cropping. But as far as these being a professional photographers tool, I call bs on that and I’ve been saying that for a long time.

11:36 And so it was my friend Jared Polan at Frodos photo. If you want true professional quality photos, you need professional equipment. That’s all there is to it. Now I’m not saying that you have to have a top of the line six, $8,000 full frame DSLR or mirrorless body to get pro results. Of course any competent photographer can get pro results with almost any camera. And that brings up an interesting side note that I wanted to mention to my listeners real quick. Uh, years ago I started following a youtube channel based out of Hong Kong called digital rev or digital rev TV. And uh, there was a host for that show, Kai. Uh, who’s a fantastic guys. Really funny, a Chinese guy with a British accent because he’s originally from the UK. He sends let the show and he’s doing his own thing back in the UK again, but they put out some high quality videos all the time on a weekly basis.

12:32 And one of the series that they did was proton cheap camera and it was basically challenging professional photographers to use the crappiest cameras they could find to get professional results. And they did it many times with many professional photographers. They had Zaka Zack already arias who’s a famous photographer for him from here in the Atlanta area. They had chase Jarvis on there a couple of times, uh, David Hobby and numerous other photographers. And they did a fantastic job using crappy cameras because they had many years of experience. They know how to do composition, they know how to, you know, they know how to do their lighting and all of that good stuff. They know what to look for. They have the, I have a professional photographer, but my point is with the iPhone 11 pro, just because you put a upgraded three cameras system in an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter, it does not automatically make the wielder of that phone.

13:28 A professional photographer. I still prefer to get my professional results with a professional camera body. Um, now I don’t use crop bodies. You can do it with crop bodies. Plenty of pros do I prefer a full frame. I have Canon DSLRs and the Canon Eos are Merrill list, which I use every day for my full time real estate work that I actually make a living at. But as far as these being pro level cameras, I totally disagree. You can get great results with them. Yes, in the right hands. The hands of a professional, somebody like Zack Arias or chase Jarvis, yeah, you could get awesome results, but these phones will not make your average user a professional photographer. So let’s not confuse that. People and I, and I understand what apple is trying to do, but it’s a lot of marketing bs and a, that’s all there is to it.

14:20 Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t like these phones, I don’t like their capabilities, but they’re not for me. I really don’t care for the three cameras set up. I know a lot of companies are going that route these days. Um, you even had that one light 16 camera that looked a lot like a thick smartphone. Um, that I think ended up being more of a gimmick camera than anything else. And the reason why it was called light 16 is it actually had 16 different cameras inside it and could supposedly give you professional results between all of those cameras. Now there are some cool capabilities with the iPhone 11 pro. You can use all three cameras simultaneously and there are smart algorithms and AI and all that stuff can combine the photos to give you the best possible details with the least amount of noise and low light situations and stuff like that.

15:09 And then that’s great. But again, this phone is not going to make the average person a professional photographer. So I don’t want people thinking that and I don’t want that being the takeaway, uh, as I’m talking about this segment. But I did want to bring it to my listeners attention because I know a lot of people are really into smartphone photography and especially videography. And it is great that apple is always pushing the envelope and pushing the technology forward as well as other companies. But as I said a moment ago, this phone will not make you a professional photographer. Now if you’re interested in the iPhone 11 pro, you can get wine from 24 95 a month or five 99 if you trade in your old iPhone. Um, you can also watch the keynote and watched the films about the iPhone 11 pro and I’ll share a link to those in the show notes that you can check them out for yourself.

16:02 The iPhone 11 pro and pro Max will both be shipping on the 20th of September, 2019 so you can go ahead and preorder. Now I will include the link to the website where you can preorder in the show notes as well. If you want to go ahead and place your order now in the next segment. The next thing I want to talk about which does look pretty cool is pro photo to release a $300 smartphone flash next week. Now this information is coming to me from pedo pixel.com which is a fantastic photography website blog and I also love Shirkey James a podcast. I listened to him weekly. He’s a great guy and he’s a lot of fun to listen to. So earlier this week, high end lighting brand pro photo released a teaser for a new light that it claimed would forever change the world of photography. Don’t get too excited though according to the most recent rumors, this game changing, I’m saying this in air quotes, product is an expensive led flash for smartphones.

17:06 This information comes from photo rumors.com and as with all rumors it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, photo rumors is reporting with some confidence that pro photo will be revealing, not one, but two led smartphone flashes, at least one of which will make us debut on September 18th two different models are expected. Writes the rumor site, the prices rumor to be around 300 and 500 looking at a screenshot from the video above when the new product actually flashes. It does seem that pro photo is planning to release some sort of diminutive six led flash. Now I’m really hoping the pricing information is wrong, but if it’s not, what do you think? Would you buy a $500 or even a $300 flash for your smartphone? Even if I promised exceptional color consistency and some really cool features, would you really be interested in spending that much money on an led flash for your smartphone?

18:03 Now me personally, I would not. Um, I know pro photo is known for quality products, but I mean, let’s be honest, if you need an led flash or just an led continuously for video for your smartphone, you can go on Amazon. You can pick them up all day long for 1520 bucks that do the job fantastically. As a matter of fact, the newest one that I bought a, I think I paid like 15 or 20 bucks for a few weeks ago and this one actually has a rechargeable battery pack, which is even better. My very first one was a sun pack and it actually use AA batteries, but my newest one, you can actually plug it into a micro USB cable and you can charge its internal rechargeable battery pack, which is fantastic. Uh, no more worrying about, uh, your AA batteries dying or having to carry spare ones with you when you want to use it.

18:50 Now granted, I don’t use it a lot, but it is handy to have when I absolutely need it, but there is absolutely no way I would spend 300 or $500 on a smartphone flash, especially if that’s all it does is work with your smartphone. Now it’s something more all encompassing that you could use with your DSLR or mirrorless camera as well. That might be a little bit different, but it’s still kind of a high price point. If you ask me now, don’t get me wrong, there are expensive flashes out there. Canon and Nikon have expensive speed lights. Uh, but you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck. In my opinion. You have more flexibility, more capabilities with them when they have a standard size flash head. You can put different diffusers on them. You can do all kinds of different things with them. So we’ll have to wait and see how this one, uh, fleshes out when it’s actually released.

19:38 Uh, there is a video about it that was really a, that announces that it’ll supposedly be changing the world of photography forever. On September 18th I’ll include a link to the article and the video in the show notes so that you can check it out for yourself. Now the third item I wanted to talk about this week is a $10 quote unquote. He really square and where doubles the range of your pocket wizard triggers. Now this I do find interesting. I do own some pocket wizards. Pocket wizard has just released a major firmer upgrade for its plus three and plus four triggers with more models to come into in the future that you absolutely want to check out. It’s called a release and it more than doubles the working range and the number of channels that your pocket wizard radio trigger is capable of. He releases a refreshing of od announcement from a trigger manufacturer.

20:30 Firmware updates for radio triggers are typically newsworthy if they are released at all. He released bucks the trend by actually adding some serious functionality that pocket wizards most popular triggers he release increases the range of the pocket wizard plus three and plus or triggers to a maximum of five miles and long range mode doubles the number of available quad zone channels to 32 in regular use and increases the number of quad zone channels two 80 and long range mode as a bonus pocket wizard also claims that the update helps triggers send and receive signals with greater reliability. You can see Vermont photographer Michael, he put the farmer to the test during some challenging photo shoots in the videos included and I will include a link to the article and the uh, the videos in the show notes. It does look exciting. The firmware update is available today for $10 on the pocket wizard website.

21:27 However, the update is available for free to anyone who purchased a plus three or plus four from an authorize us or Canadian retailer on or after September 1st, 2019. For now, he release will only work with the FCC frequency pocket wizard plus three and plus four triggers, but the company says it will soon be available for more models you can head on over to pocket wizards website to learn more about this new firmer. Now to me, this is definitely exciting. One of the biggest challenges with pocket triggers is the limited range and capabilities. And pocket wizard is one of the best brands on the market. It’s used by probably more working professionals than any other trigger system. And the fact that they’re increasing the long range modes, distance is fantastic and the fact that they’re doubling the number of available quad zone channels is also amazing. So I would definitely recommend checking this out, especially if you have the pocket wizard three or four wireless triggers because this is probably going to help up your game and make your life a little bit easier when it comes to capturing fantastic images with your artificial lighting systems.

22:35 I’m definitely gonna check it out for mine and I will, I will, uh, talk about it a little bit more once I’ve had a chance to install the firmware update and test it out on my pocket wizards. I’ll talk about that and upcoming episode. Now, the last item I wanted to touch upon this week and, uh, segment for Charlie cold photojournalists behind the iconic tank man photo dies at age 64. It has been two weeks of constant loss in the photo industry. First we lost Peter Lindbergh and Robert Frank and now Charlie Cole, the American photojournalist behind one of the four iconic tank man photos taken during the infamous 1989 Tiananmen Square protest in Beijing has also passed away. Cole was 64 years old. Cole was born in Bonam, Texas, the son of a u s air force chaplain. He grew up near Peterson air force base in Colorado Springs, Colorado and steady photo journalism at the University of Texas in Denton.

23:39 After graduation, he moved back to Colorado Springs where he secured a full time position at the Colorado Springs Sun newspaper moving to Japan with fellow photographer Steve Gardner. In 1980 over the next decade, Gardner and coal would successfully establish themselves as freelance photojournalists forming relationships with major publications. This is how Cole who had developed a relationship with Newsweek in the mid eighties found himself in Beijing covering the pro-democracy student protests in Tiananmen Square in May of 1989 on Sunday. June four is after being roughed up by the Chinese secret police. He took shelter in the Beijing hotel. Many publications had been bringing their photographers home as a protest, seem to be winding down, but news week told Cole to stick around. The next day. On Monday, June 5th, 1989 the gentleman square tank man incident happened. Coal captured the 1990 world press photo winning image that would be would come to define his career when he was just 34 years old, perched the top of balcony on one of the upper floors of the Beijing hotel with a Nikon SLR and a 300 millimeter lens.

24:50 As he watched on, he believed that the man would certainly be killed and felt a duty to capture the moment for posterity. To my amazement, the lead tank stopped recalled coal then tried to move around him knowing that the secret police would try to confiscate the image. He hid his undeveloped roll of film in the tank of his hotel room bathroom. When officials broke into search learning, they didn’t find the Phil. Nicole was able to send his photo to the Associated Press Bureau where it was developed and transmitted to Newsweek. As it turned out, four other photographers managed to capture almost identical images from slightly different perspectives. AP photographer, Jeff Whitner, Magnum photographers, Stewart Franklin and Reuters photographer Arthur sang as iconic as this photograph has become both as the lasting document of a moment that Chinese government continues to try and erase from history and as an enduring symbol of peaceful protest in the face of tyranny.

25:47 Cole came to regret that the image had come to overshadow so much of his other imagery from the Tiananmen Square massacre, jock, loving Peter and David turn, Lee, Peter Charlseworth, Robert Moyer, David Berkowitz, Ray O’Hara, alon or Ryanair. I might’ve pronounced that wrong and Ken Jerky and a host of others contributed to the fuller historical record of what occurred during this tragedy. He told the New York Times in 2009 we should not be allured into a simplistic one-shot view of this amazingly complex event. In the same way we hope that history will not boil Cole’s personality down to into its own simplistic one-shot view. As today writes, he was more than a photo journalist behind one iconic image. He was a talented and self effacing man and efficient out of a barbecue bourbon and the blues. When the Encyclopedia

26:44 of knowledge of the u s military, I managed the ultimately laid credit for the tank man image at the feet of the tank man himself telling the BBC in 2005, he made the image. I just took the picture. Coal passed away last week and Bali where he lived for the past 15 years. So again, it is sad that we lost another great photo journalist and a, I do remember the Tiana minutes where incident. Uh, like it was yesterday to be honest. I was um, just graduating high school in those days. I was already in the army. I had started out in uh, uh, federal reserves and then left for active duty after I graduated. I went to, uh, basic, uh, what they called split ops. So I went to basic the summer before my senior year. So it is definitely sad to see that

27:37 Peter are Charlie Cole. I’m sorry, not Peter. And I got Peter on the brain cause uh, there was two or three Peter’s mentioned in the article as well was said to see that Charlie passed away and I do encourage everybody to check out the story on pet a pixel. I’ll include a link in the show notes and maybe take a timeout and have a little moment of silent prayer for Charlie’s family. Now it was going to wrap it up with these four items, but there was one other item that caught my eye just a moment ago that I did want to touch on briefly. Now this is also something coming from the pet pixel website. It’s an article from September 12th. GoPro hero eight Leek reveals quote unquote media module for advanced accessories. Now the German website when future has secured a slew oblique images and specifications for the upcoming GoPro hero eight which originally leaked last month.

28:34 This latest report gives us a closer look at the new camera as well as information about the quote unquote media module GoPro will be using to attach some accessories. The original lead cat. Lots of people excited after it seemed to show an external mic, external video light and an external LCD screen would all be available for the GoPro hero eight this latest report reveals that all of those assessors will attach onto a so-called media module with two hot shoe slots, one on top and one on the side. The module itself has a microphone built in which should make it possible to attach a video, light and LCD screen and use a higher quality Mike all at once. In addition to the new media module in the video light scene up top when future also learned that GoPro will be releasing a new floaty assessory with it, we’ll keep the camera from sinking while adding a bit of additional padding.

29:28 The camera will allegedly also feature a hinged mounting plate on the bottom that folds down when not in use. Beyond these changes, the leak specs claim the GoPro hero eight will be similar to the hero seven. It will be about the same size. Use the same battery and feature a 12 megapixel image sensor capable of four k 60 Pete. You’ll also be able to record 10 80 at two 40 p video and hyper smooth 2.0 technology will keep the camera shake to a minimum. To learn more about the rumored camera and see the full set of leak images you can head on over to the wind future website and I will include a link to that in the show notes for anybody that wants to check it out. Now this to me is exciting and I wanted to throw this in at the very tail end of the episode because I am a fan of the GoPro cameras.

30:13 I have two of the hero three plus silvers. I have two of the hero five black additions and two of the hero seven black editions. I really love their cameras. They do a great job, but as many of you probably know over the years, GoPro is kind of fallen by the wayside. A do some mismanagement of funding and stuff like that by the owner and CEO of the company, it’s now worth a fraction of what it used to be worth. Um, and GoPro has been kind of languishing for the last few years and there’s been other companies that are taking a big chunk out of their pie. Um, after GoPro, uh, dabbled in the drone world, which ended up being a complete disaster. DJI has now dabbled in the smart phone or a smart gammer world, uh, or action camera rolled by coming out with their own action camera, which has even better image stabilization than the GoPro and sells for like $50 cheaper.

31:10 A DJI has cameras very similar in design to the GoPros and it’s capabilities are amazing based on videos that video reviews I’ve seen of the camera by other photographers and Youtube. So it is really cool that GoPro is trying to make themselves relevant again by adding some sort of new media module capability to the GoPro hero eight. It’ll be interesting to see what all you’d be able to do with this new module. And the big thing is how expensive are the accessories going to be? A GoPros, not exactly known for making their assessor trees and, um, additional items, inexpensive. Uh, the battery packs are very expensive as are their LCD screen attachments and so on and so forth. So it’ll definitely be interesting to see how this plays out. And like I said, I wanted to throw it on the tail end of this episode just because it caught my eye as I was recording this episode and I thought it sounded pretty cool.

32:07 Uh, if it does turn out to be true, I’ll probably be picking up a hero eight black as well just so I can try it out and check out the assessors, look for an upcoming review of that on the Liam photography youtube channel. Uh, I know I’ve been a little bit lax on getting youtube videos done lately, but it’s been extremely hard because we’re about a year there. I was working two full time jobs and didn’t have time for anything and now I’m just doing strictly the real estate and photography stuff. Uh, I’m hoping to get a chance to shoot some more videos, uh, in the near future, but we’ll have to see how it goes. All right. This is all I’m going to talk about on episode 36 of the Liam photography podcast for this week. I want to thank all my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else that you listen to the show, which as I mentioned@thetopoftheshowdoesincluderadio.com and again we want to thank those wonderful folks for adding this show to their library.

33:02 I also want to encourage you to stop by and check out the Liam photography podcast Facebook group. You can join the group. It is a closed group, but you can join by answering one question and that is what is the name of the host of this show, which is myself, Liam, or you can put Liam Douglas. If you don’t answer the question, you will not be allowed into the group. I do that to make sure the group consists of actual listeners of the show. Now once you’re a member of the group, you are allowed to upload five photos every 24 hours. They must be your own original work. You’re not allowed to share other photographers work, even with their permission. That will get you banned from the group. You can upload the photos one at a time throughout the course of a 24 hour period, or you could upload all five at once and let Facebook creates a little slideshow for you. You can also ask for creative criticism on your photos just by posting in the photo post. Cc, please, and myself or one of the other photography members of the group. We’ll be happy to give you some tips and pointers on how you might be able to improve your photography. I want to go ahead and wrap up at this episode 36 of the lead in photography podcast and say, I will see you next week in episode 37

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