Episode 35: Canon Announces Specs on the C500 MK2, Nikon Announces the D6 and More….

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In this episode Canon Announces the C500 MK2 Cinema camera system. Nikon announces the D6 and a new NIKKOR 120-300mm F/2.8 lens. Canon has rebates on the RF glass and a wedding photographer gets “scammed” to the tune of $4,600.

Canon C500 MK2

Canon Unveils Full-Frame C500 Mark II with 5.9K/60p and Swappable Mount

Nikon Announces the D5 & a new NIKKOR 120-300mm F/2.8 lens

Nikon D6: Nikon’s ‘Most Advanced DSLR’ Ever is Nigh

Canon RF lens rebates

Canon USA introduces new instant rebates on select RF lenses

Download the manuals now for the Canon EOS 90D or the EOS M6 MK2

EOS 90D Manual

EOS M6 MK2 manual here.

Wedding Photographer “Scammed” in Overpayment SCAM

‘Overpayment’ Scam Leaves Wedding Photographer with $4,600 in Debt

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00:00 Cannon unveils the Full frame c 500 mark two icon announces the d six Canon introduces new re instant rebates on select RF lenses and an overpayment scam. Leaves a wedding photographer holding the bag for $4,600 all of this on episode 35 of the Liam photography podcast

00:46 you’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 35 so this week Canon unveiled it’s full frame c 500 mark two with 5.9 k 60 p and a swappable. Now

01:07 the camera may not be of much interest to photographers but it’s 5.9 k full frame sensor with dual pixel AAF, user swappable mouths, five access electronic stabilization and dual CF express. Lots. Might give us a glimpse that some of what’s possible in future ios. Our cameras, the c 500 mark two marks. The first time Canon has put a full frame sensor into the more Classic Cinema Eos style body packing the same 5.9 k full frame cmos sensor from the c 700 full frame into a smaller modular body that cost just $16,000 in comparison to the full frame. See 700 costs $33,000 now there’s a short inner overview video of some of the key features coming into this camera and I’ll include a link to that in the show notes so that you can watch it. If you’re interested to find out more about the c 500 mark two you can head over to Canon USA where you can dive more deeply into the specs.

02:13 What intrigues me, however is how these specs might trickle down to or inform us of the specs we could expect to see from future Eos. Our cameras buying a full frame sensor are bringing up old frame sensor to a cinema camera and this price range is an exciting move from Canon and give some hint at the capabilities they could potentially provide. And that’s Sony, a seven s or Panasonic s one h competitor, assuming they’ll ever be willing to cannibalize sales of their super 35 millimeters cinema cameras. The modular design is an interesting move. User swappable mounds prove they listened to their users even if we’ll never see it in the stills world and it looks like Gannon is embracing CF express by integrating not one but two CF express lots into the c 500 mark to finally the mark two is also Kevin’s first ever cinema camera with a five axis stabilization but don’t get too excited just yet.

03:17 It’s electronic. If Canon is working on Ibus sensor stabilization, it looks like we’ll see it’s debut in the Eos. Our system and as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes can has confirmed that they are planning on putting IVUS in future Ios our bodies. So for us still shooters, especially in the age of hybrid full frame mirrorless cameras, every cinema eos release sends a mixed message. On the one hand it shows the kind of features that cannon is capable of putting into a high end full frame camera. But on the other hand it reveals the video features. There’ll be trying not to cannibalize when they do release their new next ios. Our body. Now for me personally, I think this a announcement of the new camera of cinema camera is extremely exciting. I love the idea that it has a modular design. Uh, the CF express, I’m a little bit torn on that.

04:11 I know a lot of people who and oversee f express, but I prefer s I personally prefer a c fast, although I do believe a CF express is a faster and high end read, write speed, especially right speed. Um, but I don’t know, I just liked the, the see fast, uh, cards better myself. Uh, I really wish that when a cannon had made the one dx mark two, they would’ve put two cfs slots into it instead of a c fast and a, a compact flash. Uh, but this is an exciting camera design. It’s exciting that it’s going to have a modular system. As I mentioned a moment ago, but also a user changeable mount that could definitely, uh, prove for some intriguing possibilities in this particular cinema camera. Uh, it is a little bit disappointing that the stabilization is extreme. It’s only a electronic and it doesn’t have true ibis in it, but as I mentioned a moment ago, a Canon has already officially confirmed that the next ios our bodies will have ibus that they’ve already been working on it for a little while now.

05:19 So I think that’s really cool. Uh, it’s going to be interesting to see if any of this technology from the cinema camera ends up in a future. Eos, Ar, uh, possibly, maybe, uh, it could be viable symbol w some of these features might be in their next ios are, which I’ve predicted will be called the Eos r s uh, because it’ll be a direct replacement for the five ds and five d s R on. But we’ll have to wait and see if that actually happens, if things pan out that way. But it’s definitely exciting. Uh, this, this official announcement on this cinema camera. The C 500 mark two is extremely exciting and I’m sure there’s plenty of cinema shooters out there that’ll be really excited with this official announcement from Cannes. Now the next item I want to talk about in this episode is the Nikon d six and Nikon is touting this as its most advanced DSL ever to date.

06:16 There is also a crazy 120 to 300 millimeter f 2.8 VR Lens on the way Nikon released the d one digital SLR camera in 1999 making 2019 the 20th anniversary of the single Digit d series. Thanks to the imaging at noho cultivated overnight guns, long history and camera development icons, professional DSLR cameras have continued to evolve by introducing some of the industry’s most advanced technologies and responds that responding to the strict demands of professional photographers with the ultimate in performance and reliability, even in the most severe conditions is a direct quote from Nikon. Aside from revealing that camera that the camera is coming nick on his mom on details, release dates, pricing, and specs will be fully announced at a later date. In addition to the Nikon d six Nikon also announced the development of the a f s Nicor one 20 to 300 millimeter f 2.8 e f l e d s Ar VR f Mount Lens quote.

07:29 This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Nikon F mal. Nikon says the new AFS Nycore one 20 to 302.8 Mount Lens. We’ll provide professional photographers and fields such as sports photography with even greater support as with the [inaudible] pricing and availability. The upcoming one 20 to 300 f 2.8 will be revealed at a later date. Now I do find the announcement of this lens. Interesting. I suspected that there was going to be an announcement about the Nikon d six and I also predicted in previous episodes that much like the Canon announcement on one DX mark three that’ll be out early next year. I am predicting that the one dx mark three and the Nikon d six will both be each respective companies. Final high end professional flagship DSLRs. I am predicting that by late 2020 early 21, uh, 2021, both Gannon and Nikon will be in the process of retiring their flagship professional DSLRs and moving those platforms into their mirrorless realm.

08:44 I think it is possible that cannon might get there first only because Canon’s got a lot more money for research and development than IKONOS and Canon stands a much better chance of directly competing with Sony. And the five-year had started. This only has on both companies, but I do, I feel it’s great that Nikon did announced their d six. I know a lot of photographers said had been clamoring for it and talking about it and contemplating whether or not it was going to come to fruition. Uh, I know, uh, Jared Poland from Kronos photo had talked about it a few times on his podcast and his youtube channel. So I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy at this announcement. Uh, he’s been a big Nikon shooter for years now. The other thing that’s intriguing in this announcement is this Nightcore one 20 to 300 millimeter lens.

09:33 And the reason why I say that is Jared, uh, at one time had the Nikon, a 300 millimeter f 2.8 a VR Lens and he sold it because he felt it wasn’t versatile enough. Um, he didn’t have enough of a need for it, but the idea that Nikon’s gonna release a 2.8 super telephotos zoom that goes from one 20 to 300 millimeters. I’d be curious to find out whether or not Jared is going to look at the possibility of picking this beast up. And I’m sure he’ll definitely at least be doing a lens review on it. He’ll probably get a loaner one from either Nikon or possibly Alan’s cameras in Philadelphia. Uh, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see, uh, when he does pick one of these up at least on a loan or something. And he does see his real world, real world review on the lens itself.

10:29 I have a feeling he’s going to really love this lens cause he did like having the 300 millimeter, 2.8 uh, but as a prime lens it just wasn’t versatile enough for him. And he ended up selling it off. But I have a feeling he’s gonna really like this lens with diverse agility of one 20 to 300 that’s a very, very handy lens to have and it opens up a lot more possibilities for this fantastic lens. That’s an f 2.8 aperture, so it’s gonna work great in low light. So we’ll have to wait and see how that one works out. Now the next item I wanted to talk about in this week’s episode is can introduces new instant rebates on select RF lenses. And of course the RF lenses are canons, new RF mount lenses that are designed for the Ios, Ar and Eos RP mirrorless full frame bodies. Cannon had started a new instant rebate program on the following lenses they can and RF 24 to one oh five f four l I s USM is going to currently sell for eight 99 regular price 1099 so you save $200. They can an RF 28 to 70 [inaudible] Ellie USM is going to be 27 99 regular price is 29 99 again, I think that’s one of the lenses that are did is insanely overpriced but nonetheless.

11:57 you can and RF 35 f 1.8 macro I s s t m is currently selling for four 49 down from it’s regular four 99 now I did buy this lens when I first got my ESR and I absolutely love it. It is a fantastic lens. It has mac macro capabilities, uh, image stabilization and their new STM, silent step or motor system for the auto focus. So it’s super quiet. This is just a fantastic 35 millimeter lens and it’s a great upgrade. If you were a photographer and the pre like me that previously had the eff 35 millimeter I s a f two Lens, I’ve been very happy with this lens. I’ve used it for a little bit of macro work and I’ve used it quite a bit for street photography, which in my opinion, 35 millimeters is the perfect size lens to use for street photography.

12:50 Some people like use 50. I prefer to stick with a classic 35 millimeter just because I liked the look you get with it and, but I don’t want to drag this on too long. Uh, also Gannon is offering the RF 50 millimeter 50 millimeter 1.2 l USM for 2090 $9 down from 2199. Again, the other lens that I’ve mentioned numerous times on this show that I think is ridiculously overpriced to begin with. Uh, there is also the Ios are with 24 to one oh five f four L I s USM Kit for 28 99 down from 33 99. So that’s some pretty good savings there. And you can also get the Canon Eos RP with the same 24 to one oh five millimeter F for l I s USM as a kit for 2199 down from its regular price of 2199. These lenses as well as the camera and lens bundles come in various different configurations. Be sure to check under more product options before adding to your cart and see if there might be a bundle that interests you. And again, I’ll post the link to these prices and deals in the show notes so that you can check them out for yourself.


14:10 Uh, one item I that I’m going to add kind of last minute here and this next section. Um, it is now possible to download the manual for both the Canon Eos and six mark too, as well as the manual for the brand new cannon EOC 90 d sports shooting, uh, pro-sumer DSLR. So you can go ahead and download those manuals from the canned site. I’ll put a link to the manuals in the show notes. And as I mentioned in a previous episode, I think it was about two weeks ago, you can now preorder the Canon Eos 90 d you can get the body only for 1199 or you can get the body with the to 55 for 1349 or you can get the body with the 18 to one 35 ISS TM for 1599. So listen, pretty good deals there. Uh, with the Eos m six mark two, you’re going to get in preorder that body only for eight 49.

15:08 You can get up with the 15 to 45 I s s t m and e v Dash d c Two for 10 99 or you can get it with the 18 to one 50 millimeter f 3.5 to 6.3 ISS TM plus the EVF Dash d c two for 1349. And again, I’ll put those links to these, uh, these deals and the manuals and the show notes for this episode. I have already heard a lot of talk and a lot of rumbling in the photography community. A lot of people are super excited about these two new bodies from Gannon and I know my friend Jeff Harmon from the master of photography podcast is definitely looked into pickup in ios 98 to replace his beloved 70 mark too. So I can’t wait to talk to him about that once he gets his 90 d and it gets the opportunity to do some high school sports photography.

16:05 I still need to make arrangements with him at be still interested to get him on this show as a guest. Uh, I wanted to get him on here for awhile now, but our schedules have been a little bit crazy and it hasn’t worked out yet but I definitely still want to get him on the show now. As I mentioned before, he considers himself only a hobbyist photographer and I disagree strongly with that. If you’ve ever seen any of his work, you can follow him on Facebook, his sports photography, high school sports photography is absolutely amazing. This gentleman has some mad, mad photography skills. He can call himself a hobbyist if he wants to, but I personally think he’s full of beans cause he does some fantastic work better than some pros I’ve seen. I’ll tell you that for sure. All right. Now the last item I wanted to talk about in this week’s episode is the overpayment scam that has been targeting wedding and event photographers.

17:03 Now this overpayment scam has recently left her wedding photographer with $4,600 in debt. A British Columbia based wedding photographer is out $4,600 after falling prey to the overpayment scan. Now this is an insidious scan that often targets, as I mentioned before, wedding and event photographers and has allegedly cost its victims nearly $5 million in 2019 alone. Now these it also known as advanced fee scams. The swindle involves offering a photographer a paying gigs that is not real and unfortunately photographer Ester Mormon hadn’t heard of this trick and her business has taken a big hit as a result and a report on Global News Mormon described how she was tricked out of $5,500 a man calling himself man. He reached out to Mormon via text asking to hire her for his daughter’s wedding in Vancouver. After ironing out some details, more men send over a contract and request a $700 deposit, but when the payment arrived it was a check for $5,500 the advanced speed or over payment scam hinges on what happens next.

18:23 The scammer will tell you it was an accounting error and asked you to forward the money to a third party and Mormons case. She was told the payment was for the caterer, so she went ahead and deposited the check and since it showed up as clear and her TD bank account, she went ahead and sent the money as requested. A couple of days later, the check bounced and Mormon was left holding the bill for the full 5,500. Now in the end, Mormon was able to recover $900 as a quote unquote goodwill gesture from her bank, which was the amount never sent back to the scammer, but she still out 4,600 with absolutely no recourse. And you can hear the entire story for more men herself on global news. I’ll, uh, include the length of the article in the show notes. Now I just want to take a moment and remind any photographers out there do not fall for this scam.

19:22 I’ve had these jokers try to pull this one on me, on myself. Uh, usually it was for a family reunion shoot or some bs like that. Um, I had a couple of them that, you know, tried to sucker me into supposedly shooting their family reunion out in Colorado or South Dakota or some crazy place like that. And, um, it’s just sad that that this lady fell for this scam and it’s, it’s been around for a few years now. I, like I said, I’ve had a few of these jokers hit me up. Uh, I’ve probably had like four or five of them hit me up in the last three or four years. So the scams been around for a little while now and as I mentioned, the thing is, you know, they send you this big check cashing positive in your bank account. Everything seems Hunky Dory until it gets fully processed through the banking system and it comes back that the check is either counterfeit stolen or there just were not enough funds in the drawing account to actually cover the check.

20:21 Now in this case, the a scammer claimed that it was an accounting error, but the ones I, that I’ve had contact me tell me right up front while I’m going to send you x number of dollars and I need you to forward the, the remaining money over to the caterer or the company, that’s that we’re booking the event hall with or Yada, Yada, Yada. And that immediately threw up a red flag for me anytime I see anything crazy like that. Now, the other thing that is generally a dead giveaway with these kinds of scams, and it might not always be the case, but it has been in my experience, is these scammers also usually are not people that English is their primary language. And the reason why I say that is because their text messages and emails often have a lot of grammatical errors. And for anybody that should be a red flag right away.

21:14 I mean I understand if your, you know, someone of foreign ancestry that has come here in the United States, you know, and you’re living here now, um, you know, English may not be your primary language, but it’s usually it should be your secondary language. And especially when you’re sending texts or emails usually know how to make sure that the English in those texts or emails are grammatically correct. And I’ve seen some real doozies in the ones that I’ve received from some of these advanced fee or overpayment scammers. So that right there is a red flag as well. So I want to go ahead and warn all the listeners to the show, especially those of you that are working professional photographers. Please don’t fall for this scam if it smells too good to be true. It always is as a general rule, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

22:09 All right. I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this week’s episode of the Leon photography podcast. I want to thank all of my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might listen to this show, which also now includes as of about two months ago, radio.com we want to, again thank the folks@radio.com for adding this show to their library. I’d also like to ask all of my listeners to go ahead and share this show to your family and friends on social media and ask them to give it a listen and that they’d be so kind to five star rating and a review or you can leave a comment. Either one. Please. Also be sure to stop by the Facebook group. For the Liam photography podcast. It is open to all photographers and lovers of photography, but it is a closed group and you do have to answer one question in order to join the group.

23:03 And that question is what is the name of the host, which is myself. You can either put Liam or Liam Douglas and I’m doing that to keep out the scammers and spammers and bots and all that stuff, but also to make sure that the only members in the group are actual listeners of the show. Uh, once you become a member of the group, you are free to upload five images every 24 hours. You can either do them one at a time throughout the day or you can do a batch upload and let Facebook make it a little photo slideshow thing. Please only share your own original work. Please do not share the work of other people, even if you have permission that will get you blacklisted from the Facebook group. I only want you sharing your own original work to the group and sharing it with others. You are welcome to post your images and request a creative, creative criticism or critiquing. You can just put cc please in the post and someone in the group or myself. We’d be more than happy to take a look at your photos and give you some honest feedback on what you could do to tweak or improve your photography.

24:16 All right, I am going to go ahead and end this episode and I will see you all again next week. In episode 36

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