Episode 147: Things Have Been Hectic!!!

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Greetings, welcome to the Liam Photography Podcast, I’m your host Liam Douglas and  this is Episode 147. So things have been kind of crazy lately, my wife and I have sold our home in the Atlanta area and bought a new place in North Carolina.

We closed on the sale of the old home on April 5th and then closed on the new house on April 8th and we have to be completely moved by April 30th, so things have been really hectic and stressing to say the least. I apologize to my listeners that I haven’t been able to concentrate more on the podcast episodes lately but bear with me as once we get settled I will be doing more interviews with other industry professionals and we’ll have Dave Kelly and EllyCat back as well, with hopefully video the next time so Dave can show off his work with Elly.

I am also planning to have Professor and Photographer Jill Mott back on the show in the near future. Her episodes have been super popular and she wants to come back on the show, but there have been scheduling issues as she is extremely busy right now, but have no fear she will be back and as always it will be an awesome episode!

I tried to get Scott from the WordPress Photography podcast to come on the show as I have had listeners asking about hosting using WordPress. I use it myself and I am very experienced with WordPress, but wanted Scott to come on and talk about it and Imagely’s products but he’s too stuck up as he feels my show isn’t big enough for him to come on the show. I hate it when people get a little bit of internet fame and then they think they are better than everyone else. I will never be that way. No matter how big this show gets some day or my Youtube, I will always do my best to make time for others that are just getting started. But Scott is not the only one, I tried to get Tony and Chelsea on my show as well as FroKnowsPhoto but they are all “too important” to come on my show. If you don’t have a million Youtube Subs, they won’t give you the time of day.

As far as my photography, the real estate work has been slow since all this pandemic crap started and it hasn’t returned to normal yet, but I am planning to open my own studio in NC so hopefully I can get more work that way. I am looking to put in a pre-fab barn style shed, all wood that’s 10×20 feet in size with a small porch on the end. Once that is set up on a concrete slab that I have to have poured I can concentrate on finishing the interior, running power to it and setting up my new photography/podcast/YouTube studio in it and get things up and running, which will be nice.

I did recently get some new gear, which is always exciting! I bought the Canon EOS R6 body which arrived last Friday and I have been shooting with it when I have time. The camera is really awesome, the silent shutter is totally quiet like on the EOS R, but I have not has the opportunity to test out the 20fps as of yet. I need to find some high school sport or something I can shoot to test out the performance and I’ll make a Youtube video review on the camera itself.

Secondly, I finally ordered my Fujifilm GF23mm wide angle lens for my GFX 50R. If you recall Fujifilm North America was nice enough to lend me the lens for three weeks and I did a review video on it and I just absolutely loved the lens and decided I had to get one of my very own so that arrived yesterday thanks to Adorama!

As my listeners know I have been using the Venus Optics Laowa 17mm F/4 Zero-D, which is a great third party manual only lens, but I just had to get the Fujifilm lens after three weeks shooting my Georgia project with it. So, if you are someone you know shoots GFX I have the Laowa lens for sale on eBay, I’ll include a link at the bottom of the show notes if you are interested in buying it. The lens is in excellent condition and I have the original box, and everything to go with it as well as the carrying pouch they included.

Canon stuff is still difficult to get, I have been trying to order a second LP-E6NH battery for my R6 but they seem to be on back order. I do have a LOT of the regular LP-E6N batteries since I have owned so many cameras that took that series of batteries so I am OK on that front but would like a second one of the NH models just to have a matched pair for my battery grip, which is on the way as well and that will arrive on Friday.

A lot of people ask my why I like to have the battery grips for my cameras and it’s because I tend to go out and shoot for many hours at a time. Whether I am doing landscapes or my projects, it’s not uncommon for me to be out for 12-16 hours at a time and it’s nice to have the two batteries at once for long days of shooting. I also have large hands and shot for years with the 1D line of cameras from the 1D Mark 3 to the 1Dx Mark 2 so I am used to holding a big beefy camera so I buy the battery grips to make the regular models larger and easier for my big hands to hold and shoot with.

I don’t use my battery grips all the time, but I use them enough that they are certainly worth the money to me and the extra buttons on the grip for shooting vertical come in handy as well. Battery grips aren’t for everyone, some people feel that they make the camera too big and bulky and I can understand that, but for me they make the camera feel right so to speak and as I always say, “to each their own”, so don’t feel like you HAVE to have a battery grip just because I like them. If you do want a grip but don’t want to spend the “Canon” money to get one, check on Amazon as there are quite a few third party makers that make them, but not for all cameras so you’ll have to search and see if one is available for your camera model. I’ve seen the third party ones as cheap as $35 and to be honest, I have used them with no issues and found the cheap ones seem to work as well as the expensive ones from your camera maker.

As far as other things related to our move, I bought Tina a newer vehicle, she had a 2012 Dodge Avenger that had close to 200K miles on it and I wanted her to have something newer and with lower mileage. She wanted a truck, but for some reason trucks are stupid expensive right now even with high mileage so we ended up getting her a mint condition, low mileage Nissan Rogue so we now both have the same SUV with All Wheel Drive, which is nice for the Christmas trips up home to visit the kids and grandkids as well as our moms in New York and PA. Since we had excess funds from the sale and purchase of our homes I was able to pay cash for her car so we wouldn’t have two car payments.

We will be picking up a Penske 26 foot diesel moving truck next week and loading the whole house in it so we can get moved and re-settled in the new place, which is going to be a task as we want to do some re-modeling at the same time and I had a General Contractor lined up but now he’s jerking us around so we are checking to see if our son can comes down for a week to help us, since he has the talent at re-modeling and I DO NOT.

It will be nice as our new property is WAY out in the country, the only down side is we cannot get good internet there, we are stuck with getting Hughes Net satellite internet, which sucks after having AT&T 1GB fiber for two years, but we couldn’t get Spectrum to run cable or fiber to us from our neighbor’s hub so we are stuck there. I did switch to an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the new 5G Netgear Nighthawk WiFi hotspot, but 5G is not in the new area yet.

I had CenturyLink install DSL as the previous owner had it but it doesn’t work right so I have to get a tech out there or cancel the service. I would prefer to have two internet services as I do I.T. work from home and cannot be without internet.

Well, that is everything that’s going on right now, I’ll keep my listeners posted as I get things done and life returns to normal, so to speak.

My Laowa Lens for sale on eBay


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