Liam photography Podcast: Episode 19 – A New Portrait lens, Discounts and Firmware

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In this episode I talk about the just announced Canon RF 85mm F/1.2L USM lens. Savings from Canon and Nikon to save those shooters some money, as well as new firmware for Sony and Nikon cameras and new praise from DxO Mark on the Panasonic S1R full frame sensor.

Canon RF 85mm announcement from Canon Rumors

Canon savings article from Canon

Big Canon EOS R price drop, save up to $500 and still get the EF-RF adapter for free

Nikon firmware update for DSLRs

Nikon D850, D7500 and D5600 firmware updates released

Panasonic’s S1R sensor story from Peta Pixel

Panasonic S1R Ties Nikon D850, Sony a7R III for Top 35mm Sensor: DxOMark

Nikon’s sales event

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Liam 00:01 Canon announces its first RF Mount Portrait Lens Canon and Nikon. Both are offering savings on their muralist, full frame bodies and Nikon and Sony have released new firmware or their camera systems. All this on episode 19 of the Liam photography podcast
Liam 00:45 hello everybody. This is William Douglas again with a lamb photography podcast. You’re listening to episode 19 so on May eight Ken and unveiled the RF 35 millimeter f 1.2 L it’s first portrait lens for the new RF mount on the Ios are an RP full frame mirrorless bodies. The New Standard Prime Lens is the first one to pack Canon’s proprietary belief spectrum refractive optics technology which greatly reduces chromatic aberration and faster lenses. According to cannon, the Br optical element first introduced in the last 35 1.4 l mark too is inserted into the lens and refracts blue light between the concave and convex lenses. Gannon says this enables the convergence of the entire wavelengths of light to one point resulting in higher image quality from the center to the edges of the frame. Features and specs of the RF. 85 1.2 l include a minimum focusing distance of 2.79 feet or 0.85 meters.
Liam 01:57 A customizable controlling for or adjusting exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, Iso, a 12 pin communication system, dust and weather resistance, ceiling, fluoride and coding for resisting smudges in air sphere coating that reduces flare and ghosting. Now this new Lens is supposed to be released in June of 2019 at a cost of $2,700 now if you may remember I’ve talked about the RF lenses for cans. Ios are an RP in previous episodes and I’m still trying to grapple with the idea that some of the lenses they released for the RF mount are just ridiculously more expensive and their ETF cousins, if you remember I mentioned before that the RF 50 millimeter 1.2 l is $1,000 more than the eff 50 millimeter 1.2 l the 28 to 70 f two is about $1,300 more expensive than the 24 to 70 f 2.8 in the eff mount. And now we have the same thing with the RF 85 millimeter 1.2 l portrait Lens.
Liam 03:16 This lens is running for about 13 or $1,400 most more expensive than the mark two version of the eff. Now 85 millimeter portrait lens. Now on trying to get some, I’ve been trying to get some information from Canon on and why their pricing is so all over the place. And the reason why I say that is if you remember from the previous episode, the RF 35 millimeter 1.8 I s Stn Lens is the same price is there. Eff 35 millimeter F I s Lens. And the same is true with the 24 to one oh five f four l I s Lens. The RF version of that lens has better glass, makes better images than even the mark two of the eff mouth and yet they sell for the same price. So I’m still not sure why Canon is going ridiculously more expensive on some of the El Lenses. And then other lenses in the RF mal, they’re selling for the same price as their ETF cousins. Now I did send an email yesterday to one of the executives at Canon USA and I’m waiting to hear back from him on that and I’m hoping maybe even to possibly, uh, get him to do a brief interview on the show and talk about Dannon’s thoughts on the pricing model for these particular lenses.
Liam 04:41 Now, some good news for anybody out there that’s a current canon or Nikon shooter and you’ve been debating whether or not you should pull the trigger and buy their mirrorless full frame offerings. You have the Nikon z six and c seven as well. As I mentioned, the Canon Eos are an RP while Nikon has announced as of May, third price drops for what they call capture the savings sales event. Now this will allow you to get into one of their newsy meritless full frame bodies at a significant price break. Nikon, we’ll be providing several special offerings on the innovative Nikons email system, including up to $600 instant savings on the Nikon z seven and $200 instant savings on the z six so now would be a good time if you’re a Nikon shooter to grab one of these two bodies and save yourself a little bit of coin in the process. I think it’s a great thing. A lot of people complained when Nikon released the z six and c seven that the z seven especially with priced kind of out of range with everybody else. Disease six was selling for 1999 so now you can get that for $200 off. You can get it for 1799 and at 1999 it’s on par with the pricing for the Sony and Ken and offerings. But the z seven
Liam 06:05 okay
Liam 06:05 was retailing for $3,500 which is a significant amount of money, especially when it doesn’t have all of the capabilities that the Sony mirrorless full frames have or less money.
Liam 06:19 Okay.
Liam 06:20 So these price breaks on the Nikon z systems I think are really awesome. Now the price breaks do also apply to certain Nightcore lenses as well as some of their cool pics point and shoot cameras.
Liam 06:35 Yeah,
Liam 06:36 you can get the
Liam 06:38 Nikon d eight 50 also for $300 off it either otter Adorama or B and h. The coolpix p 900 is $100 off the d 3,400 with the 18 to 55 VR kit is $100 off the Nikon d 500 body only as $200 off the Nightcore 50 millimeter f 1.4 g is $40 off. And then I con 24 to 70 f 2.8 g is currently $350 off, so that’s a great time. Like I said, it’s a great time to pick up any of these items that you might have been kind of on the fence about, especially if you want to transition from shooting Nikon Dslr to icon Merrill was full frame. Now’s the time to make that plunge.
Liam 07:27 Yeah.
Liam 07:27 Now in addition to the sale that Nikon is currently offering, Canon has also announced price drops on there, Esr and RP where customers can save up to $500 and still get the eff to RF adapter for free. Under this current sale, you can get the Canon Eos, our body for 1999 which saves you a $300 plus. You’ll get the eff to RF adapter for free, the basic adapter. And then the Canon Eos are with the 24 to one oh five f four l I s you can save $500. That package bundle is currently selling for 2,899. So there again for Canon shooters, here’s your opportunity to get into mirrorless full frame and save yourself some money. I was a little bit bummed out when I first heard about this sale because I’d already bought mine in Janice’s, um, eos, ours back in February and be in Canon. Didn’t offer the sale until late April.
Liam 08:31 Going into May, I wasn’t able to get the refund on the extra money that I paid. I had inquired about it because I got my cameras through Bnh and, and one of the Eos are camera groups that I’m in on Facebook. One of the other members had posted that they got a $300 rebate back from Bnh cause they had bought their ios are through B and h and it was only two weeks before Canon announced the sale. So BNH h reached out to him and said, hey, we’re going to send you back $300 a week you spend on your body because it’s been less than 30 days since you bought it and cannon offer at this price break. So B and h really takes care of their customers. They’re a fantastic company to get anything camera related, video related, uh, any kind of electronics, a bleed. They sell Mac books and other electronics like that. They’re just a really great company. They’re located in New York City and I’ve done a lot of business with Bnh and Adorama. Don’t get me wrong at, or Ron was a great company as well. They’re headquartered Ella cat of California and they offer a lot of fantastic deals on,
Liam 09:36 yeah,
Liam 09:37 photography and videography, cameras, lenses and assessors. So definitely check out either one of those next time you want to buy something for your camera or for your videography hobby. Now. The next item I wanted to touch on as of today, Canon or Nikon, excuse me, has announced new firmware for the d eight 50 the d 7,500 and the d 5,600
Liam 10:07 d eight 50 firmware update version 1.1 offers the following. The camera now supports direct wifi connections to devices running snapbridge. For more information on that, you can see the denim to the user’s manual in which this feature is described before. Using this feature upgrades to the following version of the APP snapbridge version 2.5 0.4 or later. This burn were also fixed. The issue where the camera sometimes had trouble focusing on subjects in the focus points at the edge of the frame. For the Nikon d 7,500, the 1.1 firmware update now also supports direct wifi connections to devices running snapbridge just like with the DA 50 the same, uh, refer to the addendum to the user’s manual in which the features described. And you must of course update your snapbridge version of two dot five dot. Four or later. Now for the d 7,500 to the firm are also fixes the following issues at the mode dial was rotated from p d u one and then back to p ISO sensitivity would be set to the value selected for you one repeatedly pressing the zoom in and zoom out.
Liam 11:25 Buttons during movie live view would cause unexpected behavior when three eight 38 40 by 2160 30 frames per second was selected for the frame size and rate in the movie shooting menu for the Nikon d 5,600 the firmware update version same as a with the other two cameras. It enhances the direct Wifi connection support the snapbridge, but again have to have your snap bridge version updated to two dot five dot four later and for this camera, it also fixes the issue where the touch fn would sometimes not be available. So if you have any of these Nikon Dslrs, I highly recommend that you get over to Nikons website, their support section, and download the firmware and get it installed on any of the DSLR bodies that you might own.
Liam 12:23 Yeah,
Liam 12:24 and now for all of my listeners that might be Sony shooters, I don’t want you to feel like I’m leaving Sony out that I only talk about Canon or Nikon on this show. Sony has recently released firmware version 5.04 it’s flagship, a nine mirrorless camera, the major software upbring update brains, AI powered autofocus capabilities, better image quality and workflow improvements. The AI based autofocus first announced back in January of this year, bringing Sony’s powerful new realtime tracking mode for fast and accurate subject tracking. It uses artificial intelligence based object recognition to detect and follow subjects through the frame with unprecedented accuracy. Now I was watching the other day a video by Jared Polin from fro knows photo and he has tested this new firmware extensively and he said that the real time tracking was just insanely, insanely accurate. He was testing out the this new firmware, a filming a flyers game in Philadelphia and even when he was using the video feature and filming the hockey match and he would have one player as his subject for his filming segments and other players would come in and out of the frame.
Liam 13:50 Yay. Nine submersion five firmer with stay locked onto the primary subject of the video that he was shooting. The IAF can be activated with a half press. The shutter release and it works even at the subject’s eyes are temporarily obscured during shooting. If you want to see a, an idea of how well the eye auto tracking works and how accurately it is is at reacquiring the eye of the subject moves their head or turns around or something like that. You can see a simulated movie video clip on pet of pixels website and I’ll put the link to that in the show notes so you can check that out. So Sony is definitely raising the bar considerably. This new version 5.0 firmware update, they first released these new capabilities in the a 6,408 PSC mirrorless body. And now those same capabilities are available on there a nine, which is their flagship sports shooting.
Liam 14:53 Diaz are a mirrorless full frame body. It’s capable of 20 frames per second. Now I know I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of reviews when the a nine first came out. And even though when I had said, uh, con converse with Tony Northrop via email, he was telling me that it was extremely accurate, but I wasn’t buying that at the time because as I mentioned, I had been watching a lot of videos on youtube by reputable photographers and reading a lot of blog posts on various, um, highly reputable photography sites. And the consensus from most of those people was that the, I detect auto focus and the focus tracking, we’re only about 54% accurate. So in other words, only 54% of the time with the tracking me completely accurate if you’re trying to shoot any kind of sports. Well, according to Europe, Poland, I don’t have one of these cameras, so I can’t test it out myself.
Liam 15:48 But I trust Baird. I’ve known him for a long time. And with this new version 5.0 firmware, the a nine is incredibly accurate. It tracking moving subjects for any kind of sports, whether it’s hockey, Nascar, basketball, baseball, it doesn’t matter. The a nine now does a fantastic job of tracking and maintaining a lock on your primary subject, whether you’re shooting stills or video. Now you can download the new firmware if you haven’t already installed it, just head over to Sony website to download the update for windows or Mac. And I will include both of those are, I will include those links in the show notes as well. So exciting times. If you’re a Sony, a nine shooter, this is definitely a firmware update that you’re to want to grab. Now on a final note, one final item that I wanted to talk about Panasonic’s s one are highs, Nikon, d eight 50 and the Sony a seven r three for top 35 millimeter sensor according to Dx.
Liam 16:56 So mark. Now this is significant because most people when they’re thinking of these type of camera bodies, they’re usually talking about Sony Nikon, Canon and the likes, but according to Dx, so mark, the new Panasonic s one are actually has a sensor that is comparable in quality and performance to the Nikon d eight 50 which is one Nikons, top of the line, full frame DSLRs and the Sony a seven r three which is one of Sony’s top full frame mirrorless bodies. Now according to the Dex Oh mark, while the hassle bled x one d dash 50 c and the Pentax six 45 z medium format cameras remain number one and number two on the leader board respectively. The s one received the same score of 100 that ranks it as the best sensor you can find on a full frame body. So this is pretty significant for any of my listeners that are shooting with Panasonic price wise, the Panasonic s one our costs 36 98 while the Nikon d eight 50 and Sony a seven r three currently costs 29 97 and 27 98 respectively.
Liam 18:14 So although this new news from Dex, oh, mark reveals that they, Panasonic sensor is every bit as good as the sensor in the Nikon and the Sony Panasonic does self were considerably more money. You’re talking about a thousand dollars higher priced than the Sony and you’re talking about eight, $900 higher in price over the Nikon d eight 50, which is significant. So if you’re already shooting Panasonic, you’re probably going to stick with those. Panasonic shooters are fairly loyal to their, uh, platform as our food. You shooters and most every other shooters out there. You will occasionally see people bounce from like Canon or Nikon to Sony and back again, stuff like that. But the Pentax and a sonic, oh, shooters and Fuji, they tend to stick with their platform. They’re extremely loyal and so some of them can be extreme fan boys and girls, uh, as well when it comes to there. Preferred camera platform system.
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