Liam Photography Podcast: Episode 25 – Lightroom Comes to Mac App Store, More Sales and New Cameras

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In this episode Lightroom CC comes to the Mac App Store, Hasselblad announces two new cameras and more sales and rebates from Nikon and Sigma.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Hasselblad’s New Cameras

907X –

X1D II 50C

Sigma 35mm F/1.4 ART for Canon on Sale

Deal: SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Series lens with SIGMA USB dock $599 (Reg $899)

Nikon and Sigma F mount Sales and Rebates

Nikon’s July rebates (plus a new Sigma sale)

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Liam 00:00 Adobe light room. Finally lands in the Mac app store. Hassled Vlad has some new announcements as far as cameras are concerned and we have some more sales and rebates for you. All of this in episode 25 of the Liam photography podcast

Liam 00:35 You’re listening to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 25 so the first bit of news I have for my listeners this week, Adobe light room is now available through Apple’s Mac app store. This is the first major Adobe creative cloud app to be made available in the APP store, which was revamped by apple when they launched Macko s Mohabi last year. The APP is the cloud based light room, not the popular desktop and laptops centric app that was formerly known as light room before being renamed to Adobe Lightroom. Classic Lightroom is a free download from the Mac app store and is included in your plan. If you subscribe to a creative cloud subscription package that includes it. If not, you’ll be able to use the downloaded light room for a week after which you will need to fork over a subscription fee of $10 per month if you’d like to keep using the APP and it comes with one terabyte of cloud storage for that $10 as well.

Liam 01:41 This is subscription is handled by apples through your iTunes accounts. You need to switch off auto renew in your iTunes settings. If you’d rather not start reoccurring payments for the APP. If you want to head on over to the listing and the Mac app store to download Adobe light room for your Mac through that channel. I will go ahead and include that for all of my listeners in the show notes so that you can go ahead and check it out. Now, one thing I do want to add and don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to Poop, we want to dob or anything like that. I’m personally not a big fan of this version of light room because it’s entirely cloud based only. So it does not have a lot of the adjustments and the capabilities that the conventional light room, which is now called light burning plastic has, I’ve been using Lightroom for quite some time.

Liam 02:33 The first version I bought I think was light rings three and um, that was back in the days when you could buy it as a stand alone app or you could also get it as part of the creative cloud suite if you were, uh, somebody that needed to have all of their other applications for doing different things like illustrator and InDesign and all of those creative apps. And you could buy the CS six a package and you could get everything, but it was fairly expensive. Don’t get me wrong, it was not an inexpensive proposition by far. Adobe software has always been very, very expensive and it has good salt or, and a lot of people like using it. Um, I think light room is probably the s still the number one photo editing software for most photographers, but some newer software is starting to take a bite out of like rooms pie and uh, one of the big ones is capture one capture one is some really awesome software. I played around with it myself for a couple of years now. I haven’t gotten to the point where I use that instead of light room, but there are some times where I like to use it. Um, and it does pretty much all the same stuff like room Bez as a general rule, it runs faster than light room because it’s one of the things I want to remind my listeners again is light room is not a photo editor per se. Light rooms first function is as a database program.

Liam 04:05 And Yeah,

Liam 04:06 if you know anything about database programs, the more you know, the larger the database becomes, the slower everything works. You know, everything slows down, the processing power’s cut down and then you start getting, you know, the, the ridiculous lag time when you’re, when you’re trying to load or when you’re trying to switch between the tools, you know, from the library tab to the develop module and so on and so forth. Now light room does have the ability to, if you go into the menu, you when um, the primary menu I think it is and there is an option to optimize the database and I recommend you do that on a regular basis. Um, I also don’t recommend, and some people like to do this, but I’m not a fan of, but I don’t recommend that you create one light room catalog and use it forever because the bigger that catalog dis this slower light room is going to start running. And it’s just the nature of the beast because like I said, it’s primarily a database program

Liam 05:08 and

Liam 05:09 did any database, the bigger against the more quote unquote bloated it gets the worst and performance gets. So there are some tweaks and stuff you can do to light room to improve the performance of bit in the preferences. Some of the preference settings, and I’ll talk about that more in another episode. I may do an episode, I’m completely on Lightroom and how to optimize it and get, get the best performance out of it because I know like rudeness and extremely popular software, but my point I want to get back to is I’m just not a big fan of the light room cc the cloud only based version of light room. So I would not jump on this personally. I prefer instead of paying 10 bucks a month for Lightroom CC, which is a cloud only version, I prefer to be on the Adobe photographer program where I pay 10 bucks a month and I get the full blown desktop light room.

Liam 05:58 Plus I get the latest version of Photoshop. So yes, it’s costing me $120 a year, but I am getting light room and Photoshop both and I get all of their updates because as long as you maintain your subscription, you know you get the continuing updates to each program, which is really handy. But I will definitely put a link in the show notes. There are some people that really like just the cloud based version of light room. It has started to gain some popularity with, with some photographers. So I will definitely include a link in the show notes and I’m not trying to discourage any of my listeners from trying it out. I checked it out on the Mac app store. You can download it and try it free for seven days. But as I mentioned, make sure you turn off the auto renew in your account settings in iTunes.

Liam 06:44 So you don’t, you know, if you’d get past the seven day mark, you don’t automatically start getting him, you know, hit on your, your credit card. It’s on your account, um, for that $10 charge. If you didn’t plan on keeping it. So automatic turn off the automatic renewal downloaded, give it a try for seven days, you know, kick the tires so to speak and see if it’s the program for you. Now the good thing is just like with the original desktop version of light room, which is now called white room classic. Uh, with the CC version, you can also get a mobile app from the APP store and there are two versions of the mobile apps. So keep that in mind. There is the standard Lightroom mobile app that is the companion to light room classic. And then there’s a light rain cee cee APP, which is the one that partners with this cloud based only version of light room that you would use on your desktop.

Liam 07:36 So keep that in mind. I don’t want people getting confused. Um, cause I’ve seen it happen to some people, you know, they downloaded the wrong light room map and they were like, well the APP was supposed to be free. Why am I all of a sudden I’m getting charged money every month for an APP to supposed to be free. And it’s like, well that’s because you downloaded the wrong version. You didn’t download the companion APP for Lightroom classic. You downloaded the companion app for Lightroom cc and that one wax you for 10 bucks a month or whatever the case may be. Um, so keep that in mind. The version that goes with Lightroom classic is free. The version that goes to the light room cc you do have to pay for, so then you’re paying two charges. You’re paying the one charge every month for the light room C C and you’re paying again for the Lightroom CC mobile companion APP.

Liam 08:20 I think they do have some sort of thing where if you do get the light room cc from the Mac App store and you have the same iCloud id on it and your mobile device, your iPad or iPad mini or iPhone or whatever the case may be, then I think at that point it will make the CC mobile app free for you because it’ll detect that you’re already paying the $10 a month for cc for the desktop. So I believe you can do that and it’ll save you a few dollars off paying for both apps. So I definitely recommend tried out, like I said, seven day free trial, turn off auto renews so you don’t get whacked at the end of the seven days if you forget to cancel it and just go ahead and kick the tires and see it. But that is what you needed to do.

Liam 09:03 It might be all you need or you might want to go with light room classic or some other possible photo editors. Like I said, there’s capture one. There’s another great one that I’ve been playing around with called [inaudible] lumen are three. Uh, they introduced libraries, a very similar role, similar to light room. And again, it loads a lot faster than light room cause it’s not primarily a database program. Um, and there’s some others out there. There’s gamma, which is more of a Photoshop replacement that’s totally free and available for windows, Linux and Mac, all three. But anyways, I don’t want to, I don’t want to get off on too much of a tangent on this light room article, but I did want to make my listeners aware and like I said, I’ll go ahead and include the link to go directly to it in the Mac app store in the show notes for this episode.

Liam 09:49 Now

Liam 09:50 the next bit of news I want to talk about is coming from Hasselblad. Hasselblad is announcing the new nine oh seven x and they say it’s the smallest medium format camera body ever.

Liam 10:08 The,

Liam 10:11 Oh, I’m sorry, paired with the upcoming CSV mark to 50 see digital back photographers will, we’ll be able to shoot medium format digital photography, but the classic Hasselblad experience, the new body and back, we’ll connect Hasselblad’s photographic history into one system. The company says the CFV mark to 50 see digital backbone container 50 megapixel. See Moss sensor that measures 43.8 by 32.9 millimeters. The back will be compatible with most the system cameras made from 1957 onwards. So let’s, that’s pretty impressive. Designwise the CSV mark to 50 see features, the look of Hasselblad’s famous medium format systems, beloved by photographers all over the world for many, many years. So we will blend in perfectly when paired with older bodies at the rear of the back as a tilted the touch screen for handling settings, reviewing photos and navigating the menu. The rechargeable battery is fully integrated into the bag, which means less of flexibility when it comes to power management. But an overall reduction in size. The back can also be recharged in camera using a standard USB c port cable. The ultra compact nine oh seven x provides the smallest possible option for using a B system. Yeah,

Liam 11:35 back. Okay.

Liam 11:37 And the, the images are beautiful of the camera system, uh, paired with this back. And I will definitely include a link to this article from pet a pixel in the show notes. The combination will offer a truly distinct photographic experience including the classic waist level shooting of the visa system enabled by the c f d mark, two 50 seat tilt spring hassle blood says the nine oh seven x compatible, all of Hasselblad’s x system lenses. And using adapters. Photographers will be able to tap into the lenses from the h system, the system and expand. Hasselblad is also creating a line of assessors. They include a control grip and external optical view finder and there are also a couple of uh, videos introducing the new body and back that will be a in that link in the show notes and you can go ahead and check out those videos for yourself.

Liam 12:32 Hasselblad’s said they will be announcing additional details, pricing and the villa availability for both the CFB mark to 50 c and the nine oh seven x body later on in 2019 so that’s definitely something to get excited about. I’ve mentioned in previous episodes, I’ve always wanted to get into medium format, uh, into a medium format system myself. But there are a little bit out of my price range. Uh, it’ll be interesting to see, uh, what price point Hasselblad comes in at for this combination. I have a feeling that even know it’s going to be the smallest medium format camera system that you can buy a, I have a feeling the price tag on. It’s still going to be fairly hefty and we’ll have to wait and see. Now I understand, you know it Hasselblad you’re paying for the name as well as the quality, but a general rule, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve never gone to medium format because the digital ones are so bloody expensive.

Liam 13:32 I mean, yeah, I can go on Amazon or Ebay and I can pick up, you know, older Mumia medium formats or, or you know, cameras and stuff like that. And I can get up one for two, three, $400. But it’s a film camera. So then you’ve got to buy the film, you got to pay to develop the film, you’ve got all the additional extra expense. And I don’t want to deal with any of that. If I do someday get into medium format, I want to go digital media format and not have to deal with all those headaches. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I have a feeling though, this model’s probably going to be pricing. Uh, I could be wrong and a, and I’ll explain why in just a second. Cause I’m gonna be switching gears and talking about the next major announcement from Hassell Blab.

Liam 14:13 So the next announcement from Hasselblad is the introduction of the x one d mark two 50 cc, which is going to be a faster and cheaper medium format, mirrorless camera body. Now some of you may or may not know Hasselblad release the original x one d I think it’s been a couple of years ago now. And it’s an, it’s a decent camera. You can of course use it framed, saying action or any, you know, any kind of, uh, you can’t shoot anything as fast moving. It’s more for portraits and landscapes and stuff like that. It does make incredible images, the software, um, and it is pretty good. The user experiences, uh, takes a bit to get used to, but it, it was a good camera. And I know Tony Northrop did a review on it and uh, he said it was a decent camera but it was lacking in some areas, especially for the $10,000 price tag.

Liam 15:10 Well now Hasselblad has announced the release as of June 19th. They’ve announced that they’re going to release the new x One d mark two 50 c and they say this medium format mirrorless camera body, which is a followup to the x one d original became available, uh, when it was unveiled back in 2016. So I stand corrected. It’s been about three years now since the x one d came out. Hasselblad says in the pursuit to continue the journey of taking medium format outside of the studio, we have put enhanced electronics in the camera for faster performance compared to its predecessor. The live view has a much faster refresh rate. There’s reduced shutter lag, reduced blackout time between frames, a faster shooting speed of 2.7 frames per second and a startup time that is twice as fast. There is still a 50 megapixel cmos sensor at the core of the camera of 43.8 millimeter by 32.9 millimeter one that measures 1.7 times larger than 35 millimeter full frame sensors.

Liam 16:13 The sensors features a native ISO range of 100 to 25,600 a 14 stop dynamic range, which is very impressive. And a large 5.3 by five points. Three U M pixels for fantastic tonality on the back of the camera is a higher resolution 3.6 inch, 2.3 6 million. Dot. Touchscreen up from the original three inch 920 k. Dot. Touchscreen in the x one d. This is the largest LCD display currently offered on a digital medium format camera. The electronic viewfinder has been upgraded as well, going from 3.6 9 million dot. Ebf with a 0.87 x magnification from the 2.3 6 million dot. EBF found in the original x one d that menu system can now be accessed when looking through the EVF as well, allowing photographers to work more seamlessly, especially with your out in sunny conditions. In addition to 16 bit raw photos, the camera can now capture a full resolution jpegs on their own for photographers wishing to trade post-processing flexibility for a faster workflow.

Liam 17:30 Speaking of workflow Hasselblad’s new focus mobile to APP now allows photographers to connect their camera to an I pad via the USBC or Wifi to transfer raw and jpeg files for editing. While out in the field there are a couple of short videos introducing this new camera and I will include the link to this story and the videos in the show notes. Now this does look extremely impressive. I watched a lot of videos on the original x one d and it was an okay camera, but for $10,000 I wasn’t going to pull the trigger, especially not when if I had the 10,000 to burn, I could go to phase one who’s headquartered right here in Atlanta and I could buy a factory refurbished, one of their medium format cameras with the back. And uh, oftentimes you can get a package deal where you got the body, the back and like an 80 millimeter lens as a complete set refurbished for like nine thousand ten thousand dollars which would be a much better deal because you’re, you’re also getting a free lens.

Liam 18:34 So, but I still hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. I really like to have a hassle. Glad we’ll have to wait and see how things flesh out. Now one of the things that really impresses me with the x one d mark two and it is available to order now with a price tag of $5,750. This new camera will begin shipping in July, 2019. Now to tell you, explain why I’m excited by comparison. The original x one D as I mentioned a little while ago, was priced at $8,995 when it was first announced. Um, but like I said, by the time you bought it and got the necessary items you needed for it, you’re at 10,000 or better before you actually had a system you could shoot with. So I am excited that the, uh, the mark two version of the x one D is going to be faster, easier to use, better performance, and the price tag, not quite, but it’s getting close to where it’s cut in half from what the original one costs.

Liam 19:34 Now, the other reason why I say this is interesting is because if you know anything about cameras and and what’s going on in the camera world, Fuji has been going crazy with their mirrorless medium format cameras. They just announced that are released that new, uh, what was the GFX 100 I think or something like that. It’s 102 megapixel sensor, a medium format camera. And the thing that’s interesting is Fuji has muralists media format bodies and they’ve been gradually bringing down their prices. They started out at about $10,000 and now there’s some models of the Fuji Film, medium format, mirrorless camera bodies that you can get for 40 $505,000. So I’m thinking with this mark, two of the Hasselblad x One d, I think Hasselblad is trying to get more competitive in their pricing so that they can try to steal a little bit of Fujifilm’s Pie. And that’s definitely a smart thing to do because anybody in the photography world that’s a serious photographer there, they know the hassle bled name and they know hassle bladder makes extremely high quality cameras.

Liam 20:46 They are, you’re paying for the name, you’re also paying for the quality. It’s kind of like buying apple products, but in my opinion Hasselblad’s a bit more expensive than apple is. But um, I do dream of having a Hasselblad one day and maybe with the, with the x one d coming out at 57 50, uh, maybe in a couple of years I’ll be able to afford to pick one up or who knows, maybe when the mark three comes out in two or three years they’ll drop the price again or, or maybe they’ll gradually dropped the price of this one after it’s been on the market for a little while. I’ll just have to wait and see. But it definitely, definitely is a, is a compelling announcement from hassle by two major announcements, a new cameras from Hasselblad this week. So that’s really, really exciting. Now the next thing I want to talk about is Nikons.

Liam 21:33 July rebates plus a new sigma sale. So most of last month’s rebates were extended and you can find the details down. Adorama and B and h photo Adorama has a promotion on two sigma lenses. The sigma 35 millimeter f 1.4 DG HSM art lens. You can now pick up for $250 or 28% off and it does include the firmware update Usb doc, which is pretty cool. The sigma 18 to 35 millimeter f 1.8 DC HSM art lens is now $270 or 34% off. It does not say if that one includes the doc or not, so I’m not going to assume that it does. This Sigma Sarah will expire on Monday, June 24th the list of all discount and signal lenses can be found at the length which I will include in the sale. A show notes, and here is the detailed list of current Nikon rebates on the Nikon z series.

Liam 22:33 They’re instant savings on the Nikon z body, $200 off it at Arama Bnh or Amazon, the Nikon z six 24 to 70 kit, $200 off at all three locations. The Nikon z six filmmakers skit is also $200 off at all three locations. The night gone as z seven body only will be $600 off the Nikon z seven 24 to 70 kit will also be $600 off and it does mention free Nikon FTZ adapter. Would the purchase of the Z six or the Z seven body? Either one and if you’re not familiar with the FTZ adapter is Nikons adapted, allows you to adapt your f mounting Nikon lenses to the new xe mouth that they use on the z six and c seven so you won’t have to get rid of your f Mount Glass, which is always good if you can keep your high quality glass and use a more modern technical, uh, a camera body that has more modern technology, that’s a win win for everybody.

Liam 23:36 In my book. That’s what I did when I got my ios are, I have, I have a couple of the RF mount lenses, but primarily I use the uh, control ring adapter and I keep using my l, you know, my f l a high quality glass that I use with my DSLRs. In that way I can use one set of lenses with both style bodies, both the RF Mao and the standard f mouse, so it’s a win win. Now, Nikon DSLR instant savings, the Nikon d 3,400 combos up to 350 off the Nikon d 3,500 combos to four 50 off the 5,600 combos up to five 50 of the d 7,200 up to six 50 off the 7,500 up six six 70 off the Nikon d 500 combos up to six 70 off the d six 10 Cabos, up to $100 off the Nikon d seven 50 combos, up to a thousand dollars off, which is very impressive.

Liam 24:38 The Nikon d eight 10 combos up to $800 off the Nikon d eight 50 combos of two $300 off and it also mentions free and B Two d 12 with the DA 10 which is 420 995 off the normal price and you get a free pack of [inaudible] 3,400 3,502 kit or two Lens Kit. You can get a $70 off instant savings and there’s some more of them here. I don’t want to read through all of them because it’s a long, long list and I don’t want to bore all my listeners to death reading every bit of it. Um, there is also some instant savings on Nikons coolpix which are their point and shoot cameras and all of these rebates are set to expire on June 29 so they’d been extended longer. You have to pretty much the end of June, you have until a week from this Saturday to take advantage of these Nikon instant rebates.

Liam 25:37 And if you’re an icon shooter and you’re looking to maybe upgrade your body or it gets a new glass now it would be the time to do it while Nikon’s got these July rebates going off, um, along with the sigma rebate sale as well. Now the last couple items I want to talk about our back in the world of cannon, which is what I primarily shoot. All of my cameras are Tannen with the exception of my Dji Phantom three. And then I also have a couple of the light truck, Elon, uh, light cameras as well as my Gopros, but now there is a deal on the sigma 35 millimeter f 1.4 DG HSM art series lens with the Sigma Usb Dok Four Five 99 this is for the Canon Mount. Now the interesting thing about this is it comes with the doc and you’re saving $300 because the normal price is eight 99 so you can definitely take advantage of this if you want to upgrade to that sigma 35 millimeter 1.4 art lens lens is fantastic.

Liam 26:44 I don’t personally have one. I’ve seen a lot of video reviews on it. I’ve talked to photographers and person that habit and use it and they absolutely love it. All you have to do is use the coupon code, inspire 19 at checkout to see the five 99 price if you get a coupon code error or change your shipping method away from no rush shipping. Now the key features on this, the Lens Mount is the Canon Eos fixed focal length. It’s a 35 millimeter lens, as I mentioned before, Lens for Madis full frame. So what we’ll work on your crop body, uh, cannon bodies as well as an actual them aperture of f 1.4 the special features. It’s if spiritual, the lens type Standard Slr Lens Lens series is sigma art series Sigma DG series. So that is a great deal on that 35 millimeter full frame lens from sigma and it is a fantastic lines.

Liam 27:41 Like I said, I don’t own one myself. I have the Canon Lens, uh, the uh, f a I think it’s, yeah, it’s an f to a 2.0 with image stabilization. That’s a great lens as well. It’s a little bit less expensive than this sigma on sale, but the said this segment is a bit better quality than the, than the Canon Lens that I have in ESF mount. Um, I do also have the new RF 35 millimeter from Canon, which is a 1.8 and I do believe that that Lens actually beats out the sigma and image quality and it’s still a little bit cheaper. That lens is only $450 so it’s still 150 cheaper than the sigma when it’s on sale. But Hey, this is a fantastic lens. If you pick one up while you got, they got the $300 off, and like I said, you’re getting the free Sigma Usb dock with it so that you can upgrade the firmware, calibrate the autofocus on the Lens, all of that good stuff.

Liam 28:38 It’s great to have that USB doc. It was one of the smartest things the sigma decided to come out with for their art series lenses because then the customers of these lenses, you know, you’re not paying a hefty amount of money for the higher quality art series lenses and then have a, you know, anytime there’s a major firmware update that fixes a bug in the previous firm for the lens that may be caused issues for you. The old way you had to send the lens into sigma, you had to wait, you know, have their, uh, repair and service center update the firmware for you, then ship it back to you. So you’d be without your Lens. For a few days and you couldn’t shoot it if you didn’t have the Lens Handy. So it was definitely a smart thing for sigma to come out with the USB docs so that you can update the firmware yourself.

Liam 29:26 Now, uh, right now the only art lens that I have from Sigma is my 12 to 24 which I’ve mentioned in previous episodes. I do also have the USB doc for it and it is fantastic to have that. I recently had the update the firmware on that 12 to 24 and it was great to be able to just set it in that doc and the doc plugged into my Mac, download the firmware update, run it in a few seconds, Bam, new firmware and my lens and I’m good to go. So it is absolutely handy having that capability. So if you are looking for a 35 millimeter lens that will make fantastic images and you want to get that Usb doc for free, now is the time to run over to sigma and pick up the 35 1.4 DG HSM art lens. And as I mentioned before, you get the free Usb doc with that, and with the inspire 19 coupon code at checkout, you will get, you’ll see the price change from eight 99 two five 99 which is going to save you $300 and you’re also actually, you’re saving a little bit more than that because the USB doc is frequently $60 if you buy it by itself.

Liam 30:37 So I guess you could say technically you’re saving $360 because you’re getting the USB doc that normally retails for $60 for free. So that is a really good deal. And I recommend all of my listeners check out these rebates from nine account. If you’re a Nikon shooter, checkout the rebates and sales from sigma that they’re continuing on and get yourself some good deal on some glass or a Nikon bodies. If you’re in the market for a new Nikon body, you can save some money there as well. And I’m really excited to, uh, see these new announcements from Hasselblad. I’m, I’m going to be interested to see what the price will be on the nine oh seven x. But like I said, I have a feeling if it’s got a digital back that’s compatible with their other cameras, I have a feeling that one’s going to be expensive.

Liam 31:25 It might be the smallest medium format digital body ever, but I think it’s also going to be very, very expensive. Um, be in it uses that particular back digital back. Uh, but we’ll have to wait and see. Now, like I said before, the, the idea of the x one d mark two dropping from nine to $10,000 down to 57 50. That is very intriguing because now Hasselblad is getting into almost the same price point as Fuji Film with their medium mirrorless medium format bodies. So it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the market. As far as I’m concerned. It’s a win win for consumers because now you have Hasselblad creating direct competition for Fujifilm and hassle bled is a heavyweight in the medium format world. It’s going to be interesting to see if they’re going to end up putting a serious hurt on Fujifilm’s mirror was medium format business is going to be definitely, definitely be fun to watch this play out in the, as we have progressed in the next year or two.

Liam 32:32 It’s going to be definitely a something. You’re going to want to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch and see the sparks fly. All right. I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this episode of the lamb photography podcast. You’ve been listening to episode 25 I want to thank all of my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes and anywhere else you might be listening to the show. Be sure to leave comments on the episode or any questions you might have. You are welcome to join the lamb photography podcast Facebook group. You can search us out on Facebook. It is a closed group, but in order to join you only have to answer one question which is the name of the host of the show, which is myself, Liam Douglas. You can put Liam or Liam Douglas. Either one is perfectly fine and you’ll be in like Flint and you are welcomed.

Liam 33:24 Once you’re in the group to post your own photographs, your own original work, please do not be stealing photos from other photographers that will get you reported and banned from the group permanently. I can’t stress that enough. I do not want people stealing other people’s work and trying to pass it off as their own. In this Facebook group. I love to see other people’s work and I am not a harsh critic. I try to help people as much as I can. If they ask for a creative criticism, I try to be as helpful and positive as possible and not talk down to them like some people like to do. Um, but please, please, please keep in mind only post your own a original work. Don’t even reshare another photographer’s work into the group. Even if you have their permission. I don’t care if it’s not your work.

Liam 34:20 Please don’t post it in the group. If it is your work, you’re welcome to post. Try to limit that to a maximum of five photos every 24 hours. And you can release some, you know, one at a time ever, you know, upload one every three or four hours. Or you can do the whole batch of five at one time as Kinda like a little photo album. And the, uh, the Facebook groups feed, that’s perfectly fine as well. But let’s try to limit it to no more than five images per day per person. So that as more and more people start uploading images, it gives all of us the opportunity to see everybody’s work. You know, leave comments, leave feedback, the pointers, all kinds of things like that to try and help out everybody as much as possible. All right. Thank you everybody for your time and I will see you again in episode 26.