Episode 28: ElleyCat Returns to the Show!!!

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In this episode Professional Model ElleyCat returns to the show to talk about her recent projects and her work as a Professional Geologist and her upcoming role in a feature film!

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Liam: 00:00:00 You’re listening to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host Liam Douglas, and this is episode 28 and and this week’s episode is, I had posted a last week in the podcast Facebook group. We are being rejoined by professional model Ellie cat and who was a wonderful lady and a, she’s not like a professional model, but she’s also a professional geologist, so I wanted to have her back on the show because she’s been super popular. Her episode is one of the most popular ones, hands down, and I wanted to have her back on the show to talk a bit more about some of her recent modeling projects as well as a her work as a professional geologists. So we will be back in just a moment with episode 28

Liam: 00:01:04 Welcome back. You’re listening to the Liam photography podcast. I’m your host leading Douglass and this is episode 28 today is July 11th, 2019 and on the phone with me today, I have professional model, Ellie cat who is back for her second appearance on the show. Hello Ellie. How are you?

ElleyCat: 00:01:25 I’m doing well. How are you?

Liam: 00:01:26 I’m fantastic and I am so, so happy to see that you’ve been working on so many wonderful modeling projects a over the last few months since we spoke the first time on the show. And I’m really happy that you’re being, your modeling career has really taken off and you’re getting to be really, really successful. And I wanted to talk to you about some of these new projects, um, in this second interview with you as well as your work as a professional geologist. Because if my listeners don’t already know from the last episode, Elliot is not only a very beautiful professional model, but she is a very intelligent woman as well. And she works full time as a geologist. Oh, you’re most welcome. I’m so one of the, uh, recent projects that you did as I talked to you about before we started the show that I was really, really blown away by was a shoot that you did.

Liam: 00:02:16 And I can’t remember if it had a specific theme that probably did and I’m an idiot for not remembering, but it was the one that you actually shot utilizing someone swimming bull. And I was blown away when I saw that you mentioned, you know, you think the person who owned the pool that you guys used for the shoe, because with the large rocks in the background and everything, I thought it looked like it was a location shoot that was known some place like Hawaii or something like that. So can you share a little bit more about that shoot with us and for the listeners?

ElleyCat: 00:02:45 Yeah.

Liam: 00:02:45 For the listeners, I’ll put a link to the, uh, to her post with the photo a in the show notes so you guys can check it out. But go ahead and fill us in on how that one came about.

ElleyCat: 00:02:56 Yeah, you bet. So that, um, I did with David Hubbard. Um, he works with, uh, his company, reality reimagined, and he has a lot of like graphic artwork with his pictures and he’s trying to get more into the side of, you know, doing more, uh, I would say more high fashioned and commercial and you know, the portrait, the word instead of not, you know, not using so much theatrical with the shot, even though I would love to do, I know the shoot was going to do that regardless. He’s like, Hey, do you, uh, do you want to shoot? And you know, I’m, I’m would love to shoot you in a pool or a bathing suit. You don’t get that time a year or I’m outside. And I was like, yeah, actually I feel cool. And he’s all, oh, that’s awesome. Cool. So I sent him an address and a picture and he like, you are kidding me, right?

ElleyCat: 00:03:52 It’s like, no, this is the place. It’s amazing. I said, I found it through James Azur because I had a, um, some place canceled on me and I hit up James and I was like, Hey, I do want to do a, like a pool shoot bathing suit, shoot, that kind of thing. And he’s like, yeah, actually that’d be great. And he will do the pools. I’m like, no I don’t. So he put like this all call on Facebook and they, hey, longer than I need a pools. Does anybody have a pool? They could run us through the weekend. And Helen got on there and she’s like, yeah, I do. Um, so we, you know, we’ve got snap, the address and the picture of the pool and we’re like, wow, I hope it looks like that picture. And we get there. And in gigantic, I mean it has a full driving door and a waterfall.

ElleyCat: 00:04:39 It’s like, well what is it deep in? And you know, like three and a half, it’s a shallow in and it looks like something out of a hotel or resort or story book. It was awesome. So I did a shoot with that there and I was like, this turned out great. Really cool. And we’ll go back to those pictures in a minute. But David Bird was, you know, he didn’t, hadn’t seen the pictures yet really, because I didn’t take any of this background when he gets there and he’s like, oh my gosh, she’s all, this’ll never work. He’s all lie. Did you show me this dress doping the entire time? He’s all, this is the most beautiful site ever. And it was awesome because when I first showed up, there was a formal model and she’s all, I know how hard it is for model to find locations to find privacy, to find good places to suit that are comfortable and she’s all, you guys can come back anytime.

ElleyCat: 00:05:36 And so I a text her, I was like, hey you, we could use your pools. You might have me in a couple of the models and a cryptographer show up. She’s all, well actually we’re going to be gone. And I was like, oh, that sucks. She’s on. No, it’s okay. She’s all just so my house sitter that you’re going to be there for a photo shoot and I’ll give you the app for the pool so that you can be sure to turn on the fool cause it’s all done with the app. I was blown away that you could a waterfall and a half. Little did I know.

Liam: 00:06:03 Holy Cow.

ElleyCat: 00:06:03 We had an amazing day that day. The pictures that came out of it and blew my mind away. David is a fantastic photographer, loved working with him. Um, and you’ll make me feel really comfortable. Total goofball. We had the same dry humor personality. So we get along great and I, my boyfriend was there to help like fold lighting and help him with reflectors and all that. But he’s super grateful and I the, I couldn’t believe that like somebody had that in their backyard and that they offered it up to us to use as you just target something like that awesome woman. And you know, thank God for her and her husband to be so generous to actually allow people use their, their home. Well I was, I’ll be eternally grateful. And I honestly, I hope he’s a pool again because it was awesome.

Liam: 00:06:57 Yeah. I mean that thing is just amazing. I mean, like you were saying a moment ago and I mentioned her about, you know, I thought maybe you guys shot it on location in Hawaii or something because I mean, the l all the stuff that you don’t own the background with the rocks and you send it out a waterfall and everything, it’s like something you would find at a resort in Fiji or something. I mean, that’s crazy. Wow.

ElleyCat: 00:07:19 Exactly.

Liam: 00:07:21 And so it was one of these photos that got the cover, um, for, uh, expressions magazine cover from the looks of it. That’s the same point.

ElleyCat: 00:07:30 Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

Liam: 00:07:35 And then I scroll down on your modeling page on Facebook and it looks like, um, possibly the shot that was used by bomber eyewear was also shot at that same pool. Is that correct or is that a different area?

ElleyCat: 00:07:49 Nope, that’s the same pool. I was kind of rolling a man, right? Like, you know, um, yeah, I’m actually, I’m in Pasadena for a bomber eyewear. They are pretty cool people. I’m not there yet. Me Poke around Parker, Arizona and they were there as all my sunglasses and uh, me and my glasses out in the water. I was like, uh, nope. I don’t wanna lose them. They’re like, well you should get these sunglasses at me. This guy did. I was like, and they started to float and I was like, that is the coolest thing ever. Because when you’re on standup jet ski, like the old school ones. Yeah. Uh, if you fall, whatever’s on the creek, right. Nice out. Like my boyfriend fell a couple of times, lost his glasses. They were floating right there. He grabbed them and went off. I was like, these are phenomenon for playing around and they’re like super lightweight and comfy and so I was super excited and they hit me up cause they like my pictures. They really appreciated me posting about them. So, you know, they sent me a couple of PR packages which I’ve been really grateful for. And so I’m hoping to, you know, maybe they’ll want some of my pictures that are website or some kind of bullet support sort of thing. So I’m excited about that.

Liam: 00:09:12 Yeah. Cause it looks like the uh, the shot that um, that I see on your modeling page, they actually used it on their official Instagram account, which is really, yeah, that’s awesome. And I thought it was the same pool cause I thought the rocks looked the same in the background, although the angle is different. And the only other, the only other thing that was different is that you were wearing a different swimsuit, um, for the magazine cover versus the bomber, the one that bomber eyewear used. But I was like, yeah, I think that’s the same, the same shoot at the same, really that’s like a lifestyles of the rich and famous swimming hole.

ElleyCat: 00:09:48 Right. It’s awesome.

Liam: 00:09:49 Was like something you’d see on lifestyles of the rich and famous and I’m like, ah, waterfalls and rocks in the background and all kinds of cool stuff. It’s just really neat. But yeah, I mean, like I said, I’ve been watching you, you know, your, your Facebook page and your posts and you even post in the, in the photography podcast group, which I really appreciate because I mean, you’ve been doing some really, really cool stuff. And, uh, another one, another one that I really love and you did this one. Uh, let’s see, this one I think with Dave Kelly studio and that’s the one with the, like, it’s like a post-apocalyptic scene and it has like the head of the Statue of Liberty behind you. And uh, that one, that one is really cool.

ElleyCat: 00:10:34 Start with a new photographer. Um, oh and I feel bad. I forgot. And it was that day he made some really cool theme armor and so he let us form his armor and he goes a couple shots to me and then, you know, imposed the statue of liberty and the Zack ground, like, um, from planning the apes and stuff like that. So. Well, I thought that was pretty cool.

Liam: 00:11:03 Oh yeah, absolutely. That’s very cool. I love that one. And Yeah, just like you said, it was very planted in the apes, uh, style. I even see somebody commented, planted [inaudible] at Charleston Heston who’s got nothing on this image. That’s fantastic.

ElleyCat: 00:11:18 Yeah.

Liam: 00:11:21 Yup. Yeah, that’s really, really awesome. I mean, you’ve been doing some really phenomenal stuff. Now I know when we talked the last time, um, you were talking about possibly doing some jobs with some photographers out in California. Have you made it out there, you add or,

ElleyCat: 00:11:36 um, I haven’t actually, but things have been kind of [inaudible] in that nature as that I’ve really been asking myself, you know, where do I want to go with modeling and what I want to do and sure, I have this dream to be as low, but I don’t know if that’ll ever happen or, you know, sports illustrated swimsuit edition. But one thing that like I’ve always been passionate about and how I honestly, it probably helped me get into modeling more than anything else was I was in a lot of plays as a kid and I loved being in the theater and then as a team, young adults, you know, I still continued in place and so there’s been a couple of doors opening up lately for me to hopefully get into some film. Okay. And so I guess the question that I was asking myself is, you know, if I’m, you know, going in on this and what am I doing and where are my goals?

ElleyCat: 00:12:32 And you know, what is my not long term reach? And you know, the, the answer that keeps coming to my head is that I want to be an actress. I know that, that, you know, might sound stereotypical or Corny, but it’s the truth. It’s between modeling and acting and being in that realm of everything. Literally all I can think about, I dream about it, a daydream about it. [inaudible] the only thing that’s on my mind is I can see myself in that area. And so, um, a friend of mine that I went to college with or has a, or had a Kickstarter program that was up and going and I was like, this is really cool, you know, he sent me an email from me, you know, if you have any things you could help out to be cool. And so I was like, you know, I’ll, I’ll see what I can do to like, you know, help him because, um, I’ve been following his work and his girlfriend’s work for a little while where I’d say the past five years, not that I talked, but you know, they have some cool [inaudible].

ElleyCat: 00:13:36 And I was like, you know, I’ve, I know what it’s like to have a dream and to have somebody help you with your dreams. And I was like, I’m fine. Was, you know, trying to help them as best I can with him. And, um, after doing that, you know, he’s, uh, offered me a part in here is a feature films that he wrote for his Kickstarter program or Kickstarter future. I’m not exactly sure what that’s called. I might be butchering your right now. That’s so cool. If they start filming in August and I have a small role, um, but it’s, you know, it’s a cameo basically with the [inaudible] and um, the, oh my gosh, I completely lost track what I was thinking about that. So, um, um, the movie is called, it’s a what’s on the inside and uh, it’s going to be a full length feature film, but I’m really excited to be a part of Eddie’s dream I think will be awesome. And so I’ve been practicing my lines and I just actually today send him over a little demo of me reading my lines one to camera. So I probably, you know, look like an airhead reacting to somebody who just wanted to get in left field for, you know, how I’m seeing the characters at the moment. And I’m really super excited about that. I’m just so, so, so,

Liam: 00:15:07 oh yeah, that’s a yeah, I saw your, I saw your post about it from his Kickstarter campaign and I thought that it was really cool. Now is this, this doesn’t tie it back to you cause I saw you posted, um, not too long ago. A link to, I believe you have your own imdv page.

ElleyCat: 00:15:27 Yeah, I do. And that was for previous songs I’ve been in.

Liam: 00:15:30 Really? That was so cool.

ElleyCat: 00:15:32 Yes. Right. I actually kind of came across it by accident. I was like, Hey, you know what, I’m going to Google myself and see what happens with, everybody always says it’s a bad idea, but occasionally, you know, you’re like, well let’s just find out. So I saw something that looked like my name but like the name was Michelle and I was like, that’s not me. And so I get on, I was like, holy crap, it is just, my name was spelled wrong. And so I got ahold of them via their links to like fix errors on pages and I had to like verify pretty much it was myself through uh, different websites and my social media accounts so they could see that it was actually me and I let them know, you know, it’s so they kind of collaborated, you know, three films that I had been in, but like it was already there. I was just kind of blown away. I was like, this is so cool. So I’ve, I was super excited about it. You know, it’s, it’s a small goal. Um, you know, not too many people might care about that kind of thing, but I thought it was a cool accomplish.

Liam: 00:16:37 Yeah. I think it was totally cool. I was blown away when I saw you post the link to your imdv profile. I was like, that is so freaking cool. I didn’t, you know, I didn’t know you tagged me. I didn’t know you’d had any parts in films before and I thought that was really awesome. And they hands down, I don’t know if you put them on there yourself, but they have some absolutely fantastic shots of you on your profile page. The first one that comes up. Yeah. It looks like the first [inaudible]. Yup.

ElleyCat: 00:17:08 Yeah.

Liam: 00:17:10 And then they got the one where you had the makeup on from, uh, Mad Max fury road, which I totally love it. I love that shoot that you guys did. That was just totally awesome.

ElleyCat: 00:17:22 Yes, I did see, I liked it. A lot of fun.

Liam: 00:17:24 Yeah. So, so basically this project that you’re working with, this gentleman on now from his Kickstarter campaign is technically going to be your fourth film, Huh?

ElleyCat: 00:17:34 Yes. Well actually no, it’ll be like my sick. They weren’t, they weren’t really accredited. They’re all basically indie films except for conversations with God was um, an actual a feature. So, but all the other ones I’ve been in pretty much, I’ve had all different roles and now, uh, I couldn’t find the other two but I know they’re out there somewhere. And so one of the cameras in more ways than one for, I dunno, the majority of my adult life.

Liam: 00:18:11 That’s so cool though. Yeah. Because like I said, you know, I didn’t know that you had any acting credits under your belt until you shared that on a, on Facebook. And I saw that and I was like that is so awesome. Actually know

ElleyCat: 00:18:25 not at all left.

Liam: 00:18:27 No, no we didn’t. Yeah cause I didn’t know anything about it. Like well I don’t even know if you had found your, your imdv profile when we talked last time. Cause I remember you just posted this link not too long ago. At least that was the first time I saw it.

ElleyCat: 00:18:40 I didn’t know it even existed.

Liam: 00:18:41 Yeah, I think I saw it when you first posted it on Facebook and I clicked out. I was like, that is so cool!

ElleyCat: 00:18:49 Excellent.

Liam: 00:18:51 Yeah, I’m just, I’m really excited for you. I think it’s fantastic that you’re, you got all of these things going on and hey, you know, if you want to, you know, start at your transition from just modeling to modeling and acting. I don’t think there’s anything silly about that. I think it’s a, it’s always good to have dreams that you want to shoot for. And for you, I mean, you’ve already got some movie credits to your name, so why not go for it full time, you know, work your way up and next thing you know, you’ll be getting $50 million per film. Yeah. And the getting the mid money.

ElleyCat: 00:19:28 Yup, Yup.

Liam: 00:19:29 Yeah. We’ll do a couple of films basically that you’d be basically retired. You’d just do a couple of movies a year and a few magazine covers. Then you’re just a, a kick back a year, $35 million reaction.

ElleyCat: 00:19:44 Okay.

Liam: 00:19:45 Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s totally, totally cool. I’m so happy for you. I’m just glad. I mean, I’m really glad that a lot of this stuff is just coming together for you. I think it’s fantastic

ElleyCat: 00:20:01 and I guess that’s a way of housing, but things come in waves, right? Pardon? I would say not horrible pain, but this all direct because of um, you know, kind of where I work. Um, a lot of personal issues and stuff like that. I mean all of last year was really detrimental to my health and, but yet I still kept going with all my modeling stuff and then it kind of seems like that’s tapering off that needs. The bad stuff is, and I have this kind of flow of people that want to work with me and you know, good people. And so I really narrowing down like the people that I absolutely love working with. And I not to say that I don’t, you know, introduce new people in for that group, but you know, I do it more cautiously and you know, just kind of that not only do protect my phone for you, you know, protect my brand is so to speak so that it isn’t, you don’t necessarily get partners, you know, bad photographers and that kind of thing. I’ve had my fair share of those.

Liam: 00:21:14 Yeah, I can imagine.

ElleyCat: 00:21:16 Well for the most part, I mean I go do sessions with photographers on how they, they constantly call me back and it’s the, you know, it’s a matter of reputation and how you present yourself and your manner of war and your attitude and you know, how prompt you are and if you’re on time and if you’re, you know, sober when you show up with boy, there’s been some crazy models, stuff that you’re already, that I’m just like, you’re a model, you’re either high as a kite or you’re drunk off your butt. And I neither one of those are cool to show up to a photo shoot too.

Liam: 00:21:50 Yeah. Yeah. That would definitely not be a good thing. Yeah. I mean, I’m just going down your modeling Facebook page and you’ve had some very awesome projects that you’ve done lately. I mean, some really awesome, I don’t have my favorites. I think it was titled Water Siren. That one looks. You look so cool in that shot where you’re in the water. I know. It looks so cool. Your eyes are just mesmerizing in that shot. I love that. I don’t know what they did, but it looks really good. It does.

ElleyCat: 00:22:23 I don’t know. I almost want to say that I think they played a lot with the reflection of the water and tried to put that into my eyes.

Liam: 00:22:30 Yeah, possibly.

ElleyCat: 00:22:32 Yeah. But, um, [inaudible] did a really good job, so that part was pretty cool.

Liam: 00:22:40 Yeah. I mean, I mean those, the, whatever they did to your eyes that made it, makes them look really cool. It really sets off the whole mood for that shoe or that scene. Yeah. That’s really cool. And you’re going to Billy’s,

ElleyCat: 00:22:54 yeah, I’m going to believe I leave tomorrow actually. And it’s honestly it’s my nearly vacation, but I am hoping to get a couple of different photo shoots and while I’m there, um, I’ll be doing a little bit of almost story selfie sort of, um, behind the scenes stuff or the groups that I’m the ambassador for. So I’m bringing a couple of those items with me so that I can kind of show them off on the beach. But I am hoping to getting a couple, a really cool bathing suit shots while in there. But the primary goal is to relax and go scuba diving, see the fish and the coral and all that kind of stuff.

Liam: 00:23:35 Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that. It sounds like definitely be a nice vacation. Give me a little bit of time to unwind and recharge your batteries.

ElleyCat: 00:23:44 Yeah. Got Massive burnout at work.

Liam: 00:23:47 Oh yeah, I can imagine. Cause I mean, you know, like I said, uh, you know, earlier, I mean, you work full time as a geologist and you’re, I mean, good guy. You’re doing so many shoots on the weekends with the modeling, that’s pretty much basically you’re working two full time jobs at this point. I mean you’re, you’re just busy, busy all the time.

ElleyCat: 00:24:05 Say that I don’t have weekends to myself right now. I’m either working and I work a 40 hour plus week. Um, I worked for 10 days or four, 10 hour days, excuse me. And uh, and then as the rotating, you know, weekends off schedule with on call duty. And right now I’m the hydrology project manager for the deepening and de-watering program. So I think seeing the pilot holes where we build in based on our water in the tent based on structures, um, I determined where wells are going to be based on prove this pilot folds depending on how many gps they have once they’re drilled. And that also includes installing any instrumentation so that we can actually monitor either rock movement of structure, movement, water pressure and head in the actual pilot hole and see if it’s going to be a viable source for a well seawater, the slope so that we don’t have the poor pressure fit.

ElleyCat: 00:25:16 Okay. Because the slips of sales, um, a lot of people know about being in Canyon in Utah and there was a giant float failure there. Well, we have radar units that monitor our slope walls so they can tell us within fractions of an inch what moving and wear at all times. So the people in BM Canyon were lucky. They had a good float monitoring team and they were able to get everybody out of the area before this massive failure happened. And so with pis that have less competent rock, kind of like the pit does where I work, we have to be very diligent on making sure that we’d do water to float. And so finding our water columns and, uh, compartments is a crucial step of making sure that we’re putting in kind of holes in wells in the riot area.

Liam: 00:26:09 Wow. See, and for my listeners out there, I told you guys she was not only beautiful, but she was really smart too. That is so cool. I mean, you’re just a wow. You’re incredible. You, I mean, you, you’re doing the scientific stuff and the modeling and the acting, you’re just going in three different directions at once, my friend. But I, I’m really do,

ElleyCat: 00:26:32 I, I have a m on my youtube, I have a little part this about me, about information, about me and just kind of a couple of short about what I do or have done and stuff like that. And some people might say think that it sounds arrogant or whatnot, but everything that I set my heart to do, I figured out how to do it. And so I’ve never come up against something that I can’t figure out how to see or make happen. And it have a huge drive and passion just to follow my dreams and whatever that made me, I mean, you know, tomorrow I wanted to learn how to go deep sea fishing. I mean, I would figure out how to do it with some help, but I would do it, you know, I was in my little profile. You don’t just talk about the stuff I’ve done and I’m very proud that I am extremely tenacious or, and you know, I’m, I was the first person in my family to go out and decide to get a college degree.

ElleyCat: 00:27:35 Um, know nothing bad about my parents or anything. They are, they’re both extremely hardworking. Who would call them folks. And my dad was a construction foreman. California is a general contractor and you know, my mom has rescued and raised exotic animals as long as I can remember. And so they are extremely hard working people and they were very, very well not only grateful, I guess that, you know, I was able to bring them such pride, but they were Oh, extremely proud of me that I went out and got my degree so that I could do something that would sustain me so that I could have the themes to hopefully follow migraines. And that’s basically what I’m doing right now.

Liam: 00:28:21 Absolutely. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. And my story is pretty much the same as yours from that aspect. You know, my parents were very hardworking. Uh, my dad was a plant man manager for a silo company. And there many of my listeners that don’t know yes, there, their company actually built the cinderblock silos on farms that the farmers would store their grain and stuff in. And he did that for a long time and he drove tractor trailer and, and uh, my mom, uh, my mom worked at a place called Martha Lloyd, which is a school for mentally handicapped women, um, in my hometown and it’s actually the premier facility of its kind in the world. And now I was the first one in my family to go to college and got my first college degree. And earlier I graduated in 2000 when my computer science degree. And then I’ve gone back and got a second computer science degree and now I’ve gotten two degrees in photography. So I’ve got four of them now.

ElleyCat: 00:29:19 Good job.

Liam: 00:29:22 I’ve always been the kind of person that enjoyed school. I just always loved school. I was an overachiever in high school. Um, when I, when I graduated back in those days, I’m old as hell now. Uh, pardon my French. But, uh, we had to have 21 credits to graduate. I had 34 and a half. When I finished senior year, I still hold the score for the most credits obtained by a graduating senior. And, um, and m I’ve graduated each time I got a college degree. I graduated summa cum loudly. So I’ve done really well for myself. Yeah. And well, the thing is I’m like way over the top as far as the nerd is concerned. I’m not like in nerd or a geek. I’m like an Uber mega super nerd. So, and I was telling, I was telling one of my friends this not too long ago, I said, you know, when I was getting my first computer science degree, my best friend in college at the time was a guy named Chris row and he was ultra liberal.

Liam: 00:30:21 I’m ultra conservative. So we just agreed not to talk about politics and we were together and we got along great. And uh, he would get so mad at me because he had to study his tail off for, you know, any kind of major exams or midterms or finals. And I swear to God, I could literally sleep in a class all the entire term and take a final exam and get a hundred on it and not even be conscious. Yeah. Yeah. And my friend Chris hated me for it. He’s like, I’ve got to study my butt off. And you sleep in glass all day everyday. You take no notes, you don’t study at all and you get 100% on a final exam. I hate you.

ElleyCat: 00:31:03 Yeah, I’d say so. I wasn’t quite that bad of like I had to take every note and I had to be at every class or real books or whatever, like, and I kind of almost was considered a joke at this point, but I, I read very few college books all the way through. Then I wasn’t interested in like I would pay 50 to the class, the teacher understand what was going on and be able to apply that to the test. But I always took, I would say really good notes. And then I was overly active in the lab, right?

Liam: 00:31:39 Oh yeah.

ElleyCat: 00:31:39 But I always had to study, but I was worth the cram last minute sort of study. I was like, Oh yeah, I’ve testified, I’ve got to study. And then I go in and I, you know, I do fairly well. Um, I, I graduated on the Dean’s list so I was thrilled with that and completed my four year degree in three and a half years. I was bounded, determined like I was taking 20 credits a semester and taking summer school, um, for two summers. So the other two I was in field camp and doing all kinds of stuff. But yeah I was, it was crazy and I was thrilled for that. But yeah I was nowhere like you where you can just go, Oh God this the school, I didn’t get 100% on a test. I needed people like that half the crap out of home.

Liam: 00:32:26 Well when I, it was funny cause when I was getting my first computer science degree, one of the, what I call bs classes, cause they weren’t part of your major, they were, you know, the stupid stack, the stupid filler classes you had take to round out your degree. Um, so one of the, yeah, one of the classes I had to take was an introduction on Microsoft office and I told my professor the first day of class, I said, no offense man. But uh, I’ve been an I doing it for awhile now. So to me your class is a retards guide to Microsoft office because I guarantee I already know more about Microsoft office and then you do. And she didn’t believe me. And I slept all day everyday in her class five days a week. And when it came time for our final exam, I sat in the front of the room. By the time she reached the back of the room, passing out the final exams, I already finished mine and put it on her desk and walked out of the room. And then I saw her,

ElleyCat: 00:33:22 I thought she hated it.

Liam: 00:33:23 Oh yeah, I saw her later on that day in the hallway. And I said, so how’d I do on your Microsoft office? Final exam? She goes, you get a hundred percent smart ass. I told you on the first day your class for me was the retards guy in the office. Yeah, that’s awesome. But I had a lot of fun at Wa. And the thing was is when I went to school and got my very first degree, it was actually technically two degrees in one cause I was a double major, I was a computer science, um, with a major component being programming languages. And then my second major was in accounting. So because a lot of the are nerd. Yeah. So while a lot of the stuff that I did on the computer science side was programming and I did the visual studio.net while actually the precursor to that, it was visual studio six at the time, I believe. Um, so I was doing a lot of the programming for windows specific languages, visual basic and stuff like that. But then the other half of my programming curriculum was programming on IBM s 400 mainframes, which were used for payroll by all the huge corporations like IBM and HP and GE and GM and Chrysler and Ford and coke and Pepsi and all those companies.

Liam: 00:34:45 Oh, Yup. So,

ElleyCat: 00:34:49 oh, lot of python scripting or thing.

Liam: 00:34:52 Now back in those days, python didn’t even exist yet. Yeah, python was still [inaudible].

ElleyCat: 00:34:56 Well, see, there you go.

Liam: 00:34:57 Yeah. Pi’s on an even been thought of back in those days I was programming and all the Microsoft studios languages, which would be visual, basic visual, Java, visual C, I’m straight C plus Plus Java script. And then on the, on the IBM side, it was the IBM ASMR 400. So I had to know IBM ASMR, 400 systems and operations and then an I also programmed in RPG and cobol. So you’re talking hardcore programming languages?

ElleyCat: 00:35:31 My Gosh. Yeah. Okay. Well that’s when the computers were the size of the house.

Liam: 00:35:37 Hey, I’m not quite

ElleyCat: 00:35:38 that old. No, not quite that old, but uh, but I enjoyed it. I mean I had a lot of fun. And to give you an idea of how bad of a nerd I am for my final project in my RPG class, we had to, we had to follow a specific guidelines or final project had to contain so many records. Um, so many queries, so many calculations, so many loops and all these others sub you know, algorithms. And you had to have all of this, had to be in your final program project, you know, in order to finish your final project for your final grade. And so I decided to get creative and since I am a mega nerd, I decided to do my final project on how long it would take a United Federation of Planets starship to travel from the earth to Alpha Centauri at various work speeds. So I, yeah, I tied my computer programming habits in my star trek lobe and don’t end up one big thing for my final project. And I love doing that. It was such a blast. Well, I hope you had a perspective that appreciated that.

Liam: 00:36:48 Yeah, well he had an actually we got in a fight and that almost came to blows because, and I loved my professor that I had for that class. His name was Mr Spanier. And um, he had been a programmer. He’d done the payroll, uh, programming for the Ford Motor Company for a long time before he became a professor. And, um, I turned in my final project and my project was flawless. My code was perfect. I had all the rigs I had more than the requirements. I had way more records than 25 way more calculations than a minimum. So on any gives me back, my graded project gives me a 98. And I’m like, what the hell is with the 98? Well, it’s always been my policy, no matter how good somebody’s project is, nobody deserves a hundred. Oh, I was ready to knock him out right there. I was furious,

ElleyCat: 00:37:39 man. I don’t want it to kill him.

Liam: 00:37:41 Oh yeah. I was not a happy camper. I’d almost decked him over that and I really liked him as a professor. But yeah, that really pissed me off because I worked hard on that project and put in a lot of hours writing all the, all of the different arrays and the record queries and the calculations and all of that. And then it gives me a 98% instead of a hundred when I easily had a perfect score and a as, yes, we almost, we almost came to blows over that, but I still had a lot, I had a lot of fun doing it.

ElleyCat: 00:38:16 I’ll bet you did. Um, I had a professor in I metrology class who’s was actually my advisor as well. And metrology is where you look at minerals in fin section and you see them polarized and on polarized and you, you look at a lot under a microscope and figure out, you know, what’s going on, their habits or structure, what there are some will dissolve, that kind of thing. Uh, so he gave us a free range for our last topic and Ted, um, to write about whenever we want to do. All right. Have been a minimum of so many pages on the words. And so I had decided, I think two topics. Um, I picked felsic minerals and I picked a darn it and their habits than corporations and that kind of thing. And so I turned in my paper along with my actual colony exam or viewing the murals under a microscope and identifying them without, you know, with no help basically. And Wow, you gave me my test back with everybody else. And it was the first final in college where I got 110% on the final exam. And I was like, are you serious?

Liam: 00:39:37 Right. It’s cool.

ElleyCat: 00:39:38 Well, no, you, you did a fantastic job. You, you know, Blah Blah, blah. I was like, how could there be possibly you got everything. Exactly correct. You know, from your classmates. I was like, yes. Oh boy. And I rub that in a couple of people’s faces.

Liam: 00:39:53 I don’t blame you. I would have to. Yeah. See you were, you were an overachiever like me.

ElleyCat: 00:39:59 Well, I, I find in some classes especially like core classy.

Liam: 00:40:03 Oh yeah.

ElleyCat: 00:40:06 Oh, economics, theology, you know, an emphasis on economics. And so yeah, in my four classes I was definitely an overachiever. Like I’m one of those people that would go back to field camp and you know, for any geologists that would ever be listening to this, if you love your field camp, you know when I’m talking about, it’s your first chance to actually go out in the field, apply all your, you learned about geology and put them on a map, put them in note, write papers about it, and then turn them in and you’re out in the field all day. It’s what’s during hot because you, they throw you in, you know, some godforsaken place in the middle of summer and it’s usually a hundred plus degrees outside and you’re like, all dogs water today. I haven’t peas yet. I’m starving and I still have to finish this whole paper. And you just, you figure it out with as many sunburn by. I’m go back and do it again.

Liam: 00:41:09 That’s great. Oh yeah.

ElleyCat: 00:41:12 I mean I’m, I’m like the biggest rock cow nerd. If it’s out there or if there were an area, oh yeah, I found this area, I’ll find it.

Liam: 00:41:22 Yeah,

ElleyCat: 00:41:22 you’ve got the regent collected at rocks. It’s kind of prophetic. I’ve got, um, drawn boxes, which hold our, um, our calling card, like that drill bit that we use to drill our black holes for the weekend. They’ll blow up the ground and there was a knock out. But the boxes are wooden. The drill deck, they’re usually around 200 pounds a piece and 300 boxes can. And I’ve got like seven boxes that are completely full rock. And my boyfriend’s helped me move them twice now and he’s like, so next time we move are you gonna like get rid of them or you’re lugging around with water on your home?

Liam: 00:42:05 Yeah, that’s when you’re telling now I get a few more movie roles and we’ll have enough money. I can hire people to come in and move them for us. Hell yeah. We gonna get a moving company, send out some guys and give them a hernia. Moving your rock collections.

ElleyCat: 00:42:20 That’s right. They better know how to lift from the knees.

Liam: 00:42:24 That’s right. Oh my goodness. That’s so funny. But yeah, I was like, when your, your uh, final that you got 110% ROI on that. I was like that and especially with some of my programming languages and one of my favorites was visual basic. And for that class we had a textbook that had programming exercises in the back of each chapter. It was 32 chapters long and in order to finish the class we only had to do the first 16 chapters in the book and from each chapter, each chapter had, I think it was 20 or 30 programs that you could do and you only had to do six from each chapter to finish the course. And, and you know, in visual basic to finish that course. And I, I was so gung Ho, I did all 32 chapters in the book, every programming project at the back of every chapter.

Liam: 00:43:18 And it was so funny because I remember the professor, not cam for the life of me and remember his name now, but he was such a nice guy and he came around to talk to each of the students the day before our final exam. And he comes to my desk and says, Bill, um, cause back then I went by the nickname bill instead of William. And now I usually am because of my photography business. But uh, he said, Bill, um, you’ve actually done so much work in this class. You could take an absolute zero on your final and you would still finish this class with a 4.0 and I said, really? I said, that’s cool. And then I came in the next day, took my flight. Well anyway, he’s got 100% on that. So yeah, I ended up finishing his class with like, instead of 100% for migrated, a 4.0 as I was up like 150% because I did so much extra part in that class. But I’m just having so much fun. I couldn’t stop, you know, I would start writing visual basic code. I’d started doing these programs and I couldn’t stop at six. I just kept going. So yeah, it was funny because we would get to know,

ElleyCat: 00:44:26 oh, another level of loving what you do.

Liam: 00:44:30 That’s how bad am. Well, I, my, I always said it was my uncle Rick’s fault because he gave me my first computer, which was a commodore Vic 20 when I was 10, and I stayed up at my grandma. Yeah. Really old school computer way before your time. Um, uh, well commodore was a competing computer company. It was a more proprietary system. It wasn’t as mainstream as the IBM pace based pcs that like the Tandy computers and stuff like that that they sold the radio shack. Um, although before they went out of business in the u s commodore did make a few hybrid computers that ran their proprietary stuff, but then could also run the IBM PC compatible stuff like dos and stuff like that. But it didn’t save them. It didn’t save them in the United States. They ended up going out of business in the U s but they’re still really big in Europe. They’re still making computers there. Yeah. But, uh, my uncle Rick gave me my first computer, which was a commodore Vic 20 in, I’m talking, you’re talking in the days where we didn’t even have floppy drives. I wrote my programs and I had to save them to a cassette tape. So yeah. Yeah. Seriously. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the storage medium we had when I started writing code at 10 years old was cassette tapes, which really sucked because when you want it to reload your program into memory from the tape drive, it fricking took forever.

Liam: 00:46:03 But my uncle Rick gave me that Vic 20 cause he had upgraded to the new commodore 64 that had just come out. And I was, I, when I was younger, I, we spent every summer when I was all out of school for the summer, I always spent those summers at my maternal grandparents house. Like entire summer I was at Grandpa and grandma cooked carts all summer and my uncle Rick and I would do stuff together. He was like six or seven years older than me. Um, but he gave me that Vic 20 and I had forgotten at the time I wore reading glasses while not reading glasses. I actually had pretty bad eyesight when I was young. And then I quit wearing my glasses. My eyes healed on their own. And I only had them now for reading. And only in my right eye, my right eye is like 2021 or something like that and barely even need a prescription.

Liam: 00:46:50 But anyways, I didn’t have my glasses. I’d forgotten to take them to my grandparents that summer. And I stayed up like 18 hours writing code on this Vic 20 before I finally went to sleep. And I’m talking in the old school, I’m talking basic, basic, not visual basic that any other kinds of basic, the original basic programming language. And I wrote code for 18 hours staring at, you know, cause the Vic 20 the commodore computers, you could just hook up to a television and use that for your monitor and those days. And um, so I was staring at my grandparents TV screen for 18 hours writing code and I finally crashed after 18 hours and went to sleep. And when I woke up, well, quote unquote woke up, I was conscious, but I couldn’t see because my eyes swelled shut from the eyestrain because I wrote all that card with no glasses on and my, and I straightened my eyes so badly that my eyes actually swelled shut.

ElleyCat: 00:47:54 Okay.

Liam: 00:47:54 Which I didn’t even know was possible.

ElleyCat: 00:47:56 You’re not supposed to do that.

Liam: 00:47:57 Yeah. I didn’t even know what was possible to do that until it happened.

ElleyCat: 00:48:01 I didn’t know either. Yeah. I was going to think that you would say fun for days.

Liam: 00:48:05 Yeah. Oh yeah, I did that too. But yeah, for the first few hours after I woke back up, I, I couldn’t really open my eyes at all. They were just so puffy and so swollen that I had to put a compress on my eyes for a while to get the swelling to go down before I could open them enough to see.

ElleyCat: 00:48:23 Okay.

Liam: 00:48:23 Yeah. So that’s how that

ElleyCat: 00:48:25 done that again.

Liam: 00:48:26 No, no. I still write code for hours on end at times, but like I said, I don’t really need my glasses anymore. So, um, but the other thing I wanted to talk to you about in this, uh, in your second appearance is the other thing I was really excited about. I see that you’ve got your youtube channel going now. You’ve got a 5% set five videos on here now and you’ve got 22 subscribers. So you’re getting there and you’ve got some really cool videos on here. I love your videos. The Dan, the full guy has gotta be my favorite. That one is so, so great. I love that one.

ElleyCat: 00:49:01 Isn’t that cool? Yeah. Honestly it was a last minute sort of thing. But I was like, uh, my boyfriend was standing in the background, not meaning to be in the shot and the videographer night culture. He was like, no, no, no, stay there. This is what cool. Kind of looked like the creeper maybe. And I was like, well let’s put your myriad, I said, he can like be grabbing my foot or something like that. So he did that and then the videographer was like, wait a minute, I have a great idea. Go stand over there with the pool skimmer. And, you know, skip the pool and so off. It’s so proud of my boyfriend. It was the coolest thing ever for just to watch him like go and do that. Actually had the vote. Perfect expressions. I’m walked it down laughing what I do. Yeah, he was cracking up and it took quite a few actual takes for him to do those spaces without bursting out laughing cause he’s shy in front of the camera. So it was really adorable.

Liam: 00:50:00 That’s great though. And I see that one’s got 253 view. So that’s by far your most popular video so far.

ElleyCat: 00:50:07 Yeah. You know, sound half baked, you did it. So everybody’s like, oh Yo, look, look that one

Liam: 00:50:13 now the a actually the thing I was gonna say was not laying the, the sexy outfit you’re wearing, but just the title and the way the clip is shot is it’s like reminiscent of like a seventies porn. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Uh,

ElleyCat: 00:50:32 no, no, no. I, I love the way he edited it so that it kind of does look like it was something that came like almost straight out of the 70s. Yeah, I definitely think that. But,

Liam: 00:50:46 and as soon as we shared it and I saw the title four and before I clicked on it, the watch and I’m like, Eh, she got her boyfriend into a video. Somehow she got him into it. Cause I do that. I knew that Sudan, the pool guy had to a bed. That’s so awesome.

ElleyCat: 00:51:06 Thank you.

Liam: 00:51:07 Now what’s the, um, I don’t think I’ve watched this one yet. What’s the a La Cat in EDC 2016 trailer. What’s that all about?

ElleyCat: 00:51:17 Um, well I was at EDC in 2015 came around that were, you know, doing professional videos and they can point it bunch of footage of me, but you know, I’m only in it for literally like that. I was in the official trailer for 2016 I was like, if you didn’t know it was me, you would have no idea. So it’s this a little bit of me and I’m just gonna sit in there dancing. I blew a kiss to the camera. I was just super excited that I actually made the official video and I just put it up there cause I liked it. And that’s really the only reason.

Liam: 00:51:59 That’s so cool though. Now I gotta ask you a question because if memory serves me correctly, one of your videos is missing, cause I thought the very first one that you posted was you doing like your makeup or something before issue and I don’t see that one here now or not or am I missing it?

ElleyCat: 00:52:18 No, I haven’t.

Liam: 00:52:20 I seen, I see dad, the Pool Guy, the EDC 2016 trailer. Then I see how I became a snake. Victoria secret sale in best sexy Lara Croft cosplay and the model junkyard. Oh maybe it’s the model junk yard photo shoot. Get ready. Yeah, maybe that’s okay. That’s what threw me off because I was like, I knew there was a video where she was talking about how she gets ready for a shoot and her doing her makeup and how she taught herself, all that stuff. And I didn’t see it but I forgot it was that one. That’s my man.

ElleyCat: 00:52:49 No, that’s cool. Um, or recorded a fucking footage for those. But my laptop, unfortunately it can’t handle the editing software to do that. So I ordered myself a gigantic pop that I like build over the Internet. Two of the parts were on back order so it’s still not here and both arrive while I’m on vacation. So my best friend is coming over to my house on my kitty cat fall and gone and made sure that my computer gets put in the hole because I’ve been wasting a 20 on anything and I’ll be able to gain, um, um, because I’m a fairly big Gamer, I just looked, you know, couple of different, I was thinking what we’re putting computer based games but I’m hoping

Liam: 00:53:35 so you are [inaudible] so you are a nerd at heart.

ElleyCat: 00:53:47 Throw their hair in a ponytail and get guilty. Guilty looking for Ross outside.

ElleyCat: 00:53:54 I think I would get beat up by tigers or go horseback riding, you know, get out on my quad and ride all day for I’ve listen to my man and you know, come in again for hours. When I realized 2:00 AM I need to go to bed and so yeah, I’m full longer. Oh fuck. With that thing. I had no idea I was going to love it so much, but you can make so many awesome things with it. I had no clue. Was like a whole new world for me to figure it out that, you know, plastic string stuff to make all these other really cool things.

Liam: 00:54:31 Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely. That’s so funny that you’re into gaming and stuff like that too. I would’ve never thought that. That’s the rumor that I used to do. I used to do a lot of PC gaming years ago. Um, but I wouldn’t run windows. I always hated windows with a passion. So I would run Linux and I would run what’s called a windows emulator, um, known as wine wine for short. And um, a number of years back when I was living in, back when I lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and I was getting my second computer science degree. I used to play a game and then I was never into star wars. I’ve always been a star trek person. I hate star wars, but they made one star wars. They made one star wars game that I liked and that was Jedi Knight to jetty outcast. And I was on workman’s comp for quite a while because I sustained a bad arm injury, which progressed into a degenerative disease that I have in that arm now.

Liam: 00:55:32 Um, and before I went back to college, I was stuck at home all the time, climate in the walls. And I was like, I’ve gotta find something to do. So I started going to college again and in my spare time I would play Jedi Knight to Jedi outcast. And I actually worked my way up to being tied for number one in the world in that game with another guy. I can’t remember the guy’s name now, cause it’s been so long ago, but he and I were the two best players in the entire world and we would play, we would play on servers. Um, they were called dark world servers and on the servers they had pumped musters. So there was no cheating, there was no force powers, no guns, no bombs, no grenades. All you had was your lightsaber. So it was basically sword fighting. Um, wow. And in two and a half years of playing that game, I killed 4 million real world real world opponents in that game.

Liam: 00:56:35 Yeah. Back when I, at the height of my gaming, I played the crap out of that game. That one in Star Trek Bridge Commander I played a lot of and uh, but yeah, it was, I mean it got to the point where I had to create fake accounts because when I would log onto a server, as soon as everybody saw my avatars screen name, nobody would play against them. Oh yeah. I would log in, I would log into a while they had different server worlds. So some of them were where you could just do a lightsaber duals where you would challenge a player they would accept. And then while the two of you were fighting, your body’s glowed and any other people on that, on that world, they could run up behind you and hit you as many times they want it with their lightsaber and it wouldn’t do any damage to you. Only you and your opponent could do each other because you were dueling. And um, and then they had free for all servers and I would log into a, before everybody got wise to how good I was at the game, I would log into a free for all server and I would kill two, 300 players at a time and a free for all flight. And I’d still have three quarters of my health left when everybody else was dead. So yeah, I got, yeah. Yup, Yup. Way before all of that.

Liam: 00:57:56 Yeah. Because was a world of Warcraft. It first came out back around that time. It was either world of Warcraft or there was another one that I was thinking started with an e but I couldn’t be wrong. It might’ve been world of Warcraft. I never got into world of Warcraft anyways, but I had, I had so much fun and um, like I said, the jetty outcast, I would go occasionally on servers where we played capture the flag. So you would have teams, you know, you’d have six guys on a team and six guys on an opposing team and you would cross this massive map trying to find each other’s base camps and steal their flag and get back to your camp. But they’re captured flag while they’re all chasing, you’re trying to kill you and get their flag back. So I used to play quite a bit of that too.

Liam: 00:58:46 Well I checked, uh, not too long ago when I saw that they did finally port that game to Macko s cause I run all macs now and you can buy the game, you can buy the game for like five bucks or something like that in the Mac app store. And I’m like, I wonder if I should download that and start killing people. Like yeah. But at the time I was working two full time jobs. I’m like, I don’t have time for gaming and just don’t. I mean, you know, it’s bad when you log into a free for all server in everybody’s logs off or just runs from you when they see your screen name. That’s hilarious.

Liam: 00:59:22 And the thing was the guy that I was tied for first place in the entire world in this game with, he and I would go on to a dark side dual server and we would challenge each other to a duel and we would literally dual for two or three hours and neither one of us get finished the other guy off because we’re both so good. Yeah, we both so good at the game. We couldn’t kill each other, so we’d fight until we were exhausted and we’d call a draw and just give up and then we go back to killing everybody else.

ElleyCat: 00:59:53 Okay. Okay.

Liam: 00:59:57 Yeah, but I had a lot of fun doing that, so I just thought it was funny that you’re in the game. You don’t meet a whole lot of ladies that are into gaming. Not very many. And it’s just so funny because you did the modeling and you’re a geologist and you’re into the gaming and I saw, and one of your, one of Dan’s recent posts, you guys found some cool arrowheads not too long ago too. I thought that was really cool.

ElleyCat: 01:00:17 Oh yeah. Yeah. I love looking for that kind of stuff. And so I, I think every opportunity I can get the, which aren’t many lately, but you know, anytime I get off work early or can go out, look around for stuff, I haven’t really tried to, cause there’s, you know, this kind of a wealth of it in Arizona. And you know, I just like to find different things that’s really cool to me and I want to preserve it. Like I don’t want it to get trampled by cows cause most of it you just find the cattle field.

Liam: 01:00:48 Oh yeah. Yeah. When I saw that post I was like, she’s lucky cause she probably finds tons of that stuff in Arizona. I can just imagine,

ElleyCat: 01:00:56 surprisingly not too much because the cactus, the bud sucks. So you just kind of got to stay out of the way. And I’m definitely allergic to walk and so eight times I’ve walked out there, oh and I had a happy creeper out then. You know, not bother them and hopefully they leave me alone.

Liam: 01:01:16 Make sure you have your Epi pen.

ElleyCat: 01:01:19 I do.

Liam: 01:01:20 That’s good. Uh, we are, see where I’m, I, like I said, I’m originally from Pennsylvania, so we don’t get a whole lot of arrowheads when we explore up there. We do on occasion because there were, um, I can’t remember what tribes were living in that area because my dad grew up in a town that was just called y Lucien, Pennsylvania. And I can’t remember, I can’t remember which tribe, but why aren’t we seeing why are losing the town name actually stood for a gathering of friends or something like that. I can’t remember if it was, I can’t remember which tribe it was though. If it was a, I want to say it was black feet, but I could be wrong, or maybe it was Mohawk at one time. I could be wrong. But anyways, we would occasionally find arrowheads. It was kind of rare. But the cool thing when I lived in Harrisburg would be, you know, a short drive down the road I’d be at to Gettysburg battlefield.

Liam: 01:02:10 And we were always finding what they would call witness trees. So if you’re not familiar with it, a witness tree is, but that’s what they call it. But it’s basically one of the trees on the Gettysburg battlefield that actually caught bullets that missed their targets. And so those things are found all the time in Gettysburg. I mean, there’s so many, um, stray bullets from the civil war that are embedded in trees and all kinds of different things. Yeah. And a, they coined the phrase witness tree. So that’s what they call these trees that, that ended up catching silver war bullets that were intended for, you know, somebody on the north or the south side and the shot missed and hit a tree instead. And then anytime somebody finds one, yeah, anytime somebody finds one, they mark the tree and it becomes the, the newest member of the witness tree family.

Liam: 01:03:06 It’s pretty cool. And I’m such a history nerd. I lived in, I lived in Harrisburg for 10 years and I would literally go to Gettysburg battlefield like every freaking weekend and just walk in and find anything cool. Oh, I found all kinds of stuff. I found, um, civil war oh, buckles found bayonets. Um, rifle components, sometimes pistols. We would dig up pistols on occasion and we’d always just give all the stuff we found in the museum. It was there on the grounds. And you know, we never, yeah, I was like, I’ve always been a history not, and I’m like, well, I don’t feel right. You know, anything that I find, I’m not going to take it home and put it in my personal collection. I’m going to turn it over to the Gettysburg Museum. And for the last one I always did. But yeah, we find cool stuff. We’ve find a union and confederate, you know, pins and metals and stuff like that from time to time. And um, one of my friends actually found and um, buried in the dirt, one of our weekends we were down there, he actually found an old, a surgeons amputation saw.

Liam: 01:04:14 Right. We’re used to amputate lambs when they, you know, when they get badly injured in the battlefield. Yeah. And you know, in those days they didn’t have anesthesia. It was like, all right boy, take a drink of this whiskey and bite down on the stick while I cut your leg off.

ElleyCat: 01:04:29 Yeah. And hopefully you know, for other like big dudes are like old them down.

Liam: 01:04:33 Yeah, yeah, Yup. But I just loved going to Gettysburg and I would literally go every weekend, sometimes all year round. I’d spend every weekend at the battlefield at either, maybe not both days of the weekend, but I’d either go every Saturday or I’d go every Sunday or I rotate it in one month. I’d do Saturdays next month I do Sundays, but I always went at least one day a week. Um, or the entire 10 years I live in Harrisburg and we’ve only found a fraction of all the stuff from the civil war on those grounds. There’s still so much more stuff that’s there. I mean he had like 12,000 soldiers in the battle of Gettysburg. Ah, I can just imagine how much more stuff is there that has not been found yet. I there I articles all the time that they find stuff that they’re always finding stuff.

Liam: 01:05:23 But yeah, like once in a while they’ll cut down a tree that gets damaged by lightning or something and you know, they’ll cut the tree down and flip. You know, you get the

Liam: 01:05:32 The bottom of the trunk exposed. You don’t where it’s been cut from its stomp and there’s a bullet embedded in the tree. Yeah. So they found some that way, you know. And like I said, each time they find when they mark that tree and uh, they have a log book and they’ll mark that tree down as a new witness tree and they put down its coordinates and how many rounds they found embedded in the tree. And they usually don’t dig them out. They just leave them in there and they mark them elk are, that makes, makes the tour’s a little more interesting when you can point those things out.

ElleyCat: 01:06:04 Oh for sure. Yeah.

Liam: 01:06:06 But I am so excited that things are really going really full steam ahead for you. I mean, that’s great. I think it’s fantastic and I hope you do get to do more acting. I think that’s great too.

ElleyCat: 01:06:20 Yeah, me too. I have a, you know, a lot of different, let’s say no, it’s basically out there and you know, some contact with people. We’d like to work with you. We’d like to do this, please get back to me because I, you know, it could dream of mine and I, I wanna see it through. I was blessed to be able as much as I run, I would love to be able to quit my day job because there is still on the mentality that some people don’t believe that women are to be in writing and especially strong personalities like myself. Um, more with this, a lot of men that say that women need to be away from mining and it’s a men’s world. It’s very difficult. Especially I am the only woman in my office and there’s 23 men, Aaron, that’s what’s in my building. And then in the other building, I think there’s about 50 men and there’s two winners.

Liam: 01:07:21 Oh Wow.

ElleyCat: 01:07:22 It’s very practical. I like myself that are either engineers or geologists.

Liam: 01:07:29 Yeah.

ElleyCat: 01:07:29 It’s a little bit of a struggle. And so that part is unfortunate that, you know, we’re in a century we’re in and there is still this kind of a backwards mind and sometimes it’s a cultural preference or we do work with from around the world, but some of the work here, but a lot of them are still stuck in their old ways.

Liam: 01:07:47 Yeah. Oh yeah.

ElleyCat: 01:07:48 Especially towards women. It’s like no, women need to be in the kitchen. Women need to cover their hair. Women need to not wear jeans or you know, there’s a lot of stigma that they put on us. And so our opinions are a lot of the time are not listened to and they’re not held to, you know, the same high priority or standard as the men’s are. And it’s, it’s very hard if you go into different meetings and you can see that mentality. So for, to be able to get away from that someday and be able to be a fulltime actress and model that Migraine and I am, I’m working so hard to get here.

Liam: 01:08:26 Wow, that’s so cool though. And I mean, it’s sad that, that you get treated that way just because you’re a woman. I mean, I guess that mindset never made a whole heck of a lot of sense to me because, you know, if you’re qualified to do the job and you have the education, what difference does it make what your gender is? And the sad thing is, and I’ve told people this for a long time, even back before it ever happened from the time I was fairly young, I kept telling everybody, I’m like, you mark my words, the United States will have its first black president before we have our first woman president. And it’s just the nature of, yeah, it’s just the nature of the beast. And the problem is, you know, just like in your industry and other industries, you know, how is a female president in the United States going to interact with some of our app, our quote unquote allies like Saudi Arabia where women are considered fourth class citizens or whatever.

Liam: 01:09:23 Or they’re basically considered property like, yeah, yeah, yeah. How are you, how are you going to carry on a meeting with the you? The King of Saudi Arabia is a female president, United States when to him, your property, you know, that’s not going to work. So yeah, unfortunately, um, and the world is very sexist to this day, which to me is just completely idiotic. We should’ve moved past that a long time ago, but unfortunately too many people haven’t. Wow. You know, and uh, again, I’m from the northern state, one of the northern states, so I never understood the whole, uh, you know, prejudice against black people. I never understood that. And it’s just sad.

ElleyCat: 01:10:08 I don’t get that, you know?

Liam: 01:10:09 Yeah. I don’t understand why people are looked down upon because they’re female or because they have a different color skin than I have. I could never comprehend that stuff when I was growing up. And I think, to be honest, that was one of the reasons why I was so into star trek when I was a kid was because that’s how I looked at the world. And that’s how gene Roddenberry’s characters looked at the world. You don’t want to start track. Everybody was equal. Didn’t matter if you were black, white, Asian, didn’t matter if you were Russian, Scottish, Irish, didn’t matter. Everybody was equal. Um, yeah, exactly. The only difference between everybody was what your rank was on the ship, but everybody was equal. And, uh, and of course the other thing that I tell people all the time that I hate is this. And I understand there are prejudice against black people and Mexican people and other people of different ethnic groups over really burns. My toast is this racism because, and I tell people this all the time, there’s no such thing as racism. We’re all the same race. We’re all sapiens. We have different ethnic groups. There’s no such thing as different races on the planet unless you can prove to me that we have aliens that are physically living on this planet from outer space. There’s only one race on this planet. And that’s almost ABM.

Liam: 01:11:25 Yup. But, uh, and then like I said, it’s just sad that some people are so closed minded when it comes to stuff like that. And just like with the stuff you do with being a model and you do conventional stuff, you do your cause play, you do your steam punk shoots, but you also do artistic nudes. And it’s like, why do people have such hangups over artistic nudes? I mean, Facebook still doesn’t allow artistic nudes of women unless their nipples recovered. Cause I, I did an episode on my other podcast show, my political podcast. Uh, no, it was on my photography podcast cause a few weeks ago a bunch of models and photographers were protesting outside Facebook’s New York City headquarters and they were all naked protesting in front of their building and they were all covering themselves with giant pictures for a while there they were covering themselves with giant print outs of men, male Nipples, you guys female?

Liam: 01:12:28 No, because they’re not allowed on Facebook. And Facebook met with the group and our, I guess they agreed that they were gonna meet with this group. Um, I can’t remember what the organization was called. It was like NCAC or something like that. And, uh, they agreed to meet with their representatives, but said that they weren’t going to guarantee that they were going to change their policy on that. And my friend Brian’s announcing you that you and I talked about that on the last time you were on my show. He’s an artistic nude photographer in the Chicago area and he gets so mad that he asked the sensor certain things in his photos because if not, Facebook will delete his photos and banning. Yeah. If he doesn’t censor it. And I don’t know, I mean, I’ve always been a fairly religious person. I’m not an ultra religious conservative like some people are, but I just, you know, I never understood it’s art. It’s art for God’s sakes. People have been doing nude sculptures and new paintings for hundreds and thousands of years. What the heck is the difference? If it’s a tasteful artistic nude photograph, there’s no difference. But for some, for some reason Facebook will allow female nipples to be on their, on their platform. If it’s a sculpture or a painting, if it’s a photograph, you’ll get manned. And I just think, yeah, I think it’s just really stupid.

ElleyCat: 01:13:55 All right. I just young, you know, the biggest thing was, you know, being a model and having, you know, your Facebook, your Instagram and all that starters, uh, Instagram specifically, they don’t necessarily go through and like, oh we’re going to fan, we’re going to do this. If people turn you in. Yeah. Right. So you have somebody saying that doesn’t like you with your work starting to turn you in and then it draws attention. But oh well baby Instagram is like this now and a lot of people’s accounts are either blocked or you know, you’re banned for a certain amount of time or you can’t do this. And you know, Facebook does it same thing. Their algorithm I think is a little bit different where a computer actually physically, visually can see something or pick it up. I don’t know exactly. But you know, they’ll say, oh sorry, you know, you’ve done too much of this or this doesn’t meet our standards.

ElleyCat: 01:14:43 And then all of a sudden you can’t access your account for weeks on end. And so with a model, you have to be so careful to stay within those guidelines because you know, that’s your outreach to people. That’s how we book work. That’s how people see our work. If they want to use us and if we can’t show our work and it band or something like that, you know, it, it’s more of a hearsay or that kind of thing because you do have to be careful with some of the other sites that you post stuff to. Um, you know, more often than not, if you do, I can’t tell you how many give her emails. I get of people saying, oh, we’ll pay you for a private shoot system is, you know, um, you’ll be well paid. Everybody’s clean, you can make a lot of money on like, everybody’s clean, what the hell are you talking about? And then it goes onto to the email. But basically their chain used to do porn you don’t like, that’s not what I do. Artistic Nude photography is not for,

Liam: 01:15:39 yeah, let’s switch. Huge Different, oh my God. That’s, so, you know, that’s really idiotic. And what’s really funny is Facebook’s guidelines on artistic nude are so archaic and my, in my opinion, you know, male versus females and what they allow to be showing. I mean, and I’m not, and I’m not bringing this up to embarrass you or make you angry, but I’m really almost shocked that they allowed your one photograph to be on your Facebook page because you’re not nude, but you can see the offending nipples through the fabric of the dress you’re wearing. And I’m like, wow, I’m surprised you don’t have a fit about that about anything else. Yeah. That’s the one where you’re wearing the braids, right? Yup. Yeah. So I guess because it’s covered, it’s okay. Yeah, exactly. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

ElleyCat: 01:16:39 I fully agree. It’s, you know, everybody’s like about the movement and Nicole, but no, I don’t know.

Liam: 01:16:49 Yeah, I know. Hopefully. Um, maybe they’ll, uh, get Facebook to reconsider. I highly doubt it though. I think Facebook is not going to change that policy anytime soon. Oh. And whatever. The other thing I was going to tell you in reference to that particular subject, I don’t know if you’re familiar with it yet or not, but what you might want to check into is setting up your on another social media platform called me. We um, because they don’t censor anything so you can post your artistic nudes there and not get banned and all that crap that my friend Brian told me about it after he found it. And it’s specifically a social media platform for artists and models and photographers mostly. And they will not sense or artistic nudes. Yup. So I know he posts a lot of his work on there cause he doesn’t have to sensor everything out when he posts it like he does on Facebook or Instagram. Yeah. But we’ll see. Maybe someday a Facebook will get with the times. I don’t know. I’m not holding my breath though. They seem to just do whatever the heck they want.

Liam: 01:17:54 Yeah. I mean it’s their platform. I understand that. But yeah, I was having this discussion with somebody recently, the same week I did my podcast episode on that protest. And I said, you know, I have a programming degree. It wouldn’t be that hard for Facebook developers to, you know, set up an algorithm that says, you know, hey, if you’re a model or basically model or photographer that does artistic names, okay fine. We have the implement an algorithm that verifies um, all of that and then you are allowed to post the artistic nudes, whether they’re male or female models, doesn’t matter. And then what they could do, you know, from the, Oh, we’re trying to, you know, prevent children from being exposed to this crap. Well, there’s a way around that you could easily have your developers write an algorithm that says, you know, hey, nobody on Facebook could access this kind of content that’s been flagged as artistic needed by the photographer or a model that posted it.

Liam: 01:18:56 You know, you would have to flag your stuff with a little checkbox that says this is artistic nude. And then anybody that’s on Facebook is a viewer that wants to look at those photographs. They have to prove to Facebook, they are old enough to look at that stuff. So they have to upload a copy of their driver’s license proves or at least 18 years of age of yet. But it’s not that freaking hard to implement. And then you could easily keep small children from seeing stuff like that. That’s supposedly your whole reason for being opposed to that stuff being on your platform to begin with. But I don’t think that’s all there is to it. So because I mean I could easily ride them now Korea Algorithm and like 20 minutes that would accomplish that for them. So if their developers can’t do that and then they’re hiring their own people, cause I can do it pretty easy. But I just thought that would be a good way for them to have, you know, a happy medium with this group that was protesting them and they’re organizers and Facebook, they come together and reach an agreement like that and then just implement the algorithms to make it happen. And then if you have artistic nude photos, you know from a shoot that you did, you can post a mine you’re modeling page and you’re not going to get banned or blacklisted or have your photos deleted. And

Liam: 01:20:08 you know, Facebook doesn’t have to worry about little kids looking at nude women topless in our list stuff and you know, they wouldn’t be able to use that excuse anymore because then at least anybody under the age of 18 wouldn’t, wouldn’t be allowed to click and reveal the fuck. You know how they do it now with the graphic images, you know they have that little display. Yeah, you go to wicker, somebody photo they posted and it says, warning, this is graphic content. Click here. If you want to uncover it and see it anyways, they can do the same thing with artistic nudes. Only have it tied to an algorithm that verifies their age first. You know, if this person doesn’t have a driver’s license on file, the shows, they’re at least 18 and they can have access to this content period. And you know, it wouldn’t be that hard for sure.

ElleyCat: 01:20:52 That would be a great idea.

Liam: 01:20:55 And it would allow models and photographers that work in artistic noons to post their work and not get, you know, man blacklisted and have their photos deleted, all that stuff. Which like I said again to me is just idiotic. Yeah. I mean it’s 2019 let’s get with the Times people. Yup. I mean I can, I’m a photographer so I can flip through artistic news and you know, it’s not like, like you were saying before, you were in the last time we talked, you were talking about these creepy guys with cameras. Dwcs and um, and I know exactly what you’re talking about cause you know, as a photographer, I’m the kind of person that could, you know, I can scroll through, will like on me way I can look at 500 women that are posing for artistic nudes with their nipple showing and all that stuff.

Liam: 01:21:43 And I’m going, I’m swiping through and I’m going, yeah, the lighting’s good on this one. Yep. Love that composite. Not actually paying any attention to what’s exposed or not. I’m looking at the overall composition, uh, lighting. Yes. Seen what the photographer and model, we’re trying to accomplish it in the shoe, you know, on that, in some giddy ass adolescent retarded giggling because it’s a topless girl, you know? Uh, you know, I don’t know, maybe they’ll never get to the, they’ll get with the times. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess. But I have a feeling they’re not gonna. They’re not going to change their community standards over that. But we’ll see.

ElleyCat: 01:22:21 Yeah, I don’t think they really want to be honest,

Liam: 01:22:24 but it’s just a shame because, you know, like you said, social media platforms or how models get their work out there and get other jobs. And same for photographers. You know, you put your best work on your, on your website, you put your best work on your website, your social media account, your youtube channels if you have it. And hopefully that helps you get more jobs and make more money. So when they, when they, you know, tie one hand behind your back on what you can post on your own profile, that’s ridiculous. And then you know, what jeopardizes your income source, you know, it could potentially jeopardize your getting other jobs. They don’t think that, I guess it must be because Facebook’s got billions of dollars. They don’t really care about anybody else. Make them money. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. But I’m really, really happy to see that you’ve been so busy with all these shoots and you got the magazine cover and you’re getting ready to do another film roll. That’s great. Now when does, um, when are they, uh, starting the filming on that movie you were talking about the new one that you’re going to be doing

ElleyCat: 01:23:33 in August.

Liam: 01:23:35 Oh, okay. So next month.

ElleyCat: 01:23:38 Yeah, next month.

Liam: 01:23:39 All right. So where do you have to go to, where are they filming in that you have to go to some plays. Are they shooting in your area or do you have to go to California?

ElleyCat: 01:23:45 No, I have to go to la.

ElleyCat: 01:23:49 So you know, while I’m there I’ll be primarily just doing the film. But there is, you know, a chance that I have enough time, I can set up a photo shoot with somebody. So we’ll see.

Liam: 01:24:00 Well yeah, especially, um, cause like I said, I remember the last time you were on the show, you were saying that you had quite a few California photographers that wanted to shoot with you. Um, and I think you even mentioned several in La that wanted to work with you. So that’d be great if you can do both at the same time, you know, while you’re out there filming for the movie, getting some photo shoots with these photographers and, and uh, make some extra money and do some new work that way too. That would be awesome.

ElleyCat: 01:24:25 That’s the plan.

Liam: 01:24:28 Well, I’m gonna wrap this episode upward an hour and 24 minutes, which I don’t mind that we went that long, but I don’t want to keep you all night. I know you’ve probably got things through, but as usual, it’s fantastic talking to you Ellie. Um, you’re always welcome on this show and I, and I love keeping up with the stuff you’re working on. I watch your posts and you know, I comment and like them as much as I can cause you’ve been doing some really great stuff. I mean some really awesome, awesome shoots that you’ve done, whether they were the cause play or the steam punk or you know, that fantastic photo shoot that you did at that a husband and wife swimming pool. That was really awesome because you know, like I said that that whole scene just looked like it was on some sort of a resort.

ElleyCat: 01:25:13 Yeah. And I, I hope I get to go back and use that, you know, the same thing again cause they don’t, you know, the two shoots I had there were awesome and you know, yeah. And the photos came out so great that yeah. You know, he thought of the cover of expression magazine but it also a, it made the back cover of expressions answers also a three page spread of me inside the magazine as well.

Liam: 01:25:37 Oh cool. Now was this just a digital magazine or is it a published one?

ElleyCat: 01:25:42 It is a digital magazine. There’s uh, uh, I would definitely say, you know, the, the actual large name publish magazine, those are extremely difficult to get into. But

ElleyCat: 01:25:54 I will be there. Some boys.

Liam: 01:25:57 I’m sure you will because like I said, you’re, you’re always doing new things and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before, you know, you catch the eye of vogue or somebody like that and get a good photo shoot with them and hopefully get on the cover or one of those magazines. That would be really cool. That’s when you’ll stop taking my calls. Movie career takes off and you’re on the cover of Vogue and sports illustrated swimsuit edition yet. That’s when you’ll stop taking my calls. Yep. William home. I’ve never heard of him. No, I’m not gonna go on this silly little podcast. I’m too famous now.

ElleyCat: 01:26:35 That was nonprofit.

Liam: 01:26:37 I’m just teasing you. No, you’re, you’re a really wonderful person and you’re really fun to talk to and, and I’m really excited that things been going so well for you and I hope they continue to.

ElleyCat: 01:26:48 Well thank you. I will definitely keep you posted and thank you so much for liking myself and you know, following me and, and just, you know, helping to represent what I’m doing. I really appreciate that.

Liam: 01:26:59 Oh, absolutely. And for all of my listeners out there, I will share all of Ellie’s links in the show notes for this episode. Uh, please also check out her youtube channel. Hit subscribe and click the little bell icon so you get notifications anytime she uploads new videos cause she’s got some really fun and cool stuff on there. And uh, we’ll, we’ll see about having you back later on down the road. I don’t want to take too much of your time cause I know you’re really busy with so many different projects and shoots that you’re doing, but always love having you on the show. You’re a lot of fun to talk to and, and a really smart lady as well. So that was the aim for this episode is I wanted all of my listeners to know that you’re not only, you know, a pretty lady that does a lot of modeling work and acting work, but you also are very smart person too.

Liam: 01:27:46 So you’ve got to, you know, we gotta kill as much as we can that stereotype. The models are dumb and you know, the way they’re always portrayed on TV shows and stuff, both male and female models, right. That they’re dumber than a box of rocks. And then in reality, I mean a lot of this world famous supermodels over the years had actually been very intelligent men and women that had degrees, master’s degrees, PhDs and stuff like that. And I don’t think a lot of people realize that. I don’t know, I guess it was mostly Hollywood that created that dumb model stereotype, but as definitely not the case because, uh, I’ve talked to you and I actually shot with another model and you’re both very intelligent women, probably both college educated. So definitely, uh, definitely a bogus stereotype. The models are dumb, that’s for sure.

Liam: 01:28:40 Alrighty. Well I am going to go ahead and wrap up this episode and let you get back to your life out there and uh, tell Dan I said hello and I said thank you again for him allowing you to come on the show and take away from your time out there. You know, I’m sure you guys probably have a bunch of stuff to do to get ready for this drip and uh, I didn’t that I was cutting into the packing for your vacation so I felt kind of bad about that when I found out about that.

ElleyCat: 01:29:07 No, that’s beautiful.

Liam: 01:29:10 And you guys got to find me a couple of arrowheads and send them to me. I want a couple so maybe I’ll get lucky. Yup. Can you still hear me?

ElleyCat: 01:29:24 Oh yeah, I can completely cut out there for a second.

Liam: 01:29:27 Oh that’s weird. Yeah, cause everything seemed to still be working on this side now. I was just teasing your moment again. Like I said, you guys need to find me a couple of arrowheads and send them out here. Jimmy, I don’t have any. No, I could definitely try. All right. Well again, thank you for your time Ellie. It’s been fantastic having you on the show and enjoy your vacation to Billy’s. Hopefully you guys will have a great time.

ElleyCat: 01:29:51 Thank you Liam. I really appreciate it and you have a good evening.

Liam: 01:29:54 You too. Thanks again.

ElleyCat: 01:29:58 Bye Bye. Bye Bye.

Liam: 01:30:01 Well, there you have it folks. Episode 28 of the Liam photography podcast. Our second interview with the professional model and professional geologists. Miss ElleyCat. Please definitely check out the links to her social media, her Facebook and Instagram will be on the show notes for this episode. And also as I mentioned him a few minutes ago, stopped by her youtube channel and uh, give her a subscribe and I like and hit the little bell notification icon so that you’re getting notified when she uploads new videos cause she’s been doing some really fun stuff, her and her boyfriend with behind the scenes footage and stuff like that. So those videos are pretty fun and enjoyable to check out as well. And with that, I’m going to wrap up this week’s episode and I will see you all next week in episode 29.