Liam Photography Podcast: Episode 16 – New EOS R Firmware & Canon Rumors

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In this week’s episode I talk about the new Canon EOS R version 1.2.0 firmware, which gives users some bug fixes as well as enhancements for the EyeAF system and continuous shooting in Silent Mode.

You can grab the new firmware from the Canon Canada website here.

Also grab the discount on the Canon EF 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6 IS L USM MK2 before they are sold out!

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Thanks to for the new rumor info, please check out their website, they are great folks!

Transcription by there may be grammatical errors.

Liam Douglas 00:01 You’re listening to the Liam and photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas and this is episode 16 and today’s episode I’m going to be talking about the new firmware for the Canon Eos are full frame mirrorless camera as well as new canon rumors it have come out. Just recently. All this on episode 16 of the Liam photography podcast

Liam Douglas 00:47 your listening to the Liam Photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas, and this is episode 16 so at the beginning of the year, Canon announced that they would be releasing a new firmware update and the first part of 2019 it would improve their, I detect auto focus as well as their continuous shooting capabilities when using silent mode and new AAF tracking capabilities. Well, I’m here to announce that Canon has officially released firmware version one dot two dot. Zero or the Eos are the enhancements and I’m getting this information from Canon I detect a AV support, Servo Aaf when shooting still images now available when shooting movies regardless of movie server, Aaf Setting, small AAF, frame size support server, Servo, Aaf when shooting still images now available when shooting movies regardless of movie Servo, AAF setting. I can say that I do personally like the smaller auto box. I personally thought that the auto focus blocks that pop up when you’re getting your focus lock on the USR.
Liam Douglas 02:03 We’re a little bit big for my taste. The new one is considerably smaller and I like it a whole lot better. In addition to the enhancements, this firmware also fixes under certain conditions. The electronic level displayed in the electronic view finder did not display properly under certain conditions. Information displayed in the electronic view finder was not properly rotated and under certain conditions updating the firmware for the wireless file transmitter WFT e seven was not possible. Now, the first and the third fixed. I personally didn’t have any trouble with my electronic level has always worked properly in the electronic view finder, but I can stay did. I did sometimes have occasions where if I rotated, my eos are, as I was looking through the viewfinder, it did not properly rotate from landscape to portrait mode and then back the landscape again. Sometimes it would get stuck in the vertical portrait format even after I turned the camera back down to the horizontal format, so I did personally have that issue.
Liam Douglas 03:14 Now just to let everybody know, cannon had announced a few days ago that they were going to be dropping the firmware on April 18th which is today. For some reason it was actually available on Canada, the Canon Canada site yesterday morning, so if you are on the Canadian site for Canon instead of Canon USA, you were able to download the firmware fairly early in the morning. Yesterday. I found out about it from one of the Canon Eos are Facebook groups that I’m in and I don’t know why, but as of late last night, the last time I checked Canon USA, they still did not have listed as available to download on their site. They still only showed so I went ahead and went to the Canadian site, grabbed a copy of the firmware. I put it on my camera and put it on Genesis Camera. Absolutely no issues. I do like the enhancements to the autofocus.
Liam Douglas 04:17 It works much better. I have not tried continuous shooting in silent mode yet because I almost never use silent mode. I don’t shoot things like weddings. Um, I do do wildlife, but I do that with my DSLR is that are faster and like my one dx mark too. So I haven’t had an occasion yet to actually test whether or not the continuous shooting, well, silent shutter is activated, actually does work, but I’m assuming it does. Since all of the other enhancements and fixes do seem to be there. The Canon announced in this firmware release, so pretty exciting and it makes the Canon Eos are autofocus system yet more powerful. It gets it closer. It’s still may not be on par with the quality of Sony’s, I detect auto focus, but at least Canon is getting closer, which is a positive thing. And one of the reasons why I told everybody for years that there was no way I was going to drop all my canon stuff and switch to Sony because I knew it was only a matter of time before Canon would get on the Mirror was full frame bandwagon.
Liam Douglas 05:20 And then once they did they would go gangbusters. And it looks like that’s exactly what is happening. That, so the first rumor I want to talk about is there is a new rumor that Canon has yet to drop a professional eos our body in the 2019 calendar year. So according to an interview with one of the Canon executives with Canon Europe, Gannon is supposedly possibly going to be releasing a 70 plus Mega Pixel Eos. Our camera in 2019 with Ivus, which is the inbody image stabilization. We don’t know anything concrete yet. He said that, yeah, that’s basically the million dollar question whether or not we’re going to drop a pro body this year, but the rumor mills that are circulating this information usually are fairly accurate and this again ties back to one of my earlier episodes where I made my predictions for 2019 and I told all of my listeners in that episode of the podcast and you can find it on the way of photography, website.
Liam Douglas 06:38 You can also find all the past episodes in iTunes, Google play in any other software that you’re using for podcasting, but in that episode I predicted that there was a strong possibility that either before the end of 2019 or right at the very beginning of 2020 Gannon was going to announce a third ios our camera. It was going to be a pro body. Now when I say pro body, I’m not saying that canons getting ready to release their one DX mark to muralists full frame killer. That’s not going to happen. The rumor is currently as they are over the last month or so are the Canon is planning to release a one DX mark three for their high end probiotic that’s specifically geared for sports action like motorcar racing, motorcycle racing, the Olympic, stuff like that. Now we do have the 2020 summer Olympics coming up in Tokyo next year.
Liam Douglas 07:42 Most people are speculating the Camden’s gonna release a brand new pro sports body before the Olympics happen. So more than likely that camera body will drop either very late 2019 or very early into 2020 and the rumor males are currently saying per canon and some other sites that it will be a one dx mark three full frame Dslr, not a mirrorless body. So when I go back to this current rumor that I’m talking about, when I say pro body, the current rumor is Canon plans yet in 2019 to drop a five Dsr light body. It is an Ios. Our model now, I don’t know if they’re going to call it the Eo s r slash as or eos are slash are. Cause if you remember with the five d a high end 50 megapixel five d body, they went with a five d s and fid Sr and the only difference between the two is one of the filters on the sensor.
Liam Douglas 08:49 One had it and the other one didn’t. So as I predicted in, I believe it was episode two, my podcast, or maybe it was one where I talked about my predictions for 2019 I believe that this new pro body that’s being hinted at coming out this year is going to be a 70 plus megapixel, possibly even a hundred megapixel canon has been playing around with 100 megapixel sensor for a couple of years now and they probably quite probably have it perfected now. But the rumor is it’s going to be at least a 70 mega pixel, possibly higher dual memory card, pro body and an eos are RF mount format, which means as I predicted in that earlier episode, this is more than likely going to be the replacement for the eos five d s and five Dsr, which I have the five Dsr. I love that camera. It is a fantastic DSLR.
Liam Douglas 09:47 The sensor in it is amazing. It’s not medium format, which is a body I would love to have some day for commercial work. But from what most of the experts say, it’s about as close as you can get to mirror medium format with al actually having medium format. So of cannons coming out with a mirrorless eos are derivative. It’s got a 70 or 100 megapixel sensor. That’s going to be a massive, massive game changer, especially if it’s got inbody image stabilization. I detect auto focus. Another new rumor that I almost forgot about his canon apparently filed a patent for a new auto focus system that’s called Quad Pixel a f and this quad Pixel Aaf built on the current technology of their dual pixel AAF. Well basically effectively give you eight way Pixel Aaf. So not just to not going from two to four but actually going from two to eight.
Liam Douglas 10:52 So we’ll have to see how that works out. The information about the patent, it looks extremely promising, especially if you’re shooting and in portrait mode when your camera, but you’re shooting a landscape scene. Um, the dual pixel AAF doesn’t always work well for that. I don’t know personally because I haven’t tried it with that. Mostly for my personal belief they dual pixel is more like something you would use if you’re blogging or something like that or you’re filming somebody you know because it’s going to do a better job of maintaining focus on your subject and the camera doesn’t get distracted by other things in the background. So rumor right now is an eos. Our body there are third one for 2019 is going to drop at some point later this year. 30 megapixel plus cents or dual memory card slots. At least one of those slots will be SD.
Liam Douglas 11:44 Now the question is, will the second slot be compact flash like the five d s in sr or will it be one SD card slot and a c fast slot, which I would personally rather see the seed fast slot as a secondary cause compact flash is getting kind of long in the tooth that’s been around forever. Um, I have plenty of compact flash cards for my buddies that use them, which is the eos five Dsr. And my eos one DX mark too. They both use compact flash and it works okay. Um, but I would much rather have see fast and I kind of wished that Canon when they did the one dx mark too, I wish instead of a compact flash and a C fast, they would’ve just went with to see fast slots. That would have been a lot better. Now granted cfs memory is more expensive but it’s also a heck of a lot faster and more durable because you don’t have to worry about the little pins getting bent and stuff like that or debris getting into the pin holes.
Liam Douglas 12:42 The CFS card, if you look at the interface side, it was see fast card, it actually looks like a set, a hard drive. It’s got one long port, one short port and they look pretty much just like an east Satta interface for uh, any set a hard drive in your computer. So is this camera going to come out? I think there’s a strong probability that it will come out that Camden’s gonna blow everybody’s minds. Like I said in an earlier episode when I was at Imaging USA for 2019 I spent a lot of time at the CPS lounge talking to a canon employee who’s been with the company for almost 30 years. And I was talking to him at length about the mirrorless camera war and what everybody is saying out there. And what I’ve been telling everybody that I personally felt was going to happen.
Liam Douglas 13:30 And again, as I mentioned in that episode, I, I told her, I’ve been telling everybody that when Canon enters the full frame mirrorless market you watch, it’s not going to take them more than maybe 18 months, 24 months tops for them to be a serious threat to Sony. And if Gannon is dropping a third els, our body this year, and this one’s going to be a pro body with Ebis bill memory card slots and a 75 to 100 megapixel sensor, that’s going to be a game changer. That is rarely, rarely going to give Sony a hard time. So we’ll have to wait and see if that body does drop later this year. But I am excited and I’m hopeful I’m not going to run out and buy one. I was having this discussion with my girlfriend Janice yesterday and I said, look, you know, even if Canon does come out with a pro body in the Eos, our RF system, I’m not going to run right out and buy one.
Liam Douglas 14:27 I’m totally happy with my EOCR are. So I have a mirror was full frame that I use for my full time real estate photography. It does a great job and right now I don’t have massively high shutter accounts on my three DSLR bodies. I have the one DX mark to the five Dsr and the 60 mark to all of my cameras are still in pretty much mint condition with reasonably low shutter accounts. I, you know, I don’t go crazy with them as far as the shutter account. So even if Canon does drop a dual memory card eos, our body probiotic this year as a replacement for the five ds and SR, chances are I’m not going to run right out and buy it right away. Maybe things will change, you know, next year, I don’t know. We’ll wait and see, but I don’t think so. I think I’m going to finish using, you know, most of the life out of my current DSLRs, which are fantastic cameras.
Liam Douglas 15:20 Most of my glasses still eff now I know what the control ring adapter, which I do have, Janice and I both have for our eos, ours. We can use our IEPs and efs lenses on them, but still be in, I still have a large investment in high quality e f l series glass and I have three DSLRs and only one mirrorless full frame. I’m going to stick with my pro bodies in the DSLR arena for the time being and then at some point down the road when my DSLRs are getting a little bit long in the tooth and they’re shut, her life is getting to the end of the road. Then I’ll look at, you know, getting one of these pro bodies in the u s are are a format, but we’ll wait and see what happens. Now, the next rumor that I wanted to bring up, because this has been one that a lot of people have been kicking around for a while now and this rumor is the Eos 70 mark two the last in the 70 series and according to Canon rumors that come it is a lot of people had been speculating that Canon was going to drop a 70 mark three at some point this year, but now their sources are telling them that no canon is not going to come out with a 70 mark three they’re going to see a replacement for the eos add which will move slightly up market to cover the prosumer and enthusiast APLC shooter.
Liam Douglas 16:45 So more than likely it’s going to be the Eos 90 [inaudible] and the 70 mark two series is done, uh, can, it’s not going to make any more, they’re not going to continue the line with the new generation like they did with the five d mark three and now mark for the 70 mark two is going to be the last model of cannons 70 series, which is a great little crop body camera that’s capable of high frame rate. So it’s great for shooting sports and wildlife. A lot of people love it. I’ve got several friends that have the 70 mark two including my friend Jeff Harmon from the master of photography podcast a that’s what he uses to shoot a high school basketball with and he loves it. And several of my local friends and camera clubs here in Georgia have the 70 mark two and they love it as well.
Liam Douglas 17:37 It is a very good a PSC body. It’s very fast. It has dual memory card slots. So it’s a fantastic pro-sumer body that you can use for shooting sports. Whether Nascar, basketball, baseball, doesn’t matter. That camera will get the job done. And it’s a reasonably priced by, so those are the big rumors from Canon for the time being. As I mentioned earlier, if you want to get the version firmware from your for your eos are go ahead and grab it from the Canon Canada site. I’ll put a link to that in the show notes of this episode. I’ll give you the direct link right to the page where you can click, you know, and select whether you need it for Mac or windows and you can go ahead and download it, get that installed on your body. Oh, and another thing I almost forgot about on the firmware front, cannon did also drop new firmware for their current RF lenses.
Liam Douglas 18:39 Now I can’t confirm that there’s new firmware for all of the RF lenses. I personally have the f 35 millimeter RF Lens. The STN Lens, there was a new firmware for that. Uh, the folks on the Eos are groups that I’m in on Facebook said there was also a firmware update for the 24 to one oh five f four lis RF mount. And both of those firmware versions are So apparently, if you remember in one of my earlier episodes when I talked about the USR before I actually got mine, the els, ours, new RF mount is physically the same diameter as the eff. Now. So my big complaint was, well why did they come out with another mount while apparently with the RF mount, the shorter flange distance allows them to make smaller lenses because they can get the rare element closer to the sensor on a mirrorless body.
Liam Douglas 19:37 And the RF lenses also have 12 copper contact points on their mouth instead of eight like the ef lenses have and the efs lenses. And the reason for that is those four extra contacts I believe not only have to do with the control rain on the native RF mount lenses because all of those lenses do have the customizable control ring that you can set for ISO, aperture, shutter speed, wherever you want. But those extra four contacts I believe are also the communication system that allows the eos are to update the firmware on its lenses directly. So in other words, after I updated my us our last night to I went back to the website, pulled up the details for my RF, 35 millimeter f 1.8 STM macro lens, downloaded the two dot o firmware for it, popped it into the root directory of my SD card for the USR, put it in the camera, booted it up, went into the menu, went to firmware, and once I had the RF lens mounted on the camera, when you go into the firmware, you will see the firmware for the camera body and for any native RF lens that’s attached.
Liam Douglas 20:56 I just selected the lens that I want update firmware. It found the new file on the SD card and upgraded the firmware on the lens for me. I love that. I think it’s great. I know sigma especially, and I guess now tamarind both give you the ability on their higher end lenses to update the firmware yourself. You don’t have to send it into one of their repair centers to have the firmware update and you can do it yourself now, but unless things have changed. Last I had heard from anybody that default one sigma and Tamarinds USB cradle that you have to map the lens in to update the firmware you’re using. Your computer ran between 200 and $300 I could be wrong. That’s what I’ve been told by several sources. I don’t know for certain because I haven’t gone on a sigma sigma or Tamarind’s website and looked, but I do know that both of them offer a USB doc.
Liam Douglas 21:51 Do you upgrade the firmware yourself on any of their high end like the sigma art lenses and the Tamra and I think it’s their sp high end lenses is what tamarind calls there so you can update the firmware. I love the fact that Canon would, the eos are, gives you the ability to update the firmware for any RF lenses directly through the body. That is awesome. To me, that’s huge. And it saves the consumer’s money, especially when Canon does something stupid like giving you the ability to charge. The Eos are with USBC cable, but only if you buy their $200 a doctor. I thought that was a, Canon does some things. Sometimes it just gives me headaches, drives me crazy. People will call me a canon fanboy because I own all canon gear. I do have one or two third party lenses, but most of my lenses are either the USM gold band lenses or El Lenses, which are fans, luxury glass of course.
Liam Douglas 22:52 But Canon does do printing plenty of things. That frustrates the crap out of me. And one of them was the decision to create a proprietary USB charging system that they soak the customers $200 to buy. I thought that was asinine. Pardon my French. I thought it was retarded. Uh, Sony and then icon mirror was full frames. You can just charge the battery. While it’s in the camera using any standard Usb c cable and you’re good to go. Why Canon thought they had to be a pain in the butt and come out with a proprietary USB charger. I don’t know. Ken loves to do things their own way and who am I to argue with them? You know, they’d been doing things their own way for over a hundred years and I don’t think they’re going to change their policies anytime soon so there isn’t much point in complaining about it.
Liam Douglas 23:44 I just wanted to piss and a little bit so there you have it. Now another thing I wanted to touch on real quick before I wrap up, this episode is engaged. You’re not aware, there are some deals going on on Canon gear. So if you want to get the cannon ETF, 100 to 400 f 4.5 to 5.6 l I s mark two Lens, which is one that I have. It’s a fan tastic lens, fantastic loan telephoto. Zoom works great if you have the one dot four times teleconverter or the two times teleconverter and I’ve got both. This is hands down one heck of a wildlife lens. This lens is amazing and right now it is on sale for 1559 marked down from its normal price of 1799 and I will put a link to it in the show notes. This isn’t a any kind of third party, a gimmick.
Liam Douglas 24:47 This is actually a $200 discount. Actually on Canon rumors it was a typo. The normal price is 1759 and it’s on sale right now for 1559 and 20 cents. Don’t ask me why the 20 cents and that’s kind of odd. But now this is bore a refurbished one. It’s directly on and like I said, I’ll put a link to it in the show notes. It is a refurb, but I can tell you from dealing with cannon all the years that I’ve been at Canon shooter, another thing that Canon does, very similar to what apple does. And, uh, another example of how the two companies have a very similar mindset and business model is when Canon or apple, either one, when they refurb a piece of gear, you are basically getting a brand new piece of gear at a discount. Both companies, when they refurb a camera body or a lens on Canon side or an iPhone or iPad on apple side or an apple TV or a Mac mini or whatever, they basically take the body apart.
Liam Douglas 25:51 They Yank out all the guts, throw them away or recycle them or whatever they do with them and they put all brand new guts back into the existing body. So when they say refurb, you’re basically getting a brand new lens or device or whatever the case may be. But you know, there is a slim possibility. It could have a few minor, you know, scuff marks or blemishes on the outside. I personally never had that happen. I bought refurbs from both companies a few times over the years. And my God, they’re refurbs. When they arrived at my house and I took them out of the box, they looked just as brand new as a brand new device. You couldn’t tell the difference that you give you the full warranty on it so you’re not missing out there, but hey, you can save yourself $200 you get the one year limited manufacturer warranty included and you can find that deal.
Liam Douglas 26:38 Like I said, it shop that so if thinking about getting yourself a new wildlife or sports lens that’s got some reach, that is definitely a lens that I highly recommend and now I know some of you are probably saying, well why would you recommend it for sport or two four dot five to 5.6 well, four dot five to $5 six is not really that bad. Especially if you’re shooting outdoors sports now. Yes, if you’re shooting indoors sports like basketball or hockey or something like that, you’re probably going to want to go with the 70 to 200 f 2.8 but if you’re like me and the outdoor sports that I shoot on occasion is stuff like Nascar or motorcycle racing here on the tracks and Georgia, which we have quite a few race tracks in this state or if I’m going to go and to local high school soccer, all of those sports take place outdoors during the day with a ton of ambien sunlight and a four or five to five six lens is going to be plenty wide enough aperture wise for you to get amazing images.
Liam Douglas 27:46 And like I said a little bit ago, I can tell you from personal experience, the Canon 100 to 404 five five six I s u s m l mark too is an incredible lens. I had the mark one, I bought the mark too when that came out because my mark when I bought used, I want it to get a brand new mark too. Um, with the full warranty and everything. So I bought the new one, I sold my old one, pretty much got all my money back that I paid for the old one, used, I made all my money back. So I broke even on that and I got this brand new model, the mark two edition and it has been fantastic hands down. Uh, I’d like some of the minor tweaks and changes that can and made to the lens design and it’s just an incredible lens for shooting outdoor sports.
Liam Douglas 28:30 So I highly recommend if you have the budget in your pocket, run out and grab that Lens. While you can get it for $200 off, I guarantee you will not regret buying that Lens. All right, well that is all I wanted to cover on today’s episode of the lamb photography podcast. You’ve been listening to episode 16. I want to thank all of my listeners for subscribing, rating and reviewing an iTunes, Google play or any other software that you might be using to play this podcast. Please be kind enough to share this podcast out to your friends and relatives on social media and ask them to subscribe rate and review as well. We really appreciate it and I will see you all again next week in episode 17