Month: September 2021

Episode 189: Dave Kelly and I Talk EOS R, XP-Pen 24″ and Fine Art Photography

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In this episode Dave Kelly from Dave Kelly Artistics and I talk about shooting with the EOS R, editing with the XP-Pen 24″ tablet and Fine Art Photography.

Today I’m talking to Dave Kelly of Dave Kelly Artistics, and we are talking about shooting with the Canon EOS R camera and using the XP-Pen 24” Tablet. Dave, Welcome to the show! (Dave talks here)

For any of my listeners that didn’t catch Episode 131, Dave Kelly is a Fine Art and Fashion photographer located in Arizona and if you stop by his website, you will see some truly Amazing work. Now before we begin our discussion, please fill my listeners in on how you got start in photography. (Dave’ Bio)

1.) Ok, question number one for you Dave, how did you come to start shooting with the Canon EOS R? Did it fill a need that your Canon 5D4 couldn’t or was it a matter of just keeping up with the latest technology?

2.) In addition to the R mirrorless platform, have you started switching to the RF mount lenses? If so, what do you like most about them?

3.) Has switching from DSLR’s to Canon’s mirrorless platform changed the way you approach your photography, and if so, how?

4.) In addition to your EOS R, you have begun using the XP-Pen 24” tablet for editing your images.Can you give us some details about this tablet and how it’s aided in your photography?

5.) Wrapping up, let’s look at some of your recent images and go into detail on how you captured and edited these with your EOS R and XP-Pen 24.


Some of Dave’s recent work.


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