Episode 117: 2021 Camera Predictions

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In this episode I give you my 2021 camera predictions. What will the major camera companies be releasing in the New Year?

Greetings everybody, you’re listening to the Liam Photography Podcast, I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is Episode 117. I want to take a moment right now to thank my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, radio.com and anywhere else you might be getting your podcasts.

So in this episode, I wanted to give my predictions for 2021 in the camera world, so here they are:

First it has been leaked that Canon is going to release an R7 APS-C RF mount camera body as the successor to the highly popular 7D and 7DMK2. My prediction is this camera will feature 20fps, the same human and animal EyeAF as the R5 and R6. It will be in the same form factor as the R6 with the same lower resolution EVF. I believe it will have the same 20.2 MP sensor as the 7DMK2 and the R6, but Canon might switch it up for a 24MP sensor. Tony Northrup thinks they may go to 34MP but I disagree. I do agree with him that it will have dual card slots and it will be an SD UHS-II and a CF Express Type B as the secondary card slot as it will need something fast for the 20 fps and the 4K 60p video. The camera will be fully weather sealed and rugged for those shooting sports and wildlife, so this will also be a HUGELY popular camera. I also disagree with Tony as he believes the R7 will be priced at $2,000, I think Canon will stay close to the $1,500 price point of the 7D and 7D2, and I disagree with Tony on the point that I think Canon may include sensor stabilization for this model.

Second, Sony will unveil the A74, which will be there next camera in the A7 line. I believe this body will stick with Sony’s 24 MP sensor as in all previous models, although most likely improved a bit and with new processor. I predict they might bump up the fps to 12 fps throughout. I believe they will also add their more advanced human and animal EyeAF and have dual UHS-II card slots and drop the Duo card support. I would also love to see them add their new menu system from the A7SIII as it has been well received and way better than their old menu system. This camera will still be priced at $2,000.

Third I believe Canon will release their first flagship mirrorless full frame camera, called the R1. This will be the replacement for the 1Dx3 and be built to the same rugged specs with the same battery. I predict the sensor will stay at 20.1 MP as that has been the staple for their flagship DSLRs for years and helps with the low light performance. It will of course have their stellar human and animal EyeAF and sensor stabilization. I believe it’s possible that Canon will go with dual CF Express Type B card slots for better performance as this will be Canon’s new camera for shooting the Olympics and other high level sports. I believe this might be Canon’s first camera with their new Quad Pixel AF system, a major upgrade from their current Dual Pixel AF II and I also predict Canon will up the fps on this new flagship to 30 or possibly 40 fps. I believe the price will be around $6,500 to $7,000.

Fourth, Canon will finally release their much anticipated R5s to replace the 5Ds and 5Ds/R DSLRs. This camera will feature a 90MP sensor and most likely have the same form factor as the R5. It will feature Dual Pixel AF, human and animal EyeAF from the R5 and sensor stabilization as well. It will have dual UHS-II slots as it’s made for stills so no need for screaming fast second card slot like CF Express. I predict it will have 7fps and the video will be limited to 1080p 60 as video will be an after thought with this camera, the people buying it will NOT care about video. This camera will be for landscapes and studio portraits and offer massive high resolution RAW files perfect for massive billboards and other types of ad campaigns. It will be rugged and weather sealed and be priced at the $3,6000 price point.

Fifth will be Sony’s next A9 variant, possibly called the A9III but it may also have a different designation as it’s believed this will be Sony’s first major flagship sports camera. It will feature 30-40fps for professional sports and to give Canon a run for their money in that market. I predict Sony will stick with the 24 MP sensor and 5 axis sensor stabilization as the A9II. I believe Sony will make it dual CF Express Type B slots and have 4k 120p video as well. New dual processors for handling the fast-paced sports shooting world but possibly a more beefy form factor with a much larger battery. I predict it will sport a LAN port as well for tethered shooting and a price tag of around $5,500 to $6,000.

Sixth will be Fuji’s already rumored GFX100s medium format mirrorless flagship camera. I believe Fuji will stick with the 102 MP sensor that is in the current GFX100. It will not be the range finder style body and will have more of the GFX50s video capabilities. It will feature the same fps as the current model, as again it is NOT a sports camera. And have the same IBIS and dual SD UHS-II card slots. Price will still be around $10,000.

Seventh will be Nikon’s Z8/Z9 mirrorless full frame cameras. Rumors are Nikon has been playing with several prototypes in the field of varying specs. Anywhere from a 47 to 65MP sensor with IBIS and 20 fps. It will feature dual card slots, possibly with both of them being CF Express Type B. They will be built rugged like the D5 or D6 with a large battery and a price tag of around $6,500 and $7,000.

Eighth is the Nikon Z30, which is rumored to be Nikon’s next APS-C Z mount body. There are various rumored specs for this camera but at this point Nikon rumors is saying all the rumors are just click bait.

As far as anything from Olympus now that JIP owns them or from Panasonic, I don’t have any concrete predictions for these makers but I do believe that Micro 4/3rds will not be going anywhere anytime soon. I do, however predict that Canon will be ending the EF-M mirrorless APS-C platform being replaced by the new R7 format.


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