Episode 52: Is Canon Planning a Hybrid Camera? First Contest of 2020!

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Happy New Year Everyone, hope you had a safe and reasonably sober New Year’s Eve!

In this episode I announce the first Contest of 2020 and is Canon planning a Hybrid camera that is both a DSLR and a Mirrorless? There is more than likely a reason Canon made their RF mount the exact same diameter as their existing EF mount. Could Canon be planning a Hybrid camera to entice more of their working Pros to switch to the RF ecosystem, without them having to take a loss on their EF glass and without those Pros having to worry about losing an EF to RF adapter?

Is it possible to mount the Sensor on a micro rail system that would allow it to move closer and further away from the lens depending on whether it’s an EF or RF mount lens? Would it have an OVF that can switch to an EVF with a small LCD panel that would move into and out of place? If all of these things are what Canon is working on, what do you think the cost of said body would be?

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