Liam Photography Podcast: Episode 23 – Facebook, Nudity, Nik Collection & Apple

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In this episode I talk about Facebook’s Artistic Nude policy, a new version of the NIK Collection of editing plug-ins and Apple announces a new, Monster of a Mac Pro Computer and Monitor.

Facebook Protest on Nudity

Facebook to Reconsider Nudity Policy After Photographers Protest

NIK Collection 2


Apple’s new Mac Pro Tower and Monitor

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Liam : 00:01 Facebook to reconsider their nudity policy after photographers protest their policy. DxO upgrades the NIK   collection. It’s a major upgrade from DxO and Apple unveiled the new Mac pro at this week’s worldwide developer conference. All this on episode 23 of the Liam photography podcast

Liam : 00:41 Welcome to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas, and you’re listening to episode 23 so this week Facebook has agreed to rethink its stance on nudity following and outcry from photographers who have been protesting the social networks banning of artistic nudity in photographs. In recent months, Facebook has faced scrutiny for its community guidelines and central city or practices rights, the national coalition against sensors it ship or the NCAC, the site’s policies which make an exception for nudity and paintings and sculptures excludes photography. Photographers reported having their accounts and photos deleted without warning or explanation. So recently on June 2nd a bunch of people gathered to protest outside of Facebook’s in New York City offices to speak out against the company’s policy. 125 male and female models stripped down and held giant photos of male nipples over their bodies to cover themselves. The women also wore a male nipple nipple stickers over their own nipples.

Liam : 01:51 A reference to the fact that Facebook’s policies specifically banned female nipples. We restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. Facebook writes in his community standards document. Our nudity policies have become more nuanced over time. While we do restrict some images of female breasts and include the nipple, we allow other images including those depicting acts of protest. Women actively engaged in breastfeeding and photos of post-mastectomy scarring. We also allow photographs of paintings and sculptures and other art that depicts nude figures. The unusual photo shoot and protest made national headlines in the NCAC just announced that Facebook has agreed to meet with a group of artists, educators, curators, and activists to discuss its policies and figure out if or how they can be changed to better serve creators. Images of the human body had been a central subject for art for centuries.

Liam : 02:54 NCAC rights. Nevertheless, Instagram, the most popular platform for artists who share their work online and Facebook, both band photographic representations of a nude body. Facebook has confirmed it will be holding a meeting regarding nudity, the company notes that it hasn’t pledged to make any changes to its policy, but rather its goal is to learn more about outgoing concerns people have regarding its policies when it comes to artistic nudes. Now the one thing that I did find interesting from all of this is the protesters who protested outside Facebook’s New York City offices in the buff. I said that the, their group is known as we the nipple, which I thought it was a little bit unusual. And they even use Hashtag we the nipple on their Instagram post where it shows all of their, uh, nude backsides while they’re also holding the printed out nipples images above their heads with their hands in the air.

Liam : 03:56 So it’ll be interesting to see what happens here. Um, I know one of my friends, um, in the Illinois, a Chicago, Illinois area, uh, Brian Sadowsky does a lot of work photographing artistic nudes and, uh, he does a lot of different themes and stuff like that and he makes incredible images. And I know he’s complained numerous times because of the fact that Facebook makes him blur out, um, his subjects, nipples and stuff like that when he posts his images on Facebook. And that’s one of the reasons why, and this is something other artists and creators might want to think about. Um, he recently, while it’s been out a while now, but, and he told me about it as well. There’s another social media platform called [inaudible], which is an e w and there are somewhat similar to Facebook, but the big difference is on their platform.

Liam : 04:46 They do not censor artistic nudes. So Brian, my friend Brian is able to post his artistic new photos of his female models and different seeing shoots and stuff that he does and he doesn’t have to blur out their nipples. And I mean, he’s not doing pornographic stuff. Of course he’s not showing the genitals, but um, he does like the fact that on me, we, he can leave the images untouched and upload them on there and he doesn’t get censored or band or have his photo deleted or anything like that. So that may be something that these creatives want to consider. Um, if Facebook is not willing to adjust their policy. And, and in a way I can understand it because Facebook is used by a lot of people. I mean, it’s grown to be a massive platform and I can’t swear to it, but I think I heard or read somewhere, uh, not too long ago that they, I think they have like over a billion users worldwide or something like that.

Liam : 05:39 So they’ve got a large percentage of the Earth’s population on their platform. And so I can kind of understand, I mean, granted, it’s artistic nudity, but you have Facebook being used by children and not all parents would want their young, you know, four or five, six, eight year old seeing, you know, even artistic news. Now I know what you’re going to say. You know, photos like that have been in national geographic forever. But yeah, how many people bought National Geographic and let those articles laying around the house in front of their, you know, five or six year old. Uh, it didn’t happen very, I don’t imagine that happen too frequently. Um, so it might be possible. And Eh, you know, it might be possible if Facebook decides to modify their policy, they may have to come up with a way to verify a Facebook users age to determine whether or not the, their account would be allowed to view content like this.

Liam : 06:41 And I thought maybe one of the best ways they could implement that would be to require Facebook users to upload a scanned copy of their driver’s license or state issue id that proves there, you know, how old they are. Um, I thought that might be one possibility. So in other words, if you have an uploaded that photo id verifying your age that you are 18 or older, then they could just restrict your account from accessing these kinds of content. And maybe what in order to make that work with, they would have to do is on the creator side. Like my friend Brian, he might have to update his profile with a flag that says, yes, I do upload artistic nudes on a regular basis. And then because I, I’ve done development myself or I’ve written plenty of code in my time, it wouldn’t be too hard for Facebook’s and developers to take that information from Brian’s profile and then create an algorithm that will, uh, anytime somebody tries to access his artistic nude photos, uh, the system would check to see if that user had uploaded a, a valid photo id proving that they are at least 18 or over.

Liam : 07:46 And if they haven’t, then they’re not allowed to view the content no matter what. They can’t unblock it or uncover it or whatever. Cause right now they do allow, um, some types of, of questionable images on their platform. And I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m just saying images that to some viewers might be questionable content like graphic violence or stuff like that. And they currently, um, their system will automatically hide those images and it gives you a little warning and then it has a little bar and it says, click here. If you want to uncover this content and view it anyways and then you can, um, they can use something similar for a artistic news. But like I said, they would have to tie it into some sort of algorithm where it checks my friend’s profile sees. Yes, he does a upload artistic nudes, he’s a professional artist.

Liam : 08:32 He does do artistic nude work. And then, okay, just the viewer has the viewer uploaded up properly vetted photo ID issued by a state agency and verifying their 18 or over. And if not, then they can uncover those images. It’s as simple as that. So that might be something that Facebook could do to remedy this situation if, if they feel inclined to. And, and it’s hard to tell what they’re going to do. Facebook as a sometimes really stubborn about how they do things and their policies on their platform. Um, so, well, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but hey, at least they’re willing to meet with the NCA, sees, uh, folks in, or at least talk to them and get more of their side of the story and then, and then consider things from there. So it’s definitely something that, uh, we’ll have to wait and see how it flushes out.

Liam : 09:22 Okay.

Liam : 09:23 So for the next segment, the next item I want to talk about in this episode is the Nick Collection. That’s how I pronounce it. I hope I’m pronouncing it correctly. It’s n I k and the knit collection is a series of photography, plugins and presets that you can use within Photoshop light room as well as Photoshop elements.

Liam : 09:49 Okay.

Liam : 09:49 And they make really fantastic plugins. Years ago, um, the software was created by its original developing company and I can’t remember what the name of the company was. Uh, but anyways, when they originally released the software quite a few years back, they were originally selling the bundle of plugins for like 500 bucks. Um, and then eventually they were bought out by Google and Google decided to give the plugins away for free, which made a lot of photographers happy because their plugins are really fantastic. You can do a lot of really cool and creative things with their plugins.

Liam : 10:27 Okay.

Liam : 10:27 Um, so Google had acquired, uh, Natalie the night collection, but also the snapseed photo editing app that was available for both Mac and Ios. I, I’m not sure if snap she was available on android or not. It might’ve been, uh, especially since Google developed android. Um, I’m sure it probably was. Um, but at one time, uh, there was a bundle where you could get the night collection and snap seat in 2012 and it was $150 bundle, but you got it for free. Like I said, when Google had it, um, in 2016, you could get it for free, I should say. And then Google announced that it would, it would be abandoning the software in 2017 which I was really bummed out about, but at least I could still use, you know, the, the software that, the version of the plugins that I currently had, they still work just fine with the latest versions of light room and Photoshop.

Liam : 11:19 Okay.

Liam : 11:20 In 2017 the French photography company, Xo, and I’m sure many of my listeners, if you’re into photography or familiar with DX. So they put out some of their own photography, editing software. And they also do a lot of comparisons of sensors in cameras, the sensor capabilities, they’ve compare them all, you know, nick on versus Canon versus Fuji Versus Panasonic and Yada, Yada, Yada. Um, and those are known as Dx l marks. That’s the portion of their website where they give you their analysis of camera sensors, lenses, bodies, stuff like that. Well now then Dx, so in 2017 bought out the software and they promised a resume, resume development and it did in 2018 while making it a paid product again, but not nearly as expensive. Now after years of its rise and decline and changing hands, the software’s next major version is finally here and Dcxo is just simply naming it the new nick collection two or version two I would assume.

Liam : 12:28 So in this new version, they’re offering 42 new presets in addition to the 156 that already existed in the software. It adds the 42 new, they call en vogue presets to the original set of one 56 and there are 10 new recipes in color affects pro, which is one of the subprograms or plugins tend new black and white presets and silver affects pro, which I love. The silver affects a lot. It does a great job of making absolutely stunning, uh, black and white photographs. There’s 12 new presets for HDR and the HDR effects pro and tenue tool combos or the analog effects pro plugin as well. The latest filters and nick collection too. We’ll take your photos. Emotional impact to the next level says dx. So Mark Rdx. So the blue Monday preset and color effect pro combines the fresh look, a subtle vera tone coloring, the visual interest of cross processing and the softness of slightly de saturated effect per their statement. More silver and silver effects pro pairs. The crispness of silver toning with a fine grain resulting in black and white photographs that feature a level of balance contrast typically achieved only through dark room techniques.

Liam : 13:54 Okay.

Liam : 13:55 In analog effects pro, the new burned edges can be used to reproduce the burned edge vignetting Tony and framing effects typical of old fashioned analog cameras. Nick collection to also brings better or high resolution display for photographers on a windows machine. The software now supports high resolution monitors, uh, known as h Idpi on windows. The graphic elements of the color effect pro silver effect pro HDR effect pro and analog effect pro plugin interface have been improved to ensure flawless readability. When do through high resolution monitors, just like with the Macco s version. So a window side has been upgraded so that it looks better and high resolution monitors and windows like it has for eh always has and a macro s so they have a new bundling help photographers work with Raul photos. DSO is now bundling. It’s one $2,929 gxo photo lab 2.3 essential addition photo editing software inside the night collection too, so you’re actually getting both programs for a bundled price.

Liam : 15:09 The XO, the XO has developed integrations between it’s photo lab APP and the night collection with the introduction of a new dedicated button and dropdown menu after a raw photo is edited within photo lab too. It can be easily sent to nick collection plugin for further editing and enhancing with creative effects. Now for the pricing and availability night collection two is now available through the hub website with a price tag of $150 but it’s on sale for a hundred through June 30th. And an upgrade from the previous version will cost you $80, but as currently on sale for 63 June 30th. So you may want to hop on over to [inaudible] website and grab that while it’s on sale. Because I can tell you if I’ve been using DA, uh, the nic collection since I’ve originally released many, many moons ago and I really loved the plugins, they, they really can do some amazing, amazing changes to your images and a good way, uh, they can definitely punch your creative creativity up to the next level.

Liam : 16:15 So you definitely want to check them out. I’ll put the link to their website where they’re on sale in the show notes for this episode so that you can go on by there and check it out. I believe you can also download a trial version, um, that you can try out probably for 30 days before you actually would have to, uh, pay for alliance license and activate it. Um, I’m just looking on their site and yes, it does look like they offer a trial period. So you could definitely check it out and then decide after you’ve played around with the debate if you’d definitely want to pay for the licensing. I highly recommended it is really great software. And like I said, they work in Photoshop, light room, the exos photo lab to software as well as Photoshop central. So if you don’t have the high end Photoshop, you’ve got the less expensive Photoshop essentials, you will still be able to use this bundle of plugins, you edit your work. So I think that’s really exciting.

Liam : 17:26 So the next thing I want to talk about if you did not already know this week was the on Monday of this week was the start of Apple’s worldwide developer conference 2019 and apple did have a lot of really cool things to talk about during their keynote. They never disappoint. Um, the keynote for this year was over two hours long and they did talk about a lot of fantastic new things that are common. They talked about their new version of Ios. They’ve decided to break off the iPad into its own OSCP, which they’re now calling iPad. Oh, so ios will only be on the, the iPhone and the iPods. Um, iPad oh s will be the, the operating system on the IPADS. And then of course you have TV vos for the apple TV’s and Macco s for your desktop and laptop. One of the things that apple unveiled on Monday during their key note is a brand new redesigned Mac pro tower.

Liam : 18:30 Now this is something that a lot of artistics and creatives that have been clamoring for for quite some time. For many, many years. Apple made a Mac pro tower, which was very similar in design to a white box PC. In other words, a PC that you could build yourself at home by buying the components at a local store, like a micro center or someplace like that or Fry’s electronics. Um, and they were really popular because you could do a lot of the upgrades yourself. You could buy a standard graphics card, um, and put it in it. Or You could put extra hard drives inside the case cause they had, you know, additional internal hard drive slots just like a PC case did. You could have a, instead of the one hard drive that the system came with, you can preorder it with two hard drives, larger capacity, or you can order it with a basic card drive.

Liam : 19:22 And then once you got home, you could yank that out and put in your own bigger hard drives and you could have up to four hard drives. And then of course you can also upgrade the ram. Um, and creatives love that. And then a few years ago, apple decided to go with a totally different designed for the Mac, a computer, the Mac pro, and they created what came to be known as the wastebasket design. So it was a small round cylinder of a computer, um, which was very underpowered. They only came with a very small solid state, hard drive. I’m usually 64, 128 gigs or something like that. I mean they were ridiculously small and you could not easily upgrade the system. Well, consumers revolted as you can imagine, and they didn’t end up selling very well, especially for their price tag at the time, which I think was about $3,000 for a desktop computer that you can upgrade, you know, which was a little bit crazy.

Liam : 20:24 I don’t know who came up with that idea at apple, and I’m not sure if they got fired over that one or not. But anyways, so apple listened to their customers and now they’re going to be releasing a new Mac pro tower similar to what they released in the older days. And this one has a whole new design. The new model has a stainless chassis which is simply beautiful and then its outer shell has this unique cheese grater luck where they’ve created all these little circles, would different openings through them, kind of like uh, like I said, like a cheese grater. And what it is is it’s to improve the air flow to help cool the system and they put a lot of research and development, um, into this and came up with this new design that allows them to offer this high end tower for their customers with maximum cooling effectiveness.

Liam : 21:24 Now the thing that’s interesting aside from that is the fact that this new model will be capable of having any worse from eight to 28 core Intel Xeon Debbie processor in it at 3.5 Gigahertz, a standard, it comes with eight cores in the standard base price for this model is $6,000. It’s $5,999 and I’m not joking. Uh, the base model comes with eight cores, turbo boost up to 4.0 Gigahertz, 24.5 megabytes of cash and supports 26 66 megahertz memory. Then you can upgrade to the 12 core model with 24 threads. It’s 3.3 Gigahertz, a turbo boost up to 4.4 Gigahertz, 31.25 megabytes of cash and supports 29 33 megahertz memory and it goes on up from there. I’m not going to read off all of them until you cause I don’t want to bore everybody to death, but you can go to 16 cores, 24 and then 28 now the memory configuration, the base memory for the starting model, that’s $6,000 comes with eight cores and 32 gigs of Ram, which is four eight gigabyte dems.

Liam : 22:39 Now the thing that’s interesting is this as a first desktop style computer I’ve ever seen that has 12 dims slots for memory. You heard me right? You can put up the 12 memory sticks in this Mac pro tower, so you can get it with four eight gigabytes for 32 total. You can get it with six eight gigabytes for 48 six 16 gigabyte Dems for 96 ram, a six 30 twos for 192 gigabytes or ram six 64 Gig dimms for 384 gigabytes of Ram, 628 Gig dimms or 1264 gigabyte dims to get you 768 gigs around. Or you can go with 12 128 Gigabyte Dems, which can only be done on the 24 or 24 or 28 core processor, which would give you 1.5 terabytes of Ram. Now some of the other things that are interesting about this new tower, uh, the graphics system is configured in, but two NPX modules, which can have a total of four GPU.

Liam : 23:47 So you heard me correctly, you can have up to four graphic processing units in this tower. It comes with the Adm, ADM radian pro five 80 x which has 36 36 compute units, 2,304 stream processors, eight gigabytes of DDR, five memory up to 5.6 teraflops single precision to htmi 2.0 ports are on the card for display port connections. Robin the system to support internal thunderbolt three port support for up to six four k displays two five k displays or two pro display XD. Ours half NPX module fits an NPX bay and enables pcie slot to for additional expansion and there is other graphic uh, configurations that you can go with. Now the thing that was really interesting is they were saying when they were doing the presentation for this new Mac pro tower at the keynote, that with the top of the line model, which has 28 cores and 1.5 terabytes of Ram and you also have the for high end graphic cards, a gps in it, you can actually power six monitors simultaneously.

Liam : 25:12 And I’m talking about six of Apple’s new monitors, which I’m going to get to in just a moment here. Now the power supply is 1.4 kilowatts with the maximum continuous power of 1,280 Watson 105 or 108 to 125 volts or 220 to 240 volts. 108 a 1,180 watts at 100 to 107 volts. So it depends on the time that type of power your country has. Um, what kind of performance you can get in and the outputs of the power supply. But that is a monster size power supply. For expansion slots, you get eight PCI express slots. Two MPX modules are up to for PCI express. Lots can be used in the bays. Each mvx bay provides x 16 Jen’s three bandwidths for graphics x eight Gen three bandwidth for thunderbolt display port video routing up to 500 watts power for an NPX module. Alternatively, each Mpx Bay can support one full length, double wide x 16 gen three slot and one full length double wide x eight gen three slot in Npx Bay one or two full length double wide x 16 gen three slots NPX bay to up to 300 watts auxiliary power via two eight pin connectors.

Liam : 26:41 It will also have three full length express gen three slots and one half length x for Pci Express. Gen three slot with apple io card installed. Now the interesting thing is it also has something they’re calling after burner pro Rez and pro res role accelerator card. This is a PCI express x 16 card that accelerates pro Rez and pro res Raul Codex and final cut pro. 10 quick time player 10 and supported third party apps supports playback of up to three streams of eight k pro res Raul or up to 12 streams of four k pro res Raul. Now, the thing that was interesting is when they were demonstrating this machine on the stage, um, the, the person, the gentleman from apple that was doing this part of the presentation as far as how much computing power the system has, especially if you buy the top of the line version, which I’m predicting if the base model six grand, the top of the line ones probably anywhere between 30 and $60,000 with all the, all the hardware maxed out from apple.

Liam : 27:52 But the thing that was interesting is he did a demonstration with logic pro x, which is Apple’s audio editing software. It’s very similar to Adobe audition and he was able to add one, a 1000 total piece orchestra to logic pro 10 and this system still was not being maxed out. It had the capabilities to handle a lot more and the new version of logic pro 10 that’s going to be designed specifically for this model. You can only download it if you have this model. Mack. Um, we’ll give users the ability to handle 1000 audio tracks simultaneously in a logic pro 10 without this thing even breaking a sweat. And that’s just mind blowing. I can see a lot of professional studios and recording both movie and audio recording studios that are probably going to be buying these monsters to use a, um, you know, to produce albums and movies and stuff like that.

Liam : 29:00 It’s just crazy. Now as far as storage configuration, you can get up to four terabytes of SSD storage. Uh, the base model comes with 256 gig. Um, you can also get to five 12 gig modules for a total of one terabyte. You can get to one terabyte modules for total of two terabytes, or you can get to two terabyte modules for a total of four terabytes up to 2.6 Gigabit, a second sequential read speed. And 2.7 gigabits has set a a second sequential right performance and the storage is encrypted by the apple t two security chip, which is fantastic because then you don’t have to worry about uh, anybody compromising your data or your projects that you’re working on because of that high level of security. Now for input and output, the IOL card installed in the half length x for PCI express slot with two USB three ports support for USB, a up to five gigabits, a second, two thunderbolt, three port support for thunder, three up to 40 gigabits, a second support for USB, c up to 10 gigabits a second. And support for display port as well with two 10 Gig, either net ports you have support for 10 giggy than it performance over copper cabling. Also support for n base t industry standard one gigabit, 2.5 gigabit fiber gigabit 10 gigabit ethernet link speeds using RJ 45 or what’s also known as the cat five cat six network connectors.

Liam : 30:36 So, and in additional connections that has two thunderbolt, three ports on the top of the tower enclosure, it has built in speaker and a three and a half inch, a headphone Jack with a headphone support and input devices that comes with the magic keyboard with new America, with the numeric keypad, the silver black model Combo, and the magic mouse too, which is silver black. And you can optionally get the magic trackpad too, which comes in silver and black. Now I have the uh, magic keyboard and trackpad to um, in the silver and black color. And I liked it a lot better than the, uh, standard apple white ones. The white ones just tend to get too dirty. I have to clean them all the time. And with the black it’s not nearly as big an issue. And I was really bummed out because, um, apple never made a silver and black keyboard other than for their Mac books until, uh, what was it last year or the year before when they unveiled the imac pro.

Liam : 31:36 But at the time you could only get that silver and black keyboard and track pad or a magic mouse if you bought the imac pro. And I wasn’t about to drop a minimum of five grand for a new Imac when the one I have now is perfectly fine for what I need. It could stand to be a little more powerful. But overall I’m happy with it and I’ve had it for a couple of years. Uh, but then over time, I guess because a lot of people complaining like myself, apple decided to start selling the keyboard and silver and black keyboard and, and magic trackpad magic mouse separately. Um, they did of course charge a premium. What else is new?

Liam : 32:28 It’s capable of a, B, G and n network. So it works with all wireless networks and the Bluetooth is 5.0 wireless technology. Now the dimensions, and this is where it gets interesting, the tower is 20.8 inches tall or 52.9 centimeters. It’s eight point are at 17.7 inches long or 45 centimeters and it’s 8.5 inches wide or 21.8 centimeters. Now you can get the to this tower with optional wheels on the bottom so that you can move it around more easily, especially in your studio. Now you may think that sounds kind of crazy until you hear how much this bad boy ways its weight is 39.7 pounds or 18 kilograms. So yeah, that’s one FD monster, especially if you get it maxed out with all the hardware. I can just imagine, and of course the operating system is Macko s Mojave, which is the current version, and of course that worldwide developer conference 2019 keynote on Monday.

Liam : 33:40 They did of course, unveiled their next operating system, which will be available in the fall, which is when this new Mac pro tower we’ll be releasing and the new Macko West will be called Catalina. So of course this system will be capable of running Catalina as soon as it is released. Now whether the Os comes out first or the tower comes out first, if they both come out at the same time, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. But it is interesting and of course you’ll be able to upgrade free of charge. Anyways. Apple hasn’t charged for their operating system for a number of years now, which is great. They decided to go the free route like uh, most all of the major Linux distributions, which I think that’s good for consumers. Uh, it saves you money. I was never a big fan of apples are, I mean Microsoft’s licensing with the windows, it was always so expensive.

Liam : 34:32 Oh, and one other thing I forgot to mention that’s interesting about this imac tower is a, has a handle on the top of it that you and the center that flips up, it’s a half circle. You flip it up and you twist that and that’s how you unlock the enclosure so that you can lift the, the enclosure off the frame and get to everything inside. That power button is also on the top end. As I mentioned earlier, there’s two USB sees under bowl, three ports on the top, and there’s a handle on each end of the chassis to carry it by. And you’re definitely going to get a workout if you’re carrying this monster around. So the next item I want to talk about, the apple announced at the worldwide developers conference this week. And I know this is another apple item, but bear with me.

Liam : 35:20 A lot of photographers use apple products for editing their photos and videos. And I happened to be one of them, and I have a Mac book pro, so it is still photography related for this podcast. So calm down, don’t be me. Hate to grams over this. So, I don’t know how many of you knew this, but years ago apple used to sell their own monitors. Um, in the beginning they were cold cinema displays and then later they changed them to thunderbolt displays when they changed them to the center bolt hookups, you know, interface cables and they were fairly hefty. If you want it to get the 27 inch a thunderbolt display, you were talking a thousand dollars and I don’t get me wrong, it was a very high quality display, ips panels and all of that.

Liam : 36:08 Um, great color gamut, dynamic range, all of that stuff. It was a fantastic monitor, but I was not the kind of person who’s going to spend thousands, a thousand dollars for a 27 inch monitor when I can get one from LG or somebody else. That was fantastic for like a third, the price. And the other thing that always I always thought was weird was the fact that the thunderbolt display for the 27 inch monitor was $1,000 and for just a few hundred dollars more, you could buy it as a 27 inch Imac. And you got the display and a computer all in one, all in one body. So I always thought that was kind of odd that they’re monitor was almost as as as expensive as their 27 inch computer was. That was built into the Monitor. So anyways, I digress. Let’s get on with this. So this new monitor is called the pro display Xdr and apple and the Xdr stands for wait for it extended dynamic range.

Liam : 37:02 Now most of you, if you’d been in photography for any amount of time, you’re familiar with high dynamic range. Well apple is going beyond that to what they now call extended dynamic range. And this new, this new display is a 32 inch retinas, six k displays the first one ever made up to 1600 nits of brightness and astonishing 1 million to one contrast ratio and super wide viewing angle over a billion colors presented with exceptional accuracy and the dynamic range that transforms the professional workflow is introduced in this new pro display Xdr the world’s best professional display unit. And on their website you can watch the film on it. Now the thing that’s interesting about this new display that apple is releasing, its 32 inches in size and it’s six k and on the back of it it looks like it has four USBC ports or something or bolt three ports.

Liam : 38:06 And it also has that cheese grater looking design on the back of it, which is supposed to help with airflow and cooling. Now the thing that’s interesting about this is this unit, um, is brighter. It has a thousand nits of Fullscreen sustained brightness 16,000 that are 1600 nits and peak brightness and a 1 million to one contrast ratio. But the other thing that’s interesting is this monitor sells by itself for $5,000 you heard me right? 32 inch, sixK retina display for $4,999. Now that’s just for the display. If you want the sexy new stand to mount the display on to put it on your desk, the stand will cost you an additional thousand dollars. So in other words, if you want to upgrade to the new Mac pro tower, you’re talking a minimum of six grand. If you buy the base model and then another six grand for the 32 inch six k display with its stand and the stand is pretty cool.

Liam : 39:22 It has, um, an interesting articulating arm component to it that goes into the back of the monitor and it’ll actually move to some really cool tilt and raised in lower positions and stuff like that. It’s really cool. And you can check it out on Apple’s website. I’ll put the link in the show notes, but I don’t know if, I don’t know if I believe any desktop stand for an a monitor is worth $1,000. I mean it’s, that’s all real premium price. But then again, if you’re somebody that owns a multibillion dollar movie studio or a recording studio, I guess maybe that’s not that big a deal. Uh, but you’ll leveli have to decide that for yourself. Now they do also offer a, I believe they called it a v side after they go on the back. So you can wall mount to monitor if you’d prefer.

Liam : 40:13 And this monster six k monitor is the one I was talking about earlier when I was talking about the macro tower being able to with it’s maxed out graphics card for for GP use, it can handle six of these monitors simultaneously. So you’re talking six 32 inch, sixK monitors all being driven by that Mac pro tower. So again, if you’ve got a a big Hollywood studio or or a something along that lines a, you do a lot of movies or TV and you really that prefer to do your work flow in and Mac, this is the monster that you need. But like I said, no word yet on the total cost for the top of the line Mac pro tower. But the base unit with 256 gigs of storage, 32 gigs of Ram and eight core processor is going to run you $6,000 and like I mentioned earlier, I can almost guarantee that the fully maxed out model with four GP use one and a half terabytes Ram, four terabytes of storage in 28 cores.

Liam : 41:24 I would estimate probably gonna run somewhere between 30 and $60,000 but again, like I said, if you’re, if you’re a big Hollywood studio, that’s probably not that big of an expense for you. If you’ve got billions of dollars, um, and you can produce, you know, thousands of movies on this setup, you know, you buy three or four of these, whatever you need to get your studio, keep your studio going, you know, full bore with all this processing power and editing power, then yeah, it’s definitely going to be worth it for you. So I thought that was definitely something interesting to talk about on this episode. And again, like I said, I understand that it’s a primarily a photography podcast, but I do like to talk about new technology like this that is frequently used by photographers and videographers in their workflow. I definitely feel that it, that it fits into the category of being included in a photography podcast. So I hope you’ll all bear with me and not get too angry and send me too much hate mail over talking about computer stuff.

Liam : 42:24 Okay.

Liam : 42:25 All right. So that’s all I have for this episode. Episode 23 of the Liam photography podcast. I want to thank all my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing and iTunes in any other software you might use to listen to this podcast, which now includes Spotify and stitcher. I’m still trying to get on Pandora, but so far they haven’t gotten back to me on whether or not they’re going to include my podcast on their platform.

Liam : 42:50 Okay.

Liam : 42:50 I also want to remind all my listeners that you are free to join the Liam photography podcast Facebook group. You are required to answer a question. It is a closed group. Uh, the question that you have to answer to get entry into the group is the name of the host, which is myself. You can put Liam or Liam Douglas and we’ll let you into the group if you don’t answer the question that I will not let you into the group. I figured that’s pretty simple and straightforward and the whole reason why I do that is to cut down on the amount of bots and spammers so they’re not annoying everybody. And as I mentioned another episode and every episode, you are free to upload your own original photographs to the Liam photography podcast, Facebook group. Please do not share other photographer’s work. Don’t be taking other photographer’s work and resharing it into the group or posting it as your own stuff when it is not actually an original piece of work of your own.

Liam : 43:47 If you do that, you will be banned from the group. Please only share your original content. And let’s try not to go too overboard. Let’s say no more than five images in a 24 hour period. You can upload them one at a time or you can do a batch of five and a little slideshow or whatever you want to call it there. The way Facebook renders, uh, multiple photos in a, in a single upload, you know, where you just click the Arrow on the left or right to scroll through them, um, in the low, like a non automated slideshow. But like I said, you are free to upload your own original work to the podcast group, and you can request credit, uh, creative criticism on your work by, uh, saying cc, please. And I will leave it with this and I will see you again next week. In episode 24.