Liam Photography Podcast: Episode 21 – Fake Batteries, Nikon Issues & More

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In this episode I talk about Fake batteries sent out to B&H customers, Nikon Service Advisory, Peak Design enter tripod market and an airport in Canada partners with photographers.

Fake batteries Slip past B&H

B&H is Replacing a ‘Subpar’ (i.e. Fake) Batch of Nikon Batteries

Technical Service Advisory for Nikon Z 6 & Z 7

Travel Tripod by Peak Design

Jean-Lesage International Airport partners with photographers

This Airport Made Fence Holes for Planespotting Photographers

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Liam 00:01 B&H is replacing subpar or fake batteries. Technical Service advisory for users of the Nikon z six and Z. Seven a new travel tripod made by peak design in an airport that works with their local plane spotting community. All of this on episode 21 of the Liam photography podcast

Liam 00:48 podcast. I’m your host league and Douglas and this is episode 21 some B and h customers who had recently purchased a Nikon e n Dash l 15 be battery received an unusual email. The retail giant says it’s sold a subpar batch of batteries or possibly counterfeit batteries and would be replacing all of this model of battery sold within a specific timeframe. Icon rumors first reported on the email sent out posting a screenshot of it which read in part. It has come to our attention that we unfortunately received a subpar batch of Nikon and a h e l 15 B rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Since it is impossible for us to ascertain which of our customers receive from the affected batch. We will be replacing all of these batteries sent you our customers regardless of which battery they might have received. With regard to the battery you have received, please discontinue use and take the battery to the nearest recycling program.

Liam 01:56 A resource will help you find a location near you and they included the link. The battery should not be thrown in general trash and please do not attempt to shift the batteries back to us as it is potentially dangerous to do so. The Nih says the replacement batteries will be sent out for free to affect your customers within the next day or two. So it looks like, um, not only do sometimes a small consumers, uh, buying from places like Amazon gets earned with counterfeit batteries are memory cards, but it looks like even on occasion of big company like Bnh can get caught up in the counterfeit battery market as well. The Nikon N Dash l 15 be batteries cost around 60 to $70 or in are compatible with a number of the companies, DSLR and Merrill has cameras including the e six and Seven d eight 50 the d 500 and the 7,500 as BNA age notes in the email, genuine Nikon e n Dash l 15 be batteries were sold alongside the counterfeit.

Liam 03:05 So if you did receive a real one from your purchase, your replacement will score you a second. Real Battery for free. Icon has issued notices about the counterfeit products over the years. Warning of everything from fake assessors to fake DSLR cameras. So I mean this is getting to be pretty prevalent and a lot of these retailers now, they do their best to try to eliminate the possibility of their customers being affected by counterfeit products. And you can’t really knock them because some of the counterfeits are really, really good. I mean they do a good job of looking like the real McCoy, if you will. And I do remember from awhile back when there was an issue with counterfeits, Sandisk SD cards being sold on Amazon, that the only real way you could tell the counterfeits from the real thing where the counterfeits all had a little yellow plastic locks slider on the side of them where the genuine sandisk ones, they were always a light gray in color.

Liam 04:16 But you know, your average consumer, especially if they’re just getting into photography, they might not realize that that slide lock was supposed to be gray and not yellow. And a lot of people didn’t know that. I knew about it because of the fact that I’ve worked in it for a long time as well as photography for a long time. Uh, luckily I’d never ended up in any of any of those counterfeit SD cards. And I can say that Amazon’s done a pretty good job of, of getting most of the counterfeits off their platform. So I do have to commend them for that. And a, I do feel bad for B and h that they got schnockered by a batch of counterfeit batteries. And the thing is, a lot of these, most all of these counterfeit products to be honest, are made and manufactured in China.

Liam 05:02 And the Chinese have been notorious, as I’ve mentioned before in other podcast episodes, they’ve been notorious for not honoring patents or copyrights or trademarks of other nations. So they basically let companies in their country just blatantly rip off and counterfeit products all the time. Uh, anything from SD cards do you camera batteries to full on, you know, Chinese knockoff replica’s of Rolls Royce Cars if you can believe it. But, uh, it’s definitely said to see the Bnh gotten burned by this and you know, and I also feel bad not for Bnh, but I feel bad for the Nikon customers, you know, and it’s not enh his fault really, that their customers got schnockered, you know, it was completely by accident. Enh didn’t know in July after they had already shipped out a bunch of these batteries that they had gotten a counterfeit batch. And of course by then it was too late to go back.

Liam 06:01 It’s pretty much impossible to go back and track through, you know, which costs customers. Got a legitimate battery in which customers didn’t. So the only way being HQ can get around this or remedy this problem is to just replace all of those model batteries to all of their customers that bought within a specific timeframe, within specific window of 30 days or 60 days or whatever the case may be. And that’s going to be determined probably by how quickly they turn over a batch of batteries, you know, so in other words, if they get in, you know, they order those batteries, you know, 10,000 at a time or 5,000 a time where the case may be and they know that, you know, in a 30 or 60 day period, they go through the entire 5,000 count batch and then they have to order another batch of 5,000 then it gives them a pretty good idea of at least the timeframe, you know, what two months, you know, any of the orders for the, that battery came in over a two month period, you know, then they have a reasonably good idea of which customers were affected.

Liam 07:01 But it’s just really sad to see, you know, even a large company like this getting snookered by counterfeit products, um, especially photography products is, it’s just really disappointing and I’m glad that B and h is really stepping up and looking out for their customers. B and h has always been a fantastic company. I’ve bought a lot of merchandise from them and they are super reputable. They’re a really great bunch of people that work there and they have a really great photography podcasts that I enjoy listening to as well. So it’s great that they’re looking out for their customers. I want to say Kudos to them for being proactive on this and not waiting until they received a much of complaints from our customers, you know, um, you know, or complaints about batteries exploding or something like that, which of course, you know, a company like Bnh isn’t going to allow that.

Liam 07:52 Something like that to happen. Unh, you know, they have mechanisms in place on their side to try to mitigate any kind of issues like that, you know, customers getting paid products. So it’s just really great to see that they caught it as quickly as possible and they reached out to all of their customers than an ordered that particular model battery and made them aware of the potential issue and said, hey look, we’re going to make it right. We’re going to send you a replacement battery free of charge. And that’s really great and it’s really great that they’re looking out for their customers because I mean there are a company that their reputation is everything and I can understand that, especially in the photography world, they’ve been around for a long time and just like Canon, you know, their reputation is everything to them and they don’t want it to be solid over a bad batch of batteries.

Liam 08:45 So I say Kudos to them for looking out for their customers and taking excellent care of them. Like they always do. Anytime you need to buy something, a photography or even electronics, uh, I recommend checking out Bnh a, they’re not a sponsor of the podcast, so I don’t want you to think they are. I’m just somebody who’s been a customer of theirs for a few years now and I have always had a good business relationship with them. You know, on the products that I’ve bought off their website, whether they have photography products or other electronic products. They’ve just been a standout company, so I definitely recommend that you check them out if you haven’t already. All right. The next item I wanted to talk about on this episode is a Nikon Technical Service advisory for users of the Nikon z six z seven cameras and I’m getting this right from Nikon imaging USA website.

Liam 09:41 Then I kind of USA website and let’s see. Here are the issue. While Nikon is taking great measures to ensure the high quality expected them Nikon products, it has come to our attention that the vibration reduction or VR feature and some of the Nikons six and z seven cameras may not function fully. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. A solution I’ve gone is resolve this by making available corrective service for effective z six and e seven cameras free of charge including the cost of shipping, the effected c six and c seven cameras, two Nikon as well as it’s returned back to the customer. Even if you’re as aesics or z seven camera warranty is already expired, which I’m not sure how that would’ve happened because if I remember correctly, Nikons warranty on their camera bodies is usually a year and be in the Z six and z seven just came out in September.

Liam 10:39 I don’t know how anybody would already be out of the warranty period for it, but I’m sure there are lawyers probably had them put it in there just to cover their butts. Ah, that’s the one thing I can assume. Um, there is a way to identify the effective products and to request service to determine whether your camera is one of those effected. Please click on the appropriate to check Searle number button below and enter the serial number of years aesics or z. Seven cameras indicated and there’s a separate link for each body type. And I’ll put the link to this when it’s a subsection of Canon USA [inaudible] website in the show notes for this episode. And if your camera is one of the effective models, instructions for requesting service, including receiving your free shipping label will be displayed on screen. You may also contact knock on customer relations by visiting Nikon for assistance if you are Z six or z seven camera is not one of these effects, those affected this’ll be displayed on screen and you continue using your camera without cause for concern of this issue.

Liam 11:46 And that goes on to explain how to find your camera’s Soro Lumber, um, which is on the camera’s on the back of the camera and the serial number will be the seven digit number printed on the label of fixed to the camera body is indicated by the red frame and the image above. Um, so like I said, I’ll go ahead and, and put the link to this page in the show notes for this episode. And I know this isn’t the first time that Nikon has had a service issue with one of their cameras. I know if I remember correctly, there was a total of, I think three different recalls on the d seven 50. Um, and I can’t remember if they were all for the same issue or if they were for a variety of issues, but I do remember, um, herons from some of my photography photography friends they shoot Nikon, that the d seven 50, I believe it was, had ended up having two or three recalls.

Liam 12:44 So looks like a Nikon is struggling with some quality control issues in or camera division. I don’t know, but it definitely doesn’t sound good. I don’t personally know of Canon or Sony or Fuji or any of the other companies having two or three recalls for the same camera body. But I could be wrong. And yet, and again, I’m not trying to bash Nikon. I just thought it was awful weird. Uh, it’s great that they’re looking out for the customers just like Bnh was with the counterfeit Nikon batteries. But, um, like I said, hopefully this will be the only recall issue for this [inaudible]. I know they’ve been fairly popular cameras and a pretty good overall a first attempt at a mirrorless full frame for Nikon. And so hopefully things will continue to look up for them moving forward and that they’ll uh, dingy continue developing their marital is full frame, full frame line like a canon and Sony and some of the others.

Liam 13:46 And we will continue to benefit as consumers of their Meryl is full frame bodies. So that is it for that segment. Now the next segment I wanted to talk about is pretty exciting and I don’t know how many of my listeners are familiar with them or not. Uh, depends on how much shopping you do for photography related accessories. But peak design has been around for quite awhile now. I did some blog articles about some of their products in the past on my blog portion of my website, my lay of photography, uh, dot net website, but, uh, a made straps. Uh, they’ve made carrying bags, messenger bags, backpacks, um, and straps for your camera. I think next straps as well. Um, as well as some interesting, um, camera mounting hardware, um, clips that you could put like on the shoulder straps of your backpack where you could lock your camera into a special plate that attached to your backpacks shoulder strap and you can hang your camera from that special plate and have it readily handily available.

Liam 15:02 Especially if you’re using a backpack that’s not necessarily a photography backpack. Let’s say you’re somebody that’s a very outdoors type person. You’d like to go hiking and camping and stuff like that, but you’re also into photography. You could be out on a weekend hike and camp out, you know, somewhere in the mountains or whatever and you know, you’re carrying your standard outdoor type backpack. You’ll have all your gear in it, your bedroll and all of that good stuff. But you want to take your camera to snap pictures of any interesting wildlife that you find on the way or while you’re out there in the wilderness for the weekend. And he designed has made some really cool mounting systems that will go on a regular backpack shoulder strap and allow you to safely and securely anchor your camera body there. So it’s at the ready when you do spot something interesting that you want to shoot.

Liam 15:54 Well now take designed these, decided to get into the tripod arena as well. So they’re calling it the travel tripod and it is a full feature tripod and a truly portable form and we’ll, it looks interesting about this tripod that there, and this is up on Kickstarter right now. They’re, they were raising, backing forward on Kickstarter. Uh, they were hoping to get a pledge of $500,000 is their goal and they’ve already hit three point $6 million, uh, from 88,180 backers, um, with 56 days to go on their Kickstarter can. Mate, peak design has been extremely successful on Kickstarter and they make some really, really awesome high quality, uh, photography related year. And I definitely recommend them to any photographers that are looking for something a, whether, like I said, it’s a hand strap for your camera. So when you’re out doing street photography in a city like Atlanta or New York, you don’t have to worry about somebody running up and snatching your Gammar and taken off with it.

Liam 17:01 Uh, when I did photography street photography on a regular basis, when I worked in downtown Atlanta, I always had the camera that I used, that I took to work with me. I always had a hand strap on. So that way I was not only holding the camera in my hand, but it was actually strapped to the wrist. So if somebody ran up and tried to snatch the gamma and run off with it, they weren’t getting too far because the camera would stay attached to my arm. And uh, so I didn’t have to worry about that. But like I said, peak design has been making fantastic products for a long time in this try a travel tripod of theirs looks very, very compelling. It has quick attaching and intuitive compact ball head as a single ring for total head adjustment. It has a deployable center column Knob.

Liam 17:50 It’s optimized for a full frame DSLRs and telephoto lenses and includes a stowable phone mount and soft gaze. And the architecture I definitely agree with them is groundbreaking. Um, and it eliminates a lot of wasted space and tripods. Basically the way this tripod works, so a standard travel tripod, usually when they’re completely collapsed, you actually have basically like four cylinders. You add the cylinders, three cylinders that represent the individual legs, and then you had the center column cylinder. Well with peak design, with their travel tripod, they’ve actually designed it, you know, and when the standard travel tripod, when it’s folded up, when it’s collapsed all the way, you still have a fairly large triangular shaped package. And the way peak is designed theirs, when their tripod is fully collapsed, you end up with a more round profile of their travel tripod and they say it’s basically the size of a water bottle when it’s completely folded up, which is pretty impressive.

Liam 19:01 And it says they spent four years designing the trial, redesigning the tripod from the ground up to eliminate as much dead space as possible and minimize pack down size. Now the one thing that does worry me a little bit, and I’m not saying this because Pete doesn’t make quality products, they do absolutely. But the one thing that worries me looking at the images of this tripod is when it’s fully deployed, the legs have five sections to them altogether. So by time you get down to the very bottom of the tripod, that section of each leg is fairly skinny. And I’m just worried about how strong they’re going to be when they’re fully extended like that. That’s one of the things that does worry me. Now, like I said, peak design makes fantastic gear. They make very high quality products along. I’m assuming it’s going to be okay.

Liam 19:57 But for me personally in the past, I’ve always stayed away from these kinds of tripods because I never felt that they were strong enough that they would be secure enough to be holding, you know, several thousand dollars in heavy camera gear on, um, with the legs, that skinny at the very bottom, you know, when you have fully extended, if you have all of the sections extended out at one time, and the ones that are actually making contact with the ground or the smallest and skinniest in diameter just makes me a little bit nervous. So I’m not sure how crazy I would be about using one of these tripods. I mean, it does look great and it’d be great if it, if it’s very sturdy, which I’m assuming it will be, uh, again, because this peak design, uh, but I’m not sure if it’d be the kind of tripod I would want to carry.

Liam 20:49 Now it is cool that they made the, they made this tripod so that the whole thing can be deployed and then pack down again really rapidly. Uh, they say nearly twice as fast as the traditional tripod. And one of the things that is really cool about it is the, the latch mechanisms for extending legs. The unique way that they shape the latch mechanism. Puke can actually unlock all five sections with a single movement. So if you’re gonna, you know, extend it out to its maximum height, you can more quickly deploy it because you can flip all of those latches with one move and extend it all out and then flip them all locked again with one move. So that, that part is pretty cool. And I do like the fact that it comes with a type of ball head. Um, as part of the tripod itself, I’m sure it’s removable.

Liam 21:49 Uh, most drive ons, you know, the heads are removable and replaceable. You can swap them out, you’d go over the ball head or you can change it out to a pan until head or you know, any of a number of different styles of heads. And I do think it’s cool that it also comes with the universal phone mount. Uh, and the universal phone, I actually stoves within the center column so you can actually extend the very center of the center column upward where normally the center of column you know, um, is how you extend the head area of the tripod to get a little more height, um, where the way this one’s designed, you not only have that but then in the center of the center column and actually has a subsystem that can pop up past the head and that actually acts as a phone mount.

Liam 22:42 So you could use your, uh, you can use the tripod with your iPhone or android phone to do panoramas quickly and easily. So that’s pretty cool as well. And their whole mantra is pro performance at half the size. And like I said, it does look really impressive. It looks like it’s going to be another really popular product of theirs that everybody in the photo photography community, especially the pros are going to really embrace and they’re going to offer it in both aluminum as well as carbon fiber. So you will be able to order one from the Kickstarter campaign page. You can make a small venation and not get anything or you can make more substantial, um, donation or pledges, I guess you could say to the project for a pledge of two 89 or more, you get the aluminum travel tripod, which is going to retail for 349 95.

Liam 23:43 So you’re getting $61 off and includes the legs, the ball had to quick release play, mobile mount load hook, hex key and protective case, and they’ll ship it anywhere in the world. Estimated delivery is December of 2019. So the whole goal with this project is to get these into production and time to ship them out for the 2019 holiday season. And it also says below that if you make a pledge of four 79 or more, you can get the carbon fiber model at $121 off its retail price, which will be $600, um, when, once it becomes available on the market. Um, and again, ships December, 2019 to anywhere in the world. And so they’re going to offer in two different versions, the aluminum and the carbon fiber, which is really cool. Some people prefer aluminum. I kind of prefer a carbon fiber. Um, due to some injuries I sustained in the last few years, I like to have my tripod be as light as possible.

Liam 24:49 So that’s why I prefer a carbon fiber. And because carbon fiber is extremely strong and resilient, um, it’s not cheap, but as strong and resilient. And so I, I mean I do have tripods that are aluminum. I only have one carbon fiber one, but, uh, and then I do have a couple of aluminum ones, but primarily I use my carbon fiber one of these days just because of the fact that it’s considerably lighter in comparison to my aluminum one. But this is definitely exciting and it looks like it’s going to be a really cool new entry into the world of photography. Tripods is if it isn’t already a crowded field, but with the reputation that peak design has and their reputation, especially for quality products. I can definitely see this being a big threat to the rest of the tripod manufacturers on the market. So we’ll have to wait and see how this fleshes out.

Liam 25:45 But it’s definitely some exciting news and I definitely recommend the, you at least stop by the Kickstarter page and, and check out the images and also watch their project videos that they have. Um, it is designed to go, uh, super low as well for shooting flowers and stuff like that. If you’re into macro photography and the legs do fold out to where it’ll pretty much lay flat, the lights completely flat, so your camera’s only a few inches off the ground, what you, most of your good tripod’s a these days have that capability. So, uh, definitely something for the macro photographers get excited about. And like I said a, I will go ahead and put the link to the Kickstarter page in the show notes for this episode so that you can stop by and check out the, the article itself on Kickstarter or see the images as well as see the demonstration videos.

Liam 26:39 Uh, certainly looks like it’s going to be a fantastic product for all the photographers out there. The last thing I wanted to talk about before I wrap up this episode is an article I found on pet a pixel about an airport that has made lives easier for photographers that like to do plane spotting. This airport is actually made sections of it’s fencing that are specifically designed for photographers that like to photograph airplanes is they’re coming and going and there’s a fairly large community of plane spotting photographers around the world, uh, who like to camp outside airports to photograph to planes and, and get photographs of the runways and the tarmacs and all that good stuff. And now a major airport in Canada has decided to serve its local photographers by creating dedicated holes in its fence for the camera lenses to poke through the genre.

Liam 27:40 Sage International Airport of Quebec, Canada’s 11th busiest airport and also last week that it has partnered with the Quebec based plane spotting community. Why QVE aviation to install a special panels around the perimeter of the airport to provide photographers with a variety of views of the runways and the tarmac and notice on each of the panels states that it is an area reserved for photographers only and if you’d like to visit the airport there’s a map showing where the 10 photography holes can be found on the a pixel article and the airport says happy plane spotting. It’ll be interesting to see if this idea takes off and is picked up by other major airports around the world. Although I don’t know if it’s something that would happen in the u s because I know Tsa and airport security has been really, really, really heavy since, you know, the nine 11 attacks in 2001 so I doubt we’ll see anything like this around American airports anytime soon.

Liam 28:45 But who knows, maybe a, maybe they’ll uh, let photographers have dedicated spots to photograph to planes, but uh, I doubt it, but it would be interesting to see if maybe some of the other airports around the world and other countries like Spain or Greece or the UK or Japan or someplace like that might follow the lead of follow deleted this Quebec airport and make it a little bit easier for shutterbugs to get photographs of the planes is they’re coming and going. Um, I liked photographing planes from time to time myself on my girlfriend, Janice and I have actually stopped along the interstate outside of Atlanta here I 85 where runs north and south. We’ve actually parked along the interstate with our cameras and photograph to planes as they’re going in and out of Hartsfield Jackson, Jackson International Airport and can be pretty cool. And you get some really awesome shots, especially, you know, if you’re parked in the right spot where the planes that are coming in for a landing or pass and directly overhead, you know, you’re pretty much in a straight line with the runway they’re headed to.

Liam 29:55 Um, as you’re sitting along the interstate. We’ve been lucky enough that any of the times we’ve done it, we have an hassled by any of the police, uh, which is a good thing. I don’t know if they’d be really happy with us doing that. I have, it’s not like we’re causing a road hazard. We always stop along. An area of IAT five were there. There’s a really, really wide paved shoulder that you can pull way off of the interstate and be totally out of the way of traffic so you’re not impeding, you know, the flow of the traffic to and from Atlanta. And we’ve done that. We actually stayed out there one day for a good hour. I think it was and took photos of the planes as they were coming and going and we didn’t get hassled by any of the highway patrol or anything like that.

Liam 30:43 So, um, I honestly don’t know if any, any police officers drove by while we were out there doing that or not. Um, but I would imagine probably one or two did because it’s a heavily traveled road. But uh, you know, like I said, I don’t know if it’s something they would be cool with or not, but it is definitely a lot of fun to get the unique perspective, uh, of a plane as it’s taking off or coming in for a landing that you can only get if you run a direct line with the runway that they’re using. You know, because he, as it goes overhead, you can get shots of the belly of the plane as it’s coming in with the landing gear extended. If it’s one coming in for a landing and well, even if it’s taken off cause the landing gear is going to be down for a certain amount of time after a first takes off, you know, before they retract it.

Liam 31:30 Um, and you can get some really cool, especially if you’ve got a good telephoto Lens, you get some really cool closeups of, you know, the decals and stuff like that on the plane and get good views of the paint scheme and stuff like that, which can be a lot of fun. Uh, if you’re into stuff like that, which I am. Um, but it definitely, like I said, it’ll definitely be interesting to see if any other or airports around the world decided to follow this airport’s lead and offer up these special panels to photographers so that they can more easily take pictures of planes without having to try to shoot through chain link fencing, uh, which if you know anything about photography, shooting through fencing can be a real pain. Um, I’ve seen a lot of people that have tried to shoot, you know, photograph animals at the zoo and stuff through the defensing of their enclosure.

Liam 32:21 And it usually doesn’t throw him out very well. You either have to be lucky to be tall enough that you can shoot over the fencing or um, or take a tripod or monopod that allow you to get up tall enough to be, get your lens of the fencing so that you can get a clean, clear shot on. And then of course if you’re doing that, then you can’t yeah. Age how good your composition is. You know, you can’t see your composition and framing if you’re camera’s above your head when you’re trying to get a photo. But you know, people, people try that all the time, especially with selfie sticks and things like that at different monuments around the world, they can get annoying but will definitely be a, I think it’s definitely a cool idea. And uh, it’ll definitely be interesting to see if other airports follow suit.

Liam 33:10 That is all I have for you this week on episode 21 of the Liam photography podcast, I want to thank my listeners again for subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes or anywhere else that you catch this podcasts, which now includes Spotify as well. I’m still trying to get on a Pandora as well as but I haven’t heard back from either of those uh, platforms yet. I don’t even know for sure if they’ll send me a confirmation email if I do get on them, but I keep checking every so often to see if my podcast is showing up on there. And so far, no love, but at least we’re on Spotify as well as iTunes, stitcher, Google play in many others. So I appreciate everybody for listening, subscribing, rating and reviewing like I mentioned a moment ago. And please also check out the Liam photography podcast and you can also join the free Facebook group, Leon photography podcast, Facebook group.

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