Episode 105: Don’t Be or Listen to Camera Snobs!

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In this episode I talk about avoiding being a Camera Snob or listening to Camera Snobs.

What do I mean by that previous statement? Well a camera snob is someone who thinks their brand of camera is the end all be all of the universe. You have fanboys and girls for every camera maker and the truth is, they are all full of crap!

The reality is ALL cameras for the most part make amazing images and the person wielding the camera is more important to the process than the camera itself. To be honest the two most important things about making the image are the person holding the camera and the glass attached to the camera. One of Ansel Adams most famous quotes about photography and he had many was “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” And what he meant is just what I said a moment ago, the person behind the camera is what makes an image great.

All cameras have their strengths and weaknesses. Nikon and Sony are know for their low light abilities, but Canon has caught up with their new R5 and R6 mirrorless full frame cameras. Canon has always been known for it’s auto focus system, especially it’s DualPixel AF and it’s video capabilities, but Sony is very good at video as well.

Micro Four/Thirds are very compact and lightweight and some of those systems are fantastic for video as well such as the BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema cameras.There are always areas where some cameras excel more than others and vice versa so to claim that one camera system is superior to all others is pure nonsense.

A number of years back, famous photography Chase Jarvis set out to prove the camera isn’t nearly as important as the person wielding it and so for a year he shot everything with nothing but an iPhone 4s I believe it was and he put our a book called the Best Camera is the one that’s with you. In addition, he released his own iOS camera app called Best Camera. If you look up DigitalRevTV on Youtube and look through their playlists, find the one titled Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge and I’ll include a link in the description below.

In this series of videos, they had professional photographers come on their show and shoot with absolute garbage cameras such as Lara Jade shooting fashion with a Barbie doll with a camera built in, Chase Jarvis, who had to shoot sports with a Lego camera. They had Zack Arias shoot street portraits with both a cheap camera and a cheap flash and all of these photographers were able to make great images with the crappy cameras they were provided with.

Now, let’s take a look at some photos from various cameras. I have some Nikon and Olympus photos, Sony, Canon and Fujifilm ones as well. I tried to get some Panasonic and Pentax images, but couldn’t find any of my photography friends who were actually shooting with either of those cameras.

Nikon Images

Olympus Pen Images

Canon EOS R Images

Fujifilm GFX 50R Images

Sony Images

Ok, so as you can see from the sample images I showed in this video, all of these images are fantastic and the people that made them are some very talented photographers who know how to use their gear. They know composition and lighting and how to get the shot regardless of the camera in their hands. Now are they familiar with their brand, yes but I can assure you that like myself, any of these photographers would be just as successful with ANY camera you put in their hands.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this video, the person wielding the camera and the glass are far more important than who makes the camera. Sure, each company has their strengths and weaknesses, but if you learn the fundamentals of photography, you will make great images. Spend time on practicing your craft, take some workshops on a genre of photography you are interested in and learn as much as you can. Know your camera inside and out and especially it’s limitations if any and you will be successful!

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DigitalRev TV’s Pro Tog Cheap Camera Challenge videos.

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