Episode 30: Sony Announces the A7R4 and More…

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In this episode I talk about the new Sony A7R4 as well as new Canon and Nikon rumors and some software discounts.

Sony A7R4 from Alpha Universe

Canon EOS M5 & M6 MK2

Rumored Canon EOS M6 Mark II specifications [CR1]

Canon EOS RP with RF 24-240 IS F/4-6.3 Bundle

Canon EOS C500 MK2 Cinema Camera

Rumored Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II specifications [CR1]

Nikon Z 85mm F/1.8 S

Rumors: Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 S lens coming next week

Software Discounts and Bundles

New releases and discount offers: Luminar 4, Topaz Studio 2, ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5

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Liam: 00:00 Sony announces the a seven r mark four and some new camera body rumors from cannon and a Nikon Lens to be released next week. All of this on episode 30 of the Liam photography podcast.

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Liam: 01:30 I always love to hear from the listeners and any kinds of ideas or questions that they might have that could be addressed on the show, so feel free to reach out to for 702-NINE-FOUR-8191 and I also wanted to remind the listeners that you can join the Facebook group for the Liam photography podcast. You can find us on Facebook now. It is a closed group and you can request to join. You’ll have to answer one question that join the group and that question is what is the name of the host of the show, which is myself. You can put Liam or Liam Douglas, either one and then you’ll be approved to join the group. Now the reason why I did that is to keep down the spammers and bots because nobody likes it. When those, those kinds of things infiltrate Facebook groups. That could be a lot of fun and a lot of enjoyment for everybody, so that’s why we have the security question.

Liam: 02:20 Now also remember once you join the group, you’re allowed to post five of your own photos every 24 hours. You can either spread them out and upload one every few hours throughout a day or you can do all five at once and let Facebook create the little photo slide show of your five images. Please do not share or upload work that is not your own. That will get you banned from the group. All right, let’s get onto the news for this week. So this week Sony has announced the ace sub an r mark four which is going to be their latest mirrorless full frame camera and this one’s going to be a mega pixel monster. This camera will be available in September of 2019 but I believe that they are taking preorders now and I will share the article from Alpha Universe in the show notes so that you can check it out for yourself.

Liam: 03:11 But here are the key features in the new a seven r mark for the world’s first 35 millimeter full frame, 61.0 megapixel back illuminated x more. Our C moss image center with latest generation buy on is x image processor 15 stops of dynamic range at low sensitivities resulting in smooth natural gradiate gradiations ranging from deep shadows to highlights, high speed continuous shooting it up to 10 frames a second with full a AV and a tracking for approximately seven seconds in full frame mode and an increased buffer memory and approximately three times as long if you’re shooting the camera and in crop mode a PSC mode. Now this is huge because all the way up through the a seven r mark three, um, when you were doing continuous shooting you could not use a f and h e tracking. They were not, you could not use those with the continuous shooting at the same time.

Liam: 04:16 So this is a big one for the Sony shooters. You can now shoot 10 frames a second with full afe tracking and it’ll be able to continue that for up to seven seconds and full frame mode and three times longer. If you’re in a PSC mode, which generally probably means about 21 uh, 21 seconds if you’re in a PSC crop mode. Now the camera also has 567 and focal plane phase detection AAF points covering 74% of the image area and 425 contrast af points. Now the AAF points in this camera, I mean that’s a lot of auto focus points, but I’m really shocked that in full frame mode they only cover 74% of the image area because if memory serves me correctly and people have been poopoo and Canon and Nikon for being so late, getting into the marital is full frame market, but my eos are, if memory serves me correctly, has 100% coverage.

Liam: 05:15 I think on the horizontal at 98% on the vertical or maybe it’s the other way around. So I’m really shocked that Sony who’s been making mirrorless full frame cameras for a heck of a lot longer than Canon and Nikon. It’s only giving you 74% coverage and full frame over those 567 focus points. Now if you’re shooting at a PSC mode, it’s my understanding that you have pretty much a hundred percent coverage when you crop down, but it seems kind of unusual to me that they would give you 74% and full frame mode at 100% in crop mode. Why not give them 100% both modes or give them better while you, I mean you just couldn’t give them better coverage and full frame mode versus crop because crop using less of the but yeah, at least give the users 98% coverage and full frame and crop both instead of 74 and full frame and in 100% in crop.

Liam: 06:06 It just seems weird to me. Okay, so now they are also going to have the debut of real time IAF for movie recording and advanced realtime tracking plus realtime IAF for still image recording. Now on the feature side as far as crop shooting, if you’re somebody likes to shoot crop, we use crop body lenses to get a little more reach. The APC crop mode delivers a stunning high resolution of 26.2 megapixels. That’s pretty darn good. I mean that’s a lot of resolution for our crop body. So that is definitely outstanding and it has a 5.7 6 million dot. U x Ga oh a Oh led true finder electronic viewfinder with outstanding EHL, detailed brightness and contrast upgrading connectivity and operability including high speed wifi support, wireless PC, remote connectivity, FTP wireless transfer, faster data transfer via USB and more. And I’ve also heard that this one has the newer USBC three dot.

Liam: 07:12 Two I believe technology, um, which means it’s capable I think of 20 gigabytes a second transfer speeds if you’re using a USBC cable, which is great if you’re somebody who likes to tether, shoot in the studio. Now a also has professional 4k movie recording functionality including full pixel readout with no pixel bidding in super 35 millimeter mode s log three HDR workflow support. It has multi interface shoe with digital audio interface delivers to high quality sound recording with Sony’s new microphone and XLR microphone adapter and additional enhancements to the buddy design include an improved grip and button layout for improved control with compact lightweight body. Now I know one of the things they did change in this that the Sony shooters are going to really like because I know a big complaint I’ve heard from so many triggers led up to the a seven r three is the er, the exposure compensation dial.

Liam: 08:10 Um, people would accidentally hit that and it would throw off their exposure and screw up their shots and stuff like that. Now Sony and this is something that Sony is very well known for when it comes to their cameras. They do listen to their users and the a seven r mark forward does have a lock for the exposure compensation dial so you can lock the dial so you can’t accidentally bump it and move it when you’re taking a camera in and out of your bag or what have you. So you don’t have to worry about any of your shots getting messed up because the exposure compensation got hit accidentally. So this is definitely exciting. Um, uh, especially for the Sony shooters, it sounds like the a seven r mark for is going to be a great camera. Now it’s not a tremendous upgrade from the a seven r three.

Liam: 08:59 So if you have a seminar three, I wouldn’t tell you to run out and sell that and run out and preorder this one. Um, just because it’s not that big of an upgrade. Now the one other thing this camera does have that I forgot to mention is this camera has two card slots that are now uhs too. So both SD card slots or uhs two instead of one being uhs one and the other one being uhs two, which was the case up through the a seven r mark three, which I always thought was stupid because if you want to shoot the both cards at once, that seriously shows, slows down your camera because it’s not going to write the files to memory any faster than the slowest card. So basically with the ace Webinar seminar mark three if you add a uhs one and a uhs tube card in there and you were writing to both cards at once, then even the uhs to card would write as slow as the uhs one card slot.

Liam: 09:58 And I always thought that was idiotic. I actually like why the hell did you put uhs two for both slots in the ace seminar three? Well they have finally done it with the r four and I know that’ll make a, the Sony shooter is very happy and of course I did forget to mention earlier the 35 millimeter full frame sensor is back illuminated. So, um, I know a lot of people are really into that back backside illumination in the sensor and this one has it just like uh, their previous bodies. So that is definitely going to be exciting for the Sony shooters. Um, but like I said, if you have an a seven r mark three I wouldn’t recommend selling it and run it right out and buy in the mark four. It’s not that big of an upgrade. And although it’s more megapixels cause the r three is 40, I think 40 yeah, 42 megapixels and the r four is 61 megapixels, you’re gaining 19 extra megapixels.

Liam: 10:53 Um, but on the full frame side it’s not really, I mean it’s not really offering you that much more. I mean yeah, more resolution but it doesn’t really do any good unless you’re printing like billboards or something like that, you know, really, really large print. Now where the sensor does come in handy is if you are one of the people that I mentioned earlier that does like to shoot in crop mode because you have some of the crop lenses and you want to be able to get more, get more reach with your full frame lenses. I shooting in crop mode because in crop mode you are getting 26.2 megapixels, which I believe is currently the highest resolution for an APS sensor. I could be wrong, but I believe that is currently the highest. Um, I think canons sl three, which they just released recently, I think it’s 20 or 24 megapixels.

Liam: 11:41 I can’t remember, but this one’s 26.2 so it is a bit higher resolution than the competition. All right, so that’s the a seven r mark. For the next items I want to talk about come from Canon rumors.com and the first item I wanted to talk about today is the fact that Canon rumors has been informed by one of their sources that cannon is planning to release an Ios m five mark too and an Ios and six mark two and they’re on, they will be on their way soon. A cannon’s expected to announce these new products on or around August 28th, 2019 and things have started to leak out whether they’re true or not, we don’t know yet. Um, it’s expected that at least the Eos m five will get a replacement, but we’ve seen our first mention of the Eos m six replacement coming at the same time.

Liam: 12:35 So it’s possible that Canon may release both around the same time frame. Now they did receive their first mentioned in the new Ios 10 bodies for the first time in a long time. The Eos m five mark two and six, mark to uh, both internal product and project Nacho. Most cameras will have a similar EVF to the Canon RP. No crop in four k video, no crop. You mean beyond the fact that they’re already a crop body camera? Uh, I don’t think somebody thought that out very well before they put that in the article and they’re supposed to support high frame rates for slow motion video. If both these cameras do indeed get evs, then it will be a form factor that will be all, it will differentiate the two models and it will be something new because uh, with most of cans, crop body mirrorless cameras in the past they did not include an EBS.

Liam: 13:29 Um, if it was available you had to buy it as a separate component for an extra cost. So it’s definitely going to be interesting if they are going to include the EVF with both these cameras this time around. That would be great for the buyers of those cameras that people like to shoot with the m series, a cannon crop body, a mirrorless cameras. So that’ll be great for them. But we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t know if I believe that is going to give away the EVF and not charge you extra for it, but I have a feeling that if they do they’ll probably make up for it by raising the price of the camera so you’ll just still be paying more for the evs but you’ll be paying it upfront when you order the camera body and you’ll get both at the same time instead of having the order the EPF separately.

Liam: 14:13 All right. The next item I have is a rumor Canon Cinema Eos c 500 mark two and this is supposed to be the successor for the EOC 500 and is expected to be released later on this fall and we have some rumor specifications that have been sent over the cinema EOC 500 mark two we’ll have a full frame sensor, raw internal recording, both fourK and two k. The fourK is up to 60 p twoK is up to 120 p optional XF Dash ABC recording and four dot. Two two 10 bit four k up to 62 k up to 120 again, user interchangeable Lens Mount, which that makes sense. A optional modules with EBF Gen Lock Time Code 12 g Dash SDI and et Cetera, e f and p l amount available. Both mounts will be available at launch power supply with a BP Dash, a series, batteries and optional module four v Mount Batteries as well.

Liam: 15:21 Optional module for four times XLR inputs backwards compatibility with the EVF Dash v 70 the LV dash one and some other peripherals from previous cinema ios cameras, which again makes sense. New media usage. CF Express cards will be used in this model for faster reading and writing speeds and it will also include Wifi and IP streaming capabilities. So we’ll have to wait and see if all of these rumors do, uh, come to fruition when the camera is actually announced. Now if this specifications are true, Canon is not yet moving to eight k video, which is really surprising because I know they’ve been working on it for a while. A, which means the eight k camera used at the apple event back in June isn’t the see 500 mark two it must be a altogether different model. So we’ll have to wait and see how many of these rumors turn out to be true that it would be really, really cool for those that are into the ios cinema cameras.

Liam: 16:22 It sounds like the a five c 500 mark two is going to be a fantastic video camera and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of folks out there, the shoot video that they’re going to be excited to get their hands on it once it is officially released. All right, now we also have a preorder deal they can on Ios RP with RF 24 to two 40 f four to six three I s USM kit will be 1999 the regular price would be 2199 so you can save $200 with the launch of the Canon RF 24 to two 40. Uh, they’re doing this kick combination and you’ll save $200 on the kit when you preorder. Now the kit will begin shipping on September 5th, so it’s not quite available yet. And this bundle also includes $147 and 97 value, a bonus value, uh, the canon LPE 17 battery and Canon amount dept or f two s are.

Liam: 17:25 So if you want to preorder that, you can do that. And I will put a link to the preorder in the show notes if you want it to go ahead and take advantage of that, that’s definitely a good deal. And you’re saving a couple of hundred dollars. Uh, from what everything I’ve read so far, that lens is going to be pretty impressive. Um, considering it’s not one, again is high end lenses, uh, but it is going to offer you a lot of versatility where you’d be able to carry just one lens and have everything from 24 to two 40. Now of course the aperture isn’t the fastest, um, at f four to f 6.3, but it’s still not bad, especially because a lot of times when somebody, um, wants to have a single lens, they can carry around so well. Like when they go on vacation or something like that, or they’re a hobbyist and they want a single lens that will give them a lot of coverage for like their kids’ sporting events and stuff like that or plays and, and so on.

Liam: 18:18 Um, so it’s going to be a great lens for that. Now keep in mind, it’s not going to be a great low light performer. Um, so you’re going to have a harder time if you’re using an indoors in low light conditions, the less you can use artificial lighting or a speed light or something like that, but chances are if you’re taking it to a sporting event or, uh, one of your kids plays, they’re going to poopoo on you using a flash. So keep that in mind. It will be a great lens to use outdoors. And the rumors are the lens by itself is going to reach out for $900, which isn’t too bad. Um, but me personally, if I was going to spend $900, I would rather get the RF 24 to one oh five f four l I s and have a really nice LVNs.

Liam: 19:01 This stays at 40 throughout. Of course with this lens you’re getting an extra hundred and 35 millimeter reach, but you’re also sacrificing low, lower light capabilities. Um, because at the far end of the Lens, you’re going to be an f 6.3. So definitely keep that in mind. Uh, like I said, $900 is probably not too bad a price for that Lens. Um, especially being in its native RF mountain has a control ring and everything. Uh, but again, for $900, I think I would rather have the 24 to one oh five and then just move closer. If I need a better reach, you know, and I’m, I’ve got 135 millimeters less rates than somebody else, but that’s okay. I can just move up closer to the action and get the shot that I need. And I always recommend that you do that as well. You don’t need to use a super telephoto lens all the time.

Liam: 19:52 Just use your feet. God gave you the ability to zoom when you’re shooting. It’s called feet move closer. Uh, all right, so now on to the last item I want to talk about in this episode and this article is actually from nighttime rumors that Nikon Nightcore z 85 millimeter f 1.8 s lens is said to be coming next week, which I’m sure that’ll get the Nikon z shooters. Excited to have a nice 85 millimeter of 1.8 portrait Lens. It’s going to be a fairly good low lake performer at f 1.8. Um, I do have the a canon 85 millimeter f 1.8 USM gold band lens and I really love that Lens. Now a lot of people will spend the extra money to get to 85, uh, mark one or mark two f 1.2 L’s on the Kenyan side. But everything I read, those two lenses don’t perform nearly as well as far as autofocus and they’re not quite as sharp as the 85.

Liam: 20:59 1.8. Now I have heard that the newer a designed 85 millimeter f 1.4 I s u s m l Lens that can and released is much, much better than the 85 one point twos and even better than the 85 1.8. I have not bought that lens yet because it’s fairly expensive and I don’t do a ton of portrait shooting. I’ve already got an 85 one point a and I’ve got an 85 1.4 manual lens. So I mean that’s pretty much all I need. And then I also have the 135 millimeter f two L, which is a fantastic lens. That is one heck of a good lens and I always enjoy using it. Now one other item, I apologize, I did have one last item from the Nikon rumor site, a new releases and a discount offers lumen for Topez studio two on one photo raw 2019 dot five.

Liam: 21:57 So Topez studio two was just released in as $20 offered limited time. And I’ll put a link to this article in the show notes. Um, you can also preorder luminar four. I don’t have to worry about pre-ordering it because on the lumen our affiliates, so I always get the upgrades for free. Um, you can do a bundle pack early bird lumen are for special, where you get lumen are for and some of their inspiration looks, which are their presets. They’re normally 89 for the luminar and 49 for the presets. And you can get both for $59 which saves you 79 bucks instead of paying the normal price of one 38 and then there is a Llumar three plus four early bird special where you get luminar four which is a $90 value. The presets, which are $50 value and movement are three, which is the current version.

Liam: 22:51 And that’s a $69 value. So instead of paying two oh seven for everything in this bundle, you could pay $99 and get all of that, which saves you a $108. That is fantastic. Now some are special on one photo raw 2019 dot. Five edition is on sale for the summer special at 49 99 regular prices 99 99 so you can save a 50% there which is a nice little chunk of change. And the on one a photo. Raul is really good software. I’ve tinkered around with it quite a bit. I do own it. Um, I if I remember correctly, I don’t know if it supports my cr three roll files from the Ios are yet. So maybe this update, um, will give me that uh, functionality which would be nice cause I do like using that software and I want it to be able to use it more.

Liam: 23:43 But right now for my full full time real estate Gig, I’ve been shooting with the a Eos r and, m because now they’re having us do upload of all the photos on site when we, as soon as we finished the house instead of at the end of the day they had us switching to shooting in jpeg. So it’s kind of a moot point as far as that goes. But I do still like to shoot with the eos are you know, my personal stuff and I always use raw for my personal anything I’m shooting for myself or for our client outside my real estate work. Um, and if I remember I it, the online photo ball does not support the CR three raw files just yet. Um, and I don’t believe Lumen r three does either. Hopefully our alumina, our four will, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Liam: 24:27 All right, that’s all I’m going to do on this episode of the Liam photography podcast. You’ve been listening to episode 30. Once again, I want to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might listen to us, which again now includes radio.com also, please don’t be afraid to call or text (470) 294-8191 if you have any questions or an idea for a topic you would like me to cover in an upcoming episode, feel free to text or call and leave a voicemail. You may even get a call back from me. You never know. Uh, I’m not going to guarantee that I’ll call you back, but you never know. It could happen. All right. I want to thank all of my listeners again for listening to episode 30 of the Liam photography podcast, and I will see you again next week for episode 31

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